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Alex blasted his music in his headphones as he took off in a run down the hiking trail behind his house. He always did this to wake him up in the morning. Alex should have slept in today. He wore his sun glasses, ball chain necklace and stripped jogging pants along with his bandana. The music played along the cd as sweat began to trickle down his back. Finally he came to a bench where he sat down. He hated not "working out" when he was supposed to and he really wanted to get more toned. So, instead of resting, he laid down and began doing sit up crunches. His abdominal muscles flexed beautifully with every crunch. Mick walked out from behind the bench. He looked down at Alex.
"This is the guy who knows Allan," he said to himself as he waked up to the bench. Alex opened his eyes and noticed Mick was watching him.
"You got a problem guy?" Alex asked, setting his headphones aside and getting up off the bench.
"Actually, I do," said Mick, walking closer.
"Really?" Alex asked, shoving Mick away from him.
Mick got angry fast and swung at Alex's face, Alex ducked and sent a powerful uppercut into Mick's unexpected solar plexus.
"OOMPH!" Mick yelled as Alex's fist connected with his stomach. Mick wobbles and he's knees give out.
"Uh Uh! You had a problem with me, now I have a problem with you!" yelled Alex, shooting two hard, fast punches into Mick's middle gut, right above the navel. Mick shot his head up in pain and squeezed his eyes shut, but didn't make a sound.
"Oh, so you want more, huh? I can give you some more!" Alex said, licking his lips. Alex lifted Mick up and slammed his back into a nearby tree. He then assaulted millions of punches into Mick's lower and middle abs. Mick's mouth hung open, and drool dripped out, but no sound came out, which puzzled Alex. Usually, guys would be moaning by now, he knew he would. He stopped.
"What's wrong with you guy?" Alex asked, holding Mick up.
"Nothing, I can take your punches!" said Mick in a faint, painful whisper.
"So you can take my punches, but can you take my knees?" Alex asks as he grabs Mick's shoulders and drives three knees into Mick's lower gut and solar plexus. Drool drips out of Mick's mouth and descends to the ground. He was in trouble. Alex let him go and he fell to the grassy ground. He breathed heavy, sucking in as much air as he could. Mick was a tough kid and although he could barely breath, he still got up and socked alex in the jaw. It was the hardest punch Alex ever took, He went down onto his back.
Mick kneeled beside Alex, cupped his hands together over his head and drove them down hard into Alex's middle stomach. Alex's back arched up and pain swelled inside him. He wanted to die right there, after one punch. Mick did it again, and again, five more times. Alex was moaning loudly on the ground, barely awake.
"Let's go!" Mick said, hoisting Alex over his shoulder. The pressure from Mick's shoulder into Alex's stomach made Alex drool all the way to wherever Mick was taking him. He wished he could faint, but he couldn't so he had to cope with the pain. Stomach pain, gut punching pain. He hated it, it was too much pain.

Alex was drenched in sweat, barely able to move by now. His whole stomach flared with pain and he couldn't breath at all. I looked up into his attackers eyes as another sharp pain in his gut throbbed. It was Alan's foot that landed hard into his lower abs. It was Alan's foot that made him moan like that. It was Alan who was beating him in his abs for the past half hour.
"I am going to ask you again," said Mick, lifting Alex up with his strong biceps. "Where is your buddy Allan?"
Alan stared at him in silence and the spat in Mick's face.
"You fucking little brat!" shouted Mick as he shoved Alex into the wall and barricaded Alex's middle gut with fifty punches. When Alan was through, Alex fell to the ground moaning like he hadn't before. "We will find him with or without your help Alex." Mick kicked the boy in his lower abs before he left. The room was dark. Alex tried to get up but couldn't. His stomach throbbed too much with pain he had never felt before.

Time past and it was now well into the night. Mick walked in again to the room they were keeping Alex locked in.
"Hello again," said Mick as he entered the room. "Are you willing to cooperate yet?"
"Fuck no!" yelled Alex as Mick delivered and uppercut to his already swollen and beaten solar plexus. "OOOOMPH!"
"Yea, you like that?" Mick delivered another one.
"OOOOOO!" Right when Mick was about to connect another punch, a cell phone rang. It was coming from Alex's pocket. Mick looked t the caller ID and it read "Allan 18587 Tinbuck St."
"I got Allan, thanks Alex!" said Mick as he gave Alex a nice blow to the lower abs and then walked out.

Meiko and Max

Meiko and Max were the two goons Mick decided to send to capture and bring him Allan. Allan was a lot stronger than they were, but Mick had no doubt that they could take Allan together. They pulled up to his house and knocked on the door. When Allan answered it, Meiko and Max almost dropped their jaws in amazement. Allan was one very good looking dude and he must have been getting ready for bed because all he had on was a pair of pajama shorts.
"Can I help you?" Alan asked.

"Uh yes, we were lost, can you point us in the right direction?" asked Max as Allan stepped out of his house and onto his driveway.
"Well, where did you want to go?" asked Allan.
"How about," Meiko said, but cut off his speech. He punched Allan in the side of his face and Allan flew into their parked car. Meiko ran over to where Allan lay against the car and started pounding the guy's abs in. Allan, being as built as he was, simply flexed his amazing stomach and took each punch. Then Max came at him with his fist high. Allan swung his fist and socked Max in the Jaw as Meiko kept on punching him in the stomach. Meiko looked up at him.
"Are you done yet?" Allan asked. Meiko gulped as Allan gave Meiko a taste of his own medicine. Allan swung a powerful uppercut into Meiko's solar plexus, knocking all the wind out of the kid. Meiko fell to the ground and Allan turned to Max. Max was holding his jaw and he was bent over, yelping in pain.
"Hey kid!" said Allan as he walked up to him. "Why are you guys here?" Allan asked and Max shrugged. "Wrong answer!" Allan drove his fist deep into Max's lower guts and Max cried in pain. "Let's try it again. Why are you here?"
"We were sent!" shouted Max, holding his painful gut.
"Sent by who?" Allan still had his arm extended for another punch. Max didn't return and answer. Allan grabbed Max and pushed him against his house wall and drove three amazing uppercuts into Max's solar plexus. Max let out loud "OOOMPH'S!" with each one.
"Who sent you!?" Allan yelled.
"Mick! It was Mick! He wants to gut punch you!" cried Max in horrible pain.
"Who's Mick?" Allan thought to himself as Meiko began to get up and creep up behind him.
"Hiya!" Meiko shouted as he thrusted his foot into Allan's balls. Allan's eyes widened with pain and he fell to the cement, covering his balls with his hands.
"You okay?" Meiko asked Max as he massaged his friends stomach.
"Yea, I'm fine, just get him so we can go!" replied Max as he gulped for air. Meiko nodded and turned to walk over to Allan. He was still cupping his palls on the ground. Meiko pulled Allan's arms apart, sat on his stomach and started beating the shit out of Allan's chest.
"OOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted Allan with each blow to his pretty boy pecs. "Stop!" Allan yells, but Meiko continues to pound on his chest. "OOOOO!" Allan continues to Moan. And then, a sharp apin arrises in his solar plexus. He opens his eyes to see not only Meiko beating on his chest, but now Max started working his stomach over. He was getting badly beaten in two places of his torso at once! "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He shouted as drool dripped from his mouth from the gut punching and pain in his chest. Finally, Mieko punched Allan in the side of his head and Allan blacked out.

To be continued….