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Brad+vs+The+Twins by GP25


It was a evening like every evening, Brad was allone at the basement where he every evening at the same time train his muscular body.

He was real proud about his muscles and as at school some guys tell him with his hair and face he looks like " THE HULK " at the new movie he rupture his shirts and make a most muscular pose and they all say "Wow look at that muscles!!" and lot of this things more and lot of hands that have touch his biceps, chest and abs.

Yeah and he beat all guys that would like to make arm wrestling with him and of course there are some guys that like to punch his 8 pack and he let them do the best punches they have and no guy was able to make his muscle hurt, only the skin a little red.

Well but than there are two guys that would like to meet him after school, spending time to beat up his muscles and when he say no they would tell around that he is a wimp and so he meet that two guys at the old warehouse.

First they do all shaking hands and they ask Brad lot of questions how he train his muscles and lot of more questions and so they are still talking about muscles 30 minutes or more and it looks like that they should get a big friendship and so it comes that Brandon ask them if they still have interest to beat the shit out of him or if this was a joke.

They tell him that first they have want to do it, but for now they have no interest to hurt him, they want to get friends, but they tell him that they have phone to some guys they know, and they have tell him about Brad and they want to have a report about the beating and if they give them no report maybe they do not talk longer to them.

Brad means that this would be no problem, they should phone call them and invite them to the old warehouse here that they could try to beat the shit out of him.

" Are you still sure ? They are real strong and bad, they are able to beat you muscles!"

"I have no fear, and you two should have no fear too, today it is a great day, I have get two new friends and I like to show you how tough I am !!"

And so Brad two new friends make the phone call ….two minutes later …..

"What did they say ? Would they come ?"

"Yes they are in 10 min here, they give us order to tie you up, hanging down from something what ever we find"

"They want to tied me up ?"

"Yes, when you are tied up, your body is stretch and your muscles easier to penetrate, you would also lose sooner against the punches"

"Is the something more they want to have me to do ?" Brad would like to know.

"Yes, only you pants is allow not more to wear. They want to see and test all"
brad says nothing, he would not say that he was not into this, for him it was to late, he would like to show his two new friends how tough he was, and as he was tied up, only with his white underwear on, he hope that he have train hard enough all the years to survive.

"Man you are looking so hot, I bet every girl from our school would love to see you with this here!"

"Yeah that would be fucking hot!!!" Brad says

It takes not much time, than the door to the warehouse opens and tow guys come in.

Brad have never seen them before and for him they looks likes twins and they are strong build and he bet that they have strong punch.

"So this is also you two new friend that muscle boy here ?"

"Yes he is, and he is very tough and his muscles are rock hard!"

Brad hope that his new friends are still right, he know his muscle hard rock hard, but this two new guys ….

"Yeah that is great to hear and he looks like that he is rock hard and it would be fun to destroy his body and punch his muscles into soft flesh, you can enjoy it from here and now we want to have fun with abs boy here"

The two new guys stand in front of Brad that was real helpless with his hands tied up above his head and only with his white underwear, but he know that he looks great and he know that he was tough, so he show no fear or something else.

"You are also Brad that muscle guy, that never was going down from muscle testing. Well my friend this evening your muscles will fail and you will lose and beg us for stop and that is in our hand because you are complete in our mercy"

" I have no fear, I can take the hardest punches!!" Brad says.

"I bet you can take them, but how long ? Sooner or later you muscle will give way, and my friend and I are not fair punchers, we love to give guys like you, some knees to the balls or squeeze your toy there to see what happened. You know life is hard and if you are into a real fight, you have to take punches everywhere"

"UUUGGGHH!!!" Brad was not prepare for the first punch that have still penetrate his unflex abs and make him hurt.

"Hmpf, Ughhh, Hmpf" Brad was still in pain as the next three punches have hit him very fast and still penetrated his washboard abs.

"Looks like you are a wimp, he he" and the next punch hit Brad in the center of his abs, again and again and again, but this time, Brad was prepare for the next hard punches so that no nothing could coming trough his abs again and so he take the next 10 minutes lot of rough hard punches till his abs are deep red.

The other guy was still stand behind him all the time and still squeezing his two biceps, and of course Brad could not flex them all the time and as he biceps are unflex, he could feel his strong muscles bruised till to the bone and it hurts him real much and make his arm muscles suffer and he moan more and more from this abuse against his muscles there and the guy whisper into his ear :

"I love your sound here baby and I swear, when start to beat the shit out of you, you will scream my friend" and he could feel how the hand from behind reach between his legs and grab his manhood and balls and squeeze him there and the guy in front of him now start to punch his lower abs just below his navel !

The punches there make his abs trembling more and more and the unfair grip against his balls and manhood make him suffer more and more and a bit hard too and so it comes that the punches, it must be the sixth one blow his navel, sink in again and again and again.

"Ahhhh, UUGGHH !!!!"

Whamp, Whomp,. Thud Thud and again to his center POW POW !!!!

"OOOOUUUFFFF" all the air was out of his lungs and than ……

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHRRRGGGGHHHH MY BAAAALLLSSS" a knee into his now free manhood and balls but litte hard on have hit him there with full force and now again !!!!

"AAAAAAAAHHHHH please STOP !!!" and Brad was hanging into the ropes that still held him up.

The guy in front of him still stop and smile because now he chance his place with his friend and he know in 10 or 20 min Brad would be knock out.

Brad still feel how he was losing more and more power, his balls hurt like hell and he was close to unable to harden his washboard abs. His legendary abs also start to fail and he could nothing do …..

"Arrrrghhh" the new guy or was it his twin brother ? Brad do not know but this guy have start to hit him with a vicious punch just above his cock and two or five more.

WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP three knees to the center of his abs press all the air for his lungs.


And than, wam wam wam, left right, left right into the side of his abs muscles and Brad was sag and twitch with every punch "Ahhh, URGH !!!"

All the punches are penetrate his washboard abs and Brad was unable to flex and he muscles are now SOFT !!!!

WHAM WHAM POW POW POW and WHAM WHAM, fist and elbows hit his now broken abs and sink in so deep !!!!


But they do not listen to him and give him final solar plexus punches and after two punches there, Brad was knock out !!!

As Brad later weak up, his body hurt every where, and as he look down to his abs he was real scared because they are deep red and blue. Even breath hurt him.

"Man Brad you are really tough and we are sorry that we could not help you or stop them. They are real rough and evil."

"Yes they are, im glad they are away, could you two help me stand up ? All hurts so"

"Yes they are drive away and have a other deal with someone, you could be glad"

"Glad ? They do more than this here?" and he show to his abs.

"Oh Yes, they jerk the beaten guys off and strip them nude!"

"From where do you know that ?"

"We have seen a photo collection, and it could be …. Hm listen there was a noise …shit they are coming back !"

"Hi Brad !" on of the guys still smile and in his hand was still a digital cam and well guys, as they drive home and left brad and his two new friends alone, they still have some new pictures for the collection they have.

Brad stories are to be continued