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Hostages part 2

by Bill

Allan - Alex

Allan blinked a couple of times before he fully came to. The room he was in was dark. He could feel something cold around his ankles and wrists, and judging by the fact that he couldn't move, they were probably braces. He did see one figure in the corner of the room.
"Hello?" Allan asked to the shadow.
"Hey Al!" said Alex.
"Alex! How the hell did you get here?"
"Same way you did."
"You got to be shitting me! What are they doing to us?"
"Torturing us."
"I know."
The door to the room blasted open and Allan closed his eyes when the light clicked on. After about two seconds, he opened them.

"Hello boys!" said Mick as he strolled in cracking his knuckles.
"My name is Mick, welcome to my hideout!"
"Suck my balls dickwad!" shouted Alex.
"Oh, funny, very funny!" Mick yelled, thrusting his foot into Alex's balls.
"Hey! Stop it you fucker!" shouted Allan from his corner.
"Oh, don't worry Allan, this kid's had enough. He got a lot of beatings before we found you, but now…now it's your turn." Mick said, licking his lips. "Look at those amazing abs!" He ran his fingers down Allan's stomach. They bobbed up and down as they passed each muscled bump.
"What are you going to do to me?" Allan asked.
"Nothing you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams! Now you have two choices. One, I gut punch you until you pass out, or two, I gut punch you until you can't take it anymore, but then I must gut punch him. That will be your choice."
"Fuck you bitch!" said Allan in a cocky tone of voice.
"So be it, let the beatings begin!" Mick stated as he took fighter's stance. Allan tightened his abs as hard as he could and got ready.
Mick shot three fast punches to Allan's mid abs, but his hard muscle wall took every single one of them with barely anything.
Allan continued to focus on keeping his stomach muscles flexed. As long as he didn't loose focus, he should do fine.
Mick finally stopped punching and stared at Allan.
"You're one strong little fellow, aren't ya?" he asked.
"Strong enough to take you, you weak piece of shit!" said Allan.
"Ha ha ha! We have a jokester in the room! I hate comedians!" Mick yelled. He bent down and shot two hard fists into Allan's balls, a knee into his balls as well, and an elbow into his face. Allan moaned in pain, trying to lean over to cup his balls but he couldn't.
"Stop it man! He wants kids later on in life!" yelled Alex.
"You know kid, you're really getting on my nerves!" said Mick, pulling a device out from his pocket. He held it up in the air. "Looks like a little tape recorder, doesn't it? Well, it is, but it is also much, much more. I recorded your voice earlier. And if you say one more word…" Mick slammed the tape recorder onto Alex's middle gut and taped it there. "This little tape recorder will send surges of electric shock into your belly. And let me tell you, that shit stings!" Alex glared at Mick but didn't say a word. "Good boy!" Mick turned back to Allan who was now almost in tears of ball pain. "Now, as for you…!"
"WUUUFFF!" all the air flushed out of Allan's lungs as Mick delivered a hard uppercut into Allan's solar plexus.
"Let's get the game going!" Mick said as he continued to deliver uppercuts like the previous one. Allan's solar plexus beating lasted for a good 11 minutes before Mick stopped. There was drool dripping down Alan's chin, his eyes had tears sprouting from them and he could barely breathe at all.
"Do you wanna stop Allan? Cause I can always go to him?" Mick said, pointing in Alex's direction. Allan and Alex had been best friends since middle school and Allan didn't want to see him in as much pain as he was in now. Allan was much stronger than Alex and he figured he could take a lot more. "No, okay, moving on!" Mick said as he began to throw fast, swift punches into Allan's lower and middle abs. Once one fist left Allan's gut, the other one connected with it. It was like a non stop barricade. This lasted for a good half hour.
"Stop!!!!!" yelled Alex to his friend's demise.
"Ooo, bad idea buddy!" said Mick as Alex arched his head back and screamed in pain. Thousand of electrical impulses were shooting into his stomach at the speed of light. It was unlike anything Alex had ever felt before. After three minutes it stopped and Alex lay there, looking practically dead. Mick picked up the tape recorder from his burnt stomach and stared down at him. Drool was everywhere, as well as tears. He was moaning in a low voice and he was so weak when Mick lifted up one of his arms, it fell right back down to the ground with a thud. "I warned you!" he said turning back to Allan.
"That was round one buddy, the worst is yet to come!" With that, he winked at Allan, shoved his fist into his solar plexus and left the two badly tortured boys there to cope with their pain.

The next morning Mick entered the room. Allan had apparently blacked out or fell asleep somewhere along the night, but Alex was up. He was staring straight at the ceiling, his stomach was still a little black from the electricity barring tape recorder the previous night.
"Good morning Alex! I was hoping that Allan was alive and awake, but I guess that isn't so!" Mick said laughing as he bent over Alex's painful body.
"That's because you gave him his first gut punching session!" said Alex through clenched teeth, now frightened with what Mick had the power to do.
"Well I'll be!" Mick put his hand over his lip. "That's great! I hope he enjoyed it! Listen, since you are up, I have a proposition to make."
"Like I want to deal with you!" Alex said.
"Just here me out, I think you shall find it quite interesting." Alex lay in silence as Mick spoke. "Now, remember our little acquaintance at the park on the jogging trail two nights ago?"
"Remember how you beat me. By the way, you beat me real good, I actually felt that yesterday! Anyway! No matter how much pain I was in, remember how I was still able to take you and then beat you afterwards?"
"Of course I remember! That's what got me here!"
"Well Alex! That could be you! You could be me!"
"What are you talking about?"
"I'll teach you! I'll show you how to take the pain! I will show you how to be the gut punch master and how to be unstoppable!"
"Like I want you to teach me!?"
"You know what. Maybe you should just tune into today's show. Then I will get back to you on your decision. Oh, today's gonna be a good one!" Alex gulped his saliva down his throat and watched Mick walk over to Allan.
"Wake up sleepy head!" shouted Mick as he drove a hard punch into Allan's solar Plexus.
'OOOOOOOOOMPHHHH!" Allan woke with pain and his eyes popped out of their sockets. He lowered his head so that it was resting on his chest.
"Not this again. Please, god! Not again!" Allan begged.
"Oh, but why Allan? Did those amazingly beautiful abs of yours give in?" Mick asked, pushing his fist into Allan's lower guts.
"AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!" Allan screamed in pain. Alex was too afraid to say anything to stop Mick from torturing his best friend, so he sat in silence watching it all happen.
"Please Mick!!!! Please! I'm begging you! I can't take you're punches anymore!" Allan yelled. Mick pulled his fist out of the boys guts.
"Really?" Mick turned to look at Alex. He winked. "Then how about my knees?" Mick smiled and pounded his muscular knees into Allan's solar plexus twice and his mid gut four times.
"STOP!" Allan yelled through pain. "I can't take your gut torturing anymore! Please!" Allan said through his wasted breath.
"Fine." Mick stepped away and then clapped. The door opened and in walked Noah. He was a beautiful teen as well, almost as beautiful as Allan, maybe even more.

"What's up Mick?" Noah asked.
"I think this boy needs your Tender Loving Care!" said Mick pointing to Allan.
"No way!" shouted Alex. "Noah! You work for him!" Noah turned to his little brother's voice. He saw how bruised he was and it made him smile.
"Alex! I didn't know you were here!" Noah said walking over to his little brother.
"Noah, what's going on? Why are you guys doing this?" Alex asked.
"For the enjoyment buddy!" Noah stated, throwing a powerful blow into his brothers middle gut.
"OOOOOOOO!" yelped Alex as he hunched over and grabbed onto his brother's shoulder. Noah took the opportunity and started wailing uppercut after uppercut into his little brother's already bent over body. Alex's feet left the ground with each gut punch he received from his big brother. Finally Noah stopped and Alex fell to the ground.
"You know, some people would say that it is weird that a brother enjoys the look of pain on his brother's face. I think the look of pain is one of the most beautiful looks a man can make," Noah said, turning around to Allan who was moaning like a baby. "What should I do to him?"
"What ever the fuck you want!" said Mick as he took a seat next to Alex and placed his hand on the boy's stomach. "Watch this; it's going to be very entertaining."
Noah started by slamming his fists into Allan's lower abs. With each punch Allan screamed in pain. Then Noah moved to the middle gut and solar plexus, delivering even harder punches then before. Allan's moans grew louder and more excruciating. Then Noah unlatched Allan and Allan fell to the ground on his knees gulping in air. When Allan sucked in his first breath, Noah slammed his foot into Allan's stomach, flipping him onto his back and knocking whatever wind he had attempted to get into his body, out of him. Then Noah dropped a knee down into Allan's middle stomach and Allan screamed in immense pain.
Noah walked over to a table with weapons already laid out. He grabbed the baseball bat and walked back over to Allan's outstretched body. With the fatter end he began slamming it down into Allan's stomach, each time the bat made a THUUUD noise as it connected.
"He's very good, your brother. I assume this was a shock?" Mick asked his hand still on Alex's stomach.
"Huge!" replied Alex.
"Good, that's my first rule you know."
"No, I don't."
"Once you are part of GP Alliance, you must never tell anyone. You must never speak of it. If word gets out, do you know how many members would want in? Do you know how much publicity we would receive? It is strictly underground. And your brother is my fourth member."
"You mean there was more before him?"
"Yes, three. There was Meiko and Max, two best friends, and then there was Camble. You shall meet him some other time, but let me tell you. You think your brother's good at this? Wait until you see Camble!"
"You're not going to unleash Camble on Allan are you? Allan suffered enough, don't you think?"
"Possibly. I mean, you never felt intimidated by Allan?"
"No, why?"
"Because he is a lot stronger than you. And your brother tells me that you want Allan's abs more than anything in the world.
"Allan's abs are at the top of my list, yes."
"Then that's the perfect initiation! Beat your best friends abs! You want them so bad why don't you take them, take them from him! Destroy his perfect abs that you don't have! Do it and you can become on of us! You can become a GP Alliance member!" Alex thought loud and hard.
"I'll do it."
"YES!" said Mick, slamming his fist into Alex's solar Plexus.
"Come on, let's go!" Mick unlocked Alex's chains. "Noah!"
Noah stopped slamming both of his fists down onto Allan's solar plexus and looked up at his master.
"Yes?" he answered.
"We have to train your brother, he wants in. I think you are the perfect dummy, don't you?" Mick asked.
"You mean, my brother gets to gut punch me?" asked Noah.
"Yes, for practice!"
"Amazing! Let's do it right away!" Noah shouted, kicking Allan in the stomach one last time and left the room with Mick and Alex by his side. Alex looked behind him at Allan. Drool fell from his mouth and moans cried from his vocal cords. The poor kid's pain wasn't going to be ending soon, and boy was he in for a surprise!

End of part two