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Part One

Everyone in this story is made up. No characters are meant to be anyone. It is just a story that a:-P gut- punching fan like me, will love. Enjoy!




Jake just turned 18 yesterday. All his friends came out to celebrate, but tonight was going to be much more fun. Tonight was Prom night. They were all going to get ten times more drunk than they did yesterday at Jakes party.
The plan was to spend the night in a cabin in the dells at Wisconsin. It was going to be a guys night out. Jake, Matt, and John were the best off
friends. They all met in seventh grade and stuck together since then. Jake, of course, was the smartest, and had the best physique of them all. The only sport he played was swimming, he just loved the joy of working out. He liked to keep his girlfriend happy. His girlfriend was John's sister. John played basketball and ran for track, so he was indeed a lean , mean, muscle machine. Matt was the least built out of all of them, but had the best arms.
He needed to keep them in great shape because he was on the wrestling team
in school, but school was over. Tonight was prom night and that meant the
last day the seniors would have to set foot in their high school.
"You look very nice," said Jake's mom as he walked down the stairs in his tuxedo.
"Thanks mom. Hey Jessie!" Jake said as he turned to Jessica Parker, his
girlfriend. He kissed her on the cheeks and smelled her perfume on her neck. It smelt like lavender flowers in a meadow. He loved it. "You look amazing," he whispered in her ear and kissed her again.
"So, let's get this picture thing over with and get to the dance!" Jessie said as Matt and John walked in, both dressed in tuxes. They all high-fived each other screaming party! Jakes mom just laughed.
"You kids!" she said. They took pictures for a half hour before the limo
came. They all got in. Jake was the only one with a date.

The sun was rising as Matt and John walked out of the cabin, sweat dripping down their bare backs. John bent over heaving.
"Gut punching takes a lot out of you!" he said as he caughed for air. "I
threw so many punches that I am so out of breath!"
"Hey! I was the one to break him for the first time! He has some hard as
hell abs dude! It took like fifty punches for him to finally start messing
up his breathing. Thank god for wrestling!" Matt said as he rubbed his
"I can't believe he fell for the stripper idea!" John laughed.
"I know! What an idiot!" Matt said as they hopped into John's 4 by 4.
"I can't wait to see his face when he comes back home!" Matt said as they sped off, leaving an unconscious Jake in the cabin alone.

As the limo arrived at the high school Jake got out and opened the car door for Jessie. Matt and John snickered as they got out on the other side. They walked into the school, Jessie holding her dress above her ankles so the cloth wouldn't scrape up against the ground. They opened the door and the line was huge.
"Dude!" shouted Matt. "This sucks! It's just Prom!"
"Just prom?" said Jessie. "Prom Night is something everyone remembers
vividly in their mind! They remember every part of the night, and, if they
don't drink to much," she threw a glance at her brother John, "They will
remember the whole weekend as well. This is our last moment of stepping foot inside this school boys! Just Prom my ass!"
"You tell them Jessie!" Jake said with a smile as he kissed her. Matt and John stuck their finger down their throats and gagged.
"You guys are so immature! Let's go!" said Jessie as she grabbed Jakes
wrist and stepped out of the line and headed for the enterance.
"Cutter!" John yelled as Matt laughed.
"That's only the line for the coat check moron!" yelled Jessie. Matt and
John both looked at each other dumb founded and chased after their friend
and John's sister.

The dance was amazing. Not only did Jake and Jessie get crowned Prom King and Queen, but Matt got crowned Royal Jester! It was a joke their school did for the runner up king. They danced the night away and when it ended John and Matt got into the limo, followed by Jessie and Jake. They were going to go to John's house to drop off Jessie and pick up John's already packed car.
The night was just for the guys. They rented a cabin in Wisconsin that was
going to be the three of theirs all night. No adults, no girls, just them
and a…
"STRIPPER!" Jake yelled as Jessie closed the front door.
"Yea! We rented her out for an hour tonight! She's coming around 2 am.
Isn't it cool!" Matt said.
"No! I have a girlfriend! I don't want any part in this!" Jake said in a
"Dude! You're a fucking sap! Boo hoo! How is she gonna find out man? Come on! A STRIPPER!" John said. He could tell that Jake was in a long hard thought because he made that face he always makes whenever he's in a deep thinking mode.
"Fine, but I swear to god if Jessie finds out, the both of you are dead!"
"Yes!" John said as they hopped in his truck. Matt and him hollored as they backed up and sped off to Wisconsin for the night, music blasting away.

The cabin was awesome. They each had their owne rooms (as if they would be sleeping), a kitchen, a living room, and a dinning room, plus, it was air conditioned. Jake threw his backpack ontot he bed. It bounced and then
stopped. The sheets looked very comfortable. John walked in.
"The stripper called. She said she's on her way."
"Okay," Jake replied.
"Oh and she wanted us to pick one of us to get a lap dance and we picked
"Dude, you know you want it! It's more than what Jessie gave you, right?"
Now was Jake's time to tell John what had happened between him and John's
sister. He stared in his best friend's eyes. "Right?"
"Right." Jake chickened out. He couldn't tell John.
"Good. She wants you stripped waistline up. No shirt. Same with us. Then
she's gonna slowly take your pants off and UH!" John made a humping motion
and Jake burst into laughter. "See you in five!" John said as he left the
room. Jake began to strip.

"You got the rope?" John asked.
"Yea man. Why are we doing this again?" asked Matt.
"Because he fucking had sex with my sister and didn't tell me about it!
That basterd's gonna pay! I gave him a chance to fess up just now but he
didn't, he lied to my fucking face!" John took off his shirt. He was already tense and began to sweat a little. His abs tightened as he breathed heavily and his fingers twitched. "Let's teach this fucker a lesson!"
"Alright!" Matt was excited just because he got to beat the crap out of
someone with no cops around. He too, slipped off his shirt. It was then when Jake came walking out. There was no stripper.
"Where is she?" Jake asked as John walked towards him.
"You see, she…" But he stopped because Jake let out a loud yelp. All the
air rushed out of his body. John's hand was buried in Jake's solar plexus.
He did this three more times, each punch driving in deep because Jake was
unprepared for the first one. He then slouched over and fell to the floor

When Jake woke up, his wrists were tied to a pole on the ceiling, and his ankles were bound together. His shirt stil remained off and he saw Matt and John sitting in the furniture, talking. Matt noticed Jake was awake.
"Look who woke up John," Matt said as he got up and started rubbing his
hands together in excitement. "Let me go first, please!"
"Fine. It'll be cool to let you loosen him up!" John said. He cracked his knuckles and then his neck.
"What the fuck are you guys doing to me?" Jake asked, confused and worried.
"Paying you back!" said John. He looked at Matt and nodded. Matt stepped in front of Jake and threw his first punch into the middle of Jake's stomach. He was prepared this time, ad tightened his abs. A rock hard six pack formed and Matt shook his hand after he pulled his fist away.
"Fuck dude, it's like hitting a brick wall!" Matt said rubbing his red
"If you can't do it, then I will!" John said.
"No no, I can do it! I'm gonna have fun now!" Mat started driving both
fists into Jake's stomach now, one right after the other. It started out as a slow pase, but then grew to faster, more powerful blows. Jake was doing a great job protecting himself, until…
"FUCK! My balls!" Jake yelped as Matt drove his bare fist into his friend's balls. Jake tried to slouch over, but the ropes were holding him up. The pain was unbareable and all John and Matt could do was laugh. Matt took this to his advantage and drove his knee into Jake's solar plexus. Unprepared because of the pain in his balls, Jake's air escaped him once again, leaving him breathless and in pain. One, Two, Three, Four knees to Jakes solar plexus, each knee driving in deeper. Then, Matt used his fists for ten minutes, throwing non-stop punches into Jake's lower belly, just under the navel. Tears were covering his eyes when John untied the ropes. Jake fell to the floor.
Drool was sliding down Jake's chin now as he lay there, face down, on the floor. Why would his friends be doing this?
"You fucked my sister Jake, now I'm fucking you!" John said with a smile.
He kicked his best friend in the face and Jake turned onto his back,
covering his face with his hands. This stretched his belly out. The smile on John's face grew wider as he leapt up into the air, and with all his might, landed onto Jake's already winded stomach. The air, once again rushed out of Jake and upchuck raced it's way up and out of his mouth. Matt turned Jakes head so he wouldn't choke on his own puke. At least they were being friendly about that. John then raised his left leg and slammed hus foot into Jake's solar plexus. Jake wanted to throw up again, but there was nothing left in his stomach to allow him to do this. He just made gurgaling noises. Then, John lifted his right foot and slammed it down into Jake's lower abs, stomping his guts into pieces. He continued this motion for twenty minutes.
Left, solar plexus, right, guts.
"Stand up!" John shouted. Jake just stared at him. "Stand the fuck up!" he said again as he stepped off of his friends bruised and battered gut. It took Jake ten minutes, but he did as John told him to. You could tell all Jake wanted to do was to fall back down and curl into a ball. His arms
slouched at his sides, his shoulders hung low. His back arched and his chin was resting on his head. The little air that Jake had in his lungs he used to say. "Go fuck yourself!" and with that, John screamed and threw his best uppercut to anyones gut ever. His fist met directly with Jake's solar plexus. A loud "OOMPH!" was sounded as Matt watched Jake's feet leave the floor. Then, Jake fell to the ground unconscious, drool dripping out of his mouth. Matt turned his head to the side again.
"Let's give it up. He's had enough," Matt said.
"When he wakes up, he better find his own ride back home!" John said, They walked out of the cabin. John held his 4 by 4's keys in his right hand. They didn't care about their shirts. They hopped in his truck and drove off home, leaving Jake bruised, unconscious, and craving for revenge. And a revenge he will get. John and Matt just didn't know it now, but they were going to wish that they never laid their hands on Jake. He wanted them dead!

-To be continued-