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4 Guys In a Locker Room

by Bob


The day started like any other, it would end with one of my fantasies becoming very real. My name is Jonathon. I am a junior at our local high school. and part of the school's water polo team. Actually, I am the captain of that water polo team.

We have a small locker room area at our school. So small, that the water polo team has to share facilities with the both the wrestling and football teams. This often gave me the opportunity to compare my upper body to their much bulkier wrestling and football bodies. I have a classic swimmer's body. The one thing that I am proud of however are my abs. I work them constantly and have developed them into a formidable set of rock hard bricks. I often have noticed the wrestlers and football jocks noticing how well developed my midsection is, but it never developed much beyond that. After all, wrestlers and football players never associate with water polo players. My ultimate goal however, was to show them just how tough I really was. Besides, it was a real turn on to have bigger guys work me over.

The locker room was particularly crowded after practice today. There were jocks of all kinds massed in our small area. The wrestlers were showing off as usual. A couple of them were flexing their abs and inviting their fellow team mates to test their ab strength. I was watching this encounter from a distance wishing that they would test my abs like that.

They were both juniors like me. Jason and Robert were their names and they had beautiful upper bodies. Their ab bricks were massively built. Jason had short blond hair, about my height but about 20 pounds heavier. Robert had black hair, was about six inches taller than me and weighed about 25 pounds more than I did. They were easily absorbing their team mates punches and laughing about it. Deep down, I knew my set of abs were equally strong. Their strength demonstration was coming to an end. The locker room was starting to clear of bodies. The two wrestlers were still playfully punching each other. This was the chance I was waiting for . My abs were as strong as theirs were and I would prove it.


I was wearing my jeans and a tee shirt. I walked toward the wrestlers. As I arrived in front of them. I lifted my shirt revealing my bricks.. I boldly proclaimed that my set of abs could handle anything they could dish out. I told them they could test me out either one on one or two on one if they wanted to. There was another wrestler still in the locker room. I invited him to join in as well. It would effectively be a three on one encounter.

The three sized me up. They looked at my well developed mid section. Jason came up and ran his hands up and down all 6 ab panels. He gave my stomach a playful punch and found it rock solid. Robert also checked me out. He came up and leveled a more serious punch into my solars. Again I didn't even flinch . The third guy was just watching and waiting.


"Well guy's, what do you think?" I asked, flexing my stomach showing every ridge and panel, "I can take what you got."

The three of them looked at each other. They made sure that the locker room was completely empty. They also checked to see if the gym was empty. It was.

"OK dude, you're on. Here's the deal. We each get 5 minutes alone with you. After that we get another 20 minutes, two or three on one , our choice. If we break you, we'll each have another 5 minutes to check out those lips of yours. If you survive, you can have 5 minutes with each of us to do what you want." The challenge was dropped and accepted.

We quickly moved to the gym. I took off my tee shirt. My abs were already glistening from the sweat that was rolling down them. Despite the pounding I would be taking with a potential three on one scenario , I was very exited . I wanted this since my first day in high school. The very thought of having three guys pounding on me made me hard. This was not lost on my attackers. I noticed all three were sweating as well.

The third guy would be first. He had an average wrestler build, not as muscular as Jason or Robert. I stood in front of him, braced my stomach and waited for the first punch. His jabs found their way to all parts of my midsection. They weren't very hard or particularly well placed. A few stung a bit, but his five minutes went quickly. He didn't penetrate my brick wall at all. As he left, I blew him a mocking kiss. This just angered Robert, who was next.

This was the guy I was waiting for. I looked at his huge arms and his massive upper body. Those guns would work over my abs quite a bit. Robert decided to work me over from a different angle. He found a flat bench and had me lay down on it. He then sat on my hips, pinning my stomach down. His sweat was falling on my abs and it was driving me wild. He flexed his pecs and arms for me.

"These guns are going to pound those abs to mush" , he said flexing his biceps.

I looked up at him and braced as best I could. He started pummeling my stomach. His punches were concentrating on the upper panels. Because he was sitting on me, I couldn't contract my stomach as much. A few of his punches found the mark. He was quite relentless. He wanted to show everyone there who was going to break my abs. The noise his fists made has they landed on my bricks, filled the gym. As his five minutes was up, he suddenly switched his fists to my lower panels. A solid 90 seconds of lower ab punches followed. When Robert was through, my abs were soar, but still solid. I think I knew what area Jason was going to work on.

Jason stood me up. He had me lower my jeans slightly revealing the bottom row of my six pack. Yes, it looked as though my lower abs were in for a continued pummeling. I looked at Jason. He was gorgeous. Blond hair, blue eyes. Big arms, not as huge as Robert's. His upper body was perfectly symmetrical. The gray tee shirt he was wearing was wet with sweat. He took it off slowly revealing a beautiful set of abs. His upper body was awash in sweat. We looked at each other for a few seconds. I think he was as caught up in the moment as I was. I tensed my midsection. He flashed his killer smile and began to sink his fits into my lower ab panels.

My lower abs are not the strongest area. Even though I still was very exited about Jason, his fists were stinging. I had to concentrate on flexing my abs not getting a hard on looking at Jason. Jason's fists were also relentless. One after the other landed in my lower guts. It was a strange sensation, a mixture of pain and an erotic pleasure. I knew I would survive Jason's onslaught. What I didn't know was would I be able to stand the 20 minutes of the three of them.. Jason's five minutes were over. We looked at each other each with a new respect for the other. There was a new respect from all three of them.

The second phase of my stomach strength would start shortly. I massaged my abs a bit. They were sore, but far from broken. I flexed them a bit. I was going to make it, I thought. This was wonderful. I was able to prove my abs were just as good as theirs was and fulfill a lifelong fantasy as well. I toweled some of the sweat off my abs and grabbed a bit of water. The wolf pack was coming back looking angry.

The had 20 minutes to break me. I knew they would need to keep my stomach from flexing. This is where the hundreds of hours of ab training would pay off. I did a few quick crunches to tighten my abs as much as possible. The pack was there and snarling.

As I suspected, it would be a three on one. Robert would do the pounding, Jason would extend my arms out and the third guy held my feet. The had me lay on the floor. My arms were held back, stretching my stomach out. My feet were held in check. Robert, once more sat on my dick, his knees at my sides. Robert was fresh and he knew it. Well, this is what I was dreaming about for three years. I wouldn't be disappointed.

Robert wasted no time in pounding my bricks. He had something to prove, and his fists were landing with much more authority. So far, those fists were landing in my stronger middle panels. I was not able to flex, so each punch stung. Five minutes went by. Robert was sweating profusely. I was breathing a bit heavier. My abs were sore, but I was still hanging in there.

Robert got up and switched places with Jason. Jason sat down a bit lower. I was getting harder as I looked at him. He concentrated his onslaught again on my lower panels. He alternated fists with solid slaps to my lower gut. The slaps really stung. My midsection was turning red. It was starting to be in agony. Jason smiled as his slaps tuned into side fist sledges right into my lower abs. He followed that with double fisted sledges into my solars.

Jason took another five minutes pummeling my entire stomach area. I was starting to groan loudly. I glimpsed at the clock. I still had 5 more minutes to go. They lifted me up for the final charge. Hands behind back, Robert powered his guns into my midsection. My groans were louder. Everyone there was breathing heavy. Robert's punches were becoming less powerful. But my gut was screaming in agony. I had to gut it out. Everything depended on it.

With one minute left, Jason stepped up again. He almost looked like he didn't want to do it, but the wrestlers honor was at stake. So was mine. The final conflict was to start. It was Jason against me. His will vs. mine. His fists vs. my guts. He started with a double fist deep into my solars. That almost knocked me out. He quickly followed up with a right left combo, again into my upper panels. I was fighting for a quick breath. Jason let another fist fly into my mid panels, followed by one more right into my lower abs.

Thirty seconds left. I was breathing with great difficulty. Jason was nearly spent as well. He tried one more volley of sledge fists into my solars. Some how I managed to take them. Another fist into my middle abs. Wump.

Time was up. I managed to stand on my own, holding my battered stomach. Robert, Jason and the other guy were all in a mass, heaving from exhaustion. I had beaten them. I kneeled next to them. Jason put his arms around me and congratulated me. Robert followed in short order.

Robert and Jason had a new respect for me from that day on. I worked them over to their delight to settle the wager. I don't know who enjoyed it more, them or me. Jason and I became the best of friends too. I guess, I did win the wager