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The Torturer.

(The Guy in the Black Shorts is Dan, Red Shorts is Kevin)

It was after the team just finished all of their trainings for the day when Dan was in the locker room, changing into his normal cloths. He was in his boxers when that terrible beating happened, but it wasn't because he was a jackass or anything, it was because he had been found out. Dan was a spy and he was on a mission to seek and discover a man named Kevin. He was wanted by the CIA for questioning. It was Kevin and a couple of other men who did the beating, the beating he will never forget.

Dan opened his locker only to find a nice strong hand slam it shut. The strong hand turned out to be a part of a very strong arm, which turned out to belong to a VERY strong person. That person was Kevin Smith. It was the man Dan was supposed to bring back with him to the CIA.
"We have ourselves a little rat on the team boys!" said Kevin. Dan looked up to find two other guys standing by Kevin who was the leader.
"Excuse me?" said Dan.
"You herd me you rodent! I said we have a rat amongst us!" Kevin repeated.
Dan clenched his fists. He didn't want to beat up the man the CIA wanted him to bring back, but he never did respond well to threats.
"Why don't you and your friends get the hell out of here!"
"What, it's a locker room! Can we not change in here anymore? I don't think so bub!" Kevin's two goons chuckled at his stupid joke. "Anyways, we don't like spies on our force, so that puts a major problem between me and you!"
Kevin's finger dug into Dan's strong pecs. He was taunting him.
"Shit! I have been found out!" Dan thought as sweat dripped down his brow.
"Buddy, we better settle this problem, right here, right now!" Kevin swung his fist but Dan ducked and Kevin's fist whammed into his lockers. Dan dodged Kevin's buddy's punches and hit one of them in the back of the head.
He fainted. Dan faced Kevin who was rubbing his fist and went to raise his own fist when the other one of Kevin's friends punched him powerfully in the middle of his back. It sent Dan forward.
"ARRGH!" Dan screamed as his head hit the metal lockers.
"Good Job Pete," Kevin's said as he walked over to where Dan was huddle over. He spun Dan around and punched him very hard in his balls. Dan's eyes bulged as he screamed a blood curling scream. He hunched forward clenching his bruised balls. "Like I said I HATE spies!" Kevin spat as he punched Dan in his left cheek, hitting him right in the jaw. Blood dripped out of Dan's lip as Kevin sent a knee into Dan's balls. Another scream was sounded and Dan wanted to die. He could barely move. "Now, you're mine! Pete, hold him!"
Pete jumped to Kevin's words and stood Dan upright and held his arms behind his back. He gave a nod to Kevin, signifying Dan was secure, and the Kevin punched. THUD! Right into Dan's solar plexus.
"OOOPH!" Dan sounded as all of the air rushed out of him.
THUD, THUUD, THUUUD! Three more punches were delivered to Dan's hot six pack solar plexus, forcing more air out each time. THUUUUD, THUUUUUD, THUUUUUUD! Three more solar plexus punches were delivered by Kevin to Dan and Dan began to slouch down, it was getting hard for Pete to hold him upright. Then, THUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD! Kevin delivered one more powerful uppercut to Dan's beaten solar plexus and that was when Dan not only threw up onto the floor, but passed out, in Pete's hold. They brought him downstairs for yet another beating.

When Dan awoke, he was laying on what seemed to be a bench press mat. He tried sitting up, but someone immediately punched him in his bare pecs. He flew back down. When he looked up, it was Pete.
"Hey there, traitor!" Pete said.
"What are you guys going to do to me?" Dan asked, rubbing his soar chest.
"Make you wish you were never born!" said Pete. "But first, I love abs. I think they're the best thing on a man's body. And you have a good set.
Strike that, you have a great set! Now, I want you to do some sit ups, and if you don't, I'm going to tie you down and repeatedly kick you in the nuts until you pass out. Do you want that?"
"I didn't think so. Now, hold yourself up only with your legs and hang your upper body off of the mat. I will make sure the mat doesn't tip over. Go!"
Dan lay down; only his back wasn't resting on anything. It was in the air.
His feet wrapped around the stand of the mat and his arms crossed over his chest. Pete was sitting on the other end of the mat for weight balance, and then Dan began doing hanging sit ups. One, Two, Three, Four. He did this for about 250 reps, each time his six pack ripping to exhaustion. Sweat poured from his pours, but his stomach got an amazing work out. After this, he was extremely tired.
"Pete!" Kevin hollered.
"Yea?" Pete answered.
"Is he awake?"
"He sure is!"
"Great, tie him up!"
"Sure!" Pete winked at Dan and punched him in the jaw. Dan flew off the bench press mat and sprawled onto the floor, right where Pete wanted Dan to be. Pete spread Dan's arms to his sides and tied them down, and tied his ankles together as well. Dan knew he was going t get beat down worse than before, because not only were his abs badly hurt from his last session, but now they were extremely tired as well. "Say your prayers mate!"
Kevin walked down the stairs with his shirt off. His muscles were massive and it made Dan cringe.
"Don't be frightened Danny! It's only me, Kevin!" he said as he flexed every muscle in his body. "Damn, you sure do have a nice stomach man!" Kevin bent down and gently started rubbing his fingers up and down the bumpy rock hard abs. Then, he got back up, and stepped on top of Dan's stomach.
"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Dan said, before Kevin even did anything.
"God, please don't do what I think you're gonna do!" Dan cried.
"What? This?" Kevin leapt up into the air as high as he could and landed with both feet onto the middle of Dan's gut.
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMPH!" Dan screamed as tears shot from his eyes and breath left his lungs.
The thuds from Kevin's hard boots landing on Dan's stomach sounded for a good half hour. Dan screamed with every land. But Dan didn't want to black out this time. He wanted to prove to these military men that he could take anything they would give him, even though deep down inside of him, he wanted to give up. Kevin stepped off Dan's abs and stood him up. Dan fell back down to the ground coughing.
"The fucker can't even stand up!" Kevin said as he kicked Dan in the gut.
Dan screamed as Kevin kicked him in the solar plexus about twenty more times. Drool was connecting Dan's mouth to the floor when Pete stood Dan up.
Dan was practically out of it, but he was well aware of the pain that he was receiving. Kevin then started delivering rapid non stop punches to Dan below his belly button. Dan's screams could be heard a mile away as the punches continued for a good 45 minutes. THUUD! BOOM! BANG!! WHAM!! THUUUUUUUUUUUD!
Kevin gave Dan everything he had inside of him, and then let him fall to the floor.
"You're…. Perfect…. For…. The….. Job!" Dan managed to choke out with major breaths in between words.
"What?" Kevin asked.
"The CIA….. Wants to hire you….. As a torturer!"
"A torturer?"
"Yes… To get people… to talk!"
"I'm in! When do I start?"
"Whenever you're done!"
"Ok, well, that all depends on you. After all, we will leave, whenever you wake up!" Kevin smiled and delivered 14 amazing knees to Dan's solar plexus,
25 rapid punches into Dan's navel, and then 50 uppercuts' into Dan's solar plexus. After Kevin was done. Dan fell to the ground and passed out.