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Who Wins The Modeling Job?

Ten young athletic male models were competing for a prestigious modelling assignment in the fashion hotbed of Italy. Jason Olive had already checked out the competition and knew that the only world-class models were Peter Andre and himself. One of the two would surely get the job. Jason meant to ensure it would be him. As the top-class talent, Jason and Peter each had one dressing room, while all the others had to double or triple up in dressing rooms. The dressing rooms were in another part of the building from the studios and Jason realized that if something "happened" to Peter, no one would hear anything. As everyone was preparing for the audition, Jason went to Peter's door and snuck in without knocking. Both men were half undressed, wearing only jeans but no shirt. Jason walked toward Peter and surprised him with a punch to the face. It was a direct hit! Peter was shocked and confused and backed up. Jason followed it up with a solid right and left to Peter's muscular chest. Peter gave off a double "ARGH" and leaned forward. The opening gave the aggressor a chance to land a solid right fist to Peter's washboard abs. It had little effect and Jason knew he had to hurry to stay ahead. He grabbed a handful of Jason's hair to control the head and landed another hard right into the pit of Peter's midsection. A third, fourth and fifth punch finally elicited loud groaning from Peter. Jason pulled on Peter's hair and lead his face directly into the wall of the room. He'd have a large bruise on his forehead tomorrow! The impact sent Peter tripping over a chair. He landed hard on his back. Jason quickly stepped over to Peter and jumped into the exposed midsection! Peter let out a hoarse scream as the weight settled into his muscular abs. His tormenter jumped up again and landed with a vicious knee to the abs, knocking out all the remaining air. Peter rolled into the fetal position, trying to protect his abused abs. Jason watched with glee as his "former" competitor rolled around in agony. Slowly, he grabbed a handful of hair and picked Peter up from the floor. He pushed Peter's back to the wall and started laying methodical punches into Peter's lower abs. Peter's jeans were riding low on his hips and Jason aimed the punches just above the belt buckle and below the navel. Peter's body absorbed each punch with a loud "UGH" and an evermore sagging upper body! Peter had tough abs, but he had never before been abused like this! The expression on his face showed the intense pain he was suffering and his eyes were pleading with Jason to stop the brutal punches. Jason finally stopped. He surveyed his victim and former competitor. The muscular and athletic Peter had collapsed to his knees, doubled over and holding his midsection in pain. With every ragged breath, painful groaning came from Peter's lips. Jason wanted to finish him now. Peter was picked up by Jason grabbing his hair. Calmly, Jason stepped forward and drove his knee into Peter's balls. Even through the jeans, Jason could feel his knee connect with the groin. Peter collapsed forward with a high pitched scream. Jason watched the writhing Peter for a minute and then slowly walked toward the door and a sure shot at the modeling job! ... .



Having just won the modeling job after a grueling two hour try-out session, Jason was returning to his dressing room. He knew he would have to pass by Peter's dressing room and had resolved to look if Peter was still there and how he was doing. Maybe he needed some more beating. :-) Jason carefully opened the door and did not immediately see anyone. Then he spied someone laying on the bunk bed against the back wall. Jason walked in confidently, but quietly. Unwittingly, he was tricked by a filled blanket on the bed. After the first step into the room, he was rewarded with a swinging kick to his crotch from behind the door. Despite the near-miss, he let out a hoarse yell and doubled over in surprise and pain. A grim-looking Peter stepped from behind the door and slammed it shut. Next, Peter aimed a solid fist to Jason's left temple and Jason went down in shock. Peter jumped on Jason and flayed away at Jason's back, shoulder and head. He was enraged! He continued to pummel the muscular body of Jason with his hands. In reality, Peter was scaring Jason more than he was hurting him with the uncoordinated attack. Peter jumped off Jason and remembered the continuing pain in his testicles from Jason's earlier knee! More calm now, Peter picked up Jason's head and before Jason could react, Peter landed a solid punch directly to the prominent bulge in Jason's pants. Peter could feel it was a direct hit this time! Jason let out a loud scream. To Peter's amazement, Jason only doubled over and did not go down! Just what were Jason's balls made of? How could he remain standing? Because of the pain, Jason remained doubled-over nursing his balls. Peter raised his arms and landed a double forearm on Jason's back. Peter again raised both his arms and hit Jason over the back, with very little effect. Not knowing yet what else to do, Peter continued pounding to Jason's back. "WHAM" "UGH" - Every double forearm pushed Jason further down. "WHAM" "UGH" Peter contined until Jason finally fell to his knees. Peter forcefully rolled Jason onto his back and jumped into Jason's midsection. Having a tall upper body provided Peter with plenty of target area. Next, Peter proceeded to jump up and down on Jason's washboard abs. Up, down, up, down. With every landing, Peter could hear the air escaping from Jason! But Peter wanted more satisfaction! He helped Jason to his feet, which took a while since Jason was in serious pain. Peter backed Jason to the wall and took careful aim. Now he was going for quality, not quantity. Jason had a nice looking six-pack, but could he take the punishment he had been willing to give out earlier??? Like Peter's pants, Jason's pants were riding low on the hips, exposing plenty of midsection skin below the navel. It was here that Peter aimed. He wound up a hard blow and planted it directly below the navel! "UGH!" Direct hit! Jason doubled over from the pain. Peter was in no rush now and slowly lifted up Jason's head to again expose the abs. Peter made another fist and put his weight behind another hard punch, this time lower into the midsection! "ARRRGH" came the pained response and Jason doubled over again. Methodically, Peter planted a total of 10 hard fists into Jason's lower abs. With each punch, he thought of his earlier humiliation and pain at being beaten up and the subsequent disappointment over the loss of the modeling job. The thoughts gave his punches added strength and Jason had to suffer mightily! As a a final crowning punishment, Peter carefully aimed an uppercut into Jason's balls! He could feel his fist penetrate through the pants into the soft organs of his former tormenter and was rewarded with a loud scream! In satisfaction, Peter stepped back to survey his victim and was amazed that Jason continued to stand! Jason was doubled over and clutching his aching balls, but he did not go down! Peter decided that Jason must have balls of steel to absorb that much crushing abuse! While Peter had been distracted with his dominance over Jason, he had not heard the door opening and closing behind him. One of Jason's friends had followed Jason, but arrived later. Suddenly, someone from behind wrapped an arm around his throat and pulled him down. After they landed on the floor, his invisible attacker used his legs to grapevine Peter's body. Suddenly, Peter was caught and held immobile! Not having a wrestling background, Peter did not know what to do. Peter tried pushing the entwining legs off his body, but they were stronger than his arms. He tried wiggling out of the encircling arm, but it cinched tighter around his neck. He was starting to feel the choke. He reached back and started punching into the side of the waist of his attacker, but he couldn't get any leverage to punch hard. He punched five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten times and his attacker did not even react to the punches. Peter lamely continued the punches, until suddenly his attacker raised one of his encircling feet and flung his heel into Peter's groin. The impact landed directly on Peter's cock, barely missing his sensitive balls. Still, Peter jerked from the blow to his manhood and he tried to protect his balls with his own thighs. Again, the foot raised up and came down hard, but this time driving into his lower abs. Peter was able to aborb that blow without problems due to his well-developed abs. His attacker landed three more heels to his abs, without much effect on the muscular abs. "Come on, Jason, pull yourself together!" Peter heard his attacker yell. In panic, Peter looked over to Jason, who was trying to overcome the agony of his aching balls. "Come on, Jason! I've got him trapped. Stop whimpering and get over here." yelled the anonymous attacker. With a grimace of pain, Jason stood up completely, but he was still massaging his balls. Still he managed to start walking over to where the two fighters were laying on the floor. Jason looked at Peter and said, "You're gonna get it now. We're gonna torture you until you're crying like a baby!" For a split second, Jason was afraid, but then he got pissed and shouted back, "Screw you! You asshole, you..." He was cut off by a kick to his upper body, but immediately continued "Yeah, two on one! You can't fight fair!" Jason ignored him and knelt down by Peter's side. He pushed one of the encircling legs out of the way to clear Peter's abs. Then he started hammering punchs into the midsection! Slow, hard punches started raining onto Peter's navel area. Jason was putting his upper body behind every blow. Peter was concentrating hard on keeping his abs flexed into a wall of bricks. WHAM ... WHAM ... WHAM ... WHAM ... Every few seconds, another hammer-like fist fell on the abs that Peter was desperate trying to keep hard. WHAM ... WHAM ... WHAM ... WHAM ... WHAM ... Despite the continuing pain in his groin, Jason was enjoying pounding into Peter's 8-pack. Clearly, Peter was tough, but how long could he take this? "Pick him up and hold him. I want to punch him while he's standing," commanded Jason. Peter knew this was his chance to get away. But his hope faded as the hold on him suddenly changed to a full nelson and his attacker was lifting him up into a standing position. Peter had no choice but to get up. Now his midsection was not just exposed, but it was stretched! He suddenly got an idea. He moved his hips forward and then slammed his butt into his attacker, hoping to hit him in the groin. He heard a grunt as he connected and felt the hold loosen. He yanked down on his arms and broke the hold. As reward, Peter suddenly received a punch to his groin from Jason! The fist barely missed Peter's balls, but the pain still drove him to his knees. Jason stood over him, gloating! "Ha, you thought you could get away! No such luck!" Jason looked over to his friend and said, "Here, hold him again, this time hold him tight! I want to punch him more!" Jason carelessly lifted up Peter by his hair, but Peter was upset by being attacked and the adrenaline was toughening him up. As he stood up, he drove another hard uppercut into Jason's balls. His fist could feel it was a direct hit and he heard another loud scream from Jason. Again, Jason doubled up, but the young man would not go down to the ground. His face clearly showed his agony and he gingerly cupped his hands around his groin. As Peter was again wondering if Jason's balls were made of steel, he felt himself being locked into a full nelson hold again. "AHHH" screamed Peter in frustration and he kicked back with his butt to catch his attacker. He heard a grunt of pain, but this time felt no weakening of the hold. For a third time, he kicked back with his butt, but had no effect. Now, his attacker leaned back to stretch out Peter so it became impossible to repeat his butt kick. This time, having seen the blow that Jason took, Jason's friend did not complain to him on being slow. The full nelson hold remained solid as Peter watched Jason try to recover from his blow. Jason slowly recovered from the brutal blow he took. Still, the pain was etched on his face as he stepped toward Peter. Peter tried to struggle, but he had lost much of his leverage when he was stretched back. He feet were barely touching the floor. Jason saw the exposed abs and landed a hard fist directly into the middle. Peter gave off a grunt as he absorbed the blow. Jason punched again and Peter grunted again! Over and over, Jason landed punches to the exposed abs of the helpless Peter, who was now the one showing pain on his face! Jason was determined to destroy the hard muscles of Peter. Jason slowly regained the strength that he had lost when he received the groin punches. Both rage and pride overtook him as he realized how much punishment he had absorbed without crying or even falling down! The anger spurned him on to more punches. The stretched and exposed abdominal muscles were now taking a terrific beating. Jason continued a rapid barrage of punches. left WHAM ... right WHAM ... left WHAM ... right WHAM ... ARGH Jason resisted punching Peter's groin again. He wanted to destroy his victim slowly, but surely. Peter was heroically absorbing the punches to his sore abs. His 8-pack was tough! But it was getting worn down, especially in this vulnerable position. But slowly, the full nelson relaxed and Peter was lowered to a less stretched position. Still, Jason continued his methodical punches and Peter had to absorb them. The pain was now creeping through Peter's entire midsection, down to his groin and up to his lungs. He was starting to have trouble breathing as the pounding continued. WHAM ... ARGH ... WHAM ... ARGH Suddenly, the full nelson was released and Peter collapsed to his knees. Jason stood back and admired his handiwork. Peter was curled up on the floor, in obvious pain! Jason pulled Peter up by his hair and carefully aimed a hard punch to the lower abs! Peter again collapsed to the floor. Gleefully, Jason planted a hard soccer kick to Peter's midsection that lifted Peter off the floor and elicited a loud groan. Jason said, "He's done. Let's get out of here!"