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Beating in the forest

Paul and Lukas

My name is Paul and i have a very muscular friend with name Lukas, we both are germans and my personal dream about to look like him and he make his dreams come true, because he want to be a bodybuilder and he make all the time very good progresses.
I was real happy that I could hang out with him and that he like me. My older brother Marc did not like Lukas and my friend not him so most the time, I stay at my friends house, because I must share my room with my brother and when Lukas have left our house, I get lot of trouble at the nights.

For me it was always great to be at my friend, because lot of evenings he take off his clothes, strip till to his boxers or pants and start a flexing show for me, and invite me to touch or squeeze his rock hard and big biceps.

I was as big as he was, but of course not as strong build like him and of course again, not the same power like him and so I was unable to make any dent into his big hard two biceps.

Then one evening, as I have try over 5 minutes to press a little dent into his biceps, he want that I punch him right into his abs !

"Hey I cant do that, I would not make you hurt and that you make me hurt after" I say with a grin on my face.

"Come on, Paul, you cant make me hurt, because my abs as hard as my biceps!" he smile back to me.

I looked at his six pack that have start going to be a 8 pack, and set my first punch against his abs, but well very careful. We both laugh loud about this, but I still have feel the hardness of his abs at my bare fist.

"Come on, give me your hardest punches!" he tell me this time more provocatively.

I punch him right into the center at his abs, as hard as I could. He didn't make any sounds, the only sounds are when my fists hit right at his abs. After hm 15 or 18 punches I start to give up, because my right fist was still hurting.

"Wow your abs are amazing, they are so hard, I bet no one can make you hurt" and my friend starts still smiling but say nothing about my comment and I was still looking at his fantastic six pack that now was red from my punches.

As I was at home, my brother hm must feel that something was happen to me, as I also come back from Lukas.

To my amazement, my brother did not stop asking me, what happen at Lukas house, and so I tell him about, how tough and strong Lukas is. Marc says that he did not believe, that no one can make his abs hurt, but I was so proud that I brag with Lukas abs as would they are my abs.

"OOOOUFFFF" I get down, as Marc punch me right into my stomach with the promise that my friend would go the same way down like me.

The next few days I was unable to visit Lukas, he tell me that he want to go bit jogging and relax into the sun, to get some suntan that his body would looking more better. I was real sad not to be at him, I was so busy with schoolwork and lot of other stuff.

Somehow I must have tell to Marc what Lukas was doing at this day, where he was and lot of other things too, and I did not realized the video camera right into his hands.

As I come back home, later at the evening, my brother was still not at home, like most at the evenings, and before I was able to walk up to the stairs right into my and my brothers room my dad tell me that Lukas have phone call for some minutes and that I should call him back.

To my surprise he want to know, where he could find my brother, I was so surprised that I tell him the place and before I could ask why or what he want from Marc, he ring off.

A bit upset I going right into my room and found at my desk a video tape with name LUKAS and it was the handwriting from my brother.

All was start going to be strange, so I looked the door, put the tape right into the video player and press the play button, sit right on the floor close to our TV. My brother and I also have our own TV, but we have to share him, like lot of other things too.

For me the movie starts like "The Blair Witch Project" someone was walking trough a wood and I know it was my brother Marc, because I could hear his breath and as hey say

"Ah I have found Muscle boy, alone, shirtless and not known what will coming over him"

I could see my friend lay down at the grass, only with his boxers on, from last night and he was even barefooted.

Then, the camera was looking right into the wood, and I could see two young guy, both shirtless, both big and muscular build, but not definite as my friend. As they come closer right to my relaxing friend I could see them much better, so one was real big and have spread shoulders and a big chest. His friend was not as big as he was, but he looks still strong and both did not look friendly to me.

I have never seen them before, but I know, my friend was in trouble.

Somehow at the tape was a little cut, because there was interference and as this was over, my friend was then right now into a full nelson from the big guy !!!

I could see how Lukas struggle to get free and how his muscles fight against the tight full nelson but after some minutes I could see how the strength was going away from my friend and he give up.

The smaller guy now press his fist right against Lukas abs. I still feel my own fingers still hurting as the guys fist connect with exposed abs from my friend.

WHAM and then another WHAM WHAM WHAM right into the center of his abs, it looks like my friend could take those much harder punches but after the next punches, this time uppercuts right into the center of his abs, I could see into my friends face, that he was going hurting from the punches.
WHAM WHAM WHAM and I could hear between sometimes some hmpf sounds !Then the guy punch him right into his solar plexus and the reaction from my friend was a HmpfARGH sound.

Then the guy go right to the lower abdomen from Lukas, right below the navel and I could see sometimes lower too.

THUD THUD WHAM WHAM, HMPF HMPF ARGH HMPF and my friend moans louder and louder and I still could see how his abs was going to be soft, because I could see that the punches start to sink in, into the lower abdomen.

THUDTHUDWHAMWHAMTHUD like a maschingun so fast the punches now hit my friend now vulnerable abs.

AH, ARGH HMPF, ARRH OUF, HMPF HMPF, his abs going softer and softer with each punch and a heavy hard punch right into the deep red center from his abs now sink in deep into his stomach OOOOUFFF and OOOOOOUFFFF after the next punches AAHHH AAHHH OOOUFFF please AHH stop I cant AHH his body start to twitch and give way with every punch.

Then I could hear my brother how he says "He Paul, looks those abs looks somehow mushy. Ha ha ha"

I get real angry and I could see how Lukas rise helpless his knee up, as lot of more punches sink in, into his destroyed muscles, but the guy didn't stop and with every punch WHAM WHAM WHAM OOOUFF ARGH AAHHHH PLEASE STOP his body twitch helpless and I could still hear my brother laughing Lukas out and final he let film the smaller guy how he was rubbing against Lukas boxers till my friend was rock hard inside.

I could still see that Lukas was say something to Marc but I could not understand it, my friend must be to weak to talk loud, as my brother step to the side he show with his finger at the big wet place at my friends boxers, he was still hard but the wet place could be one thing, he must be force from my brother to cum into his boxers, and as I realized what happen, my brother turn around and smash his own fists against Lukas mushy abs and even when his punches not as hard as those from that guy, every punch sink in and knock Lukas out after one minute, taking punches from my brother Marc, then there was a short cut and then the camera was moving over the senseless body from Lukas and I was scared how bad his abs are looking, so deep red, bit blue, then the tape stopped.

Never I felt so much angry into my heart against my brother, but I was unable what I should do right now, so I try to phone call Lukas, but he was not at home, and his Handy must be out, I try it for full 5 minutes but with no success.

Then I notice the police outside of our house and I going slowly out of my room, stay at the stair and so I could hear, that my brother Marc was right now at a hospital, his nose and a rip was broken and that his both eyes are blue. My father was right nervous and my mum also too, I could still hear that they still searching for the guilty guy or guys. Suddenly I get real scared as I could hear the phone right behind me at my room, so i move back to my room and at the other end it was Lukas.

His sounds are heavy and I was very glad that he was okay. He could still hear as my mum jump right into my room and tell me what happen with Marc and that they drive now to the hospital and I tell Lukas that the police was there and then about the tape and how bad I feel that I have brag at my brother how hard is abs are, and that the are invincible.

"You will be always my friend, Paul im not angry about you, only against your brother but I can tell you, that he have pay for this"

"As I come back to me, my abs hurt like hell and I need lot of time to walk home, there I strip out of my wet boxers that full with lot of my sperm as he force me to cum, Paul, I feel so bad."

"Im so sorry, Lukas!"

"I take a shower, and make some phone calls till I know where I can get your brother, so I wait at his car and there I beat him up so bad, I never have beat up a guy before, but it was heavy with my hurting abs, because he kick me right into my balls and send me down with full right punch into my still soft abs to the ground, but with the rest of my strength I kick im too, right into his balls and then as I get my strength back, before he get his, I broke his nose, and maybe one of his ribs, I did not care, then I found his handy and call with them the ambulance and before I go, I take your video camera with me"

"You mean you have record your fight on tape?"

"Please visit me next day, and don't forget his tape!"

"Ok, then see you and good night"

At the next day, before I go to school, my mum tells me to be careful, it looks like some dangerous guys are at the region because Marc still have to stay at the hospital and she have seen my friend Lukas and he tells me that he looks like, he was into a fight too.

After school I visit Lukas, give him the tape. He show me his beaten abs, and most parts are still red and blue and he did not allow me to touch them, because they all still make him hurt.

"You see Paul, my abs are also not invincible, but they could take much, if they must do"

I was still proud about him and hope to be able to test his abs soon.