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A Boy Becomes a Man - Almost © April 2004
By The Hitman

Chapter One

Boy stood in the mouth of the cave he had been banished to after his last altercation with Tarzan. The early morning sun light shown through the cave opening, reflecting off the algae that grew on the walls. He had been living on his own for almost a year, watching from a distance as his father and mother went about their everyday lives, acting as if he didn't even exist. It was almost more than his teen heart could stand but he was determined to show them he was strong enough to survive on his own. He had trained hard over the months of solitude, honing his jungle survival skills, improving his musculature, developing his combat proficiency until the day had arrived when he once again felt that he could challenge his father, Tarzan, the true king of the jungle. Boy was ready to proclaim himself a man.

Stepping out of the cave, he blinked rapidly in the bright light, his eyes adjusting from the darkness of the cave. As his irises shrank in size, filtering out the brightness, he sighted Tarzan finishing his morning bath in the large river that ran in front of the cave. As Boy stood watching the glorious body of his father, the water running off his muscled torso like a waterfall, Boy felt the familiar jealousy he often did when admiring the man who was responsible for the genes that had helped in creating his own magnificent body. It seemed as if Tarzan was reading his thoughts for he raised his powerful arms to smooth back his full head of hair, flexing his biceps as he did. Boy felt himself blush at this manly display obviously meant for him. It made him wonder if his father had been wanting for this day as much as he had. That's when Boy realized that his stomach was aflutter like being filled with butterflies. His determination kicked in. It would be today.

Tarzan saw Boy watching from the waters edge. He knew it was close to the time for the right of passage that needed to be passed down from father to son just as his own adopted father, the great ape who had raised him, had done for him when the time was right. Only his father had chosen the time and place, not the boy wanting so badly to grow into a man. This troubled Tarzan greatly for it saddened him to have to prove to Boy once again that maybe he was not ready for the passage, a passage that could not only be brutal but deadly. Seeing his sons eyes glued on him, Tarzan raised his behemoth arms, flexing his biceps in a show of his mighty strength. Maybe it was the sun playing a trick on him but he was pretty sure he saw Boy's skin turn a shade red. Then in the same second, Boy's expression took on a steely look and Tarzan knew he had a hard job cut out for him this very day. He slowly exited the water, drying himself with his own rough palms, coming to a stop on the beach that ran along the river bank. He knelt down, waiting. The next move belonged to his son.

Chapter Two

Boy watched as his father exited the water, his skin glistening in the morning sunlight, his muscles lithe and loose as he moved up on the beach and knelt down. Boy almost turned and went back in his cave, leaving the challenge until another day. But what of another day, would it really leave him any better prepared, either mentally or physically. As if he tossed a coin in his mind, Boy hesitated for only a second, his spiritual eye watching the coin land on the side he had chosen. When it did, he broke into a run, pouring on the energy, gaining speed every second as the distance between he and Tarzan diminished.

Tarzan waited for the very last second, the second just before Boy would crash into him full motion to make his move. He moved faster than Boy could imagine and Boy could not stop himself in time. His neck was caught on Tarzan's extended arm. Between his own forward motion and running into a tree branch hard arm, Boy was thrown straight to his back, landing hard on the water packed sand. A loud grunt escaped his lips upon impact as the air was driven out of his lungs. Tarzan smiled down at him, then hit him full bore in the face with his fist. Boy felt his conscious slipping away and he hadn't even landed a blow.

As Boy came to, it was to find Tarzan kneeling beside him, patiently waiting, that same stupid grin seemingly painted on his face. As Boy started to rise, Tarzan shoved him back down and none too gently.

"This can be over right now, Boy. It need go no further. I won't think any less of you if you decide to wait until another day." Boy felt the anger boiling up inside, the heat riding just below the surface of his skin as his father talked down to him as if he were still a child.

"No today is the day, Tarzan." Boy's anger nearly dripped from his lips as he said his father's name. "You may have wrestled and fought with the great apes of the jungle but they will be nothing compared to what I am going to put you through."

Without another word, Boy twisted his legs upward, wrapping them around Tarzan's head. With what seemed like little effort, as he completed his roll, he slammed Tarzan face first into the sand, his powerful calves now clamped tight around the big mans' throat, his face being crushed into the dampness of the beach. Tarzan placed his hands on the sand and pushed his torso upward, carrying Boy's weight with him. He spat and sputtered, clearing the wet sand from his mouth and nostrils. As he glanced toward his son, he found him smiling that same stupid grin he himself had been wearing only a moment ago.

His legs locked at the ankles, Boy applied as much pressure as he could as Tarzan held himself up out of the sand. Tarzan sat back on his haunches, easily dragging Boy along. He placed his hands on either side of Boy's knees and began to pull outward. Against every ounce of Boys strength that was being focused on his legs, Tarzan slowly began to pry the boys' legs apart until he was able to slip his head out of the grip. Maintaining a grip on both legs, Tarzan stood up, dragging Boy across the sand until he was standing on his head. At that point, he began to stretch Boys' legs apart. Though Boy fought valiantly, he was in no position to really prevent it from happening. The pressure on Boys' groin increased incrementally as his legs reached their zenith. Tarzan raised a foot and blasted it full bore directly into Boys' abdomen. A second time and Boy was struggling to curl up into a ball. That called for a third blast to the gut before Tarzan unceremoniously dropped him on the ground.

Released from the pain his father had been subjecting him too, Boy could do little but curl up, trying to control the spasms that were shooting through his lower torso. But Tarzan gave him little time for recovery. Grabbing Boy by the hair and the balls, Tarzan hoisted him over his head. Like a falling meteor, Boy was dropped, gut first, onto Tarzan's bent knee. A great WHOOMPH escaped his mouth this time, along with great amounts of air and spittle. As Boy lay on the ground whimpering, Tarzan grabbed him around the throat and began to squeeze. Boy could do nothing as his eyeballs began to bloat as he was being choked. If he didn't do something quickly, he would be a goner.

Tarzan loved the look of desperation that filled his sons' eyes as he threatened to choke the very life out of him. The boy was finished. Tarzan was sure of it. That is until Boy grabbed Tarzan's naked balls and with every ounce of strength he had left, squeezed as hard as he could. The yell that erupted from Tarzan's mouth was enough to startle the jungle life nearby, sending birds into the air, hippos under the water, monkeys skirting away through the trees, and even Jane stopped reading a moment at the odd sound. It didn't repeat itself so she turned back to her book.

Chapter three

Tarzan nearly blacked out from the crippling pain, the tendrils shooting out in every direction through his body. He loosed his hold on Boys' neck and grabbed at the arm that held his family jewels but as he tried to rip it loose, the pain only increased as he yanked hard against his own sack. Boy maintained his tight grip as he worked his way up to his own knees. He barreled his fist into Tarzan's rippled abs and was satisfied to feel his fist go in a bit. Maybe not fully in, but doing some damage none-the-less. He repeated the blow. This time, just as his fist was about to strike, Boy saw Tarzan tighten his abs physically, easily deflecting the blow with his musculature. Boy was impressed. Despite his pain, Tarzan still held incredible control over the muscles of his body.

Tarzan felt the first blow but the second was like a fly bumping into an elephant at full speed, bouncing off the toughened hide. Boy made as if to punch him in the gut again, distracting Tarzan. As he saw Tarzan harden his abs again, Boy redirected his fist and caught Tarzan with a sucker punch right under the chin. Tarzan didn't have a glass jaw but Boy was no slouch either. There was quite a muscle propelling that fist and when it hit, Tarzan was seeing stars.

This time it was Tarzan who had to come around. When he did, he found himself cradled between Boy's muscular legs, his sons legs locked at the ankles. He also found himself locked up in a full nelson, Boys' muscled arms interlocked with his own. Tarzan was humored to find his chin already pressed down firmly against his own chest, wondering if Boy really thought he could hold him in that position. Because in spite of it all, Boy was still just that, a boy and Tarzan was a full grown man. Tarzan began his escape first by starting to push back against the hands that held his head in place. Quickly his chin rose an inch off his chest. Then just as quickly was slammed back down against his expansive chest. Damn, Tarzan thought to himself, wondering if he had underestimated Boy this time. He certainly hoped not as he began to press again.

Boy was not surprised that his father was able to muscle himself against his hold but he knew the secret would be to apply pressure at the right time to keep Tarzan's head low and remain in control. That way, Tarzan would tire himself out quicker. At least it sounded good to Boy in theory. Now he was involved in the practicum of his plan and realized it might not be as easy as he had originally thought. In his second attempt to escape, Tarzan began to pull his arms downward instead of trying to raise his head. The pressure against Boys' arms and hands began to increase and slowly but surely, his fingers were being pulled apart. He was losing his grip on Tarzan's neck. Try as he might, Boy could not resist the downward pressure and wham, his hold was broken. Knowing he would not be able to regain a hold on Tarzan's neck, Boy concentrated on his leg lock that encircled Tarzan's midsection. Boy leaned back on his own arms and straightened his legs, his muscled thighs pressing in under Tarzan's rib cage.

Tarzan could feel the hard muscle of his son's arms as his own pressed down. He could feel Boys' fingers against the back of his neck as they slowly slipped apart until the full nelson was broken. Tarzan felt Boy fall back, the warmth of his body moving away. Tarzan was pretty sure he knew what was coming next and steeled his abs in preparation. Even with that, as Boy straightened his legs and applied his strength, Tarzan could feel the muscle of each thigh push in against his own sides, compressing his midsection by several inches. But Tarzan had his own plan. Laying his hands on Boys' thighs, just above the knee, he grabbed on, pressing his thumb hard into the side meat of his son's thighs. It was an old nerve trick and Tarzan felt some guilt for employing it but so be it, Boy had started it.

Boy could feel his father's hands closing on his lower thighs but because of his position behind Tarzan's back, he had no way of seeing what Tarzan was doing. Suddenly throbbing pain shot out in every direction up and down his legs and against his very will, his legs popped open, releasing his father from his leg lock.

Tarzan effortlessly jumped to his feet and before Boy could even consider moving, he jumped backward, his rump ending up just shy of Boy's chin. Tarzan crashed back down, his butt landing hard on Boy's chest. Boy tried to shake himself loose but quickly realized Tarzan had locked his arms at his own sides, held there with his powerful legs. Then Tarzan began bombarding Boys' abs with sledge hammer-like blows. Boy tried to raise his legs, his intent to lock on to Tarzan's head once again. Tarzan countered the blow quite effectively by driving his fist hard into Boy's groin. The scream of pain was choked off as Tarzan resumed lambasting his son's abs. His fists flew hard and fast, quickly and effectively destroying Boy's abdominal muscles. Tarzan did not tire as his fists continued pounding his son, sinking further and further into Boy's flesh with each strike. Tarzan heard some sort of ranting and raving streaming from his son's mouth as the boy gasped for breath. He was almost enjoying himself when the realization hit him, the boy was calling out in gorilla-speak. But the realization came too late.

Boy had never felt the searing pain at the ends of his nerves before that Tarzan produced. That was followed close by a tremendous blow to his balls as he struggled to regain control. Gasping for breath between blows as best he could, Boy began calling out in the language his father had taught him since childhood, the language that only one mighty beast on the earth understood, the language of gorilla-speak. Boy prayed his voice and cry for help would be heard and answered quickly as he knew he was just about done for, his father continuing to rain down on him with powerhouse blows.

Chapter Four

Bobo and Frogo, two young, virile gorilla males heard the cry of distress in their own tongue. They hesitated, looking first down the trail toward the leader of their pack, the eldest and strongest gorilla, Mastego, but he seemed oblivious to the cry's for help. The two males looked at each other and without any verbal communication, disappeared into the forest, fast moving toward the brother who was crying for their assistance. As they broke into the beach clearing, both were confused by the funny looking creatures that stood before them. These must be the man-apes as Mastego has told us, the two chattered excitedly between them. It was obvious the younger one, being beaten on by the older one was truly in need of their help. Again, they glanced at each other. Then they attacked, loping forward, the knuckles of their mighty muscled limbs dragging through the sand. The larger man-ape seemed to sense them but it was too late. As he tried to stand, they joined limbs, locking their massive knuckles together. At about 320 pounds each and moving at full speed, they were like a freight train as they swept the large man-ape man off the smaller one.

Boy hadn't heard his rescuer's arrive and only became aware of them as their hairy limbs passed over his head and caught Tarzan between them, sweeping him off of Boy's chest. Boy tried to sit up but his abs hurt so bad, he had to turn to the side first and then slowly raise up, using his own arm as a brace. As Boy struggled to his feet, the two gorillas pounded on Tarzan who was hunkered down, protecting himself as best he could from the mighty blows that now rained down on him. Their huge knotted knuckles pitted and penetrated his skin as they hit him repeatedly. Neither understood what Mastego saw as threatening about these man-apes, they chirped to each other as they continued their attack. Suddenly the young man-ape spoke to them again and while they truly weren't interested in his chittering, they somehow found themselves doing as they were instructed, much as they did under Mastego's tutelage.

Tarzan tried to rise up, hoping to turn but the onslaught was too close, too quick. The two gorillas caught him and swept him off of Boy. Knowing what was coming; Tarzan fell into a defensive position, best to block the blows that had already begun. He could hear and fully understand what the apes were saying, including what orders Boy was giving. Tarzan needed to try and escape or he would be powerless against the three to one odds he now faced. Before he could even try and escape, the two young apes grabbed his arms and yanked him to his feet, spreading him out between them. That's when Boy first him square in the gut with the top of his skull, driving all of Tarzan's air out. Tarzan felt woozy, his knees weak but the gorillas held him up.

Boy didn't know for sure that his instructions would get through but as the gorillas stopped hitting Tarzan and grabbed him by the arms instead, Boy knew his plan was working. Lowering his head, he plowed straight into Tarzan's gut with his head, pleased to hear the reaction as his father's breath was knocked from him with the first head butt. Boy backed up and charged again with the same results. Now that Boy had weakened Tarzan dramatically, he began his own onslaught of blows to Tarzan's well-defined abs. To add to that, the apes, excited by what was happening were jumping up and down, pulling on Tarzan's arms until they seemed about ready to pop out of the sockets.

Tarzan knew he was in trouble but didn't have the air left to call for his own line of defense. Each time he tried to call out, Boy hit him another blow driving the much needed oxygen right out. Between that and the pressure on his arm sockets, Tarzan was starting to think he might be done for. That's when he saw Mastego, nostrils flaring, appear at the edge of the beach. Without hesitation the huge bull ape charged. Tarzan could only hope this charge was in his favor.

None of the three, Boy, Bobo, or Frogo seemed aware of the train wreck about to happen. As Mastego reached Boy, he knocked him into the river with one huge smack of his powerful limb. Without slowing, the older ape slammed into Tarzan and the two younger apes, sending them in every direction like bowling pins. As the two apes rolled head over heels, Tarzan was almost immediately on his feet. Mastego headed for one of the young apes; Tarzan after the other.

Boy never knew what hit him as Mastego appeared out of nowhere. Much as his rescuers had at his summons. Only Boy hadn't noticed Tarzan calling for help. As he floundered in the cool river water, trying to get his feet under himself, Boy glanced toward the beach. For the first time, he gained an inkling of just how strong Tarzan was. With that truth came also the realization that Tarzan had been taking it easy on him all along. Otherwise, he would be in the same trouble on of the young apes was.

While Mastego was easily ape-handling the youngster from his brood, Tarzan was not having any difficulty either. With an ease that showed just how strong he was, Tarzan man-handled the ape to his own shoulders and was in the process of bending him in two, his spine obviously close to the breaking point. Mastego had his cub held firmly to the ground and was jumping up and down on his chest. Boy thrashed and swam to the river edge.
In both English and gorilla-speak, he gave instructions that the two young apes not be hurt. If someone was to pay the price for his insolence, it was he, not the two who had come to his rescue. At these words, both Mastego and Tarzan set their nearly unconscious opponents on the ground. As they recovered, Mastego sent them scooting back to the pride. With a huff and grunt, he followed them, not glancing back.

Boy came forward, stopping just in front of Tarzan, ready to take his punishment. Tarzan looked down, then reached forward and grabbed his son's head, pulling the boy in close against his own heaving chest. Boy wasn't sure what to make of this scene.

"Boy, you have proven that you are indeed ready for the passage to manhood. By offering yourself as a sacrifice to save your two friends, you have proven you are indeed worthy to be called a man. As such, I will now allow you to choose your adult name." Without hesitation, Boy clung to Tarzan, his eyes stinging as the tears flowed.

"If you don't mind, Tarzan, I think I need to stick with Boy for awhile yet. At least until I learn to whip your butt without needing to call in the cavalry."

"Agreed," Tarzan replied, putting his arm around Boy's shoulder, pulling him in close as they walked back toward the compound. "Anytime you think you're ready again, Boy. Now, let's go tell your Mom." Their laughter filled the air around them as they walked together, father and son, locked as one in the right of passage from boy to manhood.