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Andre was the biggest guy at his school and the star on his wrestling team, it was very heavy to beat him there or into armwrestling or gut punching because Andre with his 16yo have the toughest and best build washboard abs on his school and town and there was no guy that was ever able to beat up those super abs of him and the guys on his school call his abs "the abs of steel"

And even on his school internet site, at the forum there they talk about him and than some guys open a new thread and there they search for guys outside the town if they have interest to beat up "abs of steel" but they have to prove that with pictures or videos here on the school interent site, the winner will get a price about 100 US $ !!!

Andre have still laugh about that as he have read it at school, because he have no internet at home, his parents would allow him that only when his notes in mathematic are as good as are in sport and with every test into mathematic he bring home, his notes are going better and so in three month he would also get his own internet access at home, and so he could not know that lot of guys from young till older and older would try to beat up his abs of steel with or without money ….and what Andre did not know too was that some of the school guys know where he most was into his free time or where he was at school holiday and they have all tell that to that guys who want break those abs of steel.

For the guys at school it was be very interesting to see how this all was going on because they have lot of guys save into a list and they have promise all the send them a mail where they could locate Andre for a beating up session.

Well most of this guys are also into gut punching and they know what to do, but some of them are into bondage or nude punching and as the guys at the school have write this message at the forum they have forget to write about rules and as Andre have tell to them that all guys would be welcome if someone tough enough for him, they have not think about longer about this, and so they have save 20 guys into a list and do not allow more, they think this should be enough because they trust into Andres abs of steel but if they should lose, they want not risk to much money.

Andre meets the first two guys Part 1

It was over the summer holiday, Andre was working on a farm every year and at evenings they allow him at the old building do some boxing on a punching bag and training his impressive muscular body, the farmer people there also like what he was doing there and now it was the last night there before he most travel home.

He work over the punching very rough and he was covert with sweat as the door opens and two big guys, bigger than Andre walk into the room.

The guys like what they see, because Andre was only into light boxer shorts, barefooted and with boxing gloves on and with the sweat on his body he looks real hot.

"Hey, you must be Andre right ? The boy with the abs of steel right ?"

"Yeah, your right, what can I do for you two ?"

"My friend and I are here to break those abs of yours and take the money from your school" and with this words they come closer to him, till they stand near enough to come over him but for now they wait for a answer from Andre.

"Ah yes I remember, I have no internet you must know, I know only that some stupid guys at my school have get this idea, so tell me how much money would you get or should I say pay for my school ? Because this abs cant be beaten!"

"We will get 100 US$ and for that we will find a way to beat those abs of yours and I can still tell you why WE WILL BREAK YOU!"

And before Andre know what was happened to him a punch directly to his balls hit him with surprise and he let out a loud

"AAARRGHH my balls you fucker" and he put his hands down to protect his balls but anther hit to his head make him a little dazed and the two mans use that moment to hang up the punching bag and replace them with Andre !!! But they let the boy down so that his feet could be on the floor, because they would be going sure to have a long phone with abs boy here and to be sure more that Andre could not fight back they bound him on his ankles too.

Andre still starts to struggle as he was not longer dazed but he could only move a bit and flexing his amazing muscles but that was all he could do, and for now he was alone, because they guys was not there.

The young abs boy know that he was into big trouble and that this could be a very rough beating but he still trust his abs, but than his eyes are going big as the guys come back with some police bat and a taser !!!

"This is cheating what you are doing, you will get no money from school" Andre screams angry.

"They have nothing tell us about rules, they want only guys that beat up those abs of yours, and I can promise you, before the night is over, those abs will be broken!"

"I will never give up, I promise to you fuckhead" Andre answers very angry back.

"You will give abs boy, first we try to break you with gut punching and our fists but should that not work over your cock and balls too and should this not work we have here to painful toys that would be perfect on your abs of steel and the best is, we have the hole night to break you, and before we will not go, and time is 20 o clock so what is your answer abs boy hu ? are you still sure we are not able to break those abs of yours ?"

"I will not beg for stop" was the only answer Andre give, and he know only one thing, that the guys at the school have to stop that thing with his abs at the internet.

The Action starts :

Abs boy, so was Andres second nickname was never into a situation like that, his body was stretched and helpless and full exposed for everything they would do at him this night, he was also a HUMAN PUNCHING BAG.
Bred, so was the name form one of the guys first lower Andres boxer shorts till the full abs are visible and some hair form his groin too than Bred smiles very big and some seconds later Andre know why because the moving down his shorts do not end and now abs boy was full naked and full helpless!!!

"Wow abs boy nice toys you have between your legs, would be fun to play with them later, but let me say into real you are looking much better than on the pictures at the interent!"

The 16yo muscle boy was still ashamed but there was nothing he could do, should he scream ? No he would not, he would not like to have, that the farmer people see him into this situation.

And now Frank stands in front of him and start to touching the abs of steel and he smile as he still feel that Andre harden his abs and so his hand move over the muscular chest than down to the abs till to the groin than his hand move to his nave area and as abs boy unflex his abs for one second Frank take a painfull claw hold there.

Frank could hear a very soft moan from abs boy but nothing more, but into Andres face he could see that this grip still hurt the boy.

Than wham wam wam wam again and again he send his fist into the upper and strongest part of Andres abs of steel with no effect on them, only the colour from the abs skin was going into more and more red, this was going on till 10 minutes without a break between and it looks not like that Frank would like to give Andre a break oh now he know start to pound on the teenage boy muscular chest, wam wam, whup thud and whom whom again and again till the chest skin was as red as the abs are. After a beating time from about 20 minutes from Frank, Muscle boy was still covert with sweat but his muscles are still firm and flex.

"Not bad abs boy, not bad, but now it is my turn he he you ready for me ?"

"Come on and try it, you can´t break me!" Andre shout out loud and Brad have a bit surprise about the power into Andres voice, he start to think that Andre must be have enough power to take a long punishment and he cant wait to see Frank use the taser on this amazing abs.

"Hey Frank how is about one punch to his balls now ?"
"Yeah, give him two one from me"

And than a powerful fist hit the teenage boys naked balls and than with a second punch again and both time Andre let out a loud scream of pain, "AAAAAAARRRGGGHHHH; AAAAAAHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!"

Than he have to take wam wam whup thud and whom whom thud 15 vicious punches to his groin and round his navel and with every punch he let out some moans and groans and his body start to twitch and sag with every punch there, because the punches are able to penetrate his abs there punch after punch more and more and after 12 minutes punching his lower abs so evil they start to be dented and swollen from the punching.

Frank have to admit that the abs boy was very good into taking the beating.

"Come on Brad, stand up, let us punch him on each side under his rips"

This punches are hard to take for Andre and it hurt him a lot and he moans lot of times, than both of the man work over his upper and lower abs, wam wam thud thud and all this again and again,

"Hmpf, hmf, Uhh, Hmpf" the abs boy sound and his body start more and more to sweat and his muscular armour are start to tremble under the continue beating after 28 minutes of rough beating and slowly but sure he start to lose a bit from his endurance.

Than Brad start to pat abs boy naked manhood and Frank still pound on the abs of steel, and the moans are louder than before and very fast for all surprise even for abs boy, Andre get full hard!

"It looks like you have luck, as long as you are hard, your abs will have a break but not your big toy here" and after his words he grab Andres boyhood and start to rub him, first slowly but than faster and faster and Brad wait still for one moment ……

After about over 1 minute rubbing his boyhood, Andre have to give and let out a big cum and have unflex his abs and Brad land powerful punch direct into the thickest part of his abs and as his fist sink in into the unflex abs abs boy let out a loud "OOOOUUUFFF" as the air was out of him and his full body twitch from that punch and they use the moment to give both and rapid punching on Andres abs, and he could not flex fast enough and some more fists was sink in before, "OOOOUFFF, AAAARRGHHH; AAAAHH, UUUH" are his sounds before his abs was still firm but not as hard as before, they are going to be broken.

"Hey abs boy, what is up with you ? I think those abs can not broken, what is going on here"
"Shout up, I never give up" Andre answer, but his voice was out of power now.

"I think it is time for our toys we have here" Brad means.
"No let him give 5 minutes to rest before he learn how much a taser can hurt" and with this words they let Andre alone.

And the boy know that his abs was close to collapse, never before he was in a situation about that, the only good thing was, that he know that he could take lot of punishment to his abs, even when he have to take hits to his balls.

The Vicious beating and the end :

After 5 min smoking time, the two guys are back and Brad hold into his hand a taser like womans use to use it against mans who would maybe try to rape them.

"This here is a good and save weapon for every woman out there to protect them for sick mans who want to rape them you know what boy right ? and it is a good weapon for them because there are lot of stupid guys round the world"

"And it is a good torture weapon on a abs boy like you"

So Frank use Andres boxer shorts and put them into Andres mouth so that they could be sure he could not scream real loud, and the boy start to gets fear and start to struggle to get free and Brad comes near and near and than Andre could hear a short eclectic sound as the taser was on and than Brad ram the taser directly into canter of Andres impressive abs armor and the whole body was twitching and sacking and full flex. Andre starts to try to scream but he could only moan real loud through his own boxer shorts that are into his mouth, tears are running down his face as Brad remove the taser after 5 seconds.

Than with a evil smile on his face, he ram the taser again into the teenage boys impressive washboard abs but this time he move them on the left site up and the right site down till under the navel, this needs time about 8 seconds and the whole body of Andre was twitching and sagging all the time and as he remove the taser, this time Andre hang wimp into his ropes, all his endurance was out of him, he know he was broken and as Frank put the boxer shorts out of his mouth he was glad to get fresh air into his lungs and his breath was going heavy.

"Do you want to give boy ?" Brad ask

Andre give no answer, he would not give, but there was nothing left to save his body from beating. That he get no answer makes Brad angry and to be sure Abs boys muscles are real soft and beaten him ram his knee into Andres naked balls two times, and Andre scream in pain and his legs would rise up from the pain, than Brad start to pound on the battered abs that once was hard as steel and now they are soft and totally weaken and after the torture with the taser, Andre could not flex them a bit, they did not respond and every punch sink in deeper and deeper and with every punch Andre body sag more and more, "OUUUUFFF AAAAHH UUHHHH AAARRGHHH, HHHNNGGG AAAIIIEEE" and wam wam wam thud thud whom Brad work over the pulverized abs like crazy and than it was going to be dark around him, because Brad know him out with gut punching. Frank still have to stop his buddy because he punch Andre even as he was out and than bring Brad back to the car and order him to stay there.

Than he was walking back to Andre and even knock out and beaten, the boy looks real hot. His muscles are all swollen from punching and deep red. Frank was sure that abs boy would have pains with every move and breath he do the next weeks, and that he need maybe three weeks to full recover.

He was long at Andre and try all to bring the boy back to life. The boy moans as he come back to himself and as he open his eyes he lie into Franks hand.

"Be careful the next days, you cant do any work out or gut punching with someone, it was very nice with you and i´m sorry about my friend but he is a sadist who like to see guys like you beaten very rough and make them suffer"

Andre start to cough before he could give answer with his weaken voice

"leave me alone, you have beat my abs of steel but I have not give up, your friend also have not get what he want from me, tell him that"

"I will not do, or he will come next day and beat you up again, without me, and than you will give I can promise to you, but now it is important, can you stand alone and going home alone ?"

"I still can, you can go now, thank for you late help but never come back to me, because with my full power I will kick your ass many times" and after this words Frank let Andre alone.
Back to Brad he look at his watch, it was 23 o clock. It was amazing to see how much time they have need to break those 16yo boy. But he was sure that Brad with his sadistic fantasy would beat that boy in lees 15 minutes because he like to ball busting and and manhood torture to, for this evening he have promise not to do much.

And Frank was glad that Brad did not notice that they have forget to make pictures and he would do all that Brad think not about it, till they where fly home to good old England where they come from.

Andre need 20 minutes till he was home, and there he take a shower. Every muscle hurt like hell and his abs with every breath. Than after the shower he use his digital camera and make pictures from his beaten body. School starts in 6 weeks and he would show this pictures to that guys that have that bad idea to find guys who beat up his abs of steel.

Abs boy have need two weeks to recover from the beating straight timely before the next guys start to work on those abs of steel ….

wam wam, whup thud and whom thud