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All was happened to Andrew as he was come home late from school, he have just take his shower and walking around barefooted and only into his light boxer shorts as the phone ring.

"Yeah ? Who is there ?" he tells to the phone.

"Andrew ? Andrew ?? is that you ??"

Andrew know that voice it was Fred his cousin how live two houses away from here, and his voice sound was like with fear and pain, and at the next minutes Andrew could hear his little cousin moan and groan from a hard beating and than there was a voice at the phone that he better come alone with only his boxer shorts on.

He start to remember that voice, it was a stupid boy that he have fight down last weak as he have make bad word about his mum and himself, but he could not understand why this little wimp should be able to beat up his cousin, because Fred was lot stronger than that stupid kid, there must something wrong.

Andrew was just16yo and his body was real muscular build and strong and he was proud about his 8 pack he have, only his biceps could be better, harder and stronger, but if the moment want it, he could give real hard punches and of course take hard punches bag to his impressive 8 pack of muscles and so it was no problem for him to jump outside the house with free upper body and jump down the his cousin house.

The door was still open, but into the house was no sound.

"Fred ? Fred are you here ? Its me Andrew i´m here!"
"Where are you freak ? come on and I will beat the shit out of you" Andrew scream loud into the house but no answer follow.

Than he was going to the Fred room and open the door slowly and than he could see Fred bound on his chair with blood into his face, he could not see the guys that left and right at the door…… and as he step in …….

"OOOOOUUFFFFFF" a baseball bat have hit his unprotected abs and he double over in pain but he could not fall to the ground because a other boy was very fast at him and hold him into a full nelson.
Andrews abs feel weak now and so unable to flex for the moment fist after fist penetrate into his 8 pack and he could only moan and groan, but than he take all his power he have left and try to struggle to get free, but than the stupid kid was stand in front of him and hit him four times into his balls with his fists.

"AAAAARRRGHHH MY BALLS YOU LITTLE FUCK HEAD " Andrew screams at after the first punch but with the next 3 punches he lose his endurance and was now full weaken, and he feel that he could not stand alone, so the big guys - he have never seen them before here - left his cousin room and bring him to his uncle work out room where a wall bar was on the wall and there they tie him there.

Andrew could see how the shit head of this little kid was sit down on a chair and give only one order
"Beat the shit out of him!"

With his hand bound above his head on the wall bar he could only flex his 8 pack and he was sure that this was be the target of this two bigger guys, and he think right.

The first punch hit him above his navel and was real hard and his body tremble from that punch, and wam wam wam thud whom wam from both of the guys to the same spot let him start to sweat and moan, knees and elbows are ramming into his firm abs make them more and more tremble and slowly but sure the 8 pack start to give way.

Than they start to punch him under his nave and his groin and there the fists starts to sink in deeper and deeper, wam wam thud thud whomp and again and again.

"OOUUFFF; AARRGHH AAAHH, UUUHH" Andrew was unable to flex his abs, they where now pound away and pulverised there, than they punch him into his thickest and strongest part of his abs …. But unable to flex them all fists start to sink in deep and far and he would double over but he could not an UUUHH AAAAARGGHHH OOUURRRFF, and wam wam thud whom would not ending till Andrew hang wimp at the wall bar.

Than the little bastard stand in front of him with a big smile

"Never kick my ass again, never be in my way, or your little cousin will work over by this two guys here" and than he hit Andrew 2 times tow his balls and than they run out at the house.

At the evening as Freds parents come home, they are shock as they see what was happened to the boys, and Fred and Andrew tell later what was happened to police.

Fred and Andrew have never meet the bad guys again, but some weeks later Andrew should get a another beating on his abs …….