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Though the sun gave its best to make it a bright and wonderful day the beach of Pino Sombroso was nearly empty. Spain's schools were closed for summer holidays, but though Pino Sombroso lay not far from Alicante at the Mediterranean coast it seemed that hardly anybody beyond the city limits even knew about the existence of this small proper town. Pedro strolled along the shoreline and enjoyed his new home. He was seventeen and had just moved here with his parents; until then he had lived in an even smaller village in the Rioja, so the climate was new for him as well as living near a real beach. School would begin in about two weeks and Pedro intended to find some friends before to make his first days in the new school easier. But today there was hardly anybody in sight. Pedro didn't notice he was observed.Two boys stood behind a bush and discussed in low voices about the good-looking unknown guy in his blue shorts. When he approached, they stepped out of the green and headed towards him. Pedro began to feel uneasy, as the two did not appear too friendly; there was an extremely cute one in tight black lycra bathing-shorts, with black hair and black sunglasses on, showing a rather hostile, menacing look on his handsome face; and one step behind him came another one in blue pants, not as good-looking as his companion but more muscular. They seemed to be of the same age as Pedro himself. "Hi", the boy in black said. "Guess ya th' new kid 'n town, yeah?" Pedro had difficulties in understanding his dialect. "Yes", he answered simply. "My name is Pedro." "Hi, Pedro!" the boy repeated and took off his sunglasses. He had big, dark eyes which now stared at Pedro without winking. "I'm Juan, an' this ma pal, Carlos!" With an arrogant face Carlos tipped two fingers to the peak of an imaginary cap. Juan continued: "As ya new here, I'm gonna tell ya somethin' worth knowin': first 'f all, that lovely beach here is ours!" Pedro rose his brows. "Yours?! I think the beach belongs to everyone, no?" Juan now stood directly in front of Pedro, just an armlength away. "Ah - ya think, yeah?!" he hissed in a mean voice. BOUFF! the answer read. Juans right fist stuck deep in Pedro`s guts, driving the air out of him and making him bend down and moan. You could tell Juan and Carlos didn't deliver this treatment for the first time. Pedro hadn't flexed his abs really, so they hadn't hindered Juans fist; and while Pedro bent down Carlos slapped him in the face to bring him up again. And then THUDD! THUDD! first Juan's right fist, then immediately Carlos' left smashed into Pedro's stomach. The two bad boys stepped back and looked at their victim with contempt. Pedro stood there coughing and groaning, doubled over and holding his midsection with both arms. Carlos and especially Juan enjoyed the situation - but maybe a moment too long. After a while Juan returned to the handsome young man who was still bending and gasping for air. "Und'stood wadda mean?" he asked with a malicious grin which was all of a sudden switched off by Pedro's fist knocking under his chin. "Think I did!" Pedro yelled and delivered a hard punch into Juan's stomach. The black boy was surprised, and the fist had hit his soft, unprotected belly making him stepping back and bend down. BOUFF! Again Carlos left fist impacted on Pedro's belly; this time the boy had flexed his abs, but Carlos punched so hard that it hurt in spite of the tightened muscles and hindered Pedro from reacting so Carlos could go on. BOUFF! BOUFF! BOUFF! Pedro hardly got enough air to moan, but in the meantime Juan had recovered and slapped him in the face, too. "Shouldn't done that!" he grumbled and drove his fist full force upwards directly into Pedro's stomach just when he relaxed his muscles. "UOOOOHH!" the boy uttered, doubled over and fell on his knees, finally touching the warm sand with his forehead, his arms wrapped around his aching belly. "Over?" Carlos asked. "Nope!" Juan replied. "The sucker hit me! C'mon, we beat the shit off 'm!" Carlos grabbed Pedro's arms and tried to help him up again. Pedro did as if he didn't notice his surroundings, and Carlos fell for the trick and didn't pay enough attention. All of a sudden Pedro freed his right arm and immediately drove it back, smashing it against Carlos' chest. "Aaaeeh", Carlos uttered, and again Juan hesitated an instant too long, giving Pedro the opportunity to drive his fist forth again and punch Juan full force in the stomach. WOUUFF! Pedro wasn't skilled in any martial art but had of course watched action movies on TV; now he decided to try what he had seen on the screen and performed a karate-kick against Carlos's body. His heel impacted on the boy's midsection, nailing his stomach against his spine and leaving not a single air molecule in Carlos's chest. Without a moan the guy went down on the beach, the spit soon dropping from his mouth. Pedro took the opportunity to punch Juan in the belly once more; the black boy preferred giving to taking and now went to his knees to gain some time. Pedro fell for this trick, and before he knew it Juan hit him in the hollows of the knees so that he fell on his back. Immediately Juan tried to get on top of him and press his knee into Pedro's stomach pit, but didn't succed as Pedro grabbed him and turned him over. They rolled over the sand, but in the end it was Pedro who sat on top of Juan. For a moment he could hardly refrain from ramming his knee into this considerable bump in Juan's tight-fitting bathing-shorts, but before he could do anything Juan threw a fistful of sand at his face. Reacting quite fast Pedro didn't get it in the eyes, but Juan punched him in the solar plexus as hard as he managed from his disadvantageous position. "Oooh!" Pedro had relaxed his abs, and before he could get his arms up he took another fist to the guts but this one with little effect as his reflex to the first hit had flexed his abs. Juan worked to free himself, but Pedro pinned him to the ground - and couldn`t help feeling swell while he did so. Nevertheless he clenched his fist and rammed it four or five times right down into Juan's midsection, whose abs couldn't block these blows. "HOOO! -OOAAH! -UOOOH!" Pedro paused just for a second to get his air, then started to release the moaning, hot black boy beneath him. But as soon as Juan could free one leg he sidekicked Pedro in the chest, making him fall on his side, and literally jumped on him again. THUDD! THUDD! Juan's fists didn't penetrate to Pedro's stomach as he had flexed his abs as hard as he could; he even could roll over again, making Juan fall down from him and getting on him again. Pedro decided to grant his right hand the pleasure he had denied to his knee some moments before, clenched it to a tight fist and drove it hard into Juan's balls. The guy cried out in a mixture of surprise and pain, trying to reach his groin with his hands to cover it from further aggression, but Pedro would not let loose and, noticing the great effect on his enemy, thrashed his fist again twice in Juan's nuts. The black boy choked and coughed, but Carlos had finally recovered, and though a lot of stars and even some stripes were still dancing before his eyes he raised again to full height, stepped towards Pedro, who hung over Juan striking out for another punch in his most unprotected, soft and sensitive spot, and kicked him full force in the guts. His bare foot hit Pedros stomach and seemingly compressed it to the size of a golf ball while the boy got snatched away from his howling victim, rolled over the hot sand and finally came to lie on his back. Heavyly breathing, Carlos followed him and just let himself fall on the other guy, driving his knee into Pedro's tortured stomach pit. "UOOOAAAHH!" Pedro was sure he was just about to die. His guts hurt like hell, he felt sick, was near to vomitting and got no air. Carlos slapped him in the face again, then hit him in the side three or for times but all the time pressed his knee into Pedro's belly. Still whimpering Juan got up and came over, walking straddle-legged and looking rather ridiculous than cool. The stinging ache in his fat balls shot through his abdomen and made his stomach cramp. When he reached Pedro he set his right foot on the beaten-up boy's chest, then bent his knee and leant forward, pinning Pedro on the sand and making it hard for him to catch his breath. Carlos released his midsection, which pulled a faint moan from the tortured boy. "Yer dead, sucker!" Juan hissed, still panting. "We'll meet again - better if ya have a life assurance by then!" Carlos lifted his left foot and rammed the heel full force down in Pedro's guts. "WOAAOOOHH!" Juan took his foot from Pedro's chest, and the boy turned over on his side and threw up. When he came back to life again some time later, Juan & Carlos were nowhere in sight, but Pedro was sure they would meet again.


His first day at the new school held its bad surprise no longer than to the moment when Pedro entered his class. "G'marning!" someone said in an extremely unpleasant tone. Just about to answer Pedro recognized the dark sunglasses and then - even worse - the guy behind them. "Morning, Juan!" he murmured and tried to quickly pass his favourite fight opponent but was grab-bed and held by the wrist. "Nice to see ya 'gain!" Juan's smile exposed shiny white teeth which immediatly reminded him of a predacious animal ready to catch its prey. It lacked any trace of warmth. The first schoolday ended with a sports lesson. Afterwards Pedro took his time, for the rest of the day was spare time and he was in no hurry. Thus, finally he was the only boy left in the locker-room and still in his blue shorts and white sports t-shirt. Then without warning Carlos appeared and grabbed Pedro's arms from behind; the boy struggled and tried to break free but didn't succeed. With a contemptuous air Juan watched the expression on Pedros face, then slowly took off his dark glasses. "Hi, Pedro!" he said, grinning with false kindness. "Ya remember me?! We had a little discussion, recently - an' there is, I think, something left unsaid!" He had made Pedro stop struggling by this, and all of a sudden he threw not less than nine punches to Pedros belly - right, left, right, left... Pedro had tightened his abs, but Juan beat hard enough to make him feel it. To lend his fists a little rest Juan stepped back and kicked the boy in the stomach. Pedro groaned and tried to double over, but Carlos kept him tight, and Juan took the opportunity and performed another kick. This time his black Nike hit Pedros midsection when he had just relaxed his abs to gasp for air, and Juan's foot drove deep into Pedro's gut, bringing him near to throwing up. "HOOORRGHH!!" "Get 'm shirt off!" Juan barked at his companion. Carlos immediately let loose of Pedro who fell to the floor like a sack of rice and pulled his shirt off. "I wanna see the abs I'm gonna break!" Juan hissed with a dirty grin. It was no easy work for Carlos to bring Pedro up again after a moment, but as the victim had had time enough to catch at least a little bit of breath and just began to realize his surroundings, Juan's mean voice penetrated to his dazed brain. "- hear me, lad? Hey, c'mon, boy! Recover yer wits! The party's over here!" Carlos "helped" him with a punch in the right kidney. "Aaahh!" Pedro howled as he stretched his body forth, but his cry was cut off by Juan's fist digging deep into his navel. "Let's come to the point, lad!" Juan uttered and grabbed between his victim's legs. For a boy of his age Pedro was quite well equipped in this area, and Juan got hold of his big, soft sack and first held it nearly tenderly. "Nice thing, guy!" Juan grinned. "Wanna keep it fo' the rest o' yer life?!" Before Pedro had the chance to react Juan clenched his hand into a tight fist, squeezing Pedro's nuts as hard as he could. "OOAAAAAOOOHH!!" Pedro moved his pelvis backwards, hitting Carlos' groin with his butt, but could not get rid of Juan's painful grip. As if in ecstasy the handsome black boy started to punch in Pedro's unprotected stomach, over and over again, about nine or ten times before finally releasing Pedro's tortured manhood and stepping back, sweating and gasping himself. Pedro hung in Carlos's arms, half unconcious, moaning and occasionally coughing, his belly reddened. Juan looked at him with contempt. He didn't consider the boy unattractive; not at all. But if there was something he really hated than this was an otherwise interesting guy who just didn't acknowledge his authority. If Pedro had taken his blows in their first fight, this first would probably have been their last fight, too, and they could have become sort of friends. But Juan could not allow anyone to beat him and even more to really hurt him. This meant war. And beside this - sex with a cute boy was not half as erotic for Juan as beating him up. Pedro's bag still stood open on the floor, and Juan saw sort of drinking-cup in it. He filled it with cold water which he threw in Pedro's face to bring him back to earth again. As Pedro started to move, Juan grabbed his chin and twisted his head a little bit. That hurt. "Ya learn yer lesson?!" he hissed. "Ya gonna cross ma way again?" Pedro could hear him but didn't manage to answer. Juan released his chin and WHOUFF! punched him in the gut. "HOOOH!" "I ask ya something, lad!" Juan grinned, well aware that Pedro couldn't catch his breath to answer. WHOUFF! Another fist to the belly, hitting right above the navel and hurting like hell. "Don't talk to ev'rybody, yeah, lad?!" he teased Pedro scornful, stepped back and suddenly kicked him in the stomach again. His foot drove deep into Pedros soft midsection, half disappering in it for a moment and inducing the sensation in Pedro that his stomach was driven through his diaphragm up into his chest. This time he couldn't hold it and threw up, then nearly fainted. As Carlos withdrew his support, Pedro went to the floor again, finally falling on his right side and leaning against the wall, faintly moaning and not even able to protect his midsection with his arms. It was Carlos who delivered another foot to Pedro's belly, while Juan said "good-bye" with a hard and mean kick in Pedro's balls.


About two weeks after his first day in the new school where he was beaten up so badly by his pet enemy Juan and his companion Carlos, Pedro felt strong enough to finally take his revenge. In school he had managed to avoid another confrontation, but now his time had come. He had spent some time hidden in front of the house where Juan lived with his parents and had patiently waited until he could be sure that Juan was alone at home. The sun was preparing to jump over the horizon, but daylight was still bright enough for Pedro to find an easy way into the house. He was sure that he was stronger and probably even more skilled then Juan was; he still had only lost the two fights because of Carlos' help which was not available now. Pedro knew that Carlos was not in town tonight... The surprising moment was on his side. He carefully strolled through the unknown house and kept his eyes and ears wide open to detect were Juan was. After a short time he could hear a sound coming up from the cellar and found a door that opened onto a stair leading down into the cool, twilighted room underneath the house. Juan was down here, looking into cases and boxes, obviously searching for something. As usual he was dressed in black - black shorts, black t-shirt and even black socks. Only the black sunglasses were not on his nose tonite - which would certainly not have helped him finding whatever he was looking for. Pedro managed to get down the stairs without being noticed, but when he made one or two steps towards his torturer he uttered a faint sound. Juan flew around startled but had no chance to seize the situation, for as soon as he presented his front to the intruder Pedro stroke out and hit him in the stomach. BOUF! "HOOO!!" Pedro grabbed his t-shirt and saw to it that he made some contact with Juans muscular chest. He'd like to caress and kiss his pecs, too... ... but he and Juan were foes forever. Holding him by his shirt he shoved Juan two or three steps back and threw him against the wall, kept him up with his left hand and clenched his right into a tight crushing fist which he thrashed with all his force upwards into Juan's soft gut. WOOMM! "Uooooahh!!" Juan's knees bent while he wrapped his arms around his midsection; his eyes half closed and his mouth open wide he gasped for air. Pedro had difficulties in holding his victim upright, but he thrashed his fist once or twice in Juan's kidneys, and this brought the boy up, howling in pain. Immediately Pedro punched him in the stomach again, and this time he failed to keep him up. Juan doubled up and went down to the floor. In this moment Juan didn't feel anger or fear, only the immense pain in his cramped guts and the burning ache in his lungs when he tried to catch his breath. Pedro hesitated some time but would not give Juan the time to recover completely. After a while he tried to bring his victim up again, but in a rather clumsy fashion, and before he could help it his chin met with Juans fist. This wasn't intended to knock Pedro out but just to drive him two or three steps back so Juan could bring home a karate kick to his midsection. As Juan still got no air and was in a daze yet his foot only impacted just beneath Pedros navel, and moreover the invader had flexed his abs so the kick did not really hurt. Juan nearly lost his balance, and when he finally stood upright again Pedro joyfully rammed his fist into his tortured belly again. "UOOOHH!" Pedro slapped him in the face, just for revenge, then hit him in the sides with both fists. As a reflex Juan moved his arms off his midsection to protect his sides, and Pedro stepped back and kicked him in the stomach as hard as he could. In a second Juan was down on the floor again, the spit dripping from his mouth, but Pedro wouldn't let loose of him and brought him up again after a while. "I'm not yet through with you!" he hissed to the miserable figure in front of him, though Juan didn't seem to realize the world around him. Pedro pressed his right palm against Juans chest; in order to push him against the wall - and to feel his pecs once more. Juan uttered a faint moan and took his hands off his belly to find some support at the wall behind him, and Pedro took the opportunity and delivered a last hard punch into Juans stomach. The boy doubled over again, but Pedro kept him standing, grabbed him by his shoulders and shoved him against the wall again. "Hasta la vista, baby!" he joked, lifted his right foot from the floor and rammed the knee into Juans balls. When Pedro left the house unseen he was aware he would have a hard life at school from now on, and he knew he'd have to watch out carefully. But the impression of this whimpering, moaning beaten-up guy at his feet was worth any pain he would have to suffer in the future!


For another week or two Pedro saw to it that he didn't meet Juan and Carlos when he was alone; Juan hadn't spoken a word but the expression on his face when they first met after the fight in Juan's cellar was quite clear. One day when he had left school early he strolled along the shore; he had pulled off his t-shirt and sticked it into the waistband of his shorts, and walking slowly and gazing across the Mediterranean Sea he let his thoughts roam. But the idyll ended unexpectedly. Pedro realized voices in some distance and immediately recognized who was approaching: Carlos and Juan, heading directly towards him! A quick glance around himself showed him that there was nobody else in sight, and there was no question what this meant. Pedro's eye catched a small dark spot between the rocks that delimited the beach, and without thinking he started for what turned out to be the entrance of a cave. With a faint sigh of relief he rushed into the cave; the hole in the rock was hidden by some bushes but large enough to let some daylight in. Pedro found a corridor to the right and decided to wait there just behind the corner where he couldn't be seen from outside but from where he could find his way back again. "The damn sucker's been here!" Juan cried. "Hey! Pedro, ya bloody bastard! Come on, and I'll beat the shit off you!!" Pedro believed him every word and thus hesitated to comply with Juan's request. It became quite after a moment, but Pedro dared not leave the cave because he expected his two enemys to wait for him. Some minutes later a faint nose came from behind, and Pedro got fear that there might live wild animals in here; an instant later he nearly laughed about the silly thought that a grizzly, hungry bear resided just two steps from the Pino Sombroso beach. All of a sudden a mean kick hit his kidneys. Pedro cried out, stumbled forward and fell to the ground, and before he could do anything about it he was violently turned around on his back. Juan thrashed his fist into Pedro's belly, but the punch had only little effect, for Pedro had flexed his abs. While Carlos held his arms, Juan came over Pedro and set his knee on Pedro's stomach pit. "Ya forget that we grown up here, sucker?" His vicious grin was disgusting. "We know the place a little better, ya see?!" Slowly he shifted all his weight to his knee. Pedro breathed heavily but still kept his abs flexed. He started to sweat, his face turning red. When Juan even started to rock on his knee Pedro's forces began to leave him, but just in time Juan relieved his midsection unexpectedly. Knowing that his victrim would immediately gasp for air and thus relax his muscles he punched Pedro in the stomach again, right in this red spot above his navel that his knee had left "Uooohh!" "Bring the bastard up!" Juan commanded. As usually, Carlos obeyed. As soon as Pedro stood upright again, his arms held behind his back, Juan kicked him in the stomach. He wore his black Nikes again, while Carlos was barefoot; it was Juan who had kicked him in the kidneys, too. "Ya had yer fun", Juan grunted after a moment, "now it's my turn! Flex yer abs, darling, an' lemme see how fast I'm gonna break'em!" Pedro did flex his abs, and just in time to receive the first set of punches. THUDD! THUDD! THUDD! Juan hammered his fists seven times against Pedro's belly. Pedro took the blows without moaning, though he felt them quite sure, as his stomach still hurt from the kick before. The malicious grin appeared again on Juans cute face. "Nice abs, boy!" he said. "Fortunately I know how to switch 'em off!" He hit Pedro in the nuts; not too hard, but hard enough to make him relax his belly. WOUFF! "Ooooaahh!" WOUFF! "Aaah!" "Aah - how does'at feel, sucker, eh?!" Juan drove his fist full force upwards into Pedro's soft gut. BOUUFF! "HOOOHH!" And once more. BOUUFF! "Aaarghh!" There was hardly enough breath left in Pedro's lungs to groan. "So what, sucker, heh?!" Juan stroke out and rammed his knee upwards into Pedro's gut. The poor boy from the Rioja broke down and hung limp in Carlos' arms. Juan grabbed his chin to raise his head. "That's only the beginning, sucker!" he hissed. "Ya won't see yer next birthday - promised!" He slapped him on the cheak a couple of times to bring him back to life, then stepped back and kicked him in the stomach one last time. When Pedro was finally able to leave the cave he had to take his bearings from the sound of the ocean waves - for the sun had set in the meantime.