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-The Torturer-Episode 2-
-The Rape Case-

by Bill

Dan - Kevin - Joseph

Joseph knew that the doorknob to Marry Ellen's apartment would be open. He was somewhat psychic when it came to this kind of stuff. It is said that everyone has a bit of psychic energy from them; some people just tend to have it a bit more. Now, Joseph indeed could not predict the future, or read one's mind, but he did know that Marry Ellen's apartment door would be open. And he was right…It was.
Joseph drove past her house every day after work, always watching her enters the large apartment. She had long beautiful blond hair, blue eyes, freckles, nice body and curves. She was perfect. The perfect girl. That's why he was going to have sex with her tonight. He was a pretty powerful guy with his strong arms and great physique so he had no doubt that he would be able to in fact, control Marry Ellen. Or at least get her to do what he wanted her to do.
He stood there in front of her door. His hand was trembling a little bit, but finally it reached the knob.
"Open Sesame," he said as he turned the handle to the front door and the door swung open. The room was dark and quiet, but there was a rustling noise coming from the direction the bed was. It was Marry and she looked as beautiful asleep as she did awake. Joseph walked over to her and leaned over her bed. The poor girl didn't even know he was there. He reached out to grab her, but there was a sharp pain in his neck, followed by a faint phase of dizziness. Joseph fell to the floor as the lights flickered on and Marry Ellen awoke.
"Did we catch the creep?" she asked as a man walked over to Joseph and gazed down at his unconscious body. There was a sleeping dart in his neck and the man who's name was Kevin.
"Well," he began as his partner Dan walked out of the shadows and placed his dart gun in his pocket. "We caught a Creep, but I dunno if he is the creep." Dan and Kevin exchanged looks and Dan Kevin (who was the stronger of the two) hoisted the man's body onto his shoulders and walked out of the apartment with Marry Ellen closely behind them.

Joseph woke up in a cell on a hard bed with no blankets. He sat up and rubbed his head as he sighed. He noticed his button up shirt was unbuttoned and opened, revealing his nice pectorals and slim set of abs. He went to go button them up, but all of the buttons had been plucked off.
"What the fuck?" he thought as he slid his hands down the slot that all the buttons used to be. As he looked around his cell he noticed only a table with two chairs and a light hanging from the ceiling that came down and shinned on about what seemed like the center of the table. There were no windows, no cameras, no urinals, and no heat. It was starting to get a little chilly. Joseph began to get the goose bumps.
He couldn't quite remember last night. He remembered he was going to rape Marry Ellen, but he couldn't remember anything after that. This confused him, One minute he was standing over her outstanding sleeping body, and the next, he woke up in the freezing cell with his shirt open for all to see! He then herd a noise coming from a hall outside the cell. They were footsteps. Two sets of them. That meant that there were two people. The door opened and two men walked in. It was Dan and Kevin.
"Is this how you treat all your guests?" asked Joseph with a smirk on his face.
"You're not considered a guest, you're considered a prisoner. And that's just what you'll be if you don't choose to cooperate," said Dan.
"You can't keep me locked up in here, you have no proof I did anything!" said Joseph.
"Proof! We were there buddy."
"At Marry Ellen's apartment. You were going to rape her weren't you?" Joseph didn't respond to Dan's question. "WERENT YOU!"
"Enough!" shouted Kevin. "I can handle this, okay Dan. Just, be quiet. Come here Joseph, let's have a little chat." Kevin gestured for Joseph to walk to the table and Joseph did just that. Both of them sat down at exactly the same time and stared at one another.
"Why were you in Marry Ellen's apartment last night? And don't lie and say you weren't because we were the ones that brought you from there to here. So, let's tell the truth," Kevin explained.
"Marry Ellen is a fine young women, is she not?" asked Joseph.
"She is," Kevin replied.
"She's fine, but I wasn't going to rape her." Joseph lied. He knew damn well he was going to rape her. He was going to rape her like there was no tomorrow. That was what he was going to do, but he wasn't going to dare tell Kevin that. He thought up of something less criminal. "I was stalking her."
"Bull shit!" yelped Dan.
"I said shut up!" yelled Kevin. "You were stalking her eh?"
"Yes. I pass her apartment everyday after work and I had taken a liking, that's all."
"How did you know her door was going to be unlocked? How did you know her room number?"
"I asked the attendant downstairs where she was. I told her that I was her brother and I left something in her room. She was the night shift clerk so I figured she would figure the day shift clerk allowed me entrance, so she did. Now the door, I can't explain. I get these gut feelings for things. Somehow, I just knew the door was unlocked…I knew."
"I see." Kevin reached into his pocket. He pulled out three pictures of girl's faces. All of them were badly beat. Black eyes, bloody noses, the works. He laid them on the table. "Do you know any of these women?"
"Of course not!" He lied again. Those women were his past rapes. He beat them all and fucked them all. The red head cooperated the best; he remembered it like it was yesterday. But again, he wasn't going to tell them that. "I know none of them."
"Okay." Kevin looked at Dan. Dan nodded.
"Listen here Joseph. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. I guess the easy way is ruled out, so we're going to have to do it the hard way," proclaimed Dan
"And what is the hard way?" asked Joseph.
"You're probably wondering why the buttons from your shirt are all missing, correct?" said Dan. That was true! Joseph had forgotten all about his missing buttons, but he clearly remembered them now. He looked down at them again. Still missing. "Well, I'll tell you."

Kevin threw Joseph onto the cot in the torture cell as dust flew into the air. Dan clicked on the light.
"You think he's the one that raped those three poor girls?" he asked as Kevin stared down at Joseph, who was clearly asleep.
"I dunno. I think so, yea. Do I think he's going to come clean? No," Kevin replied.
"Then we will just have to do what we hired you for and punch the shit out of his stomach! By the way, how is his stomach?"
"I don't know, but he is wearing a button up shirt. It could make things a lot easier."
"Go for it!" Dan reached in his sock and pulled out a pocket knife. "Here!" he tossed it over to Kevin. "Use thins."
"Thanks." Kevin began unbuttoning Joseph's shirt slowly.
"Just cut the things off man!"
"The sleeping dart could be wearing off. I don't want him to wake up during the middle of this! It will ruin everything!"
"Yea, sorry, you're right! Continue!"
"You're right I'm right!" Kevin bit his lip and after he had gotten all of the buttons on Joseph's shirt unbuttoned he began slicing through the thread that held them on the shirt. After he got all twelve cut of he tossed the knife back to Dan and placed the button's in his pocket.
"Well what?"
"What do they look like? Are they strong solid abs? Or are they tender bitter abs? Abs that we'll have a hard time breaking, or abs that will soften after ten punches? Come on! Let me in on these things!" Dan was getting a little bit more excited than he should.
"Calm down! Come here and look for your god damn self!" Kevin laughed as he folded Joseph's shirt in the opposite directions so it left Joseph bare chested as they stared at his abs. He was still sound asleep.
"They're okay," said Dan. "Not too weak, yet not too strong. He's got a great chest though!"
"What are you, the judge of a man's physique?"
"Hey, I'm just saying what I think! What do you think?"
"I actually don't think it will be too hard to get him to talk." The both walked towards the door.
"I knew it! So you agree with me?"
"Yea, I guess." Kevin shit the door, leaving the light on and the Joseph's shirt spread open.

"So you cut them off?" asked Joseph.
"I did," stated Kevin.
"Why? Did you want to stare at my body?"
"In a way, yes," said Dan.
"Why? Are you guys' queers or something?"
"No. We were checking out to see how long you'd last," replied Dan.
"Last?" asked Joseph.
"Yes, last."
"Last for what?"
"Now that brings us to the 'hard way' doesn't it Kevin!" Dan looked at Kevin and smiled, then turned back to Joseph. "Kevin here is our hired torturer."
"Torturer? You're gonna torture me? Ha! What are you gonna do? Stretch me apart? Stab me in multiple places? Tickle me till I give?" asked Joseph.
"No, he's going to punch you in the stomach until you tell us the truth." Dan smiled after he said this. There was silence. Joseph had a good six pack, but he knew it wasn't the best. He never thought he'd be in a situation like this so he hadn't prepared that entire well. It was too late now. He wasn't going to tell them he was going to rape marry Ellen like he raped the other three girls. He would rather be in yearning pain than be in prison for life. He may even receive the death penalty. He didn't want that. He really didn't want that.
"That's why I cut off your buttons buddy. So your shirt would be easier to pull, or rip off when the time came. So, what's it gonna be? You still have the opportunity to tell us the truth. It's your last chance," said Kevin, standing up.
"I didn't do it. I didn't do it to them and I didn't do it to her! And you can't do this anyway! The only proof you have is me being in her apartment and I gave you an alibi! I was stalking her, nothing more! I was not going to rape her!" Joseph yelled as he to began to stand up.
"Hard way it is,' said Kevin as he clenched his fists.

Marry Ellen was walking up the long driveway to her apartment when she realized that guy standing at the corner of her street again. He was there everyday. He was always there. It was kind of creeping her out. She knew she was attractive, but she never got this much attention before. Afraid she might be in for the worst, she phoned the police as she got into her apartment.
"Hello, is this the police?" she asked into the receiver of her telephone.
"Yes it is. Is anything wrong?" said a voice on the other end.
"No, not yet, but there is this man who is sort of following me. I know there have been a few reports of rape in the past three months and I am kind of getting freaked out about it."
"Its okay ma'm, we're here to help. Is there anything I can do?"
"Can you maybe send some cops or agents or something to my apartment to keep watch? I'm kind of getting really scared. I mean, he's here everyday!"
"Sure. You are right. There have been three rapes in the past three months and this could be the same guy. I'm sending over two agents right now, as we speak. If it's him, we'll catch him when he shows up. You have no reason to be alarmed, ok?"
"Now, I need your name and address, and apartment number and the two agents will be there as fast as they can."

Kevin threw a swing at Joseph's face, but he dodged with ease. He actually spun so fast that no one saw Joseph end up behind Kevin. With this chance, he pounded both of his fists into Kevin's back. Kevin arched his chest out an winced in pain as Joseph did it again, he did it three more times. Kevin's knees hit the floor.
"Kevin!" yelled Dan as he went to grab Joseph. Instead of Dan grabbing Joseph, Joseph grabbed Dan by his shoulders and threw him onto the ground, Dan landing on his back. Joseph lifted his leg and drove his foot into Dan's face, blood squirting from Dan's nose. Dan tried to get up but Joseph tripped him and Dan fell to his side. Then Joseph started bombarding his foot into Dan's gut. He kicked Dan in the stomach seven times before Kevin jumped onto Joseph's back.
No one suspected Dan to be as good of a fighter as Dan was. Kevin didn't even see it coming. Dan was gawking on the floor, out of breath, drool connecting his lip to the floor. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a teaser. His stomach started to feel better and his breathing started to come back as he slowly got up.
Joseph bent forward and shoved Kevin onto the floor. After Kevin landed Joseph lifted his foot and tried to slam it into Kevin's gut, but Kevin rolled over and kicked Joseph in the shins. Joseph's knees hit the floor. Then, Dan came up from behind him and shoved the teaser into Joseph's back. With a scream of pain Joseph was now under their control. Dan pulled the teaser away just as Kevin delivered a powerful slug to Joseph's eye. He hit right on target, forcing Joseph to cover his eye with his cupped hands. Then, Kevin delivered a massive uppercut to Joseph's solar plexus. The air flushed out of his lungs as his body lifted off the floor and fell back down chest first. He couldn't feel the burn from the teaser any more; he only felt the pain from the upper cut. Dan was right. Joseph was winded already.
"Stand him up," said Kevin as Dan grabbed Joseph's arms and put them behind his back. He stood Joseph up.
"We have a long way to go buddy!" Kevin said as he delivered another powerful uppercut to Joseph's stomach. More wind rushed out of his body as"OOMPH!" was herd. Even though Joseph's shirt was still open, it was still getting in the way, folding over his abs. "Let's just get rid of this, shall we?" Kevin grabbed the bottom of the shirt and tore it off, the remaining pieces on Joseph's arms eventually fell to the ground. Now Joseph's abs was clearly visible. "Much better" he said as another amazing uppercut to Joseph's solar plexus was delivered.
"Good job!" encouraged Dan as he could feel Joseph's back arching up against his own body as each punch to the gut was delivered.
"Thanks!" said Kevin as he punched Joseph in the solar plexus once again. "So, now that I have your attention Joseph. Let's try this again. Were you planning on raping Marry Ellen Thermos?" Joseph said nothing still. "Okay. Let's move onto stage two!" Kevin moved his closed fist down to Joseph's second row of abs, above his belly button and began to throw rapid yet extremely powerful punches. As one fist would give out, the next first would give in. Kevin could see this was causing serious damage to Joseph by the size of his eyes and the loud painful moans that were exploding from his mouth as each dug into his stomach. Tears were falling from Joseph's eyes as well. After a good fifteen minutes of rapid punching above Joseph's navel Kevin cracked his knuckles.
"Did you rape those three women? Because by the looks of those pictures it took someone strong to do it and judging by the way you fought you seem to fit that stereotype!" said Kevin. Still Joseph said nothing but moaned in pain.
"Shall we continue?" said Dan through almost a laugh.
Kevin moved his fists on down past the bellybutton to the softest part of Joseph's stomach and began to deliver fast and amazing punches. The moans from Joseph's mouth grew extremely loud and the pain expression on his face was sooo bad he looked like he wanted to die. The tears poured harder and fell to the floor, creating little puddles. Finally, after twenty minutes of those, Kevin stopped. "Are you a criminal Joseph!?"
"F-F-F-F-Fuck…. Y-Y-You!" Joseph managed to get out, drool dripping from his mouth at the same time.
"Let him drop!" said Kevin as Dan let go. Joseph fell to his back unable to move. Kevin stepped onto the table that stood in front of the spread out Joseph.
"Do it!" shouted Dan. And Kevin did. He leapt from the table and landed directly onto Joseph's stomach. Kevin could have sworn that his feet touched the floor. Joseph let out the loudest cry yet, his eyeballs nearly popping out of their sockets. By this time, Kevin didn't care. He just stomped on Joseph's stomach like he was making wine by smashing grapes. He wanted the truth out of this fucker, and he was going to get it…Soon. With each stomp a moan and groan was sounded from Joseph and then finally Joseph turned his head and threw up all over the floor Kevin stepped off his stomach it, but kicked it as hard as he could below the navel. Joseph's tongue flopped out of his mouth.
"I-I-I-I Give!" said Joseph in nearly a whisper.
"Stand him up," said Kevin. Dan did as he was told. Joseph's body was a lot harder to hold up now, because he was so weak. He slouched and it was like picking up a dead body. Kevin put his fist on Joseph's solar plexus, and kept it there, resting on the abdominal bumps as he asked his next question.
"Were you going to rape Marry Ellen?"
"Please don't…" but Joseph couldn't finish his sentence. Kevin swung his fist back and slammed it deep into Joseph's solar plexus. The pain was enormous. He slouched his head down and rested it on his chest. Kevin lifted it up with his left hand and placed his fist onto Joseph's abdomen, right above the navel.
"Were you planning on Raping Marry Ellen?"
"Shit! Now we're getting somewhere!" said Dan.
"Okay." Kevin placed both of his hands on Joseph's shoulders. "Did you rape the three women in the pictures I showed you?"
"I told you I don't know who those women are!" said Joseph weakly. "OOOOOOOOOOOOO" he yelped as Kevin's knee pushed through the stomach organs below Joseph's navel. "A-A-Alright! I-I- I Raped them all! A-A-All three of them!"
"Let him go!" said Kevin. Joseph's body hit the hard concrete floor like a weight dropped from the series tower. Dan looked at him.
"God. You're good!" he said. "OOOMPH!" he yelled as he cuffed his gut.
"I know bud, I know1 "said Kevin as he walked out of the cell, Dan following shortly behind him.
Joseph lay on the floor moaning and groaning for what seemed like hours. The next day he went to court and claimed himself guilty. He was sentenced to lifetime in prison. The death penalty seemed Un-Just.