Raising JungleBoy by Kevin

(a fictional tale)

JungleMan was master of the jungle in all directions for as far as he could
travel. It was his domain. He had recently taken up with a nice woman and they
really enjoyed each other.

However, her teenage son vexed him. He might be lord of the jungle, but father
hood skills had so far eluded him. Not that JungleBoy was a bad kid or
anything. Just the opposite. Boy was a good kid, but not yet well suited to
live and survive in the jungle. Boy was of the age to be a man. He was smart,
but a bit small for his age. JungleMan made sure that Boy ate meat and lots of
it to put some muscles on his bones. Maybe it was working. They would see.

JungleMan also knew that Boy needed training in the laws of the jungle. The
simple law was that the strong survived. The boy needed fight training and
much more of a mean attitude than he had now and JungleMan was the man to give
him these skills. After they had a long talk, JungleMan decided that they
would hold a practice fight against each other. Boy could do whatever he
wanted. JungleMan would fight back, but be careful not to injure the young man.

They started out circling each other, with JungleMan wondering what Boy would
do. They approached each other. Boy pushed. Man pushed back and Boy was thrown
back. But he didn't get pissed. He just got up and approached JungleMan
again. Suddenly Boy landed a direct kick to his opponent's groin! JungleMan
could take lots of pain and he didn't go down, but Boy got him in a headlock.

It looked funny, seeing the big muscle man's head in the teenager's arms. Yet
now that Boy was applying a solid hold, a noticably peak was showing on his
biceps. Boy immediately landed a fist to his victim's face. Then another one!
Then a third fist! JungleMan drove his open hand into Boy's abs and caught him
by surprise. He pulled his head out of the encircling arms. He stood up and
rubbed his face to dispel the effects of the face shots. He shouldn't have done
that. As his attention was diverted, Boy landed another kick to his groin!
JungleMan doubled over. Boy walked up boldly and landed a punch into the lower
abs. He pushed JungleMan back against a tree and punched him hard into the
exposed lower abs. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!

JungleMan took the blows without grunting or evasion. He was tough and knew
it. He really wanted Boy to learn to work someone over and his body would be
the training field. Suddenly he wrapped his arms around Boy and picked him up
in a bear hug. He didn't squeeze him too hard, but enough to make it really

Boy wrapped his legs around his waist, but of course couldn't power out of it.
Jungleman squeezed harder. In desperation, the boy racked his fingernails
across his tormentor's eyes. That freed him immediately and he headlocked the
bigger man again. Jungleman just stood there bent over in the headlock waiting for
something to happen. Boy was grinding his knuckles into Jungleman's head, so
Jungleman aimed an open-handed slap into Boy's groin! Boy exhaled a loud groan
and sagged to his knees, but held the headlock. He was much tougher than
Jungleman had expected. A blow to the balls fells most men.

After a couple of minutes, Boy had stood up again and jabbed a thumb into his
new stepdad's throat! Oh, that hurt, but JungleMan held his composure. Boy
jabbed another thumb into the soft area of the throat. In retaliation,
Jungleman again slapped Boy's groin. This time, Boy had to release the headlock
and doubled over in pain. But, he didn't go down. He wasn't a kid anymore and
maybe he was more of a man than he looked. Jungleman grabbed the boy's hair to
raise him up and jabbed a couple of fingers into Boy's groin. Boy moaned in
pain. His knees shook and he wobbled on his feet but didn't collapse. To test
the boy's toughness, Jungleman again jabbed a couple of fingers into Boy's open
groin. Boy moaned loudly from the shot to his manhood. He was in pain, but he
didn't complain. JungleMan drove a fist into the exposed midsection that
doubled over Boy with a loud "OUMPH."

JungleMan straigtened up Boy by his hair and lined up another finger poke into
Boy's groin! His balls were hurting now, but he had started the ball bashing
and JungleMan could play at the game, too.

The big man waited until Boy had recovered some and slapped Boy's groin with an
open hand again! Boy moaned loudly! It was clear he had enough for he returned
with a hard kick into Jungleman's balls. The big man held his balls now. Boy
pushed Jungleman's hands out of the way and drove a knee into the exposed
balls! WOW, that hurt, but JungleMan didn't scream. He dropped to his knees on
the ground, holding his abused jewels. Boy stepped back awkwardly out of
range, still nursing his own abused nuts.

JungleMan knelt on the ground, cupping his balls in his hand to try to recover
from the hard blow. Boy took a small blade from his belt and dug it into
JungleMan's forehead, just enough to open up a small deep cut. Boy gloated,
"How you like that, big man?" A stream of blood immediately came out. Boy threw
his blade aside and drove his knuckle into the cut. Not only was Boy more of a
man than JungleMan thought, maybe Boy was meaner than he had thought? The
jungle lord's balls were still hurting too much, but he knew that a few punches
to his head wouldn't hurt him any.

A few more fists rained into JungleMan's forehead, where blood was now coming
out of the cut. Boy swiped his fingernail into the cut to make sure it stayed
open and more blood came out. It ran down the nose to the mouth and JungleMan
tasted his own blood for the first time in a long time. ARGH!

With a burst of energy, JungleMan threw down Boy and stood up with all his
might. Unfortunately, he was immediately rewarded with a uppercut to his family
jewels. He grunted loud, but didn't go down. Tough nuts! He protected his groin
with his hands, so Boy walked behind him and punched him hard in the center of
the back. After four or five hard blows to his spine, JungleMan was more
concerned about his back than his nuts. Boy walked back around to the front
and aimed another hard uppercut to the big man's ball sack. He could feel his
fist squishing the soft organs! This time Jungleman went down and fell on his

Still, after all the abuse, JungleMan didn't cry out in pain from the
punches. He knew he was tough and he was convinced he could take whatever the
boy wanted to do to him.

Meanwhile, Boy had other ideas. He grabbed a small stick and broke it so
that it had a sharp end. He locked JungleMan in a rear head lock and then
drove the pointed stick into his forehead. JungleMan felt the new pain but
didn't react to it, pissing off Boy. So Boy started twisting the stick in the
bloody cut! More and more blood flowed out. Head wounds always bleed a lot even
if they are as minor as this one. The blood was now flowing into JungleMan's
eyes, blinding him. Oh crap! He stood up to try to stop Boy's actions, but
Boy jumped on his back and held on.

Now JungleMan stood there in all his muscular glory, with a young muscle god on
his back who was poking a stick into his bleeding forehead, with the blood
running into his eyes and even down his face onto his chest! Wow, what
a sight!

It only took a minute or two before Boy's grip started slipping due to the
slippery blood. The two muscle men stood nearly toe to toe and faced each
other fearlessly. More blood dripped down JungleMan's face onto
his chest. Boy slowly reached up to the small cut and sliced his thumbnail
back and forth in it. JungleMan did not resist. The blood flow continued, but
JungleMan did not mind. He waited for Boy's next attack.

He did not have to wait long. Boy started a series of punches to the big man's
midsection. With each punch, Boy's arm muscles flexed under the thin skin. His
back muscles worked visibly with every punch. JungleMan was pushed up against a
tree and absorbed the body punches stoically. For the next fifteen minutes,
Boy proceeded to lay hard punches on every square inch of upper body.
JungleMan's knees never buckled and his iron will never faltered. He took every
punch without a grunt. Boy specially aimed punches into the low abs, many of
them right above the cock, but not hitting the balls. The lower abs are
most men's weakness, but the lord of the jungle accepted the blows like the
muscle stud he was. Many punches also rained down on the chest of JungleMan.
Each punch dug deep into the thick pec muscles, creating waves of moving flesh.
Boy landed some twisting punches on the man-tits, but JungleMan never made
noises of pain. One tough stud!

After a while, Boy stopped the barrage on the upper body to concentrate on his
favorite target - the lower abs! He landed slow and hard punches, putting as
much weight into the punches as he could. JungleMan's face started showing
strains and signs of pain for the first time! Boy followed up with hard knees
into the lower abs, pushing as much of his body weight as he could. He
definitely saw the signs of pain on his victim's face now, but JungleMan
heroically held his composure. Every knee landed and penetrated hard into the

Suddenly, JungleMan lashed out and punched Boy in the same place. Apparently,
Boy had his own abs flexed, because he only exhaled loudly on receiving the
punch into his lower abs. Wow! Another tough guy. Boy immediately punched
JungleMan again and again. But JungleMan again punched Boy! He momentarily
stopped to recover, but then returned more punches to JungleMan. But JungleMan
continued to take the abuse and punched back again! Boy was stunned by the
pain to his groin area and had to lean against his stronger opponent to catch his
breath. JungleMan doesn't want to overdo it and waits on his smaller opponent
to fight back. He doesn't have to wait long before Boy rammed a knee into his
lower abs a couple of times. Then JungleMan put another fist into Boy's lower
abs! Boy gasped in pain and leaned forward into JungleMan's body, but he won't
go down. Again, JungleMan doesn't have to wait long before Boy rammed three hard
knees into his abs.

The two jungle titans go back and forth punishing each others abs. It's clear
that JungleMan is the bigger, stronger and tougher guy and that he's playing
with Boy, but he's being careful to keep giving Boy chances to fight back hard.

Boy landed more and more hard blows to JungleMan's wall of muscular abs.
But he also takes more and more blows to his own lower abs. He gasps each time
he receives a blow and many times he has to rest against JungleMan or hold
himself up by grabbing JungleMan. But he WON'T go down to his knees.

The pain of the blows becomes etched more and more on Boy's face. He is
obviously stronger and more muscular than JungleMan had ever expected. He can
take pain and lots of it. But the blows from JungleMan's big fists were taking
their toll on his abs and the organs behind them. His gut was in pain, but his
whole body felt alive and vibrant.

However, Boy was now getting to the limit of his toughness to absorb gut
punches. The next time he took another blow, it seemed to him to be especially
low in the abs. Boy returned the punch as hard as he could, as many times as he

JungleMan, seeing that Boy was nearing his end, wanted to both tease and
provoke him. He came back with another really low blow into Boy's groin. Boy
groaned loudly from the pain to his groin. A fist to his cock was something he
had never experienced before, but he stayed on his feet and rested against
JungleMan. Before Boy could punch back, JungleMan landed another punch to his
cock. "AAAHH OOOH" moans Boy. The pain and shock is new to him but he is learning to
handle it. Boy has to rest a moment to recover from the brutal punches. But
revenge was sweet. Boy aimed and landed a brutal uppercut to JungleMan's
family jewels!

Oh the pain! Boy watched as JungleMan doubled over and he admired his
handiwork. He picked up the sharp stick and twisted it into JungleMan's
forehead again. He had a solid grip on JungleMan's long hair and alternately
punched the forehead and stuck the stick into the forehead cut. Quickly the
blood ran anew down his opponent's face. After a minute, JungleMan was able to
straigten up again from the low blow, but Boy landed a harsh kick into the
nuts again! Again, JungleMan doubled over, but this stud simply would not fall
to his knees.

Boy raised up JungleMan and moved his protecting hands away from his groin. Boy carefully aimed a solid punch into the big man's package. Direct hit! And JungleMan moans in agony, "MMMMM, OOOHHH." The next punch in an uppercut to the nuts, causing them to bounce around in the loin cloth. "GRRRR" is JungleMan's loud grunt!

Boy once again drives the stick into JungleMan's forehead. The whole face is
covered in blood with more dripping onto the muscular chest. He continues to
twist the stick while JungleMan has to take the abuse.

Maybe by this time JungleMan had had enough of the shots to his balls and the
blood on his face, because he aimed an open hand to Boy's balls!

Boy yelled out in pain and dropped the stick, but he wouldn't drop to his knees
either! To his credit, he recovered quickly from the soft blow and drove
another fist to JungleMan's balls! JungleMan moaned ferociously from the pain
and took more punches to his forehead from Boy, but they have little effect. He
retaliated with a fist to Boy's nuts. Boy fell completely to the ground
from that brutally painful punch. He rolled on the ground in agony as
JungleMan watched.

JungleMan was proud both of his own ability to take brutal blows from a strong
young man and Boy's toughness at absorbing so many blows himself.

The fight was now over, but a new friendship and mutual respect grew between
the two men. They would probably have many more practice fights and soon Boy
would be accepted into the local tribe after the manhood trials. Then he would
have to choose a name for himself.

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