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The punching bag

by Bill


The rain poured down hard from the sky. It was very cold, in fact, it was freezing. Dominique could barely breathe though, so the temperature didn’t bother him at all. He lay there on the street, wheezing, but not taking in any breaths. His tight muscle shirt had been violently ripped off his super buff body from his attacker, so it lay next to him soaking up the rain water. His pants were lowered as well, revealing his abs that hid below them. His mouth hung open, his eyes were wide, and still he could catch no air. He was a very great looking man though, maybe too great looking. His stomach hurt like no one could ever believe. It hurt so much that he actually wished he was dead. But what could he do? No one was there for help. No, wait, there was someone coming! He could see a faint shadow of someone walking towards him, the rain made the man’s hair look like a mop. It wet his shirt so much that Dominique could see that man had big buff muscles like himself. Who was this man? Dominique didn’t care. This man was going to save him; this man was going to help him. After all, that was all Dominique wanted.

(One Week Before)

Dominique entered the gym; it wasn’t the first time he had ever been here. Actually he had lost count. He was a gym club member, being allowed to use the top notch equipment. The music blasted and roared as he walked past a bunch of guys pumping iron. He chuckled and continued walking. Dominique didn’t like people around him as he worked out. He just felt uncomfortable. He liked being alone, just him, the weights, and his music. Dominique continued walking to the back of the club past a group of buff men around his age. All of them were smoking. As he continued him past a group of girls, he checked them out, and then walked into a room, his room. He reserved it. He always reserves it. It’s the only place he ever uses in the gym to work out. And why wouldn’t he? It had everything. He started out with the easiest machine first, the step climber. He placed his headphones in his ear sockets and hit play. Thrice, one of his favorite bands roared on from the speakers. They were so loud that Dominique didn’t notice one of the smokers he had passed slip into the room behind him and wait in the closet behind the bench press.

Next Dominique used the sit up machine. He could do 300 sit ups with 280 pounds of weight attached to them. His abs was the best part about him, or at least that was what he thought. After this, he moved onto the arm curls and did his usual set of reps, and finally, he lay down on the bench press machine. His hands firmly clenched the bar as he attached the weight to it and he began doing reps. It wasn’t until he was on his tenth rep of 20, that the lurker came out from the closet.

Brad noticed a tall, great looking guy walk past him and his group of friends. He didn’t know the man’s name, but he knew that the man was always here at the gym. If he wasn’t here everyday, he was at least here every other day. The man always lifted in the special room in the back of the gym. Brad had used it once, but it cost too much for him to keep renting it. He put out his cigarette and told his friends he’d see them later, and then decided to follow this man closely and carefully. The man walked into the room, and Brad waited until he heard the hum of the step climber machine and the roar of the man’s earphones before he walked in. The man’s back was facing Brad so it gave him a great chance to walk into the closet behind the bench press. After the man stepped off the stepper, he lifted his shirt off and tossed it to the floor. The man was very hot, to Brad’s surprise. He watched in awe as the man did 300 sit ups with 280 pounds of weight attached to them! All Brad wanted to do was to touch those sexy abs. then the man did arm curls and then he lay on the bench press and began reps. Now was Brad’s chance. All of Brad’s buddies didn’t like gut punching. Maybe this guy did? And so what if he didn’t. This guy would never see it coming. It would totally catch him off guard! Brad counted to ten, then opened the door and walked up towards the hot man.

Dominique was sweating so hard it was practically dripping off his body. He did lift weights with his eyes closed, which probably was the worst thing to do in this case. Not only did he not see the man walk around the bench press and stand right to the side of him, but he didn’t even expect the hardest punch he had ever received to pound right into his solar plexus! All of Dominique’s air rushed out of his lungs and his eyes went wide. His arms began to wobble, and the bar with the weight descended. Then, the man pounded onto Dominique’s solar plexus again, thrusting more air out, this time, forcing the weight bar into Dominique’s throat.

“Listen to me clearly!” the man, who’s name happened to be Brad said. “I need a gut punching partner real bad and you my friend are perfect. You my friend are very hot. Now you either agree to be my punching bag, or well…” Brad walked over and began to push the bar of weights down onto Dominique’s throat harder. “I’ll keep doing this for a while. What do you say?”

Dominique thought about it, and he really didn’t know what the man meant, but he shook his bright red head yes. As soon as he did, the man lifted up the weights with ease, and placed it back on the rack. The man turned back around and punched Dominique in the jaw, and then elbowed him in the balls. Dominique squealed and fell to the ground clutching his crotch. The man r=walked over to a set of free weights and picked up a 25 pounded, then walked back over to the heeled over Dominique. He kicked him in the face, forcing Dominique to roll over onto his back. Then Brad raised The 25 pound free weight over his head and forced it downward, slamming it into Dominique’s unprotected stomach. He screamed and he head shot back in pain.

Then Brad lifted Dominique up and threw him against the wall. Dominique's head lowered and Brad forced his fist closed and threw a massive punch with his bulging bicep into Dominique’s lower abs. Dominique howled more than ever before and that’s when Brad stood back. Dominique didn’t fall to his knees. He stood there, against the wall, tears pouring from his eyes, but still standing. Then Brad walked up to him and began to rub his stomach, He stared from the man’s chest and worked his way all the way down to his lower abs.

“Best set of abs I have ever seen,” said Brad. “Damn am I gonna have fun!” Brad threw another deep punch into Dominique’s lower abs, forcing another “OOOOMPH!” out of Dominique’s mouth, and then stepped back once more. Dominique fell to the ground this time, clutching his beaten gut. “This, my new found friend, is exactly what gut punching is. Having fun? I sure as hell am! Meet me at Club XTREME tomorrow night. If you don’t show, I will find you, and you will wish you did show, got it?”

Dominique coughed, but shook his head.

“Good!” said Brad. “See you tomorrow night, buddy!” And with that Brad lifted up his leg and whammed his foot into Dominique’s hunched over gut, forcing him into the air, and onto his back. He left him there coughing and gulping in air. Finally, after about a half hour Dominique stood up, put on his shirt and walked out of the club, not even saying goodbye to the clerk he had gotten to know so well.

(The next night)

Dominique didn’t know if he should dress up or not for the occasion. This man that beat on him in the gym didn’t really specify what he wanted him to wear. Dominique did want to make him happy. Dominique was a smart guy. He didn’t like being taken advantage of, but he felt he deserved what he was getting. Besides, if the guy really did like this gut punching thing, then why not let him have his fun? It’s not like he’s killing anyone. And, to tell the truth, Dominique did kind of enjoy getting his gut worked over yesterday, so why not tonight? Then Dominique remembered that the man really, REALLY liked his abs. He had said, “Those are the best abs I have ever seen” and Dominique loved to hear that. So, he rummaged through his closet and found a vest. It was a black vest with flames on it. He wore it when he was in the fashion show and the designer let him keep it. It came with a tight muscle shirt, but Dominique left the shirt on the hanger and just grabbed the vest. Then, he put a pair of baggy jeans on and got into the car. He was sure he would get into the club with a vest on but now shirt, I mean, it was a club, it was meant to get hot. He put the car in gear and drove off to Club XTREME.

When Dominique arrived, after he parked his car, he got a lot of stares, mainly from girls. He loved showing off his body, but didn’t like working out in front of anyone, weird huh? After he got into the club, he walked around. He went to the top floor where all the “pole dancers” were, but no Brad. He went to the bottom floor where all the “normal dancers” were, but still no Brad. Then he went to the bar, and once again, no Brad. He was just about to walk out of the club when he herds the voice of the man who beat on him at the gym.

“Nice vest,” Brad said.

“I thought you’d like it,” Dominique replied, flexing all of his ab muscles.

“Ooo! I like you guy. Come on, follow me, and keep up!” Brad turned around and walked fastly through the crowd of dancers. Dominique followed closely behind. They walked across the dance floor and into a room filled with smoke. After they passed through that hallway of druggies then entered another room. This room led to a hallway which led to the back exit of the club. They both hopped into Brad’s car and took off. They didn’t say a single word until Brad pulled into a driveway leading to a broken down warehouse.

“Where are we?” asked Dominique stepping out of the car.

“This is where we will hold our session. Come on, you promised!” said Brad.

“I aint backing down that easy. Not over a stupid warehouse!” replied Dominique. As they walked in, a cold chill went down Dominique’s spine. As they entered he noticed a wrestling mat, a corner of the room with hand and ankle cuffs, a table stocked with bats, tazers, bowling balls, and a variety of weights.

“Welcome to my humble Gut Punching territory! The name’s Brad,” Brad held out his hand for Dominique to shake.

“Name’s Dominique” Dominique said. When the shook hands, Brad lifted Dominique and threw him into the wrestling ring. Brad punched Dominique in the face, forcing him to the corner of the ring and threw a mad fist into the middle of Dominique’s gut, but he was prepared for it this time. The strength in Dominique’s stomach was so high that Brad nearly broke his hand when his fist hit it.

“All great men break down sometime,” said Brad as he continued to throw punches in all different places of Dominique’s flexed stomach. About a half hour passed and Brad could tell that Dominique’s gut wasn’t as hard as it used to be, and he wasn’t as alert as he used to be either. He was weakening. Dominique’s gut would soon be his! After about another fifteen minutes, Brad’s punches began to take affect, going deep into Dominique’s stomach. Brad threw a mad punch into Dominique’s solar plexus and Dominique’s jaw dropped and an “OOMPH!” sounded as the wind escaped him. The Brad threw two quick jabs into Dominique’s lower abs. This forced Dominique to hunch forward, resting his head on Brad’s shoulder. Brad didn’t care. In fact, it turned him on, but even though Dominique’s head was resting on his shoulder, he kept plowing away at the man’s perfect stomach.

After Brad threw ten hard uppercuts into Dominique’s solar plexus, he could feel drool drip down from Dominique’s mouth, and down his back. Because Dominique was still resting his head on Brad’s shoulder, the drool slid down. Even though it was gross, Dominique leaning against him, turned Brad on, so he didn’t mind it. The Brad began throwing forceful punches into Dominique’s solar plexus. These weren’t slow uppercuts anymore they were quick, and powerful one two’s that connected right when the other one gave up. These forced the eyes to shoot out of Dominique’s head, and spit to fly from his mouth. Then Brad backed away and watched the gulping Dominique fall to the ground. He looked like a fish out of water. Flopping around, begging for air that wasn’t being given to him. Then Brad stood Dominique up into the ring corner again, and began forcefully punches deep into his solar plexus once more, each drive sending his feet off the ground. After the 50th solar plexus punch, Brad could see it in Dominique’s eyes that he couldn’t take anymore punches like that. His face became very pale due to the lack of air and his eyes were covered in tears. That was when Brad moved on.

He quickly began to throw powerful rapid punches into Dominique’s lower abs. One right after the other, never showing any signs of stopping. These punches made Dominique scream and yelp in pain. His voice echoed through the warehouse, but no one herd him except himself and Brad, who did nothing of it but punch even harder and deeper. This continued for about another half hour before Brad let Dominique fall to the ground, curling up into a ball, flopping for air and wincing in pain.

“I’ll give you a little break my friend before we move on,” said Brad as he walked over to the corner of the ring and sat down. He lifted up hid shirt and tossed it over the side of the ring, revealing his very nice muscles. Dominique wanted to call it quits for the day so bad, but yet he was hoping they were just getting started. Brad, in fact was just getting started and what was yet to come was worse than what had just passed.