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GP High
By: Michael
Parts: I-VII

Hank Danny

Ethan Brian

Part: I
Hank walked into the party expecting trouble this evening. While it was supposed to be a fun gathering of the track, swimming and wrestling teams, he know Ethan would show up and most likely make trouble. Earlier this afternoon Hank and Ethan were competing in the 500-meter run and Ethan tripped him. Not being a perfect execution, both boys went down allowing Hank's best friend Danny to win the race. Now Hank didn't mind Danny winning, lord knows the boy could use a few, but he was steamed at what Ethan had pulled.
Surly enough Hank spotted Ethan over by the pool, laughing with his boy friend and toady, Brian. Now Brian was a big bruiser of a boy, captaining the wrestling team and spending the wrest of his time either with Ethan or working out.
Hank practically growled when he caught sight of Ethan, fighting the urge to walk right over and belt him. Pushing the fire in his belly aside he looked away and started to make the rounds at the party, along the way loosing his shirt to a group of giggling cheer leaders. Hank had a very slim build, perfect for track. He stood a commanding 6'2" and was all torso. He had a pare of perfectly formed shoulders and arms, nicely squared pecs and two thin strips of muscle down his long stomach. Not much for defense but they looked great anyway.
After about an hour of fun, food and drink, Hank ran right into Ethan. Ethan like Hank had a thin build, standing only two inches shorter. His arms had a stronger build though along with having a stronger four pack of abs.
"Hey! What are you doing here buddy? This party's only for winners." Ethan taunted, grinning slyly.
"In that case, someone should have thrown you out at the door." Hank spat back, balling his fists.
"Listen punk, if you hadn't gotten in my way I wouldn't have had to stop you."
"Yeah, nice job on that by the way, you came in last right with me."
Hank was more focussed on Ethan's face and hadn't noticed Ethan's fist. Though his own were tight, it was more for effect and so, when Ethan's fist plowed into his stomach, it sank in deep, blasting the air right out of Hank's lungs. The poor boy doubled right over and collapsed to his knees gasping for air. Ethan smiled at his handiwork and held his arms out to the sides, gloating for the crowd that was now watching. A moment later he looked down at Hank, who still seemed to be having a hard time breathing. Stepping closer he slapped his hands down on Hank's shoulders to pull the boy up, instead he was greeted with Hank's fist, plowing into his groin. Ethan yelped in pain and fell forward, onto Hank's back. Hank simply stood, toppling the boy right off and into the pool.
Hank was astonished at how fast it went, and there was no sign of Brian anywhere. Not taking his good luck for granted, Hank got lost in the crowd as the coughing and sputtering Ethan slowly swam to the edge of the pool, holding his package with one hand.

The next day in school went smoothly, Hank hadn't seen Ethan or Brian and counted himself lucky. Being Friday the tack coach had the team go on the five mile track that ran through the woods behind the school. As Hank changed into his running shorts and shoes in the locker room he hoped he wouldn't run into Ethan again, but as if on queue, the tanned bully walked by, already changed and headed out. Hank was surprised, he was expecting Ethan to start with him right there in the locker room, but nothing happened. He finished changing and headed out to join the rest of the team, but found they had already left. 'No worries, I'll catch up' he thought to himself and started off. As Hank past into the woods, he felt the sudden change in the air's temperature against his bare skin and smiled. Of all the places the coach had the team run, he enjoyed the track in the woods the most, even if it was a little remote.
After running at a rather brisk pace, it became apparent to Hank, that the team must have been in the gym and not on the track. He had started long before them and thus was alone in the woods. Not thinking much of it, he slowed his pace as sweat started to form over his body, adding to the cool feel of the air. Passing mile four on the five mile trail, Hank remained at a slow pace. He had not seen the track team for some time and was starting to get a little worried. Never the less he continued on but soon heard the sound of running footsteps behind him. Thinking it was just the first member of the team catching up with him he started to go faster but as soon as he rounded the next turn he stopped short in his tracks as Brian stood there in the middle of the trail. The monster of a boy stood a towering 6'6" and was the biggest kid on the wrestling team. His arms chest and abs all looked as if they came out of a painting or statue.
Brain stood in the middle of the track, shirtless and sweaty as he had to run through the woods to get ahead of Hank. His chest heaved in and out, showing the thick pecs off.
Hank wanted no part of what ever Brian had in mind and so started to turn when the footsteps behind him caught up. He had only turned about half way when a nasty elbow caught him in the back of the head. Hank went tumbling to the ground but didn't stay there for long. Brian's powerful arms wormed their way under his and folded back behind his neck, putting the poor boy into a full nelson. While Brian held Hank still, Ethan cam back around and hammered a left right into Hank's solar plexus.
Hank's abs went soft on the first blow to his stretched and vulnerable gut. Ethan however didn't stop to admire his work this time. He hammered another powerful fist into the middle of Hank's stomach, pounding on the boy's liver. Hank's body tried to curl up but couldn't. Ethan hammered a third punch, this time an uppercut, right up under the rib line.
Hank convulsed with the powerful blow, then fell still in Brian's arms. Satisfied with the effect, Ethan bent down and picked up Hanks' legs, and off the three shirtless boys went into the woods. The two carried Hank a few hundred feet off the track, far enough that they wouldn't be seen.
Hank looked around as he was carried into a small clearing in the woods. They had apparently planned this since last night as there was a chain strung around a tall branch of one of the trees in the clearing. All at once, Brian and Ethan dropped Hank to the ground then stood in front of him. Hank was both angry and scared at the same time, Ethan would be a good fight, but Ethan and Brian, he had no chance. Hank backed away, still on his butt, but was stopped by a tree. He was about to try to roll to the side and run, but Brian had other ideas. He reached down and grabbed Hank by the neck, hauling him up and planting his back against the tree. Ethan was more then happy to let his toady break Hank, and so went behind the tree and pulled Hank's arms back.
With his chest and stomach now fully exposed and his arms held tight, Hank was really getting scared. His heart pounded as sweat continued to roll down his slim body.
"Nice lookin bod you got there boy…" Brian started, "Looks nice 'n soft right in the middle."
Brian threw a light punch into Hank's midsection and to his delight the boy was fighting back. Hank's abs strained to absorb the blow, taking most of it.
"Oh. Not so soft." He said with an evil grin, then hammered a harder punch right into the middle of Hank's stomach. "I'll make it soft, then Ethan gets to have some fun wit' you."
Hank's abs strained again this time not being able to take the whole of the punch. His innards started to ache as Brian threw a third punch, impacting in the same place. Again his body tried to fold in on it's self, but Ethan held his arms back, keeping poor Hank's stomach exposed and vulnerable. Brian pulled back again and shot another hard punch, landing this one on Hank's naval.
Smiling that the boy was making noise now, Brian cranked back his right to deliver a haymaker to Hank's liver. His fist flew forward, powered with the extra weight of Brian's body behind it. It sank deep into the middle of Hank's stomach, instantly pulverizing the boy's abs.
Brian left his weight against Hank's stomach, pressing his fist deeper into his now soft gut.
"Aww, looks like I broke him. Hay, Ethan, wanna hand me down?"
"Hehe!!. Sure!, This punk and my fists have an extended date scheduled."
They exchanged places Brain taking up Hank's arms and Ethan standing in front of the poor boy.

Part: II
Hank practically hung in Brian's grasp, his abs were useless and his innards ached. But worse still, Ethan was getting ready to do some major damage. The tanned bully threw a few mock punches aimed at Hank's chest, then planted his hands on the tree, at either side of Hank's head.
"Ok punk, where do you want the first one, huh?"
Hank considered replying with a hearty 'Up yours.' But knew that would just make more trouble for him.
"Does it really matter?" he whispered back.
"Hell yeah it does. Now tell me!"
Hank gave his prior thought some consideration again but decided to humor the bully. While his stomach ached pretty badly his chest was feeling better and he replied as such.
"The chest I guess."
"The chest eh? Hey Brian, he wants it in the chest."
"So give it to him." The big bruiser replied.
Ethan obliged him and planted a hard punch on Hank's left pec.
"Ok, now where you want the next one?"
"You're kidding right, I'm not going to tell you how to beat me up."
"You'll tell me, or I'll plant the next on your balls."
Ethan leaned in close then repeated his question slowly.
"Now where do you want the next one?"
Not wanting his manhood involved in this Hank replied 'the chest' again.
"No, I don't think so. You only want me to punch you in the chest because it's feeling good right now. I think I'm going to punch you in the stomach again."
"But… Uuuhhhhh!…."
Ethan planted another hard punch into the center of Hank's stomach, punishing the kid's beaten abs.
"But what? You thought this was going to be fair? If it was, Brian wouldn't be here stupid."
Hank looked back up and shot Ethan an icy glare, one that promised death when this was over. Ethan however just laughed.
"Now it's time to have some fun."
Ethan grinned and placed his right fist against Hank's naval. Then cranking back his left he started a steady rhythm, pounding his fists one at a time into Hank's naval. Left, right, left, right… Hank's stomach churned and cramped with every blow. His abs could no longer tighten to defend his innards and so the fragile organs took blow after blow.
After only a few minutes tears were forming in Hank's eyes as Ethan continued to beat his soft, sweaty torso. Each blow was causing a dark ring to slowly cloud his vision until finally Ethan stopped and Brian dropped him to the ground. Hank's stomach ached badly, causing him to roll up into a ball as soon as he was on the ground. He hoped that was the end of it but didn't have the faculties to look and see if they were leaving.
While Hank lay on the ground, Brian and Ethan spotted their next victim. As the track team past by Danny had stopped when he heard a familiar voice. He had ventured into the woods, thinking he'd find Hank resting by a tree or waiting for the rest of the team, instead he was treated to a view of the poor boy curled up on the ground with the two bullies hovering above him.
Now Danny might not have been the brightest bulb in the box, but he knew when to run, and even though he felt bad for trying to abandon his friend, he thought it best that at least one get away to get help, and lets face it, Hank wasn't going anywhere. He turned to run but in his haste and more concerned with the two bullies, ended up running right into a tree. By the time he got back to his feet, there was no chance. Ethan grabbed him by one arm and Brian by the other, then both hammered their fists into the pit of Danny's stomach.
Danny collapsed in their arms, gasping for air. His abs, like Hank's were purely for show and couldn't stand against any type of attack. Ethan and Brian hauled the doubled over Danny to the tree with the chain strung in it and secured the boy's arms in the restraints.
"Yep, now the real fun begins." Ethan gloated at Danny's stretched form.

Part: III
As Danny hung in the wrist restraints, his feet barely touching the ground, Ethan and Brian looked at him like a specimen on a slide under the microscope.
"So, what do you think Brian, should we break his abs or his nose first?"
"Well, his abs are already broke." Brian stated, hammering a powerful right into Danny's soft, unprotected stomach. The boy convulsed in the restraints his weight transferring to his arms as he knees gave out.
"Shit man, look at those ribs." Brian stammered as Danny's body hung from his arms.
"Those aren't his ribs dummy, those are those muscles that go over the ribs, lat, seratus something."
"Wow, hey, wanna break those instead?"
"Sure, they look great."
Danny was petrified, he'd seen what and felt what these two could do to his stomach and he could flex his abs. But what was he going to do to protect his sides.
"Hey, you guys don't have to do this you know. I… I didn't see anything."
"No no, it's too late for that Danny boy. Now you're going to pay for his mistake." Ethan pointed to Hank, still curled up on the ground. "You give this guy a good time Brian, I'm going to kick the snot out of Hank a little more."
Brian grinned and stepped in front of Danny, cracking his knuckles.
"You're gonna die punk, you know that."
Meanwhile, Hank finally regained enough of his wits to look around. He lifted his head and looked up to see Danny stretched out against a tree. He had to stop to admire the scene, Danny had a body that just wouldn't quit. Though he wasn't very built, every bit of his thin form was beautiful. Snapping out of it as Ethan turned and started towards him, Hank put his head back down, hoping Ethan would think him still out of it.
Danny on the other hand could make no such feign. He hung there in front of the heavily muscled Brian, his ribs and stomach fully exposed by the restraints from which he hung. Brian gave him a slimy grin then threw a light punch into Danny's left ribs. The boy cringed and tilted his head to the same side, as if it would help. Then Brian threw a harder punch into Danny's right ribs. Danny grunted slightly and turned his head to the other side. Chuckling slightly, Brian threw a hard left into Danny's right ribs.
Smiling he threw another and another, both producing similar grunts from the helpless boy.
"Hmhmhm… Punching bag time." Brian chuckled again then started a rhythm of hard lefts/rights into Danny's ribs. The poor boy swung side to side with each blow, starting to feel searing pain in his sides.
Hank on the other hand was starting to feel a little better, though not for long. He had put his head down again to look as if he were still hurting badly but ran the risk of not seeing where Ethan was, or worse, what he was doing. With no warning Ethan's foot connected with Hank's back. The blow straitened him out on his side, an unfortunate turn for the poor boy, as Ethan stepped over him, turned, and loosed a kick into Hank's abs. The weakened muscles did their best to protect him, but couldn't fend off the entire blow. Hank's innards again ached in pain as Ethan loosed another, harder kick into his gut. The force of the blow turned Hank right over and landed him on his back. Not wanting another blow he rolled over and covered his head with his arms.
"What, you think you can just give up? No, don't think so, not after last night."
Not caring what position Hank was in he kicked again, hitting him in the ribs.
Hank screamed and pulled his arms down, covering his exposed ribs.
"Come on, get up. I want to see your face when I hit you again."
Hank remained still on the ground, he just wanted it all over.
"I'll keep kicking you until you get up you little shit, now move!"
Ethan glared down at Hank. Though he enjoyed simply beating the boy, he wanted a little more out of it. He wouldn't admit it to himself, but he did find Hank kind of cute. Hank on the other hand wanted no part of this fight any more. It seemed the only way to end it would be to humor Ethan until he was either knocked out or Ethan got bored. Slowly he hoisted himself to his hands and knees, breathing deeply.
"Not fast enough!" Ethan spat, then loosed a horrible kick into Hank's unflexed stomach. The blow lifted the boy into the air and dumped him on his side, gasping and moaning.
"Come on, up."
Hank coughed and rubbed his aching stomach then rolled to his knees. After a few moments he stood, all be it shakily in front of Ethan. Ethan smiled, looking up and down Hank's sweaty, beaten body.
"Ok, now hit me."
"…wa…. What?"
"Hit me or I let Brian pound poor Danny over there till he's dead."
Hank looked to Danny as Brian loosed another one two combination into the boy's ribs. The rippling skin was beat red and Danny hung there, moaning constantly.
Enraged by the sight and obliged by the invitation, Hank fired a stiff right into Ethan's flexed abs. Ethan took the blow, holding his arms out to the sides, asking for another. Hank, though weakened felt sure he could knock Ethan down with a strike to the chest and took aim. However he was still too slow from all the abuse he had taken and was caught mid swing by Ethan'' fist plowing deep into his solar plexus. The blow knocked him back a step and Ethan followed with a harder punch, to Hank's naval.
Then he launched his haymaker, a powerful right uppercut that plunged deep into Hank's solar plexus.
The blow lifted Hank clear off his feet and dropped him back to his hands and knees. Hit gut had had it. He bowed his head and threw up what lunch he had, then fell onto his side, moaning softly.
Danny wasn't so lucky. He was being beaten side to side by Brian's hammer like fists. His ribs ached badly as did everything underneath. Growing a little bored with just batting Danny side to side, Brian hammered one of his hardest punches into Danny's right side. Danny screamed in pain as a sickening crunch sounded. Brian stepped back in shock, eyeing the shivering boy.
"Shit man. Ethan, I think I just broke one of his ribs!"
"Oh? Well I'm done with Hank here, lets get going and we'll let these two love birds help each other. Oh, and as for you you little punk." Ethan turned to Hank and gave him a light kick in the chest. "You tell anyone and we'll make sure you don't walk away from the next beating."
Brian stepped beside Ethan, putting an arm around his partner and added his own, harder kick to poor Hank's stomach.
"And don't even think of messing with us again."
The two bullies gave a last look to the beaten boys, then walked off back towards the track.
After fifteen minutes or so, Hank composed himself enough to get up. He stumbled to Danny's sobbing form and let the boy down. Danny again screamed as his ribs shifted. Hank seethed with hatred for the two, for doing this to his friend. Gingerly he gathered up Danny into his arms, eliciting another cry from the boy and started for home.

Part: IV
As the sun broke over the sleepy town, Hank set about readying his plans for revenge. The morning was already growing hot as Hank jogged back towards the woods where he and Danny were beaten Friday afternoon. Dressed only on running pants and shoes he easily kept cool while running to the clearing. He arrived shortly after the sun started poking through the trees and surveyed that spot. He noted the disturbed soil where he had stood against the tree while Brian pummeled his stomach, and the tree where they had tied up Danny. To his delight, the chain was still strung on the branch.
Pulling out his cell phone, the only thing close to a weapon he had with him, he dialed Danny's number. Luckily Danny's brother was a Med. student and covered for his younger brother, saying Danny was sick. After a moment Danny picked up.
"Yeah, it's me. I'm back in the woods and it looks like they left the chain here like you though."
"Are you crazy?!!! You know what they'll do to you if they find you there, and on a Saturday! They'd have all day and night to beat you."
"Danny calm down. Brian probably isn't going to come back for the chain. Though I know Ethan will, he's sick like that."
Just as Hank finished his sentence, her hard a sound back out on the track. The sound of a bike kickstand.
"I have to go Danny, I think I just heard Ethan's bike."
But before Hank could close his phone and take cover, Ethan came jogging into the clearing. They immediately locked eyes, Hank feeling a little sick all of a sudden. Ethan on the other hand wore a cocky smirk.
"Well look who's back for more. You like getting the snot beaten out of you boy?"
"F*** you Ethan."
"Nah, but maybe I'll do it to you later. Right now, I think you need a refresher course in how hard I hit."
"Any time ass hole."
Hank tossed his cell phone to the side, unknown to him, it landed softly on a pile of leaves, and Danny remained on the line. The two boys eyed each other as Ethan rolled up the sleeves on his T-shirt, exposing his impressive shoulders. Hank simply spit as the cocky boy's show. Having had enough with the cocky teen, Hank cut the distance between them quickly and threw a punch for Ethan's head. The move being predictable, Ethan easily blocked the punch with his right and hammered his left into Hank's gut.
Hank took the brunt of the punch in his still weakened abs and stumbled back, doubling over slightly. Ethan didn't wait for the boy to recover, and closed in again.
"Come on, hit me you little punk."
Hank straitened himself and put his arms back up to guard his head. He heard Ethan's dare and felt like obliging him for the pop he just got in the stomach. Hank's fist crossed the distance quickly and impacted Ethan's hardened abs. He could feel the boy's muscles take the impact without trouble, but Hank was determined and fired another. This time Ethan didn't let him hit his target. He dropped his elbows and blocked the shot. Hank tried again and was again thwarted. Getting a little fed up he threw his right at Ethan's head, a move the cocky boy was waiting for. Ethan simply bobbed his head to the side and grabbed Hank's fist with his left, then hammered his right into Hank's exposed stomach. His fist impacted Hank's solar plexus and lifted the boy right off his feet. Still holding Hank's arm up to keep the boy's abdomen exposed, he fired fist after fist into Hank's gut. The poor boy's abs went soft with the second blow and punch after punch battered his innards.
Finally after twenty of so punches, Ethan let Hank go, and the boy collapsed to his knees, holding his stomach.
"What, no crying yet? What do you like me beating on your stomach?"
Hank remained silent, breathing deeply and trying to recover what strength he could.
"Well I guess that's a yes. And guess what, after all this I feel like giving you a present. You like being hit that much, that's what I'll do for you. One punch every ten seconds for the rest of the day. Sound good to you?"
Hank still remained silent. His plan had backfired before it even started and now Ethan was probably going to kill him. But a light in the gloom appeared when he remembered the fight at the party. He remained still while Ethan looked down on him, growing a little impatient with the beaten boy. Also feeling a bit hot, he pulled up and discarded his shit, showing off his firm, tanned features. Fortunately For Hank, Ethan was more concerned with beating Hank then remembering previous fights, and so stepped right up to Hank and planted his hand right on Hank's shoulders to pull him up. Right on cue, Hank fired his fist up into Ethan's groin.
Ethan's cry sounded as if he meant it as a question., for Hank's fist had missed his balls, but instead hit Ethan's rock hard dick. Hank was surprised. He knew the kid got off on hitting him but didn't think he was walking around with a hardon. Not wasting a moment he stood and rammed a knee into Ethan's balls for good measure.
"What's the matter Ethan? Having trouble getting off? Not so much fun now is it."
Hank slimmed from ear to ear as Ethan stood there in front of him, cupping his groin and trying desperately not to go down. Hank still smiling backed Ethan against the same tree with the chain and placed a hand on his firm chest, holding him there.
"Ok, where do you want the first one?"
Ethan, in a world of pain could hardly believe his ears. Hank was doing to same thing to him, that he did yesterday. Hank however didn't wait long for an answer and hammered his right into Ethan's stomach.
Ethan sank slowly down the tree but. Hank stopped him with a stiff fist right under the chin. Keeping Ethan stable by pressing his own bare chest against Ethan's, Hank pulled up one of the beaten boy's arms and secured it in the chains, followed shortly by the other.

Part: V
Ethan hung by his arms in front of Hank, his toned chest heaving in and out as sweat poured down his body. Hank on the other hand was feeling great, that is except for the ache in his gut, one Ethan would soon share with him.
"So, what were you saying about beating me all day long? Oh yeah, one punch ever ten seconds. Well I don't want to wait around so lets see what one punch ever second does."
Hank smiled at Ethank, tracing a finger down the helpless boys chest and stopping at the rib line.
"But I'm going to be fair, you can get them in the solar plexus and with any hope, pass out quickly. You can get them in the upper stomach and run the risk of losing your breakfast. Or I can beat your navel until you barf anyway."
"F*** you. I'm not doing this."
Hank frowned at the helpless boy and slapped him across the face.
"Oh yes you are. And guess what, I'm not waiting for your answer. You give it to me now or I choose."
Ethan simply glared at Hank, flexing his abs as if to say 'Bring it on'. Hank growing angrier with Ethan obliged him, hammering his left into the boy's upper stomach. Ethan shuttered slightly with the blow, his abs still weak from the blow to his groin. Hank fired another, this one landing in Ethan's navel. Again the boy shuttered but showed no signs of weakening. Hank then settled into a slow left right routine, pounding Ethan's upper stomach with a constant rhythm of fists.
Soon enough Ethan's muscled defenses fell and Hank's fists started sinking in. With each punch Ethan let out a quiet moan as Hank's fist invaded his gut. His body hung there, covered in sweat and helpless as Hank pummeled his soft stomach. He so enjoyed the look of pain on Ethan's face that he never stopped to let the boy breath, keeping his rhythm going for nearly ten minutes.
Finally when his arms started to tire Hank stopped and watched Ethan hang there and moan. The beaten bully's chest heaved in and out weakly as he tried to recover from the savage beating. Hank, feeling better, walked back out to the track and returned shortly with Ethan's bike, bumping it next to a tree.
"No need for anyone to know you're here."
"You know, Brian is going to kill you when he finds out what you did to me." Ethan retorted weakly.
Hank grinned and stood in front of Ethan's form. Grinning he threw a hard right, then a left into Ethan's solar plexus.
"Uuhh… Uuuuhhhh…."
"And just how is he going to find out if you can't tell him. You're tied to a tree if you haven't noticed."
Hank looked over Ethan's sweaty body again and couldn't help but admire the sight of the hanging boy. His body had endured a beating on par with the one Hank had the afternoon before. But the day was still young and Hank's fists still cried for Ethan's stomach… as did his elbows, his knees and his feet.
By the time the sun set, Ethan was nothing more then a moaning mass, half passed out on the ground in front of the tree. Hank took it upon himself to leave after giving Ethan a few good bye kicks, which Ethan's soft stomach did nothing to thwart. Each foot pushed deep into the bully's gut, pinning him against the tree he was lying against. Finally when he started to throw up for the third time that day, Hank started for home. Ethan laid there for almost two hours. Eventually he mad it home, back to his means of revenge, Brian.

Part: VI
Hank did know what must have been going through his mind, but apparently it must have been pretty darn stupid. He had gone back to those woods again, this time to retrieve the cell phone he had discarded. Only instead of finding his phone, he found Brian. The big bruiser was apparently waiting for him, wearing only a pair of jeans shorts and sneakers. The big boy's muscles rippled beautifully as he flexed them and started towards Hank. On the other hand, while Hank might not have been thinking too clearly when he decided to come back to the woods, he at least had the foresight to bring protection. As Brian got within range and threw what looked to be a terrific punch for Hank's face, The boy ducked down and rammed what looked to be a small base ball bat into Brian's stomach. The blow bent the bruiser right over, a position Hank liked to see. Pulling the object away and waving it in front of Brian's bulging eyes, Hank showed him a large Maglite flashlight. It was one of the big heavy ones that held six or even eight batteries in it.
"You little shit, you think a flash light is gonna stop me."
Brian started to straiten up as Hank moved for the tree behind him with the chains. On his way by he made sure to ram the light into Brian's abs again, this time only producing a grunt. Brian had tightened his impressive musculature and turned around to face Hank. The smaller boy didn't like the look of this and considered running, but he probably wouldn't get far.
That's when what Hank least expected happened. Brian laughed. But it wasn't only a chuckle, or a maniacal laugh, it was a full-blown laugh strait from the belly. Evidently Brian found something about this very amusing.
"What are you laughing about."
"Hahaha! Ahhh… You. Ethan said you hit him hard enough to make him throw up. Now I see he was just pullin' my leg."
Hank backed up a step and gripped his heavy light tightly.
"Come on kid, show me what you really got."
Hank gawked as Brian flexed in front of him, daring the smaller boy to hit him. Brian's body was truly amazing. He had large, well-defined arms and a chest, something you usually never see when someone's muscles are that size, and a six pack of abs that dipped below the waistline of his shorts. No doubt there were two more down there as well.
"Well come one punk, don't just stand there and look all day, do somethin'."
Hank had to take another moment to admire the view before he rammed the flashlight again into Brian's stomach. This time he aimed high, for the solar plexus and his tactic worked… almost. While Brian surely felt the blow and was slightly winded by it, he didn't double over. In fact he inhaled deeply and loosened his abs, ensuring Hank's next hit would be devastating. Hank obliged him and again plunged the heavy but end of the flashlight into Brian's stomach.
Hank watched in astonishment as Brian willingly took the blow and collapsed to the ground.
"What the hell is wrong with you? You want me to kill you or something?"
Brian again started laughing, at least as much as he could between breaths.
"No… I'm just letting you feel… Like you're winning…. Before I kick your ass."
Hank took a step back as Brian hauled himself to his feet and took a few deep breaths. He couldn't believe that this guy had just taken such a hard blow to his stomach, without flexing his abs and was standing again so soon. He couldn't let this go any further on the bruiser's terms.
Without another thought, Hank stepped forward again and rammed the light into Brian's low regions. The big bully howled in pain as the Maglite made firm contact with his jewels and dropped him again to the ground. Not wasting another second, Hank rolled Brian into his back and sat atop the big guy's hips. Then with both hands firmly grasping the heavy light, he started pounding it again and again into Brian's stomach.
"Oooh… Oooofff… Ooooomff…. Uuuuhhhhh…."
Hank kept at it until Brian's head simply turned to the side as drool dripped out of his mouth. The big bruiser had been completely beaten in under ten minutes by a kid who weighed half as much. But that's not what was going through Brian's mind, he could care less about the pain in his stomach. It was his groin that bothered him. Never had anyone dared to hit the bully there. Until now he never had to protect the region and so was caught of guard by Hank's audacious move. A move that worked.
Hank sat atop Brian for several more minutes, allowing the bully to recover a little before he started to pound on him again. But luck was not with him this day. While he had sat there, watching Brian's chest heave in and out, a sight he came to enjoy as of his last fight with Ethan, he failed to notice a certain bike kickstand clanking on the tack behind him. He was caught completely off guard when Ethan's foot slammed into his back, forcing him down on top of Brian. To make things worse, Ethan made a joke of it.
"Trying to steal my guy now are you?"
Ethan stepped around before Hank could get up off of Brian and loosed a nasty kick into Hank's ribs, narrowly missing Brian's in the process, and tossing Hank off. Hank landed on his back but didn't stay there as Ethan grabbed him by the neck of his shirt and dragged him to the tree with the chains. He hauled the boy to his feet and pushed him against the tree, making sure to plant a nice hard fist in his chest for the trouble. Then he proceeded to lock Hank's arms up in the chains.
With Hank now helplessly bound against the tree, his arms high above his head, exposing his whole torso, Ethan proceeded to yank at the collar of Hank's shirt, ripping the garment right down the middle. The rest fell away, pleasing Ethan to see that in the two days since, Hank's abs had recovered some from the beating.
"You know its over now punk, right? For taking down me I would have beaten you all day and let you go. Brian would have done the same. But you screwed up. You took us both on. Now you're going to die."

Part: VII
With Hank dangling helplessly in the chains, Ethan took the time to sit Brian back up and help the bruiser to his feet. It took a while but soon the big guy was walking and eventually they made their way to Hank.
The poor boy was really scared now. He had seen what Brian did to Danny and knew that the bully would do far worse to him. And still, Ethan's words hung in his mind. He was going to die and there was nothing he could do to stop it.
Without even a word to the condemned boy, Ethan started the brutal punishment, planting 1, 2 combinations down the length of his stomach, ending at the navel. He lingered there for quite some time, ramming fist after fist into Hank's abs. Like before, the weakened muscles couldn't stand up to the pounding and went soft, exposing his fragile organs to the onslaught.
After feeling the boy's muscles go soft Ethan stepped aside and Brian took over. The bruiser pounded his fists into Hank's stomach just above the navel, producing cries of pain with each hit. After twenty or so punches, Hank hung motionless in the chains, his weight completely transferred to his arms and drool dripping from his mouth.
Ethan had no pity for the boy and stepped back in, planting a hard punch just under the rib line.
Hank convulsed slightly with the blow. Then another hit him in the same spot.
Ethan winded Hank completely with three more of the blows, then set about his grim mission of driving the life out of the boy. Aiming his next punches carefully, Ethan proceeded to loose, slow, heavy and deliberate punches into Hank's upper stomach, targeting the boys's liver. The first punch met with great success, producing a low moan from the doomed boy. The second did as well. By the fifth punch, Hank wasn't making much noise and so Ethan got his pleasure not from the sound, but from the look on Hank's face. A mixture a pain and terror. Ethan buried his fist in Hank's soft gut again, punishing his liver. At the same time, Hank's eyes started to water. He was crying. Beaten, crying and doomed and he knew it. He tried desperately to pull against the chains, but his out stretched arms wouldn't respond. Then he heard Ethan's smug voice.
"Awww, only a few more to go, then you'll never have to feel my fist in your gut again."
Ethan buried his fist two more times in Hank's liver, each time the poor boy's body convulsed. He punched Hank once more, an uppercut just under the rib line and finally he saw what he wanted to see.
Hank spit out blood and coughed while he hung there, his smooth body coated in sweat.
"Ok Brian, this is it. You have anything you want to say to the punk before we send him off?"
Brian stepped in front of Hank, grasping the poor boys groin and started to squeeze. The pain brought Hank back from the dark, producing a painful scream.
"That's for hittin' my jewels."
Ethan smiled at the scene then took his place back in front of Hank once the big bruiser wash finished squeezing the life out of the kids balls.
Hank hung there crying out right as Ethan plowed his fist into the boy's stomach again. The dark ring returned to his vision as his innards ached and the end neared. Ethan smiled as Hank's head bobbed around, fading in and out and changed tactics for the end. He stood in front of Hank, stretched a little and said his parting words.
"So, if you do manage to survive this, tell me what several of my haymakers feel like. I'm sure we're both just dying to know."
Ethan gave Hank one more creepy smile and then delivered the first haymaker, a powerful uppercut into Hank's liver.
Then he delivered another, pounding his fist deep into the boy's stomach.
A third elicited no sound aside from the deep hollow thud, but did have the effect of causing Hank to spit out more blood. Ethan's fourth haymaker dug deep into Hank's helpless gut, lifting him off his feet and producing even more blood.
Finally Ethan threw his fifth punch. Hank hung there in agony and horror as time seemed to slow down and the bully's fist closed in on his broken stomach. He closed his eyes, hoping it would go quickly, but when the time came when Ethan's fist should have driven him from this world, Hank only felt a light slap on his tender stomach. Then he heard the boys voice again, all be it faintly.
"Hank! Hey Hank. You still in there?"
Hank's mind barely registered the question but he couldn't assemble a response, only groan a little while the pain in his stomach took up the rest of his senses.
"Tell you what we're going to do here Hank. No I don't think you want to die, and personally I don't want to have to deal with stashing your body if that's what it come to. So what do you say we cut a deal."
Hank opened his eyes slightly and tried to focus his them on Ethan. The ache in his gut kept him from doing anything other then nodding in response.
"Good. Good. So what we'll do is cut you down. You can rest here for as long as you like. But I want to see you back here next week. Brian and I are going to play with your stomach some more."
"Maybe we'll even let you hit back with that nice flash light of yours." Brian added.
"So what do you say Hank? Die now, or let us play with your stomach every weekend?"
The two gave Hank a few minutes to compose himself, talking quietly amongst them selves. Finally Hank managed to speak, though his words were barely a whisper.
"Ok…. I'll let you do it… Please…Please let me live. My stomach is yours."
Ethan's usual sneer turned into a broad smile. He stepped right up to Hank's hanging form and placed a reverent hand on the boy's glistening chest, then slid it down to his aching stomach. Hank winced as Ethan gently massaged his beaten gut then took his hand away.
"Glad so hear I won't have to off you… Brian, take him down and let him rest."

After most of the day had past Hank managed to get up enough strength to pick himself up off the ground and get home. He didn't bother to look for his flash light or cell phone before leaving, they'd be there next week when he came back for his next dose of Ethan's fists.