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My Alien Encounter © March 2004
By The Hitman

They sent me in under cover. No one knew what I would encounter but they couldn't risk a full scale invasion, not when they weren't exactly sure what they were up against. News from the region had stopped flowing shortly after the unexplained blast. There was nothing coming in or out. The last news had contained information about some kind of bright light but then nothing.

I was dropped in from a high altitude, the hope being that I would be able to infiltrate the area without being detected until I could gather some intelligence and get it back to headquarters. I knew my job and I knew how to do it well. My first order of business was to get into civilian clothes. They hadn't dared dump me in out of uniform in case I was captured. A Special Forces troop, even by himself, would be shot on sight as a spy, which is exactly what I was.

I made it to the edge of the small town where the resistance troops had been headquartered along with a small contingency of our, shall we say tactical advisors. It didn't look any different than when the surveillance pictures had come in. The only difference was there weren't any people moving about, the people that had been charted by their body heat over infrared scanners up until a few hours ago. Even the satellite wasn't picking anything up. That was what had everyone scared.

As I passed by the periphery of a house, there were clothes still on the line. A cursory glance told me the clothes were about my size. I had just changed into a pair of pants when a strange noise caught my attention.

I couldn't see anything there but what ever it was, the hair on the back of my neck was standing on end. It wasn't anything I could define, only a feeling.

"Is anyone there?" I took a chance in calling out but as suspected, I got no answer. Even the air seemed to hang still, not even a breeze yet the trees around me seemed to be stirring. The uneasiness had me a little spooked and I reached down for my weapon. As my fingers touched it, the handle singed the tips of fingers and I dropped it. There was that feeling again. I glanced up but still saw nothing.

That's when the first blow landed full in my gut. Totally unprepared, it rocked me hard. But my body was trained just as well as my mind and I immediately went on the defensive. Against what I didn't know but I was certain I wasn't going down easy. The next blow wasn't any kinder. If anything, it was more powerful than the first but I was more ready for it and took it better than the first. Again the target was my abs. It is hard to prepare for or protect yourself against something you can't see coming.

Then I was caught so hard on the jaw that I was thrown several feet, crashing into a cement block wall. The blow shook me up enough that I simply stood there, the wall supporting my weight for several moments.

My senses were on full alert and yet they were being denied the very information they needed to assist in my defense. A blow caught me right in the kidney and I was grateful the wall was there in front of me for I feared it was the only reason I was still on my feet.
I swung back with my elbow and was satisfied by the crunch I heard when it connected. Whatever it was might be invisible to my naked eye but that didn't keep it from feeling pain. I swung again but met only empty air. Its' next blows didn't.

Again and again its' fists, if that is what they were, pounded me in midsection, each blow carrying the weight of whatever I was facing. From the force of the blows, I had to deduce that it weighed a lot. Even with my training, I was finding it hard to breathe, the blows digging deep into my musculature, each one findings it was in a little further. A side blow, right under my arm pit drove me away from the wall. I had to find some sort of weapon.

I recalled how my weapon had burned my fingers so it had to something not directly affected by heat. A saw a fallen tree branch and grabbed it up.

"Come on, sucker," I hissed under my breath. "Come and get a taste of this." I was getting mad, which was both to and against my advantage. On the plus side it gave me a rush of adrenalin that enhanced my strength. On the minus side, it caused me to err on the side of caution, taking chances I might not otherwise take.

A blow caught me just under the belly button. I tried to ignore the pain and swung my branch. It cracked loud and sharp against something and I heard what I thought was a loud grunt. I swung again but met only air. Damn, this thing was quick. It caught me with a double blow to my abs that almost brought me to my knees. If I didn't know better, it was enjoying this little battle of the bod's. Taking a chance that it was still in close, I rammed the branch forward. It caught solid and again I heard the grunt noise. But I couldn't pull the branch back. Obviously it had grabbed onto it but at least that meant it couldn't hit me either. I shoved forward but the branch didn't move. Suddenly the branch burst into flames in two spots. I had to assume this was where its' hands were. Letting go, I unleashed a flying drop kick and was so satisfied to feel the heels of my shoes catch against something solid. The branch dropped to the ground, burned almost through in the two scorched places. It was useless now.

I tried to back away quickly but the creature, or whatever it was, was much quicker than I anticipated. It caught me a sharp blow just below my sternum, effectively driving my air out. Following up with a series of battering ram type blows, I was driven backwards until I literally collapsed to the ground, unable to even support myself on my knees. I was barely able to lift myself up on my elbows.

I turned to look up, hoping for some small glimpse of this being who had so far managed to counter my every move. Imagine the horror that filled my mind and soul as I starred at an exact replica of myself, only with a wide grin spread over the face of the muscular body that gloated overhead.

"Is this the best you have to offer to stand against me," the creature yelled out in a defiant voice. No one answered the challenge. The creature looked down at me in pity. "Weakling," it said.

I saw the boot coming but could do nothing to avoid contact with it. As it smashed against my chin, my senses left me completely, my body inert on the pavement underneath. I didn't hear the laughter that reverberated throughout the empty town streets as the creature touted my defeat.