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The rules were simple: no rules!

by Kevin

[ Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. ]

The rules were simple: no rules! No prohibited holds or punches. No time limit. No ref. The two fighters fought until one gave up. Sometimes even then the winner would go on abusing the loser for a while. Hey, that's the bitch of these matches!

Most of the time, it's just the two fighters in the ring and two camera guys. No ref, no seconds, and no audience. Today, for some reason, each fighter had a friend along and they were obviously fighters, too. There were two other guys watching that knew the owner of the arena and they wanted to find out what this was all about. I didn't think they were fighters, but they were big muscle studs. Plus there was me, a good friend of the video company owner, present just to keep an eye on things. I could take care of myself, but I didn't really want to get involved. I wasn't paid for that.

I had seen several of these matches before and I knew these two fighters. They were tough and arrogant, willing to absorb punishment and really eager to dish it out. Neither had much of an amateur background, though they knew a lot of the rougher moves. They were both real good at torturing their opponents. I expected a brutal match, but I wondered if their two buddies would stay out of the match if one or the other saw their friend getting decimated.

Both Mario and Crash were definitely cocky and arrogant. They stepped to the middle of the ring, chests expanded and sporting hard-ons in their bodybuilder posing trucks. Mario wore red and Crash wore purple. They moved closer, butting heads and touching their pecs and cocks together. Mario whispered something, but Crash laughed it off. Mario grabbed Crash's solid cock and laughed, "How do you like that?" Crash didn't even flinch and forcefully pushed away Mario, who had to let go. That bold move by Mario set the tone for the match!

They moved back togther and Crash caught Mario in a head lock. Mario decided to show his power. He picked up Crash and walked over to the corner and deposited Crash on the top turn buckle. He quickly reached up and slapped Crash in the face. While Crash was still shocked from that, Mario slapped him in the groin. Crash screamed in rage, but Mario quickly jumped out of range.

Crash came down slowly and carefully moved to the center of the ring. As they got close to lock up, Crash lashed out with a foot and kicked Mario squarely in the balls. Mario screamed and doubled over to clutch his groin. Crash smirked. He grabbed Mario by the hair to raise him up and landed a hard elbow to Mario's head. Then he picked up Mario and body slammed him in the middle of the ring, immediately following up by jumping into Mario's muscular midsection. Whoosh! All the air left Mario.

Then Crash dropped an elbow across Mario's chest. Crash pulled up Mario and flung him into the ropes. As Mario came back, Crash clotheslined him so hard I thought he would take his head off. Mario was flat on the mat and Crash jumped into his midsection again. Crash put a foot on Mario's groin and pushed down! Mario started moaning in pain. The two camera guys were really on top of it. One was focused on Mario's grimacing face and one was focused on his abused groin! I bet the viewer would love that. Crash wasn't being gentle either. He was grinding his foot into Mario's balls without mercy! I guess he was hoping for an early submission, but when he realized he wasn't going to get it, he stepped off.

Again, Crash pulled Mario up by his hair, but this time on the way up, Mario rammed his forearm between Crash's legs and hit him in the nuts! Crash screamed out in agony. Mario was still so beaten down that he couldn't take advantage right away, but there was no hurry. Crash was rolling around on the floor, clutching his family jewels.

Eventually Mario picked up Crash and backed him into a ring corner. Crash could barely stand. Mario popped him in the face with a fist. Emboldened, Mario punched Crash's head several more times, knocking the head back with each impact. Crash's eyes were now closed and it looked like he was almost out on his feet! Crash's friend Vince started yelling encouragement to Crash, but I told him to shut up and not interfere with the audio.

Mario shoved Crash sideways to the center of the ring ropes and then trapped Crash's arms in the ropes!!! Wow! Things were about to get brutal. Mario landed hard punches into Crash's abs. Punch after punch landed on the helpless Crash, but his abdominals were flexed tight! I counted 10 punches before Mario took a rest and realized he wasn't hurting his victim much.

one of the camera guys was on the ring apron and Mario yelled at him to focus, "Here," while pointing at Crash's groin. Mario drove his open hand between Crash's legs and landed a blow into Crash's balls! Poor Crash yelled out in agony. He tried to fold over, but his arms were still trapped.

Mario reached in and pulled on Crash's trunks to bring him closer and then stretch out the abs. He landed a hard punch into the lower abs and we could all tell that Crash felt that! Mario landed several more punches! I was surprised he didn't rip the trunks off Crash because he was pulling so hard on them. Crash must be one tough son of a gun to absorb those punches after the shot to his balls. At that point Vince ran over to Crash outside the ring and with one quick motion freed Crash's arms from the ropes. Crash immediately fell to his knees.

The other three guys grabbed Vince and pulled him out of camera range, thouch I noticed that one of the cameras panned over to follow them. The three quickly subdued Vince and made him promise not to interfere again.

Meanwhile, Mario was circling Crash, who was desperately trying to get up. Mario snapped a fist to Crash's jaw, but it was like it energized him because he got back up. Mario landed another punch to Crash's jaw and followed up with a punch to the lower abs!

Again, Mario trapped Crash's arms in the ring ropes! Again, Mario motioned to the camera guy and pointed at Crash's groin. Almost in slow motion, so the video camera could get a great shot, Mario slapped his open hand into his victim's crotch. Again, Crash screamed in agony! Mario kept his hand in the groin and squeezed the cock and balls! Crash was frantic with pain.

But ... there was no place for Crash to go! Mario started taunting Crash and slapping him in the face. "Give up, guy, or I'll hurt you some more! Did that feel good? Want me to do it again?" taunted Mario.

Mario walked around the ring confidently, stretching his muscles and smirking at Vince, who was livid. Mario walked back to Crash and teased him by picking at his nipples. He asked Crash, "Do you want to give up yet?" Crash just shook his head. "Tsk, tsk, tsk," was Mario's reply.

Mario closed his fist and landed a jab directly into Crash's basket holding the family jewels! Crash screamed again. And again, Mario punched Crash's balls! The pouch from the bodybuilder's trunks provided an easy and soft target. Damn, the guy was getting abused, but he wouldn't give up.

Mario asked Crash again if he wanted to give up. Much to all our amazement, Crash yelled, "fuck you!" In response, Mario punched those balls again!

Vince had had enough and he charged into the ring. Asar, Mario's friend was right behind him. Vince got as far as jumping Mario before Asar jumped him. Now it was two on one for stupid Vince. Both Mario and asar immediately started clubbing vince with their fists.

It would have gone bad for vince, but out of some misguided sense of goodness, the two bodybuilders bobby and derec ran in to save vince. They were BIG and strong and pulled vince away from the beating of this life. Mario and asar were really pissed off at bobby and derec, but it didn't come to further blows.

When they got back out of the ring, bobby and derec asked me why I didn't help. I told them I didn't want to get mixed up in any fight and also told them they weren't skilled enought to mess with those fighters and to keep their noses out of other people's business. Bobby got arrogant and rolled up his sleeve. He pointed to his huge biceps and said, "That gives me the right." I said, "yeah, right, you guys get mixed up with those fighters and you'll find out first hand what punches to your balls feel like!" They both turned white, but kept their arrogant faces. Frankly, I now hoped they would get mixed up again so Mario and asar would show them what a professional beating felt like.

With some order restored, the match went on. Mario pulled Crash out of the ropes and body-slammed him into the middle of the ring.

Then he jumped high and landed in Crash's abs! The whole body twitched! Mario jumped up several times and landed in Crash's abs. Crash groaned loud each time as his abs were used as a trampoline. Damn, that guy could take some punishment.

Mario stepped off and circled his victim, obviously thinking about what to do next. We didn't have to wait long.

He knelt down and made the motion of a claw with his hand and then rammed it into Crash's gut! A spasm ran throughout Crash's body and he screamed out loud. Mario added his second hand, lower in the abs. He kept digging and digging into the flesh while Crash shook with the pain. Crash had his knees drawn up and flailed a bit with his arms, but that's all he could do. I guess he was nearly paralyzed by the pain. I was surprised he didn't want to give up, but I enjoyed seeing it all.

Mario kept urging Crash to quit and was getting annoyed that he wouldn't. Suddently, Mario released his right claw from the abs and reapplied it into Crash's crotch. He frigging put his hand deep into Crash's groin. Crash was moaning continuously, "AH AH AH OOOOHHH AAAHHH ARGH." He was in so much helpless pain. Mario pressed down on the pouch and squeezed everything he could get his hand on. It was obvious he was trying to give Crash a hard-on and that guy was so tough and in such great shape that his cock was actually responding! His other hand still clawed the abs and very effectively, too. I don't know how Crash stayed in the match. Whenever Mario told him to give up, he would yell, "NO NO NO." I thought this was an unbelievably great match. It'll be awesome on video!

After some time, Mario let go and stood up. Crash kept moaning from the pain. His abs were twitching and his mouth was gasping for breath. Mario's torture job was absolutely beautiful, but Crash had to be admired, too. No quitter there, though it looked like he was nearly out from the pain.

Mario placed his foot on Crash's basket and started rubbing it!. Back and forth, back and forth, and twisting his foot. Crash couldn't defend himself, but he was shivering from the pain and abuse. What humiliation, to have your cock and balls rubbed and not be able to do anything about it!

Vince couldn't take it anymore and charged back into the ring. But he wasn't totally stupid this time. On the way in, he clubbed Asar, who tried to stop him. Mario wasn't tied up, so he jumped out of the way. Both Mario and Asar went after Vince. When that happened, the two hot shot bodybuilders also jumped in to save Vince. As they got close, both Mario and Asar turned and kicked them in the balls! Totally unexpected! Bobby and Derec simultaneously screamed in pain and dropped to their knees clutching their balls. While Mario and Asar kept on beating, Vince got smart and pulled Crash out of the ring. He was last seen half carrying, half dragging his buddy to the dressing rooms.

Meanwhile the melee in the ring went on. Bobby and Derec got stripped off their clothes right away, down to their briefs. Woah, these two guys looked huge and in shape. They definitely had been pumping some iron. Both looked like about 19 or 20 years old. Fairly short, stocky and strong. Good. It looked like they could take a hard beating, which is what they were about to get.

to be continued ...