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Glenn gutpunched again


On Thursday, also 4 days till to his gut punching meeting, Glenn was wake up early in the morning and would like to enjoy this hot day on the beach, so he was going to the beach and search for an empty place where not much people are, because he would enjoy this day and not loud children cry. And so he removed all his clothes and change his pants with his blue shorts as he notice 3 Boys watching him and it looks that they come to him and so he put the rest of his clothes in his knapsack and starts to put sun protector on his body as the 3 boys arrived him. The 3 boys looks like his age and quite muscular and strong. On of the boys say : "Hi I'm Marcus and these are my two brothers Patrick and Joe" and the two boys said "Hi" "Hi, I'm Glenn, I don't know you. Your are from here or so and what can I do for you ? " Glenn ask the three boys and Marcus answers : "We are new here with our families and we have seen your friends gut punching you last week and we have think that you must have strong abs, and so we have see you today on the beach and so we are thought to watch your abs from near and perhaps gut punch you, if you would like to have a work over this day, what do you think about ?" Marcus ask. Glenn starts to smile and flex his abs and says " Okay that would be great, you all have seen what my friends have done with my body, so I allow you the same and allow you more to do all what you have to do to break my muscles." "you mean you allow us all things that we would like to do with your body to break your great looking muscles ?" "Yeah I mean this dude, break my muscles come on, I'm ready for you!" and with words Glenn stand up and make a double bicep pose for this 3 boys to show them how strong he was. Joe and Patrick are grip one of Glenn's flexed biceps and starts to squeeze them as hard as they could and Glenn could feel a powerful grips round his two arms and with surprise he notice that the grips are so hard, that they make small dents into his biceps and Marcus notice this with a big grins. "Your arms are looking pretty strong, but it looks like, that they loose, so hope boy that your abs are not do the same or you will cry for mercy !" So Joe and Patrick fight Glenn's arms in a other position and stretch his body as Marcus starts his first 5 soft punches to the exposed gut and than wham wham wham he give Glenn hard blows to his solar plexus and his lower abs but no reaction from Glenn he still take all the first round of hard punches to his abs. "You have to punch harder my friend" Glenn says with a smile on his face. "Oh you can be sure that I will find your weakest part of your muscles, punk" after this words he start to punch Glenn's lower two rows of abs for 10 minutes, than he punch him into his solar plexus for 15 min till Glenn was covert with sweat, but this was the only reaction from him, and he was only smiling to him. This makes Marcus angry and he give a rapid punches to Glenn's lower abs till he could not give more punches. The skin of Glenns belly was still deep red, and his abs are still tight. "Think no one of you can break my abs, so I will give you a next time, here on the beach" Glenn also wants to go, but Joe and Patrick let him not free, and still holds his arms. "We all want to punch your abs so we will let you free, and than Marcus will give you 10 punches, than he will give you together with Joe punches and at last with me, how is about that ? Do you think your muscles can resist this all ???" "That sound is great, okay, com on Boys give me your hardest shots you have !!!" Glenn answers. So the two Boys let him free and told him to put his hands behind is head and than Patrick pulled Glens shorts down to his hips so that all of his abs were clearly visible and he could see some of his hairs looking out his shorts and suddenly he takes a hold of Glens crotch and balls and squeeze them, so that he starts to moan and groan and Patrick could feel that Glenn was going slowly to be hard on, and as he removed his hand all could see, that Glenn was a little turn on with this. "Hey it looks like that you get a hard on !" Marcus says and smiled. "Fuck, what should I say ? Start to punch me, before its to late !" "Prefer your abs Muscle boy, this time we will break you !!!" Glenn flex his abs as hard as he can and was hope to get not a real hard on and he starts to sweat as Marcus began his punishment. He give him 4 hard punches to his solar plexus and one to his left side and one on his right side and the last punches to his last two rows of abs, than he punches there again and Joe punch him at the same time to his solar plexus with harder punches than Marcus before, and two punchers on Glens gut are starting effect his breathing, and the two boys punch him harder and faster, one on his lower abs and one on his solar plexus. Than after 10 punches from Joe, Patrick starts his own 10 punches and says to Glenn :" After my 10 punches we will have no limit and punch you still you finish !" Glenn give no answer, because he starts go get probs to absorb the punches on his lower abs and solar plexus. Patrick work over his abs harder than all the other boys and than suddenly Marcus punches Glenn direct to his balls and at the same time Patrick was punching him to his solar plexus and Joe on his right side and all was come trough the muscle wall and Glenn double over and scream "Argh, my balls" and than he falls to his knees, lay on the warm sand and starts to moan and groan. "Com on Muscle Boy, stand up or do you give ?" "You give ?" all the other boys ask after Marcus. Slowly Glenn start to stand up and all could see that he must have a lot of pains after this ball punch. "Do you ready for next punch" Marcus ask but Glenn says nothing and put his Hands behind his head and try to flex his muscles, than the boys punch him again and this time they were able to hurt him because with every punch they could here a loud "Stuud" and Glenn starts to get probs to make hard his abs for the real hard punches of the boys. Then two of the boys give him hard elbows punches to his left and right side and Patrick work over his solar plexus and one of his hard punches suddenly break the muscle wall and press the air from Glens lungs "Ufff" and other punch to his lower abs come trough "Ooohhhh" Glenn feels more and more forceless and feel that the boys was going to break him, all punches slowly come trough his muscle wall and his gut was on fire and every punch hurt him and he was moaning and after 25 min of hard gut punching Glenn double over the second time and he know that he was finish, but he would not say this, because he was to proud and as the boys have ask him if he wants to give up he have not answer. Than suddenly Patrick take a hold on Glens shorts and starts to squeeze him there and Glens moans very loud and Patrick want him to see in a double bicep pose, but Glenn would not do that and so Patrick hands slip inside his shorts take a grip round his crotch and force him with this to the double bicep pose. Normal Glenn looks great with this pose but this time he looks weak and he says " I GIVE UP, you have break me !" "And you have a hard on" Patrick say and smile and put his hand out of Glens short so everybody could see it. Glenn starts to get read on his face and all the boy laugh. Than Marcus put his hand round Glens shoulder and says : "Thank you for this nice beach gut punching day, Glenn you have real hard muscles ! I would like to make a deal with you, so it is to come with us to our home there you can go to our shower and stay with us there till to the evening, we will have a rest nice day and at night we will give you your night gut punching how is about that ? If Glenn say yes or no, you will see at the next storie ..