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Close Encounters of the Interplanetary Kind © March 2004
By The Hit Man

To the best of my knowledge, I was the only terran invited to SlugFest 2094. I was excited that it was to be hosted on the planet Xon in the galaxy Zarvon, one of the few I hadn't visited in my travels as a Gut Punch specialist fifth class, officially representing the Milky Way galaxy, coming from it's only inhabited planet, Earth.

Of course, the purpose of SlugFest itself was well known and revered by all as the ultimate solution to wipe out all interplanetary warfare while at the same time, set up the governmental body responsible for ruling the entire universe for the next five years.

In addition, SlugFest was enjoying its' one-hundred year celebration as well which meant the goings-on would be most spectacular with special celebration activities being sponsored by each of the participating interplanetary representatives present. I knew for me, I had a ship's hold full of ancient earth-styled fireworks donated by the Washington D.C.-based Smithsonian to demonstrate our independence and individuality.

My ship had arrived and landed without incident. My stuff was off-loaded and the ship departed to its' assigned orbit for the duration of the event. The crew would not be allowed to dock again during the festivities, a rule that was hard bound and expected to be obeyed by all representatives in attendance. Only one 'official' representative from each galaxy was allowed on the planet during the 'fest' and failure to follow this rule would result in loss of life for the representative and loss of participation for the opportunity to govern for the galaxy involved. I knew, from my studies, that this rule had been broken three times during the past 100 years but never by the Milky Way galaxy. I was assured by the captain of the ship that this trip would be no exception.

Once my ship was away, a team of Xon gallantagers arrived to accompany me. As occurred during each SlugFest, the hosting galaxy, which had also been the latest governing body, was responsible for providing the security force that over saw the stay of the various galaxy representatives, responsible both for their safety and behavior during their time on-planet. As some of the team hoisted my load onto carballs for transportation to my quarters, I was led away to a private room where my registration and identity would be confirmed.

Though I was a GPS5, which meant the highest level of qualified combatant, this was still my first time at a SlugFest. While I had read all the rule manuals and other informational documents I could get my hands on, I was still nervous about the process I was about to be subjected to. Each galaxy had its' own special sex organs and this was the first way that identity was proven. I was about to be subjected to a body search that frankly, I wasn't thrilled about. As I entered the room, a Xon stood at one end. He looked much like me, the only real difference being his eyes. Where my irises were surrounded by a film of white, the Xon's were a bright blue. In addition, to meet a Xon's gaze head on was to open yourself to a mind read or worse, a mind melt, neither of which I had a desire to participate in at this stage of the game.

Terran representative being inspected by Xon gallantager

My shirt was removed and I was shown a place to stand. As I did, the Xon came forward and inserted his hand down into my pants. I could feel his fingers close first around my sex organ fully engulfing it, slowly moving down to my balls. I looked toward his face but he was keeping his eyes averted to prevent any sort of accident from happening. His face was a study in concentration as he completed his inspection. I was actually starting to get a little nervous, thinking maybe he had found something wrong but soon enough he withdrew his hand and nodded toward another person who hammered an official stamp on my application. God damn, I had made it. I was now to be a part of history.

Chapter Two

Now that I was officially signed up, two of the gallantagers prepared to escort me to my quarters. As we exited the inspection post, I saw a representative whose form I didn't quite recognize. Noticing the puzzled look, one of my escorts spoke to me.

"That is the representative from the galaxy Sephyr. This is their first year of participation." Not knowing who my opponent was to be at this point, I looked the being over pretty intently. He didn't really look like much of a challenge to me. My escort continued talking.

"If that is your opponent, be careful of that hole in the torso." I looked closer. "The Sephyrites are both male and female in one, being able to mate with any of their counterparts. Trouble is, they can only mate once. That hole is full of razor sharp teeth. Once they consummate, the male looses his ability to mate if you get my drift." He laughed as I starred.

"Same thing can happen to an unlucky opponent who happens to land a blow in the wrong place and whose hand is taken. I would hate for that to be you, pretty boy." Both the escorts laughed this time as we continued down the pathway. I took one better look at the Sephyrite as we passed. He still looked harmless to me but if he was to be my opponent, I would definitely take the words of the Xon to heart, being extremely careful where I landed my blows.


As we walked, we passed a wide variety of housing spheres. It was amazing to me that each representative was afforded quarters that matched his or her native world requirements. We approached one that was a mere wall of rock sitting out in the courtyard. I could see another being, one I knew was a Rockrythite, his muscled body apparently asleep, seemingly suspended in air against the giant boulder. My files hadn't carried much detail on this creature. I was glad when the same escort began to talk again.


"That is a Rockrythite from the galaxy Pyriteptomium. When they need rest, their metabolism heats up enough to allow them to melt the rock and seal themselves to it. Once rested, they simply repeat the process to break loose. That one there is a fine specimen. Oh and you might find this interesting, they can both heat themselves to searing temperatures, melting their opponents during battle; or tone it way down until their body takes on the characteristics of a rock. I imagine it would be pretty hard to gut punch a rock." I glanced at my escorts who seemed to be having some kind of joke at my expense as their lips curled back over their teeth in conspiratorial smiles.

"And just why might I be interested in his inherent physical capabilities," I asked?

"You might be if he was to be your opponent in the SlugFest, which he is!" Both of the escorts now laughed heartily. I could feel the anger starting to burn just under the surface of my own skin as my face reddened. "Now here are your accommodations, Terran. Enjoy them while you can. We'll be right outside should you need anything." Just as if I were back on Earth, they turned the knob on a wooden door and stepped aside, giving me space to enter.

As I stepped inside, while I hoped I had managed to maintain a cool and calm exterior for my escorts, my stomach felt like it was made of soup, my nerves all a flutter inside. I ripped off my outer garment and yanked up my wife beater, starring at my own well developed torso, the muscles rippling at my command.

Though I had been training for this event all of my 23 some odd years, I didn't see how
my abilities would be able to stand against someone who could heat up enough to melt my flesh or turn hard enough to be like a rock. All along, I had thought that my developed torso and muscled arms would be enough of an advantage but I was no longer certain of this, or of the eventual outcome of the SlugFest. Had the Milky Way galaxy sent the right defender to champion it's cause? I was no longer sure.

Chapter 3

I had just finished the evening meal at the mess hall. It was odd being in amongst all the other representatives, each being served food from their home world. I had chosen a good old fashioned cheese burger with fries and a shake. I have to admit; it tasted just as good as anything back home, only it came from a mental converter. You simply put the mental telepather pad against your forehead and thought about what you wanted. Voila, it appeared on the table in front of you. Modern technology, would it never end.

As I was saying, I had finished my meal and was considering a run to work off the extra calories I had just imbibed. I was walking along the path when a face, glowing and exuding heat suddenly appeared in front of me. It surprised me enough that I jumped back, falling into a defensive position. Where were my two gallantagers when I needed them?

It took a moment for me to recognize the face. It was the Rockrythite who was to be my opponent in the SlugFest later in the week. His skin glowed in the evening darkness, his hair taking on a much lighter color than when he was cooled off.

"You wish to hit me, yes?" I heard the sound come out of his mouth unintelligible but translated into English, my native tongue, by the translator he wore on his wrist. "Go ahead, have at it." He stepped out, now fully exposed, in front of me. I wanted so bad to just break the rules and ram my fist into his gut but I resisted.

"No, then maybe I'll hit you." As he began to advance toward me I stood there starring at him, my chest rising and falling as I struggled to contain my fear. I had no idea what would happen if he touched me. Suddenly, my two escorts came running up. One of them tossed a metal ring at the Rockrythite. The metal landed on his skin and stuck. As it did, it quickly began to glow. Right before my eyes, it melted. But instead of falling like a glob to the ground, it was absorbed into his skin. As it was, his skin and hair immediately changed color, losing its heat. He now stood before me as he had looked when asleep, no longer a threat at the moment.

"Where are your escorts, Rockrythite," my gallantagers questioned him? Before he could answer, two more gallantagers came running around the pathway.

"Oh good, you caught up with him," they said to my escorts. A few angry looks and threats of expulsion or worse and we were all on our way. Initially, while the episode had startled me, I now felt like I had another piece to the puzzle that might assist me in winning the competition and place my galaxy as the new world order. It would be the first time in 100 years that the Milky Way would be in charge.

Chapter 4

All too soon the week had progressed and it was now my turn in the ring. I thought I had my plan settled in my mind but it was all contingent on several things, any of which could go the wrong way. No one knew who had won in the previous matches as we had all been held in seclusion once the SlugFest had officially opened. That was part of the rules. All matches were held in secret and a panel of judges declared the ultimate winner based on performance; and of course, which of the two combatants managed to survive. I had every intention of that being me in my match with the Rockrythite.

I saw them leading him into the building and that started my mind going over my plan once again. I was led to the other side of the complex to my own set of locker rooms. I stripped down to my shorts, exposing my ample build for the gallantagers in attendance. I could tell they were impressed but it was still obvious in the way they talked among themselves that a mere mortal had little chance of winning against a being that could heat and cool on command.

As we two opponents prepared to enter the ring, one of my gallantagers stepped in front of me. He ran his fingers around the upper edge of my shorts and then around the hem on each leg as well. He came back up with a look of contempt on his face, holding a small metal ring in his hand. I managed to show a contrite look.

"I am sorry, contestant," he said to me as he pocketed the ring. "No weapons other than natural body defenses are allowed." But they didn't know I had discovered the one last piece of the puzzle I needed and I took that secret into the ring with me.

As I and the Rockrythite stepped into the ring before the judgment panel, he smiled at me and then forced a small glow, a warning of what was to come. In return, I pummeled my fist into my hand as hard as I could to produce a loud popping sound. He laughed openly at my attempt to intimidate. There was no referee so when the whistle sounded from the klaxon above our heads, the match was begun. Once started, the match only ended when one of us was unable to continue. As the two of us circled in the ring, I spoke to the Rockrythite.

"What is your name," I asked? We were close enough and I threw a punch, catching him just above his belly button. His outer texture felt just like my own skin. I knew it was a good hit as I saw the judges make a mark on their tablets.

"My name is Bore," he replied as he matched my hit with one of his own. God, it felt like a piece of rock had punched me. "But why do you ask, human?" He caught me a second blow that dug in deep, penetrating the first level of my abdomen muscle. I stood corrected. It hadn't felt like a rock hitting me, more like a sledge hammer.

"I just wanted to know what to put on your tombstone." I moved in with a quick one-two combination to his gut and then slid back out of his reach as he swung at me. "By the way, I'm Taggart."

"I didn't ask," he replied as he caught me a third time with enough force to drive out some of my air. I danced back out of his reach again to catch my breath. Recovered, I bounced back into the fray, managing to deliver a series of blows that brought him to his knees, a look of surprise on his face. Not wanting to take advantage I moved back, giving him time to stand back up. I moved in again and pounded several blows into his gut. That's when I noticed that his skin was heating up. I glanced at my knuckles and they were red from the contact. I backed up but he wasn't giving me much quarter. As his skin reddened his hair became the lighter color again and he pursued me across the space. Then he caught me with a glancing blow. I almost screamed as a section of my outer skin burned away, leaving a long red streak. Not only was his skin hot to the touch, it was hot to have touch you. I danced away, tendering the skin that still smelled of burning flesh.

He chased me around the ring, catching me glancing blows, each one leaving a burn mark. As he did this, I was working my jaw. I knew I had already loosened what I was trying to now pry loose but it was difficult to concentrate on it while trying to keep myself from being scalded to death. I almost had it when he caught me with a full blow right in the middle of my solar plexus. This time I did scream, looking down to see the full form of his fist emblazoned on my torso. He took a second to look at the judges. I didn't like the look he got as they all marked down multiple marks on their tablets. I was losing. But his distraction gave me time to complete my task. As the Rockrythite turned toward me again, I spit at him. He probably wondered what I thought a little bit of spit would do to him. That's when he realized it wasn't just spit, but a tiny bit of metal as well, the silver cap from one of my teeth. The metal brightened in color and as it was absorbed, his temperature plummeted, his skin and hair returning to their natural color, just like I had seen happen earlier in the week. His baking days were over.

I charged in, my fists at the ready. My blows were strong and sure, obviously taking their toll as he fell back under my onslaught. That is until his body had time to adjust temperatures. My fist connected with what felt like solid rock and I thought I had broken my wrist. I tried to pull away, nursing my wrist but he was on me. If I thought his fists had felt like sledge hammers earlier, they now felt like pile drivers, each blow practically lifting me off my feet as he pummeled me, driving me back across the ring. My breathing was becoming ragged and I knew I was in a fix. He slammed me against the ropes, holding me there with his body as he slammed me time and again with his fists right in the gut. My musculature was being destroyed. And it was as cold as a winter storm as he pushed against me with his body weight. As I tried to survive his blows, my mind was swirling around within itself. Why was it so cold? My knees were turning to spaghetti as he continued to blast away, slowly turning my solid muscles into meat sauce. That's when it struck me, why it seemed so cold. He wasn't like rock, he was like ice.

My mind raced as he caught me a good one just below my belly button. My breath was driven out and I collapsed to my knees and fell forward to my face. He took a step back as if deciding how to finish me off. He came forward and dropped a knee, intent on collapsing my lungs. I barely managed to roll out of his way. His knee missed me and crashed down onto the floor. I struggled to get up, my abdomen sore and mangled from his burning and then the beating with his fists of solid ice. I managed to come to my feet as he turned on his one knee. I fussed with my shorts as he grabbed the ropes to help himself up. Just as he seemed about to rise, I burst forth with a spray of hot liquid that caused steam to rise from his torso as it hit. He let out a primal scream like none I had ever heard back on earth. Then he simply exploded, the force driving me back on my own ass. I had been right. By applying my hot piss against his ice-like skin, I had introduced opposing forces. Fortunately, mine had been the victor. I dragged myself to my feet, wiping off the residue from his explosion. As I did, my escort reappeared. I was pleased by the astounded look on their collective faces. We turned to face the judge's panel.

"By reason of a technical knockout, this round goes to the Terran from the Milky Way galaxy. We will notify the Pyriteptomium galaxy that their delegate has been cancelled." There was no applause, no hoopla, not even a yahoo. The judges exited right after giving their decision. I wanted to believe that those on my ship would be watching over closed circuitry technology and were now cheering my success. But this was as much as we knew about the contest. No one from Earth had ever gotten past round one. As I was led back to my quarters, I couldn't help but wonder what was next. As my escort opened my door, they both clapped me on the back and the chattier one started talking.

"Congratulations, Terran. We admit you surprised us all. As a reward, you may use the mental telepather pad to call up a companion for tonight…a female or male as you would so desire." Astounded by their generosity, I picked up the device and pressed it to my forehead. But if they had been surprised by my performance, they were even more befuddled by my choice of companions for the evening for there on the floor space was a replay of the fight I had just won. As I collapsed on the bed enjoying my victory, they silently closed the door to take up their place of honor as guardians of the evening's champion.