Neighborhood Watch - Part 2
Jamie, Lynn and Kyle - Two on One

By The Hit Man

As Jamie and Lynn drank down some protein drinks inside the cool of the house, Kyle finally managed to drag himself to his feet. His gut, pounded and pulverized by his two tormentors, hurt like hell. Besides that, his arms, shoulders, back and balls hurt as well. No one seemed to be watching as he looked around, still a little woozy on his feet. Revenge was running through his mind even as his body desired escape from the pain. He swore to himself that the next time he saw those two, he wouldn't be alone.
"Hey, look at that," Jamie said while pointing toward the backyard he and Lynn had just left. Lynn turned, following his friends finger. He smiled as he saw the bigger, older boy they had just beat the crap out of barely able to stay on his feet. It was obvious the boy was hurting. This thought made Lynn smile even bigger.

"Do you think he's really learned his lesson," Lynn asked? Jamie looked at his best friend. He could tell by the look in his friend's eyes that he wasn't joking around.

"I don't know," Jamie said. "From the way he's wobbling, we hurt him pretty good. I think we made our point.

"Well, I don't. Come on." Without waiting to make sure Jamie was following him, Lynn headed back out into the back yard.
Kyle heard the sound of a door sliding open. He looked toward the sliding glass door that led into the backyard. The screen door was shoved open. All of Kyle's thoughts of revenge scrambled like eggs in a hot pan, leaving only his fight or flight reflex. His body made ready for flight. Lynn came flying out the screen door, Jamie close behind.

The two boys were closing fast and Kyle knew he couldn't escape. Well I ain't going down easy, Kyle thought to himself as he dropped into a self-defense pose.

Already hurt, his reflexes slow, Kyle was caught hard by a fist to the jaw by Lynn, the blow buckling his knees.

That was followed up close by a fist from Jamie. Kyle knew he was in trouble. He had to try and escape. He just couldn't stand up to these two, especially after the beating they had already delivered.

As if the two boys sensed his plan, Lynn grabbed for Kyle's arm, twisting his wrist back as he applied pressure against the older boy's elbow. Jamie pounded Kyle's neck with a powerful karate chop. Kyle felt the feeling in his left arm go numb as all this occurred at the same time.

Panic set in, pumping up Kyle's level of adrenaline. He ripped his arm free and before Jamie or Lynn could react, he was running away.

"That way," Lynn yelled at Jamie as he set off after Kyle. Somehow, the older boy seemed to be experiencing a burst of second wind. As Lynn chased him, he wondered if he would be able to catch the older boy. Jamie, following Lynn's instructions was running around the house the opposite direction. He caught up with the other two just as they reached the end of the house.

"Leave me alone," Kyle screamed as Lynn slammed his head against the brick wall. At the same time, Kyle tried to fend off Jamie who was intent on punching him.

"Did you think we were finished with you, Kyle?"

"Just let me go," Kyle yelled out, hoping the sound might either draw someone else's attention to his plight or maybe throw the two boys off enough that he could make a run for it. His ploy didn't work as Lynn slammed his head against the brick again. This time Jamie managed to land his punch even as he grabbed Kyle's neck with his other hand.

Suddenly, once again finding new strength from somewhere deep within, Kyle shoved against the two younger, smaller boys. Caught off guard, they were thrown away. But the two recovered quickly. Before Kyle could even consider running, they were back on him though in their hurry, they had changed sides. Both boys grabbed his wrists, effectively pinning Kyle against the wall. Jamie threw his knee, catching Kyle hard in the gut. WHOOMPH. Whatever recovery Kyle might have experienced flew out the window.

Jamie buried his knee so deep into Kyle's solar plexus that despite the efforts of the two boys to hold him prone against the wall, Kyle doubled over, his wind knocked completely out. As if awaiting his cue on stage, Lynn grabbed the older boy in a headlock and began dragging him into the back yard, once again safe from anyone else's interference.
Once in the back yard, Lynn threw Kyle to the ground, his headlock tight around Kyle's neck. Even as Kyle began to choke, the hold pressing against his Adam's apple, Jamie slammed his foot into Kyle's stomach. UGH.

It was amazing to Kyle that the arm of the younger boy wrapped around his neck could apply so much pressure. It was as if the muscle belonged to a much older boy and had been surgically attached to the younger boy. That added to Jamie continuing to slam his foot into his gut, Kyle was fighting just as hard not to cry as he was to breath.

"Please, let go of my throat. I can't breathe," Kyle managed to grunt out, his voice hoarse from the crushing hold on his neck.

"Step back," Lynn said to Jamie, barely giving the other boy time to move before he released his headlock, jumping onto Kyle in a classic school boy pin, his butt directly on Kyle's chest, his groin pressed against the older boys chin. "Put your knees on his hands." Without question, Jamie moved to his appointed spot.

As the two boys held him effortlessly, Lynn began to dribble drool, letting it fall on Kyle's face. Soon the salty liquid began to clog his nostrils as he struggled to keep it from sliding into his mouth.

"I have an idea," Jamie said, wanting to get back into the action. "Switch places with me." Like choreographed swimming, Lynn moved above Kyle's head, holding the older boys hands with his own. Jamie planted himself firmly on Kyle's torso. Without warning, he raised up and dropped his whole weight on Kyle's already destroyed ab's. ARGH.

"Please, no more. I can't take any more." Despite his moaning and groaning, Jamie kept rising up and slamming down on Kyle's gut. The look on the older boys face demonstrated just how much he was hurting but it didn't stop the two boys.

"Looks like Kyle's enjoying this," Lynn said sarcastically. "Let's put him into a couple of scissor holds!" As the two boys moved off Kyle, he sprang into action, figuring it was his one chance left. But the two were too quick, grabbing his legs and twisting him up like a pretzel. Kyle screamed as loud as he could.

Ignoring the older boy's protests, Jamie and Lynn moved swiftly, never letting go of Kyle as they moved into position. In a flash, Kyle found himself locked up tight in two scissor holds…Jamie on his lower torso, Lynn on his neck. Both boys locked their legs at the ankle.

"Ready," Lynn called out. Kyle tried to brace his body for the oncoming onslaught. "Squeeze." Kyle could not only feel the immense pressure the boy's powerful legs were applying to his neck and abdomen. He could see it in their faces as they gritted their teeth. Kyle grabbed at Lynn's foot, trying to wrest it loose. Lynn grabbed his wrist and twisted it hard.

"Oh, God," Kyle managed to spit out. He was pretty sure that Jamie's legs were almost touching at the knees as they crushed his gut. As for his neck, Lynn was just allowing the air and blood to flow through, his control beyond belief for someone so young.

Let's get him up to his knees," Jamie suggested, his own legs starting to cramp from squeezing so hard for so long. This time, Jamie didn't wait to see if Lynn was following his lead. He stood up and easily flopped Kyle to his stomach. Lynn climbed on the bigger boy's back, hauling his hands up behind his back. Jamie leaned down and grabbed Kyle's ear, pulling upward.

"Get up, Kyle," Jamie insisted.

"It might be easier if monkey boy weren't sitting on my back and you didn't have your foot in the middle of it too." Despite his treatment, Kyle was still smart mouthed. Lynn let go of his hold but immediately locked Kyle in a choke hold. He yanked Kyle toward his knees. As this happened, Jamie grabbed Kyle's arms, planted his foot in the middle of Lynn's back and hauled back on Kyle's arms. The pressure on his shoulders and neck was incredible and completely against his will, Kyle was hauled to his knees.

Lynn cemented his choke hold on Kyle's neck, the hold intended to hold the bigger boy in position on his knees. Lynn came around front and dropping to one knee, blasted Kyle in the gut once more.

Fist after fist peppered Kyle's midsection. His ab muscles were totally worthless, each blow digging in deep, pushing his internal organs around at will. In addition, the hold on his neck was beginning to have its own effect. Kyle was starting to see black around the edges of his vision.

As Lynn tightened his choke hold, Jamie stood up and kicked Kyle in the stomach. Kyle was becoming more and more listless, hardly even responding to the blows being rained down on him.

Jamie reached down and grabbed Kyle's arm, pulling the older boy's body toward him as he kicked Kyle again. There was no response.

"I think he's out," Jamie said, unable to hide the worry that now filled his voice. Maybe they had gone too far. Lynn released his choke hold and Kyle fell down, unconscious.

"Are you sure he isn't faking," Lynn asked, not quite ready to bring an end to the fun they were having. Both boys maintained ready poses in case Kyle was intending to surprise them.

"I think I have a way to find out," Jamie replied. He walked over to a pile of dog shit and stepped in it. Coming back over, he spoke again.

"Maybe you better hold him, just in case. Lynn dropped down on the inert boy's body, tensed and ready for action as Jamie put his smelly shoe right under Kyle's nose.

Kyle didn't even flinch. He was indeed out. Lynn stood back up.

"Yep, I think he understands now what we were saying earlier. I don't think we'll have any more trouble from Kyle.

"Hiyah," they both shouted as they struck a pose over Kyle's inert form. The fight was indeed over.


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