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Chris and Mark

"It's late, Mark", said the coach. "I'll leave you to
finish up and lock the gym when you leave".

"OK", said Mark, finishing off a set of bench presses
and wiping a line of sweat running down his hard
sixteen year-old torso to his tight black lycra

"Oh, and wait until the new guy, Chris, finishes", he
added, glancing at the taller fifteen year-old who was
doing squats nearby. "Good work, today, Mark".

"Thanks, Coach", said Mark smiling as he sat up.

There was a moment's silence then the younger boy,
Chris, said quietly: "Coach's favourite, huh?"

"What's it to you?" said Mark, eyeing the taller
blonde boy, stripped to his waist, wearing blue gym
pants with a hint of the waistband of his boxers
showing. "Prettyboy!" said Mark, spitting out the

"Yeah, I bet you like prettyboys", said Chris, ending
his squats and walking over to the darker boy as he
got up from the bench.

Without warning, Chris punched the younger hard on his

rock-hard abdominals. Mark stepped back and expertly

unleashed two hard rapidfire punches on the blonde's

equally hard stomach before taking two fast steps backwards.

The boys eyed each other, fire flashing in their eyes,
their hard young bodies aflame with anger and passion,
blood coursing through their veins.

"You know, the thing about wearing tight shorts like
those, prettyboy", said Chris staring at Mark's bulge
in his black lycra shorts, "is that it make the
perfect target". Before he'd even finished the words,
Chris' right fist landed squarely in Mark's soft
groin, sending the sixteen year-old boy down on his

Wasting no time, Chris took Mark by the hair and slammed him against the wall.

While Mark was still suffering from the intense pain in his bulge, holding his hands on it, Crish launched a couple of hard right into the solar plexus, to cut the breath of this too-much-muscled abs-boy. Then, waiting just a bunch of seconds, and holding Mark's chest with his left hand, Chris landed a direct punch in Mark's left bicep, followed immediately by a second one. Mark moaned, suffering from these shots, but not preventing the same treatment for his right biceps.

"This in case you decide to come back to me with some punches, they will be surely soft!"

"OOHHHH, you bastard.....!"


A tremendous sequence of left right landed in the abs of Mark, each punch for each block of Mark's six pack. The muscles wall that Mark builded in the gym with yars of workout was not flexed at this time, because the abs-boy was not able to flex them with the pain his body had, but it offered still some protection, because even if unflexed they were real-muscled-abs! But punch after punch, there is no fortress that can resist. Every new punch launched by Chris went a bit deeper in Mark's abs.

After several of these punches, with Mark's body pretty doubled over, Chris putted his left hand on Mark's chest, holding him upright. With the free right hand, he delivered a furious sequence of 4 devastating punches to the lower abs of Mark, right under the navel, in the stomach part covered by the black short. A fifth punch arrived very low, just near the groin, and send Mark, pretty unconscious, to fall on the ground, moaning and holding his abs and groin.

"You need more gym workout, preettyboy!" said Chris leaving the gym.