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PROM NIGHT part 3 by Bill


Chris Jake

John Leo

Jake walked into Chris's house. He still wore no shirt, but picked his backpack up before he walked in. Chris was making breakfast in his Flannel pants.
"Good morning!" said Chris as he placed a plate of pancakes in the middle of an already set table.
"Good morning," Jake replied as he sat at the table.
"I see our little session last time put you out all day!"
"Yea! It was amazing. How do you have that much power? I had my abs flexed as hard as they could and you still winded me!"
"Practice man, that's all it takes. Plus, I have been doing it for years!
Can I feel your stomach?"
"What? That's a weird question to ask!"
"I know, but when you've gut punched for as long as I have, you tend to take a liking to a man's midsection, and yours is very sexy."
"Fine." Jake stood up and flexed his abdomen as Chris gently slid his fingers up and down his beautiful muscles. They felt like plates of iron built under his skin. The crests between them were deep and warm.
"Wow, very nice!"
"So, what's your secret?"
"To gut punching?"
"Yea. How do you take so much?"
"Well, first the only thing you can think about is tightening your abs. If you even think about the other person or how their punch is going to be thrown, it won't work. Just think about tightening your stomach. And second…" Chris walked over to one of his cabinets and pulled out a jar of pills. "You take one of these."
"What are they?"
"Pills that make your abs a brick freaking wall… literately. It's kind of like a steroid, but without all the after effects."
"Where did you get them?"
"From Leo. He runs a tourcher mob. I used to be his beat up buddy."
"You mean you let this guy beat you up?"
"Yea. Sure it hurt like hell, but he gave me everything I needed without paying a single sent for it. You know, he has a tourcher serum that he will probably give you."
"And what does it do?"
"Increases pain in large amounts. No, large doesn't even describe it. We're talking humongous!"
"Can I have the address on where to find him?"
"Sure, let me get it." Chris walked over to the counter and turned his back on Jake. Jake immediately got up and when Chris turned around Jake drove his fist deep into Chris's solar plexus. Chris's air exploded out of him like a bomb and he dropped the pen he was holding. He attempted to drop to the kitchen floor, but Jake held him up and pushed him to the corner.
"I figured you haven't taken one of those pills in a while and since I let you rub my stomach, I decided it would be alright to pummel yours!" Jake smiled and drove another fist into Chris's solar plexus. Upchuck of pancakes and orange juice poured from his mouth to the floor. Jake continued to pummel Chris's legendary stomach. Four to the solar plexus, ten below the navel. Fifteen to the solar plexus, Twenty below the navel. He increased his blows by ten each time and Chris took them for another hour. Finally Jake stopped and Chris fell to the floor, coughing and drooling. Jake kicked Chris in the gut and then sat back down at the table watching Chris squirm around. Chris had a lot more respect for the kid now, and he knew that Jake was ready.

John's house was the nicest house on the block. Its windows were evenly spaced, and its door was bright red. The house itself was white. The stars twinkled in the sky and the cricket's chirped inside the bushes that were on the ground, underneath the windows of the house. Jake stood in the street staring at the front door. He tightly closed his fists and heard the knuckles in his hands crack and pop, and then loosened them. Was he nervous?
Very! John was probably the strongest kid in their grade. Yea, Jake did have better abs, and Jake was more popular, but John knew how to fight very well.
He had been in dozens of them and lost not a single one. But, Jake couldn't worry about that, because tonight he was going to kill his best friend, he had to kill him.
Everything so far was going good. No one saw Jake enter or exit Matt's house, no one knew Jake was after John, and, of course, John's parents were not home. They were at some sort of "work thing". They were both bosses for a major company, so they were gone for the weekend. "Now or never Jake, now or never," Jake said to himself as he exhaled deeply and started walking up the pathway that led to John's front door. He extended his hand and stuck out his finger to press the bell when he saw a bright light shinning on the house. He turned around to see John pull into his drive way and step out of his 4x4.
"Hey Jake! I wasn't expecting you!" were the first things to come out of his mouth as he spun his keys in his fingers and walked up to his revenge seeking friend.

Chris was finally able to breath and the color started to return to his face after a good half hour. Jake just sipped his orange juice and tapped his foot on the floor at the kitchen table as he watched his gut punching trainer regain life.
"That was fucking awesome!" Chris choked out, his words still raspy, but understandable.
"Thank you," Jake replied. Chris took another ten minutes to breath and then got up and slowly walked to the table to sit down.
"I haven't had a beating like that in three years!"
"Wow. Glad I was the one to give it to you!"
"Me to. You know kid, I think you're ready!"
"Hell, I better be ready, I nearly knocked you out!"
"Ha!" Chris laughed, but it began to sting his sore abs, so hi stopped.
"Here's the address." He wrote down numbers and streets and passed the piece of paper to Jake. "He won't give you what you want for nothing though. No matter what he wants you to do, do it, weather it be the beating of your life, or loads of money. If you say no, he will kill you and you won't get to finish your revenge. Do you understand?"
"You got balls kid!"
"Here's my number, and my address. You should call me sometime. Maybe I could enter you in a gp tournament and I could share some pills!"
"Sounds like a plan!" The two guys smiled and shook hands. Jake got up. Got anything I can wear?" He held his arms up at his sides displaying his naked torso.
"Yea, let me go get you a shirt."

John turned his key in his front door keyhole and punched it open. "Come on in!" he said to Jake as he flipped on the switch. Jake stepped in. The air conditioning was cold, but very refreshing on his body. "How have you been?"
"I see. How's your stomach?"
"I knew you would ask that. You know, I bet you enjoyed that little beating you gave me, didn't you?"
"Yea, I'm not going to lie. I enjoyed it a lot! But, we're even now! You slept with my sister, and then I beat you up!"
"We're no where near even John!"
"What did you come here for Jake? To challenge me to a fight, because I think you and I both know who's going to win!" John laughed.
"Fuck you asshole!" Jake raised his arm and slammed his fist into John's nose. Blood squirted out from his nostrils and John flew back into the wall behind him. Jake leapt forward and swung at John's face again, but John bent and ran in another direction as Jake swung his fist through the wall. John then punched Jake in the back and Jake squinted in pain, but whirled around and threw three punches that missed John's dodging body.
John bent down and swung his leg under Jake's feet, causing Jake to fall onto his face. As he fell, he grabbed a vase with flowers in it that was on the table in front of him. After he hit the ground, he rolled onto his back and kicked John in the shins. John yelped and Jake stood up and slammed the vase into John's forehead. John fell to his knees, blood dripping from his face. He was screaming and Jake through a powerful punch to John's jaw, forcing him on his back. John started to moan from the pain the vase caused, and now a throbbing jaw. Jake bent down onto his knees and examined John. He was wearing a stripped button up shirt. That was a good thing. He placed his hands below each other and into the space in between the buttons and pulled out in opposite directions. The buttons bounced off the walls making pinging noises as they hit, his shirt fell to his sides, exposing his sweaty, hott, torso.
His chest rose and fell quickly, signifying that he was already out of breath. Jake placed his hand in his back pocket and pulled out the syringe he had just received from Leo. He squirted some out of the needle making sure no air was left in the syringe and then stuck the needle into his friend's belly button. John felt the prick and immediately stopped moaning, but didn't say anything until Jake was done forcing the serum inside of him.
He through the syringe against the wall and it shattered.
"What the fuck was that?" John said in almost of a whisper.
"You didn't think I was done did you? That my friend is a tourcher serum. I am going to have fun with you, just like you had fun with me!"
"You couldn't make me beg for mercy if your life depended on it Jake!"
"Oh yea, we'll see!" Jake through his foot into John's temple and John instantly blacked out. That took five minutes.

When John awoke he was shirtless and tied to the rafters in his basement.
The ropes were tightly knotted around each wrist and there were ropes attached to his ankles and nailed to the floor, to prevent him from swinging. He immediately tried to struggle free, fear running through his body.
"I see that someone's awake and alert!" Jake said massaging his knuckles as he stepped into the room.
"What are you going to do to me?" John asked.
"Well, I was going to just gut punch you until the sun rises, but then I thought he deserves more! So I picked up that little syringe full of tourcher serum I injected into you. Now, one punch will feel like I have punched you six times already! Which means you will be out of breath faster and begging for mercy harder."
"Beg! I will never beg! You could kill me and I wouldn't stoop lower than you!"
"Alright, now that we have our feelings out in the open, why don't we start this thing?"
"Good!" Jake walked up to his spread out friend. Hi placed his hand on John's abs and began to rub them. His fingers rose and fell with each muscle bump.
"What the fuck are you doing?" John yelled?
"Oh, right. I forgot!" Jake bent his arm as far as it could bend and drove it into John's solar plexus. Even though John saw it coming, and flexed his abs, Jake felt his fist go deep into John's stomach.
"OOMPH!" John yelped as air and drool exploded from his mouth. Jake wasn't kidding. That serum definitely did something to him.
"How'd you like that? How bout this one?" Jake then through another powerful blow into his lower abs, below the navel. He did this ten times to look up and see tears falling from John's eyes. He wasn't crying, but the pain was just unbearable.
"No begging yet, okay, let's continue!" Jake then began his rapid punching.
One right after the other his fist dug into John's solar plexus. He must have thrown thirty punches into it and then through fifty punches into John's lower abs. All John did was puke, twice, and he wanted to throw up now, but only dry heaves would come out. His head hung low and rested on his buff chest. He couldn't feel his hands, or his stomach, but what did Jake care? He was just going to pummel some more. "I think I'm getting bored.
Let's try something new!" said Jake as he cut the ropes. John fell to the floor gasping, covering his stomach.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you!" said Jake as he kicked John in the chest, thrusting him onto his back. John couldn't move his arms anymore, nor his legs. They felt like there were 5oo pounds on top of them. Jake lifted them and spread them out, then took three steps backwards. He smiled at John, then got a running start, leapt into the air and landed hard into John's midsection with both feet.
"OOOOOOOOOMPH!" John sounded, his whole body shifting upward.
"Ha! Hurts like a son of a bitch, doesn't it!" said Jake as he began marching on John's stomach. Each slam with his foot made John cringe and gag, tears pouring out of his eyes. Then Jake leapt into the air a final time and dropped his knees deep into his friend's solar plexus. Jake could've sworn they hit the floor, but of course, they didn't.
"OOOMPH!" John sounded once again. Jake walked over to the couch where he had rested a towel on the arm rested.
"Jeeze! Beating the crap out of you sure is tiring!" he said as he wiped the sweat off his brow. "How does it feel John, to be in that much pain?"
Now, Jake would've continued on, but he stopped. In fact, his face tensed up and his jaw dropped. He covered his gut and fell to the floor on his knees.
It felt like someone just chucked a 50 pound weight right into his stomach.
Drool poured from his mouth. Jake just rolled onto his back as invisible blow after invisible blow continued to tourcher his gut. It was the serum Leo had injected into him that was acting up. It was too much to handle.
Jake shot a look at John who seemed to already be knocked out, and then he too closed his eyes as total and complete darkness overpowered him.

Josh woke up and looked over to where John had passed out. He was still there, and still out cold. He glanced out the window and noticed that it was early morning. He got up and rubbed his head. He yelped outside to his car and opened up his trunk. He grabbed a funnel, a plastic tube and an unopened bottle of ammonia and then walked back into John's house and down into the basement.
John was starting to move, his legs and arms sliding around, moans coming from his mouth. Jake smiled and walked up to him. "Good morning!" he said as he rose his foot in the air and slammed it into John's solar plexus.
"OOF!" John yelped. Jake then sat on his friend's chest and grabbed the long plastic tube and shoved it down his throat. John started making chocking and gagging noises, but there was nothing he could throw up.
"This morning you're going to die John, and that's it. You will not live to see college, you will not live to get married. You will not live period. You should of thought about what you did, before you did it." Jake then placed the end of the funnel inside the other end of the tube. He unscrewed the cap off the ammonia bottle and looked at his friend. He was crying. Tears ran down his face more than they were last night. Jake just smiled and dumped the whole bottle into the funnel which poured into the tube, which flooded into his stomach. John's eyes went wide and then closed. His head fell to his side and he was dead. Jake pulled the tube out and grabbed all of his supplies, making sure he left no evidence except the bruise marks on John's battered stomach. "It's over Jake! It's over!" He walked out to his car and sped off to Chris's house. It was time to get rid of his little internal problem.

Jake's BMW pulled into Chris's driveway. He was laying outside in a lawn chair, with only swimming trunks on trying to get a tan. He waved high as Jake stepped out of his car. Jake waved back. Chris sat up and took a sip of his lemonade as Jake approached him.
"Hey, how did it go?" asked Chris.
"It was great! I got my revenge, and I got the serum, but for a cost,"
replied Jake.
"What did you have to do?"
"I had to let him inject some sort of serum inside me."
"I see. What does it do?"
"Well, every half hour it feels like I am receiving one thousand punches, but no one is punching me. I lose my breath, I drool. It's just like someone is gut punching me, only there's no one there!"
"I see. It's inside you."
"Yes! Leo said you would know how to get rid of it. He told me to talk to you."
"I do. It is farley simple."
"And how does it leave my system?"
"We have to beat it out?"
"You mean I have to throw it up?"
"Well, can't I just swallow mustard and water or stick my finger down my throat or something?"
"No, it has to be beaten. It has to be pushed from the stomach, out of your body."
"Okay, let's do it then."
"Alright. You haven't eaten anything after he injected you, did you?"
"Good, because then it would have been harder to beat out. Let's go into the shed!" Jake and Chris walked into the barn like shed. It stank like sweat, but none of them noticed it. Jake just wanted whatever it was inside of him out. "Alright, step one, take off your shirt!" Jake nodded and lifted his shirt over his head exposing the massive muscle he wore underneath. "And step two; pull your pants down so I can see the rest of your abs!" Jake nodded once again and did so. "Perfect! Now, this will work a lot better if you don't flex your abs or try to fight back, got it? Just let me bet the crap out of your stomach!"
"Whatever dude. Let's just get it out of me!"
"Okay!" Chris wasted no time! He ran to Jake, bent his arm, and drove a hard, deep uppercut into Jake's un-flexed abs. Jake's eyeballs shot out of their sockets, but that was it. No grunt or drool. Chris did it again. By the twenty seventh punches to his solar plexus, Jake's knees began to wobble and there wasn't much air in his lungs. Drool started to drip from his lips, but he didn't feel like puking, not yet at least.
"Alright, you're doing good. Don't faint otherwise we're going to have to start all over. Are you okay? Should we continue?" Jake wanted to say no but he forced his head to shake yes and he closed his eyes. Chris then began his fifty rapid punches into Jake's lower abs.
"OOMPH! OOOOO! ARRRRGGH! OOOOOOOMPH!" Jake let out of his mouth with every blow to the stomach he received. He never wanted to die more than he did now in his life, but he still couldn't throw up. Chris was stating to get tired and he was loosing his breath. As soon as Chris stopped punching Jake, Jake's knees gave out and he fell to the floor on his back seeing stars.
Chris ran and filled a cup up with water and splashed Jake in the face.
"Listen to me! I know you're in a lot of pain, but if you pass out we're just going to have to start all over! Do not faint! Do you hear me!" Chris shouted. Jake shook his head yes. "Now, can you stand up?" Jake shook his head no. "Alright, then I'm going to have to start stomping, okay?" Jake hated this more than anything. He thought it hurt the most and he didn't want to go through with it. His brain was screaming at his stomach to throw up whatever it was Leo put inside of him, but his stomach wouldn't let it come out yet. Finally, Jake shook his head yes.
Chris leapt as high as he could into the air and, with both feet, landed directly into Jake's upper stomach.
"OOOOMPH!" screamed Jake, as tears stared to drip out of his eyes. Chris started stomping for a good ten minutes. He watched Jake's face and with ever pound into the kid's stomach, a tear dripped down his cheek as his eyes got wider and wider. Chris wanted to stop so badly, but knew that Jake needed to throw up. Chris stepped off Jake's gut and lifted him up. He leaned him against a pole in the middle of the shed.
"If this doesn't work Jake, I don't know what to do. DO NOT FAINT!" Chris said to Jake. Jake barely shook his head yes. Chris began kneeing Jake hard.
The bone buried itself deep into Jake's gut, deeper than any fist or foot has gone. Drool spat out from Jake's mouth with each knee. He couldn't even "oomph" or "ooo" anymore because his energy level was practically gone. Then Chris bent his arm as far as it could bend, clenched his fist as tight as he could clench, and gave the best uppercut he had ever given in his life right into Jake's bellybutton. Jake's feet rose seven inches off the ground, his mouth opened wide, his eyes popped out his head and then he felt it. A gagging sensation deep in his throat and once Chris landed another uppercut into his lower abs, Jake upchucked. Greenish yellowish liquid spilled all over the floor and Chris let go of Jake. Jake fell to the ground, gawking and trying to suck up as little air as he could. He could faint if he wanted to, but he wanted to prove to Chris that he to, was good at gut punching, and that he actually like it now. He flopped around on the floor for what seemed like ages as Chris watched him this time. As Jake was able o stand and walk over to Chris, he gave him a big hug, crying into his shoulder.
"You did good kid. You did really good!" said Chris as Jake's tears dripped down his sweaty chest and down passed his bulging abs.