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After-Disco beating by AlexNL


It was crowdy in the disco on that Friday-night. It was a hot and sticky atmosphere. The four guys had valued eachothers bodies the whole night during the dancing. Now, outside in the park, Tom, Dave and Rob (identical twins) waited to teach Jimmy a lesson he would never forget. Tom, wearing his blue shirt, flexed his biceps and pecs. Dave and Rob, only wearing a white boxershort, looked confidently and clenched their fists.
Damn, there he came, Jimmy, wearing a black short. He was shirtless and his abs and chest was glittering in sweat. They would beat out his cocky attitude. Dave and Rob grabbed his arms. Dave left and Rob right. They nodded silently to Tom, their leader. Tom walked right up to Jimmy, and looked him in the eyes.
"Now then", he said, "I don't wanna see YOU here any longer!"
Tom removed his shirt and flexed his pecs. The tattoo on his left pec was a sign of his cruelty.
Jimmy flexed his abs as if he would say he wasn't scared.
Without warning Tom punched Jimmy right in his flexed abs. WHAMMMM !!
Jimmy doubled over, but was held by Dave and Rob in his ticklish position.
The punches punished his strong abs. But there was no sign of giving, only a red spot on his hard stomach.
That site made Tom furious. He stepped back and kicked Jimmy in his lower abs……… WHACK !!!!!!!
"AAARHHHHHHHH", Jimmy cried.
Now Tom had found Jimmy's weak spot: his lower abs.
Dave and Rob were still holding his arms. To escape was impossible. The veins on Jimmy's biceps were popping up. Although Jimmy looked lean and strong, the ripped tanned body of Tom was impressive.
Tom continued brutalizing the lower abs of his victim. A machinegun of punches landed on the weak spot. Jimmy crumbled and moaned at every punch……
He doubled over and dropped to his knees. But Dave and Rob raised him up for more.
The twins were holding him up with one arm. And with the other arm they punched him in his abs alternately.
Tom laughed arrogantly. Jimmy was weakening rapidly now.
"Don't let me see you here ever again", Tom yelled at him.
Jimmy was gasping for air and could hardly stand to his feet.
A final blow with his knee did the job: Jimmy doubled over and dropped to his both knees. He couldn't say a word. Dave and Rob backed off. Tom grinned.
"Understand?", he asked.
Jimmy didn't answer. But he felt the burning of his abs. And when he saw the three gangmembers leave, he swore revenge…….