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Getting Even With Tony by MM

Forced workouts and a lots of gut punching

Breaking down Tony's will, endurance, his muscles and strength was
their goal. His body was theirs to do with as they wished.

Tony was one of those mouthy little farts as he was growing up.

Always a little stronger than the other guys his age, he would often
bully the kids in his class when he was younger. Little did he know
as a high school senior, that some of these guys vowed to get even
and started working out them selves. Six years had gone by since they
were last humiliated by Tony. Tony had been living just a few towns
over for the last couple of years. Why did these guys hate him so
When Tony was in High School he would stalk the halls tormenting
them. He would walk up to the fat ones and gut punch them hard enough
to knock them down just to watch them roll around in agony as
everyone looked on and laughed. In the hallway between classes if he
were to come up to a skinny kid he would pull their shirt up over
their head and twist their nips to watch them squirm.
Eight of these victims became good friends and started working out
and training together. In the last six years these guys got really
buff and strong. . They had been reading about Tony's progress
winning body building contests. Second runner up for Mr. Teen
California. Third runner up for Mr. USA. Tony's body was lean and
hard, very muscularly defined but not muscle bound.
The guys started making their plans to pay good old Tony a visit.

His old classmates were pissed, pumped, and vowed to get even.

They found out where Tony trained and when. He was the night manager
for Gladstone's Gym. The gym was in a seedy part of town. Lots of
empty and vacant stores and warehouse type buildings. The guys rented
one of these old shops back off the main street. Several days past
while they were getting everything set up just the way they wanted
it. They knew Tony was always last to leave his gym after a heavy
intense workout and would lock up the place before leaving. After
messing around with Tony's car engine, the guys simply made it so it
wouldn't start. Just like clock work, the following evening, Tony
emerged from the gym, shirtless, sweaty and pumped to the max after
his intense work out. Little did Tony know that he was in for the
most intense workout and work over of his life. He tried starting his
car with no luck. He walked over to the road and stuck his muscular
arm out to hitch hike home. (Can you imagine seeing this guy on your
way home?) (Pumped, sweaty, and a superior hard muscular body.) Just
then a car pulled up and asked if he wanted a ride. Tony said sure
would and off they went. The driver said he had to pick up some
papers at his office and would he mind coming in to wait for a few
minutes while he made some phone calls. Tony replied, no problem. He
was still shirtless as he entered the office. Want a coke? Sure
thing. Taking a drink of that coke was the last thing Tony

As he awoke, he realized he was tied to a shoulder height steel bar.
High enough that his feet barely touched the ground. They too were
spread and tied to rings in the wall. A cord was tied around his neck
and to a ring in the wall so he had to have his chest stretched out
and up. This really stretched out his 8 pack abs to their max. He was
blind folded and demanded to know what was going on.

Just then he received a deviating blow to his solar plexis.

He was caught completely off guard and the blow pushed his air right
out of him. The stinging went deep into his guts. He could hear a
group of guys laughing as he gasped for air. Wham another hard blow
and another than another. His muscled wall of bricks were taking
every punch just fine.

Suddenly, the pounding stopped. Tony could hear one of the guys
announce " O.K. guys he's awake now, grab your toys and get in line
over here. Tony didn't like the sound of that. He twisted and turned
to try to brake his bonds. His sweaty muscular body glistened in the
dimly lit room. His muscles straining, he prepared him self the best
he could for what was to come. A slap across the face was quickly
followed by a hard punch to his rock solid pecs. The lack of effect
the blow had on him must have pissed the boxer off. He immediately
drilled some devastating left and right punches to Tony's beckoning
abs. Wham, wham,….wham, wham, wham. The blows stung but had little
effect on his muscular layered wall of abdominal muscles. Suddenly he
hears a guy shout out NEXT. Damn, Tony thought, now
Smack, the end of a ball bat was rammed into his waiting abs. Again
and again, eight to ten times. Shit he thought, can my muscles hold
up to this attack?

NEEXXXT, he could hear someone walk up to him. His hands touched him
gently and started rubbing something all over his chest and abs and
across his arms. He could feel a tingling sensation all over his
body. The tingling changed to a burning sensation. His nipples jumped
to attention. A sharp pain followed as clamps were attached to each
nipple. The pain was just starting to go away when Tony realized he
could feel electricity starting to surge through the wires. Stronger
and stronger, his muscles jumping, until he almost passed out from
the muscle cramping pain. His captors backed off just enough so they
wouldn't loose him to soon. Besides the line wasn't even half through

NEE E X XXT… and the punishment continued

How much more can I take, he thought? Nexxxt….They must have saved
the best for last because he could tell by the approaching heavy foot
steps that this guy was huge. Suddenly my feet and legs were being
untied. Where they done with me?

No such luck.

I could hear chains rattling and suddenly my feet were being lifted
up and over my head. Whoosh, smack, bam .

This guy was starting to break my muscled wall down, and with every
punch I would moan a little louder. The more I moaned, groaned and
grunted the louder the cheering from the guys got. They were
yelling " Break um down" and "Tenderize him". As the blood rushed to
my head and the intense pain increased. I couldn't defend my body any
more. I was totally at his mercy, I slowly drifted away and passed

Forced Workouts

When I came to again, I was sitting on the end of a diving board with
my back to the water. A heavy rope was looped around the diving board
and tied to my feet. One of the guys came up to me and said "It's
time for your abs workout Big Boy". And with that he pushed me
backwards into the pool with my feet still tied to the diving board
so my shoulders and head would be below the water. I had to do
hanging crunches continuously to keep from drowning. My abs were
really sore already from the intense work over they received most of
the night. Now they were really burning as I had to keep them flexed
to their maximum degree of tightness, just to keep my head out of the
water. This kept up for hours. The only rest my abs would get is when
I would hold my breath under water while stretching my stomach
muscles out. Then would come the intense pain of the ab crunch while
gasping for air. Just when I thought I had reached my limit and my
abs were really ripping with pain one of the guys came over and slide
a weight pouch over my head. This meant I had to work even harder to
complete each crunch in no time at all I was starting to spit and
sputter as I would return to gasp for air. My time, air, and strength
were all running out. I had to beg them to let me up and in
humiliation I had to agree to giving each and every one of them a
blow job for my release.

I was so sore by now I couldn't even stand by my self. This time
they tied me over a large wine keg to really stretch my stomach out.
My arms were tied out stretched tight and they rolled the huge keg
over so my head was facing out and down. There wasn't much I could do
with my mouth right at their groin level.
"Open your mouth you big cock sucker. or I'll knock your teeth out
and fuck your face any way." I was keeping my mouth shut until he
gave me a round house kick right in my solar plexis. Forcing me to
gasp for air. His thick cock was choking me the faster he pumped.
Faster and faster until the hot flood of cum shot down my throat. His
captors muscles shimmering as he lets out a satisfying moan. With a
playful slap of his hand on my ripped and burning six pack my captor
collapsed backward.

………………………N…E…X…T… and the rest of the guys got in line………..

Oh no. Can I possible deal with this?

I had to get creative when sleeping with my arms tied out.
This wasn't so bad compared to the night I spent outside. I was
staked and tied spread eagle on the ground. My legs and arms pulled
wide apart. Stripped of course and my balls and dick were coated with
peanut butter. I was awoke to the sounds of a baby piglet rutting
around just past the clearing of the encampment. Smelling the peanut
butter he came running. AS he cautiously approached me, my horror was
only just beginning. The little pig wasn't whined yet and my dick was
making the perfect mama's tit for him. He would suck and pull hard on
it, nearly pulling it off. Then he would ram his head in to get a
better grip on my dick, nearly smashing my nuts with his snout. This
kept up for what seemed like hours. As crazy as it may seem, I was
starting to get a raging hard on. The harder he pulled the harder I got. Finally with one more ram to my nuts I let loose with a huge
load. Pumping load after load into the piglets mouth. This must have
been what he was looking for because he really started snorting and
rutting after that. He rammed his snout harder into my nuts and
pulled even harder on my raw dick. Before I knew what hit me I would
be hard as a rock again. He was pumping me dry and raw, and he kept
it up all night long with out stopping..
Morning came early, but not soon enough. My little pig buddy had left
for now. My dick was bloody and raw in a few places. As the cold air
hit my pain filled shaft it would actually stimulate me enough to
give me a raging hard on. Just what the guys inside wanted to see.
What was I in store for today?

More forced workouts? I had no idea.

They could use me any way they decided they wanted to.

Maybe I would be their practice dummy for kick boxing practice, or two or three of the guys really liked using me for wrestling

While stretching me out like a big X, One of the guys would drive his
heal deep into my stretched abs.
Every day they would work me to exhaustion. My muscles where getting
weaker and smaller. I finally got to a point where I could resist no

As time marched on, hours turned into days, days turned into weeks.
As if the abuse wasn't bad enough, I soon learned what their goal
was. They wanted to turn me into a skinny little guy like they once
were. After three months I had lost most of my lean muscle mass and
was starting to get thin and skinny, not to mention how weak I had
become…….Their goal was to have any skinny kid off the street come in
and beat the live'in shit out of me and have his way with me after
that. Then they would finally know just how weak and pathetic I had
actually become…………With this they had accomplished their goal and
they were finally done….. or were they.
On the day I was finally leaving, just before they hooded me, I
glanced back to see
a hot, shirtless, muscular stud entering the front door, . . . . .
with a coke in his hand.