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I want you to meet Peter. To be honest, I never noticed Peter in my neighbourhood before. It seemed he lived a few streets away but I had never seen him. As to say, he wasn't a very striking guy… with his clothes on. But now I managed to get a picture of him and again am thrilled by his looks and his fist. And believe you me, I never want to have an encounter with his fists. Because what I have seen recently was awesome!!

It was the end of a hot day. I decided to go for a short walk in the park to make some pictures of the flowers in full bloom. When walking in the park, I saw Zach jogging there. Zach was a local stud, big, muscular and burned by the sun he got a strange reddish tan, so the people called him 'Devil'. Not many people liked him because he had a hell of an attitude, was arrogant and thought he was better than the rest of humanity. Secretly I adored his strong bod. So my eyes followed him through the park when he ran there shirtless, sweating in the late sun.


I continued making pictures and didn't notice I got to a desolated outskirts of the park. Then suddenly I heard two voices. It didn't sound very friendly.
-"Let's do it now man", the one voice said defiantly, "try me if you dare."
-"Please man, it was only a joke!", the other replied.
Slowly I reached the scene and was hiding myself behind the bushes. I saw Devil standing there, pointing out his flexed abs. Peter stood in front of him. Also shirtless, but looked a lot smaller. It was a scary site. It was clear these guys wouldn't have any mercy and there would be some severe fight. I wondered what had happened before wich had led to this event. It was a useless question. Maybe some old vete from highschool.
Before I could blink my eye Devil plunged his fist right into Peters abs, as to challenge him even more.
-"UNHHHH", Peter gasped, because he was surprised by this punch and his abs were unflexed.
WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, two, three times Devils fist hammered Peters abs. Peter doubled over and staggered back to a black metal fence. He was breathing fast and I could see his chest heaving at every breath. Devil was challenging him and I could see clearly these punches were not as hard as they could be. As in a trance I searched for my camera, holding my breath and sitting there still.
I thought Peter would be mad to fight this guy. As I were him, I would run as hard as I could. But damn, Peter rubbed his abs (touching the skin over his abs showed his sixpack even better) and walked towards Devil.
Devil's fist swung a bit backwards and before Peter could see, the fist punched his side, right to the kidneys.
I felt sorry for Peter because it was clear Devil was only warming up.
And I hadn't even thought so, as Devil delivered a machinegun of punches right to Peters -now fully flexed- abs. The sound of the fists touching the hard flesh was devastating.
-OOOGGGHHHHHHHHHH", Peter doubled over again, coughing.
I saw Devil punching Peters chest as he bend over. The fists damaged the boys beautiful pecs and did him straighten up again. Now I could see the bruised abs which must burn like hell now. Peters mouth was open wide, desperately gasping for some air. Could I sit there even longer doing nothing? But what followed was even more surprising.
Devil looked at Peter with disdain and grinned at him.
-"Now, let's do it now man, try me if you can."
Only now it became clear that it had to be Peter who has challenged Devil to this match but was feeling sorry now he ever did it. Devil walked over to the black metal fence, stretched his arms behind it presenting his abs to his opponent, and looked Peter right in the eye.

-"Well, still waiting boy…?", Devil challenged.
I was glad Devil stopped pounding Peter. But I was sure there was coming more if not something extraordinary happened. And that was just the thing I didn't expect. O how wrong was I!
Peter walked slowly towards Devil. Devil looked down on him, said nothing but waited and flexed his abs.
Peter waited, standing as David before Goliath, clinched his fists, even his biceps was hard. I could see a nice vascularity. Without making any sound I managed to shoot a picture of Devil waiting to be punched.
I never saw a boy punch so fast and hard. Even Devil must be surprised. In a splitsecond Devil had to relax his abs before flexing them again. In that moment Peter pounded Devils solar plexus with at least ten blows (as far as i could count them). Devils body began shaking by the impact and even Peter was shaking by rage and anger. Although Devils hot body already was suntanned red, his abs were marked by red spots. I am sure he was unpleasantly surprised by the force of the punches. Quickly he tried to free his arms from behind the fence but (for him) unfortunately his feet slipped away, so he fell back to the fence. It was that moment all his muscles were unflexed and vulnerable. Peter was making the most out of it.
He drove both fists into Devils sides, and then pounded Devils abs right under the sternum.
-"UUUUHHHHHHHHH", Devil howled, while all air was drivven out of his lungs.
Peter jammed his elbows in Devils abs as hard as i have never seen before. It seems there was even now hardly any resistance from the abmuscle. The elbows plunged in deep. Devil was coughing and gasping, but Peter didn't stop.
He was hammering non-stop to the weakening abs before him. POWPOWPOW it went. There was nothing Devil could do. He was hanging at the fence in a self-chosen position and there was no escape possible now.At last his body bent over, hanghing there squirming. His head dropped to his chest.

At this moment Peter punched Devils head with a giant uppercut, so that his head snapped backwards, and his body slipped down hanging over the fence. He looked at the beaten Devil and then he ran away.
Well, what had I to do then? I waited a minute and decided to leave from my hidingplace. I walked to Devil, saw he was breathing slowly, stroke his beautiful body, and walked home. The next day I saw Devil walking in my street, head down and with a shirt on. It was hot that day. Sometimes I see Peter running in the park. My eyes always follow him in admiration.