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You Make the Choice © January 2005 All Rights Reserved
By The Hit Man

That's me with the necklace and yeah, I'm talking to you, the readers of this story. Don't you just love the smirk on this guy's face? Well, frankly I was just walking in the joint from a shoot and all of a sudden he's up in my face all, "you think you're a tough guy, don't you"?

Now, what am I supposed to do when someone makes a crack like that? Just walk away? I'd like to but I'm leaving it up to you, the readers. Send a message to Luke with your suggestions and we'll see where this story goes. No replies, story goes nowhere, it's that simple. Besides, this is your big chance to make a contribution to this board instead of always just being a lurker. Come on, live a little. Make a suggestion. Let's see where this story goes together.