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Basketball Thugs

Jason and Ron

Jason and Ron are both athletic 15 year olds who love to play basketball. Both are strong and well built, and also excellent fighters. Using their fists has always come naturally to them and neither has ever shied away from a fight or chance to just beat up on someone. Both are quite feared and respected among most of their peers…many of whom have also been their victims….


Most kids would never dare cross guys like Jason and Ron, but there's always some boy scout that thinks he can and get away it. Alan was one such kid. He saw Jason smoking in the bathroom at school and decided to take it upon himself to report him. Jason got suspended for 3 days and a week of detention. It also got him into trouble at home. Alan did know a little something about Jason's violent tendencies even though he himself had never had any run-ins with him or Ron. He knew they were buddies and known for being quick with their fists. He did a stupid thing, and all the other kids immediately chided him.

"He's gonna kick your ass" several kids told him. "They're gonna beat you up" he also heard. Some asked if he had a will. It didn't take long for Alan to realize he made a big mistake. "What the hell were you thinking?" one of his friends asked. "What business of yours was it that he was smoking?" Alan didn't have any good answers. He was just a tattletale and was being dissed by what few friends he had. He was scared and knew he had to be on guard, but also knew he had no chance against either of them. A constant barrage of negative stares, head shaking and smirks besieged him wherever he went.

Ron, who sat behind him in English class, began intimidating him almost immediately. He'd kick his chair then glare at him if he turned around. Often he'd also clench his fists, crack his knuckles or punch his palm. Someone stuck a doctored picture in his locker of a kid with his eyes blackened and teeth knocked out.

Alan began finding out more about Jason and Ron. He knew they were tough and had a reputation for being good fighters, but didn't know much beyond that. He found out about many kids who they'd beaten up, some they had done for others. Alan discovered that they beat up some kids as favors to friends and also been paid a few times.

Alan pretended it didn't bother him, but it did. He didn't want to get beat up, and didn't like living in fear. He thought he'd try to make it up to Jason when he returned to school. He slipped him a note saying he was sorry and that he would do whatever it took to make it up to him. Being a better student, he offered to help him with his schoolwork.

The school year was nearly over anyway, so Jason decided to let some time pass before beating Alan up and take advantage of his offer. This way he'd be more at ease and Jason could get some more decent grades. Alan wrote several papers for him for different classes, and did some of his homework. Jason was enjoying it all, all the while thinking about sinking his fists into Alan's face. It didn't take long for Alan to be totally duped into thinking he'd avoided that fate. Ron also stopped intimidating him.

About six weeks later, school was out for the summer and Jason and Ron began planning to beat Alan up. Alan was so duped that he actually thought he and Jason had become friends. This made it all even easier. Alan was off guard.

They found out that Alan frequented a community pool and usually rode his bike home through a wooded area that is kind of isolated. They'd gotten kids there before and knew the area well. They waited for him there one day after making sure he was at the pool. Finally Alan came riding haplessly along. Jason and Ron sped up behind him on their bikes. He saw them and instantly knew he was in trouble. He tried to out ride them, but couldn't. Ron got to him first and knocked him off his bike to the ground.

Alan leapt to his feet and started to run, but he wasn't near fast enough. Ron grabbed him from behind, swung him around, and nailed him in his left cheekbone with a powerful right hook dropping Alan back to the ground. He moaned and groaned as Ron reached down and grabbed him up. "No, please" he begged as Ron slugged him in the gut with another powerful right that seemed to go all the way through to his spine. He doubled over in breathless agony. Ron then kneed him in the chin with a powerful jolt of his bare right knee - steadied him - then popped him in his right cheekbone with a powerful left hook. Alan fell to the ground again.

Ron got him up again and took hold of him from behind. Jason stepped forward tightening his fingerless black leather gloves (which both he and Ron were wearing), cracking his knuckles and clenching his fists. Ron held Alan firmly from behind as a smirking Jason stepped in front.

"Please, don't" Alan muttered as Jason raised his fists into a boxing-like stance. "Fuck you" he said in a surly tone. Then, with lightning fast precision, he proceeded to pound Alan's eyes with a deftly executed series of rights and lefts. One after the other, his leather clad fists slammed into Alan's eyes making dull sounding thuds with each impact. Alan grunted loudly with each successive blow. After the first few, all he saw were stars.

After about hitting him about a dozen or so times in the eyes - guaranteeing they'd be heavily blackened - Jason took a step back and pumped a couple of powerful rights into Alan's gut. He keeled over again in even more breathless agony than before, and Jason slammed his chin again with his own bare right knee. Ron kept a firm hold of Alan as Jason prepared for another attack.

Jason rolled his head around a little to limber up a bit - never taking his eyes off Alan. He then took aim and slammed Alan in his left cheekbone with a powerful right hook. The force almost knocked him out of Ron's grasp. Then he hit him in his right cheekbone with an even more powerful left hook. Ron let Alan fall to the ground.

Jason quickly squat down on top of Alan getting him into a schoolboy pin. With his skinny arms pinned under Jason's bulbous knees, Jason continued the assault with a quick series of rights and lefts all over his face. Alan was crying, moaning and groaning, and pleading for mercy as best he could. His pleas fell on deaf ears of course. Jason just kept pounding away while Ron stood by watching.

Finally Jason eased off him and squatted over his legs. He grabbed Alan by the shirt and pulled him up into a sitting position. Ron instinctively squat down behind Alan and steadied him. With his left knee down on the ground and his right knee pointed straight out, Jason cocked his right fist back and took aim. He glared into Alan's battered face. His eyes were glazed over and starting to swell. Spots of blood were everywhere. He had a look on his face like he was about to pass out. It was a look Jason and Ron knew well. "Please, no more" Alan mumbled through his agonizing pain and shock. Jason just chuckled an evil giggle as he gathered his strength and blasted his right fist straight through Alan's nose. Alan grunted louder than ever as his nose broke under Jason's hammer-like knuckles. One shot is all it took. Water filled his battered eyes as the sudden breaking of his nose obliterated what was left of his senses. Blood oozed from his nostrils.

Jason stood up. He was done. But Ron wanted a little more. He grabbed Alan up from under his arms, turned him around, and steadied him in front of him. He held him by the shirt with his left hand, and sent his right fist sailing straight into his mouth. Once again Alan fell to the ground.

They stood over him and warned him to keep his mouth shut. "You tell anyone it was us and it'll be A LOT worse next time," Jason said sternly. "You understand?" he continued. Alan just cried and moaned and groaned in shock and agony. Jason angrily squat down and grabbed him up slightly by his shirt. "YOU UNDERSTAND?" he shouted. Alan still didn't acknowledge him, so Jason yanked back his right fist while still holding him with his left hand by his shirt. "WELL?" he asked, ready to strike another blow. Finally Alan acknowledged that he understood just as he was about to feel Jason's fist again. Jason dropped Alan back onto his back and got up. He and Ron got back on their bikes and casually rode off.

It took Alan about 10 minutes to regain enough composure and strength to get up. He wiped the blood from his face with his shirt and stumbled to his bike. Slowly he walked it out of the woods toward home. His parents took him to he hospital, mainly because of his busted nose. All he said was that he was jumped and didn't see who it was. He knew that this time he'd better keep his mouth shut as he was told. By the time he got home his eyes had swollen shut and were heavily blackened. His cheekbones were also badly bruised and swollen, as well as his lips and chin. His belly hurt for a few days to. They did a really good job on him…one that he won't ever forget. Now he knew first hand what everyone was talking about. More importantly, he knew it could have been worse….

Even though school was out for the summer, and Alan stayed inside for more than a week, word spread pretty quick that he got beat up real bad and everyone knew who did it. It took almost a month for him to heal completely.