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Marky and the boys by Kevyn

Mark Wahlberg (formerly known as Marky Mark) drove his large SUV up the long drive way of Beth's house in the Hollywood Hills. They had been dating for over half a year now, but their busy acting schedules kept them apart for weeks at a time. They'd recently set a date to spend the weekend together and Mark's car was packed to go. He drove up to the parking area, but her Corvette wasn't there. He saw her visiting nephews, a pair of twins who were just gawky 14 year old boys. They were nice kids who were spending a luxurious summer here in the Hills. The two boys were lounging at the pool and Mark joined them. Their names were Pete and Rob, but Mark always thought of them as Pete and Re-Pete. "Hi guys, where's Beth?" asked Mark. "She's still out shopping. Running late again. You know how girls are. She was supposed to be back a while ago." "Mind if I sit down and soak up some rays?" "Sure, go ahead. We were just thinking of taking a swim." Mark took off his t-shirt and sat in one of the reclining chairs. Both boys admired his upper body. Every muscle was well developed and clearly visible under his tanned skin. "Man, your abs look even better in person than in your posters!" exclaimed Pete. Mark replied, "Thanks, I work out hard as much as I can" as he grinned at the boys and flexed his arms and upper body at them. "Wow, that's really awesome. Can we punch your abs a few times? Just to see what it's like?" asked Rob. Mark thought about it. Both boys were athletic, but skinny like active boys their age usually are. They wouldn't have much body weight to put behind the punches and not too much strength either. "Well, ok, but only to my abs and only one of you at a time." "Alright!" yelled the twins in unison. Mark stood up and walked onto the grass and flexed his abs. Pete walked up to him and asked, "Ready?" Mark smirked and said "Go ahead." Pete landed a punch into the abs right in the belly button area. It was like hitting a brick wall. "Wow, that's hard." Pete punched again. "Smack" went his fist. He looked up into Mark's face, but the expression hadn't changed a bit. "Keep going," urged Mark. Pete wound up his arm and landed another. And another. And another. "Are you ok?" "Sure, no problem." "Let me now!" said Rob. "Back up against the tree, so you can't back away." "Ha, I don't need to avoid any punches." Rob pushed Mark back up against one of the trees and aimed a punch at the belly button area. "Is that the best you can do?" yelled Mark. "Come on, hit me harder!" Rob began to land one punch after another into the solid abs. Every smack of fist on abs made the skin redder, but Mark just stood and took the punches. Rob was trying to be very methodical and put as much of his weight behind every punch as he could. He could feel the individual rock hard ab muscles with his knuckles on every punch. By about the 20th punch, he got tired and told Pete to try again. Rob moved behind the tree and pinned Mark's arms behind him. Rob's pulling fully straightened Mark and pulled his back up against the tree. "Punch him hard. Let's see how much he can really take." Rob told Pete. Pete punched once and saw how ineffective it was. He searched Mark's face for any sign of pain, but was just rewarded with a wink of an eye. Pete moved back and took a three step start into his next punch. He could feel that the punch was a lot harder than before, but Mark just repelled it. Pete continued with the running start on the punches. He could see the redness on Mark's skin and knew he had to be hurting him, but the abs remained as much a brick wall as ever. On the next run, Pete launched his knee into the abs instead. His whole body weight followed and he could feel his knee depressing the ab wall. He knew he had scored, but still there was no reaction from Mark. Pete stepped back again and placed a well aimed kick to the belly button. Mark just watched. Pete placed three more hard knees into Mark's abs. By now, it looked like Mark was finally beginning to notice the punishment. Pete stepped up to him and drove a single knuckle into the hole of the belly button and twisted it. "How does that feel?" "It sucks, buddy. You're supposed to punch, not stick your fingers into my belly button." In reply, Pete punched his knuckle into the belly button three more times. Pete now walked behind Mark and grabbed his arms so that Rob could do some more punching. He copied Pete's method of getting a running start and landing with his knee into the abs. It was obvious that these blows were having an effect on Mark. There was an audible exhale on each of them. Rob took his time with each blow, making sure he did it just right. Each punch produced a "smack" and a small groan from Mark. However, Mark continued to stand his ground. His knees didn't fold and he didn't try to escape from the arm hold. He was determined to just stand and take the punishment until the twins decided to stop. He knew he could take a lot more blows, hopefully more than the twins had the strength and endurance to dish out. Rob returned to just straight punches, alternating with his left and right fists. The smacking sounds became a continuous rhythm in the yard. Mark closed his eyes in concentration and maintained his composure. The next sound they heard was a car pulling up the driveway. Rob stopped punching and Pete released the arms. "Here's Beth," said Pete. Mark pushed away from the tree and examined his abs. There was a large, red welt directly in the middle. He knew he'd have a huge bruise there for the next few days. He walked over to the chair and put his t-shirt over it. "Thanks for the workout, boys," he proudly said to them, "We'll try to do it again sometime, but don't tell Beth! See you later." Mark gave Beth a kiss and helped her unpack her shopping items. On the way back to the car, she asked, "Did you get along with the twins?" "Oh yes, they're a couple of good kids."