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Mick, Alex, and Noah walked into a room that was a lot bigger than the room they were just in. It was plain. Grey wallpaper, grey floor…grey.
"This, is the training room!" said Mick, holding his hands up too show off the room.
"Very cozy," said Alex.
"Enough! Enough! Let's get to the training!" shouted Noah as he shoved his brother against the wall and forced a hard uppercut into his solar plexus.
"OOMPH!" shouted Alex as he fell to the ground in pain. Noah lifted him up.
"Stop!" yelled Mick as Noah landed a second blow.
"What?" asked Noah.
"We want to teach him, not kill him! Let him sleep first to gain all his strength back," Mick exclaimed. "I put both of you in the same room. No fighting!"

Alex pulled a shirt over his bare chest and turned to his brother. Noah was just admiring himself in the mirror, running his hands up and down his abs, flexing them as he did so.
"Noah?" Alex asked.
"Yesum?" Noah replied.
"How did you become a gut punching alliance member?"
"I knew that was coming!" Noah walked over to his bed and sat down. Alex sat down on his. "This is how it all began…"


Noah took off his shirt and leapt into the empty swimming pool. The gym that this pool was located in was practically empty, in fact, it was only him and the employees. On a snowy day like the day it was, no one wanted to come out to work out, but Noah needed to. His body longed for it. His strokes were perfect and his arm muscles bulged when they connected with the water. With a breath he got to the other end of the pool, spun around underwater, and kicked off the edge in the other direction to continue swimming. He could go on for hours. He always thought he was a fish in another life. In the other room two men entered the building. One was Mick and the other was his right hand man, Camble.
"Excuse me, but do you have a membership card?" said the buff man at the counter.
"A what?" asked Mick.
"A membership card. You cannot get in unless you have one. It's thirty dollars to sign up and then twenty bucks a month," the man explained.
"Camble," said Mick as Camble nodded. He walked up to the man behind the counter, smiled and slammed his fist into the mans unexpected solar plexus. Air rushed out of the man's lungs as one of the other employees came running to the rescue. Mick turned around and tripped him as he fell. Mick pulled a gun from his pocket and shot the man in the chest. The tranquilizer dart put him to sleep right away. Mick loaded the gun again and shot the other employee in the neck.
"Let's find him," said Mick as they entered the gym. They looked around, but Noah was no where to be found.
"Sir, look," said Noah as he pointed down to the pool No one was in it, but there were still waves and ripples.
"Ah, we must have just got out. Meet him in the shower room, and then bring him," stated Mick as Camble began to head to the showers. "And Camble, make it fast!"
Noah turned on the faucet and let the warm clean water hit his manly body. He rubbed soap all over and shampooed his hair. After about ten minutes, he was done. He tied the towel around his waist and pulled the shower curtain away. As he did, the hardest punch to his stomach he had ever felt was delivered.
"OOOOOO!" shouted Noah as his body was forced to the corner of the shower. Camble stepped closer and began pounding away at Noah's beautiful stomach. Noah's loud moans could be heard throughout the entire gym, but everyone else was asleep except for Camble and Mick. After it was obviously clear that Camble winded Noah beyond windage, he stopped and Noah's airless and painful body fell to the floor. Camble hoisted Noah up onto his shoulders and carried him out to Mick.
"Excellent," said Mick. "Get him in the trunk!" Mick said as they walked out of the gym. The snow hot Noah's bare back, but he was in too much pain to even think about how cold it really was. When Camble threw him in the trunk, Noah blacked out.

"After that they taught me. Mick showed me all the tricks of being a Gut Punch Alliance Member. When to breath, how to stand your ground, how to punch, torture, make your opponent beg. It was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I mean, I feel so… Alive! There's just something about driving your fist into the gut of another good looking man that just turns you on!" explained Noah as he finished his story. "And that's what you're going to learn. You got it made too! Of all the people, you get to beat up your big brother and get away with it! Nice! Get some sleep bro! You're going to need it if you want to defeat these abs!" Noah shut off the light and laid down. He fell asleep right away, but Alex lay awake thinking about Allan. A part of him wanted to destroy his best friend, but another part felt very sorry for him. He soon fell asleep.

"Step one!" announced Mick. "Take off your shirt. I know it may sound like nothing, but your punches are more aerodynamic when there is no cloth to slow them down. If you're opponents shirt isn't off already, I would violently rip it off. It just makes the whole session a lot more fun."
"I left my shirt on so you can do just that little bro! Come on! I'm excited!" said Noah as he stood up straight. Alex grabbed his hands around the collar of Noah's shirt and pulled them apart in each direction. The shirt made a zipping noise as the cloath ripped and fell to the ground. Alex's brother's stomach was exposed.
"Nice tear!" said Noah with a smile.
"Thanks," said Alex.
"Now, your opponent will know what you are about to do, in this case, so you are going to have to give him a few good punches before you can entirely wind him," Mick explained again. Noah flexed his stomach as all of his abs popped out of the skin.
"Wow," said Alex, arching his arm back. He thrusted it forward and Noah didn't even feel anything.
"No, no, no! Use force Alex! Force!" said Mick.
"Force, got it!" Alex said, pulling his arm back and again throwing it into his brothers hard gut. A loud THUD was sounded and Noah moved back a little bit.
"Better," said Mick. "Again!"
Alex repeated the step until finally Noah began to let out little grunts.
"Now that you're opponent can feel the attacks, try to make him lose his breath before anything else. Hit him in the solar plexus a few times until he gives," Mick said as he watched. Alex did just that.
"OOOOMPH!" Noah cried after Alex's fifth punch to his stomach. He lowered his head.
"Very good. Now, this is up to you. Do what ever it is that suits you. He is your punching bag," said Mick with the biggest smile across his face.
Alex looked at his brother and remembered a time when Noah stole his cell phone and wallet. It made him very angry. He looked into Noah's eyes and landed a punch to his brothers lower abs. Noah shot his head back in pain and moaned out. Alex did this three more times and then start pummeling his brothers middle gut. Punch after punch was delivered as Noah's cries were getting louder and louder, finally Noah fell crunched up in the fetal position.
"Stop brother! Stop!" he shouted, cupping he beaten stomach.
"Brilliant!" shouted Mick. "You were amazing!"
"Thanks!" said Alex, cracking his knuckles.
"Now, for part two of your training," said Mick as he whistled. Camble came walking in, shirt already off and fists to his side. "Camble here is going to be gut punching you. Now, he is very good, so do your best to take whatever it is he has to give you. If you can make it through a half hour without moaning and groaning, it will be done and you have passed. I'll let you rest and then off you go to pay Allan a visit. Sound good?"
"A friggin half hour!" thought Alex. "Yes," he said. "Sounds like a deal"
"Begin!" shouted Mick as he stepped back. Camble walked up to Alex and punched him so hard in the solar plexus that Alex rose five inches off the ground. A little "OOOMPH!" was sounded, but nothing more. Camble leaned Alex against the wall adn started pounding his lower stomach into oblivion! Alex's head lay to the side of his shoulder as drool dripped out, but he made no sound. After ten minutes of lower ab torture, Camble began delivering powerful punches to Alex's middle gut. This jerked his body forward with the force and made tears pour out of the boys eyes, but he kept quiet. Finally, Camble finished the training session off with fifteen minutes of solar plexus beatings. When Mick called it quits Alex fell to the ground practically lifeless, but still awake.
"You did good lad, you did very good. Sleep. Allan awaits you when your strength is gained. And that's exactly what Alex did.

Alex woke up and rubbed his beaten stomach. The feeling he had earlier was amazing. Mick walked into the room and greated him.
"I just paid a visit to Allan. He's still soft as a pillow! That's good for you!" Mick said, helping Alex up. "Now, he may try to talk you into it, but if you finish this task, you're with us! And I know you wanna be with us. So go in there, fuck him over, and come on out! It's that simple!"
"I can't wait!" Alex said, rubbing his fists together. He entered Allan's room and uncuffed him.
"Thank you Alex! Oh my god! My stomach hurts so much!" Allan cried.
"Punch me," Alex said.
"What?" Allan asked.
"Punch me as hard as you can in the stomach!"
"What's that going to solve?"
"If you can double me over, they'll let you go."
"Whatever." Allan was so weak, due to the constant stomach torture that when he tried to punch Alex's stomach, it felt like someone threw a pebble at Alex. The funny thing was, was that Allan threw his hardest punch.
"Oh boy!" said Allan as he arched his arm back and uppercut his best friend in the solar plexus. Allan arched his body forward in pain. Alex grabbed his friend by the hair and hoisted him up and slammed his fist in his lower abs. Allan screamed. Alex pushed Allan against the wall.
"You know," Alex began. "I have always wanted amazing abs like yours." Alex started rubbing Allan's stomach up and down, and then slammed his fist above his navel. "But you were always walking around, all the girls looking at you. They never looked at me!" He pounded his best friends lower abdomen again. "I bet you wish it was the other way around now, huh!" Alex grabbed Allan's shoulders and shoved his knee so far into Allan's solar plexus that as soon as he pulled away, Allan threw up. Allan was rolling around on the ground, moaning in pain.
Alex placed his foot on Allan's stomach and started pushing down. Screams from Allan were sounded until Alex's foot was stepping on the ground, through Allan's back practically. Alex lifted his foot and Allan rolled his head to the side.
"Please," Allan said in a faint voice. "I can't take any more. I think I'm going to die."
"You're not going to die, I promise!" said Alex, slamming a knee into his friends lower stomach. "You're just going to wish you were dead!" Alex then picked Allan up and shot ten more knees into his gut, fifteen uppercuts to the solar plexus, and twenty amazing punches into his lower abs. Finally, Allan fell to the ground and Alex stopped. Allan coughed air, and a little bit of blood. It was then when Alex realized what he had done.
"I'm sorry!" said Alex as he knelt down and rubbed his buddy's stomach. Allan moaned in pain as Alex rubbed his hands up and down the swollen bumps of Allan's muscled gut. "When we get back, I will let you do worse to me than they did to you, I promise, okay?" Allan shook his head.
"Good, because I have been wanting to gut punch you for a long time now Alex!" Allan said as he lifted up a hand placed it on Alex's stomach.