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The Pub Encounter
A Gut Punching Story
By Bob

Jon and I were celebrating. Jon, a Muay Thai kick boxer had just won his match and we were at a local pub near the stadium. It had been a particularly grueling match, but Jon came out on top. We were settling down to enjoy a couple of ales when a group of guys came into the pub. They evidently had also been to the match as well. One of the guys recognized Jon as one of the night's fighters. They went off to one side drinking and talking loudly, bragging about how tough they were. They kept eyeing Jon and laughing. Jon and I just kept to us, enjoying the ales.

Evidently, the loud group had enough and started to leave. As they were leaving, one of them stopped at our table and gave Jon a long stare. He then left and we thought that was the end of that. After a couple more ales, we too got up and left the pub.

As soon as we got outside the door, the guy that gave Jon the long stare appeared.

"Hey tough guy", he challenged, "do you think you can handle these?"


He lifted his shirt and even in the dim light, we both saw a perfect set of abs. Jon had about enough of this guy.

"Look dude, don't mess around with me tonight," Jon said, "I'll fuck up that sorry set of abs so you won't stand straight for a week.!"

We started to leave but this tough dude wasn't quite through yet.

"Alright punk, tell you what. I'll give each of you one hour a piece to try and break my abs. If either of you can break me, you can do whatever you want to me. You can use whatever you want on my abs, nothing barred everything goes. Tied up or not, your choice. If I try and block anything, I lose right on the spot"

"And if we can't?" Jon asked.

"If you don't break me in two hours, your ass is mine. It will be my turn to fuck your stomach up, punk. Nothing barred everything goes. Just you man; your buddy here can walk or promise not to interfere. You think you can do it PUNK?" He challenged again. To further taunt us, he flexed his rock hard six pack. Jon was ready to take him on right there.

I pulled Jon aside and asked "Jon buddy, you sure you want to do this? You just had a really hard match and this guy seems very cocky. I got nothing to lose here. You might get fucked up good."

"Bob, no way am I gonna let this asshole get away with this. If you and I work together, we can tear up his stomach. Then we'll both fuck his ass and make him squeal like a pig! I won't let you down buddy. Let's get this chump!"

"Alright tough guy," Jon said, "Lets get it on. Where do you want your ass kicked?"

"My place is only few blocks away", he said. "Let's do it there."

The three of us walked the short distance to his home. He led us downstairs to his workout area. He took off his shirt. He had an enormous upper body, well muscled. In the light of the basement, we both looked at his stomach area. It was impressive. I wondered if Jon bit off more then he could chew.

Jon and I got together and worked out our strategy. We agreed that I would start and work on the upper stomach area with fists and stomps. Jon would then continue with his arsenal of Muay Thai techniques concentrating on the mid and lower area. We would then tag team him, progressively wearing him down. We decided not to tie him up for now, hoping that he would block one of our hits. I started to walk up to this monster, when he stopped me in mid stride.

"Just as I thought punk, you're a pussy, sending your friend first." He said. "I want you to see how tough you are, not him! You can send in Bob later to finish me off. No, better still, if your game, I want only you punk. Same two hour limit, same rules but just you!"

Jon and I both looked at each other. I told him it was his call.

"All right you're on" Jon said, "This is going to be fun." Jon sized up his target. "Up against the wall tough guy. I'm going to enjoy this." Jon said.

Tough guy did exactly as he was told. Back against the wall, his eight pack was tensed and ready for whatever was coming. He looked straight into Jon's eyes and said, "My name is Paul. You'll remember that name. Give me all ya got Jonnie, you'll never break me" he said laughing.

Jon began by letting loose a full force sweeping kick which landed square in Paul's solar plexus. It landed with a solid thud that filled the room. He immediately followed up with another kick with even more force landing in Paul's lower ab area.

Paul flinched but held steady. A look of satisfaction on his face followed a laugh. "I hope you got more than that" he chided.

"Don't worry, I'm just warming up asshole!" Jon said

Jon then proceeded to thoroughly work over Paul's upper mid section with power full fists, concentrating on the upper panels of his six pack first. Fist after fist found it mark. He didn't give Paul a chance to breathe by timing each blow just right. After about twenty of these punches, he totally surprised his opponent with another devastating kick right to the solar plexus, followed immediately by another series of hard punches right to the solar plexus. This continued for a full twenty minutes. Just when Paul thought there was a sequence he could rely on, Jon would use his powerful kicks to totally surprise him. Paul was starting to breathe a bit more heavily and a more respectful look developed.

"Lie down on the floor" Jon commanded. "Here is where I really start fucking you up"
Jon noticed that he only had about 90 minutes left.

Paul did what he was told. Lying on his back, concrete underneath him, his mid section waiting for whatever still was to come.

Jon weighed about 175 pounds. He was counting on each of those pounds to help him out now. Without any warning, he jumped up and landed hard and square right into Paul's stomach. Paul didn't quite prepare for this and all of his air left him. Jon seized on this immediately by jumping again with all of his 175 pounds right into Paul's helpless midsection. Jon used his weight well by standing on Paul's stomach after the last stomp totally winding his opponent.

"Not so tough now, are you asshole" Jon said as he came down with another full stomp to Paul's stomach. Jon followed this up with several knees right into Paul's already tender solar plexus further weakening his stomach. This barrage was followed with another stomp high and hard right into Paul's gut. As Jon was standing on Paul's weakening abs, he looked down and for the first time saw fear in Paul's eyes.

Another knee drop followed right to the solar plexus. With his knee grinding into Paul's stomach, Jon asked. "Had enough yet?"

With a look of utter defiance Paul sputtered, "No way punk, you haven't broken me yet"

Jon stood and lifted a foot right over Paul's stomach, "Remember Paully girl, you block any of this and you lose everything." Jon's foot landed squarely in Paul's solar plexus yet again, "And you wouldn't want that would you asshole?" as another stomp landed square in the center of his upper abs.

"You won't break me no matter how many times your big feet land on me" a less defiant Paul managed to squeak out. This was followed by another 175-pound stomp right into his stomach. Jon just stood on Paul's stomach relishing this more and more.

Jon saw a chinning bar hanging from the ceiling. It was situated so that you would need
to jump up to catch it, leaving your feet about 18" off the ground. He also saw some rope and an idea developed quickly. Jon asked me to quickly get the rope while he was landing some more knees into Paul's abs.

I knew what Jon wanted to do and grabbed a step chair from the corner of the room. With rope in hand I waited for the two to get there.

"To the chin up bar Paully" Jon said. Jon gave Paul a few more shots as they were walking over. "You wanna quit yet?" Another fist right into his brutalized solars.

"No way, I'm not giving in," Paul said as another fist found its mark. Paul was really breathing heavy now and his body was covered with sweat.

"Yes you will, right after this next session" Jon laughed. He looked at the clock. He still had about one hour left to punish this guy.

"Hey Bob, you want to join me?" Jon asked almost laughing out loud.

A look of utter defiance from Paul caught both our attention. Paul used the moment of reprieve to gather himself. He still had some fight left, and to further taunt us, Paul started doing chins. His body already covered in sweat from the previous pummeling, was glistening now. A steady stream of sweat flowed down over his rock abs making him look even more inviting. His arms, bulging from the constant pumping out of chins. Finally after about 15 reps he stopped and lifted himself up half way and held. He really was awesome to look at.

"Come on boys" he said "I'm all yours"

We both took turns pounding away at Paul's stomach. At times, it was just Jon, at times just me and often both of us together, me working Paul's left side and Jon his right. The mix of constant thumping sounds echoed throughout the room. It was totally erotic to listen too. We finally started to wear our victim down. He was now starting to sag and finally was hanging on the chin bar.

As Paul hung from the chin up bar, I re-secured his wrists and let Jon take over from that point. Jon never let up, landing a few fists right away. Paul looked up at the clock. I think he knew he was not going to make it.

"You wanna quit now?" Jon asked, "If not, I am going to use the full time I have left to bust you up good" Paul looked ready, but he said to continue. I had to admire his resolve if nothing else.

Jon let loose with a flurry of punches, kicks, and shins to every part of Paul's battered mid section. Jon was enjoying this human punching bag. Kicks landed with fury to Paul's lower abs. One after the other right to the lower muscle panel. In between the lower ab pummeling, Jon continued to hammer Paul's solars with solid kicks. Paul was starting to moan.

Next Jon started using power punches to Paul' middle panel of muscles. Hard solid fists found their mark. Jon's punches were causing Paul to start swinging. Jon used this to his advantage, timing the punches on the return swing. Jon was really starting to breathe heavily and was sweating as much as Paul was. Jon knew he couldn't let up to give Paul any wind.

I was watching from the side and really was marveling at how much Paul was taking. This guy really was a total challenge for Jon and I. He had been hanging from the chin bar for about 40 minutes now and with about 20 minutes left, Paul's stomach was beat red. He was groaning audibly, but hadn't surrendered yet, but it was only time. I untied Paul from the bar and he fell to the floor. Jon spread him out on his back again. He looked down on his prey.

With a knee firmly planted in Paul's tender stomach Jon taunted, "It's all over, chump. Quit now or else. Come on, block these blows." Another knee right in his solars again.

"You can't handle this anymore Paully girl," Jon said has a he jumped with all his 175 pounds right on Paul's helpless stomach. "You can't last much longer asshole." Two more feet landed high and hard right in Paul's stomach. "Yes, your ass is mine I can feel it". Jon's two feet landed once more right in the center of Paul's stomach. "Oops, I missed a spot." A knee landed hard into his middle abs.

Jon knew he had won. He wanted to play some more though. After all, this chump ruined their evening. "Stand him up Bob. Hands behind his back". Another series of solid kicks to the lower abs alternating with fists to the solar plexus. Jon said to let him go. He dropped like a rock.

Back on his back, the taunting started again. "You want to give up now?" One more knee right to the mid abs. Before Paul could answer Jon landed both feet again into Paul's helpless abs. "How about now Paully?" Jon stood aside for the answer.

Paul was unable to put up anymore resistance. His abs took over 90 minutes of relentless punishment. He had 15 minutes left. He knew that Jon was getting very tired, but he also knew that the adrenaline of the impending victory would give him that last surge of energy he needed. Paul also figured that Jon would keep him lying down thereby using as little energy as possible for the final assault. His stomach was crying pain. He looked up at Jon. Sweat was running down his face and he was breathing with some difficulty. No, this Jon was for real.

Jon wasn't quite through with Paul yet. Paul put up quite a fight, but Jon still had 10 minutes of time remaining. And he did ruin their evening after all. He looked down at Paul, already knowing he had won this contest and that Paul was his, but he wanted to make Paul know who the winner of this contest really was.

As Paul was laying on his back, he asked me to make sure his hands weren't going to block any of the final minutes of punishment. Paul was still on his back, more in a curled position than anything else. So I stretched his arms back over his head totally exposing his stomach once again. Jon took the rope we used from the chin bar and quickly tied his feet to a couple of posts in the room. Paul was now essentially spredeagled for his final 10 minutes.

Jon then took off his boots so he was bear foot. He stepped on Paul's tender abs and just started stomping. He was trampling Paul's body now totally humiliating him further. His feet landed on Paul's abs, his pecs, and for the final assault a hard stomp into his balls. Jon was having the final victory. Paul was groaning and trying to escape, but I held his arms securely and his feet were also secured to the posts. I watched for the ten minutes as every part of Paul's body was trampled on. It was hot to watch.

"Well Pauly, looks like you lost" Jon taunted standing on his abs. Jon started bouncing up and down to drive home the point. The 2 hour time limit had expired and Paul was totally defeated.

"Yes Jon, you won. I'm yours", he choked. A defeated Paul was ready for the worst.