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A cyclist encounter.

by Bill


Todd was riding his bike down the park on a bright sunny day. Sweat was pouring from his face and well down his back when he stopped to take a sip of water from his thermus. He noticed a boy who was looking at him quite oddly. He was used to getting stared at, after all he did have the tight body for it. But the boy was doing more than just staring, it looked like he was contemplating. The boy was in deep thought. Todd hoped back on his bike and continued to ride down the path.

It was starting to get late when Todd noticed the same boy from the park following him, not too far behind. What did this guy want? He thought as he began to peddle faster. The boy also peddled faster, and finally Todd turned into and alley way, parked his bike, took off his helmet and watched as the boy turned into the alley way as well.

“What do you want?” Todd asked as the boy leapt off his bike.

“I want you hot shot!” said the boy, stepping closer to Todd.

“Listen, I don’t want to fight, but!” Todd’s sentence was cut short due to a major pain in his balls. The boy had kneed Todd very powerfully in his groin and then the boy gave Todd a swift jab to his jaw, sending Todd backwards.

Todd’s lip began to bleed and his balls hurt a lot, but that didn’t stop the boy. He tripped Todd and Todd fell onto his back, knocking the wind out od him. The boy’s foot immediately stomped on Todd’s chest. Todd began to scream.

“What? You don’t like that?” asked the boy as he slammed down his foot onto Todd’s bulging pecs again. “I think it’s awesome!” The boy did it three more times, and then stood Todd up. He arched his arm back to punch Todd in the face, but Todd’s knee met with the boys very unprepared stomach. And boy, did it meat it hard. The boy bent over caughing, gasping for air. Todd then Gave the boy a punch in the face which sent him flying backwards, his back hitting a brick wall. Todd began to fire.

Right, left, right, left, punch after punch into the boys stomach sent the boy’s eyes farther out of their sockets. Todd was amazed to see the boy still standing after five minutes of rapid gut punching. Drool was hanging from the boy’s mouth, but he was still hanging in there. Then Todd felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned around to see a shorter boy smiling at him. Within seconds, the boy’s fist uppercutted him in the solar plexus, rishing all the air out of him. Todd fell to the ground, and so did the taller boy.

“How do you like it!” said the shorter boy as he kicked Todd in his stomach. Todd rolled over onto his back and the shorter boy slammed his foot down on Todd’s gut, forcing Todd’s body upwards. The shorter boy turned to comfort his friend. Tod continued to moan.

“Let’s double team him,” said the taller boy, gaining his strength back.

“Good idea!” said the shorter boy, They turned around and the shorter boy lifted Todd up and held his arms behind his back. The taller boy unzipped Todd’s suit to reveal Todd’s six pack abs. He immediately began wailing on thim. His first set of punches were to Todd’s solar plexus. He trhough ten of them. Then he moved down to Todd’s lower abs, below his navel. Each and every one of the 12 punches made Todd scream. Then the two boys switched and the shorter boy began his furry. He launched knee after knee into Todd’s gut, Todd spitting out drool with each knee that was delivered.

Next they balanced Todd against a brick wall to hold him up and they each took turns beating on his stomach. Todd’s gut was never left un punched. As soon as one fist left, the other one dug in deep. There was nothing Todd could do. He was beginning to wish he was dead. The pain was unbareable. Finally, both of the boys launched their fists deep into Todd’s solar plexus at the same time, lifting Todd so high off the ground that his but was straight in the air. Todd fell to the ground unconscious and the two boys slapped hands, and rode their bikes home.