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Jumping in the abs by Kevin


By chance I happened upon a small gym in the Asian section of town. Very small place, but hardcore and well equipped. These guys weren't just into lifting weights. They were also into testing each other. As several of us stood around watching, one guy laid down on the ground while his training partner tested his abdominal muscles by stepping on them.
The guy in the white shirt stepped on his buddy's abs. No effect at all. We could see the victim was just laying flat on the floor, concentrating on his abs. I got one poor picture of this.

Then the guy bounced up and down on the abs. Nothing hard, but definitely increasing the pressure. The guy on the bottom was just laying still. I wondered if he was feeling any pain at all. His abs certainly weren't giving in.

Next, the guy took a huge leap up in the air and landed on his buddy's abs hard with both feet. You could hear him exhale all his air, but that's it so far. Very cool!

I could see this was not the first time they had done this.

Then he started jumping up and down and up and down. Someone was counting out the jumps: one, two, three ... Each jump was nice and high and he landed directly in the center of his buddy's abs ... eight, nine, ten. Then he stopped and stepped off the abs.

I wished these guys would take off their shirts so I could see their abs!

The poor guy in the black shirt stayed on the ground, working air into his lungs. It wasn't long before the guy stepped back on the abs and started jumping again. I could tell he was really trying to jump high and land hard. More jumps. By the fifth jump, groans are coming from the victim, but the jumping continued! All the way to ten jumps again. The battered guy was definitely in pain now. He rolled over on his side and hugged his abs.

A minute later, the guy in white wants to step back on the abs, but his victim waived him off and tried to protect his abs. But he was not to be denied. I guess it was supposed to be a set of three and you couldn't quit early. He kicked his buddy onto his back and jumped into the midsection. We all heard a loud, "OHH."

He jumped up high and landed hard. "AAAHHH" - one. The victim's face was grimacing in pain.

Another high jump! "UFFF OHHHH" - two. Someone yelled, "two."

The jumps and the pain went on: three, four, five, ... The guy on the floor was in real pain now. His face was red. Every landing penetrated into his midsection and his head popped up off the floor ... six, seven ... Talk about pain etched on someone's face! His legs were tucked in tight from the pain. The groaning and moaning all merged into one sound ... eight ... nine ... ten!

Slowly and reluctantly, the guy stepped off the abs. His victim rolled up on his side, slightly drooling from his mouth, moaning all the time.

After a while he started to recover and people helped him up. Too cool!

Definitely do not try this at home!