Neighborhood Watch
Jamie, Lynn and Kyle - Two on One

By The Hit Man

Jamie and Lynn had been best friends since a small scrap in 1st grade had brought them together. Neither boy had won that particular fight but for some reason, it had brought them together, now inseparable. As such, they pretty much had the run of the block where they lived. That is, until the summer Kyle moved onto the block.

Kyle was a couple of years older, bigger, and stronger. He immediately started trying to assert his control over the neighborhood children, bossing them around, making them give him their lunch money or buying him a treat from the afternoon ice cream truck even if it meant going without. That included Jamie and Kyle, at least when he caught them alone. But as summer drug on and it was getting close to school starting, these two tired of his threats and decided they would do something about. Or in their words, die trying.

It was an easy setup. Jamie and Lynn lived next door to each other so the backyard was huge with no constraining fence between the two houses. The view into the yard was constricted by huge bushes. In this situation, they figured their attack on Kyle would go unseen. All they had to do was figure out how to draw Kyle into their trap. It didn't take long to come up with a plan they thought would work. Jamie would go out when the ice cream truck came but if Kyle appeared, he would refuse to buy him a treat, running off instead, passing between their two houses. Both were pretty sure Kyle wouldn't want to be shown up in front of the other children and would take chase. They weren't wrong.

Kyle chased Jamie into the yard. He slowed down when it was obvious Jamie had nowhere else to go.

"Got ya now, you little shit," Kyle shouted, slamming a fist into his other open hand. "Now you're gonna pay." As he moved in for the kill, Lynn grabbed Kyle from behind, easily locking him up in a rear double arm bar. The setup was perfect.

Jamie turned and grabbed Kyle by the neck, using the unsuspecting boy as ballast as he slammed his fist directly into Kyle's gut. He was pleased to hear the bigger older boy go OOMPH from the blow.

Maintaining his grip on Kyle's neck while Lynn put pressure on his arms and shoulders from behind, keeping Kyle's stomach exposed, Jamie punched him over and over, putting all of his strength behind each blow.

It was almost too easy as the two boys punished Kyle. Although Jamie could tell Kyle had a nice six pak of ab muscle hidden underneath his shirt, he could feel it collapsing with each set of punches. UUPFH ARRGH GASP Each punch seemed to illicit a nice response from Kyle. Jamie, pulled in real hard against Kyle's neck and slammed his fist in as far as it would go. The bigger boy grimaced from the pain and his knees gave way.

"It's my turn now," Lynn shouted out from behind. After all, he didn't want Jamie to have all the fun. "Come on, while he's weak, it's the perfect time to change places." Jamie looked at Lynn and finally nodded okay. Kyle tryed to put up resistance as they switched positions but to no avail. It was only too quickly that Jamie had him locked up in a nice reverse nelson, putting extra pressure on his arms, shoulders and neck. But despite it all, Kyle still acted the toughy.

"You two are going to regret this, you little pukes," he shouted. "Wait until I get done with..." Kyle never finished his sentence as Lynn loosed his own barrage of blows. The tough guy look disappeared immediately from Kyle's face as Lynn's first punch landed.

While Jamie's blows had been effective, Kyle learned that Lynn was trained in martial arts, having studied for almost five years. And now Lynn was using that training against him.
Between each blow, Lynn would draw back, resume pose, and then blast his fist into Kyle's gut. Jamie laughed from behind, adding insult to injury.

Kyle struggled to free himself as his midsection was punished by blow after blow. Too better control him, Jamie changed his hold, still maintaining a hold on one of Kyle's arms with one hand while putting on a choke hold with the other. Lynn copied Jamie's earlier position, placing his hand on Kyle's neck for better balance. His punching power increased with the new hold.

The blows, combined with the choke hold, were almost more than Kyle could withstand. His breath was knocked out with each blow and his intake hampered by the choke hold. His breathing was a mere wheezing sound.

Lynn struggled to hold Kyle up while Jamie punished him. The blows, combined with the choke hold, were obviously effective. But Jamie was starting to worry a little that they might hurt Kyle worse than intended if he couldn't breath at all. He adjusted his hold one more time, holding Kyle in a painful rear arm bar. It was then that Lynn decided to change his tactics as well. He moved to one side and prepared for a leg kick.

Kyle tried to steel his already punished ab's against the new onslaught but there was little he could do. WHOOMPH went his lungs as the hard cartilage of Lynn's foot plowed into his gut.

Lynn loved seeing the grimace of pain on Kyle's face as he continued to punish the older and bigger boy. Kyle tried to block the full effect of the leg kick with one arm but merely succeeded in almost getting his arm broke as well.

Kyle's strength was waning fast and he didn't know how much more he could take. It was obvious that Jamie and Lynn had plenty more punishment to mete out. Lynn changed tactics once again, now blasting Kyle's sore muscles with powerful knee slams.

"I think we've had about all the trouble from old Kyle here that we're going to, don't you, Jamie?" Lynn asked the question as he lamblasted Kyle's ab's with another knee slam.

Lynn was struggling to keep Kyle on his feet, the last of the boy's strength obviously gone, his knees like silly putty.

"Change your grip back to a full nelson," Lynn commanded Jamie as he moved back to stand directly in front of Kyle. Lynn did as he was told without question. Kyle tried to push back with his neck but his efforts were feeble and ineffective. Jamie unleashed his last blows, directly into Kyle's groin.

While Kyle saw the blow coming and tried to block it with his hands, his arms were constricted too much by Lynn's hold from the rear. Kyle failed to block the second kick either and while he thought he had experienced all the pain he could with the first kick, he was wrong.

All of his fight gone as Lynn released his grip, Kyle fell to the ground, whimpering. While his desire was to ball up tight in a fetal position to protect his stomach and balls from further punishment, it was crystal clear that this was not Jamie and Lynn's desire. Jamie grabbed both of Kyle's arms and pulled them up hard behind his back. To apply more pressure, he stood on Kyle's back, one foot on his legs, the other in the middle of his back. Lynn placed a foot on the side of Kyle's cheek, grinding his head into the ground.

"No more trouble from you in this neighborhood, right Kyle?" Jamie asked the question while applying pressure from behind. Kyle couldn't even waggle his head up and down in the universal signal for yes as Lynn pushed down. He finally managed to grunt out a feeble yes.

"Just remember this lesson, Kyle, and we'll all get along fine," Lynn added as he lifted his other foot off the ground, putting his full weight on Kyle's skull. "I just want to make sure we understand each other totally." James and Lynn finally let Kyle go and walked back in the house, leaving the destroyed body of Kyle weeping on the ground in the backyard. Thanks to these two, the neighborhood was safe for another day.

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