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Jaroslaw punched by Kevin

Jaro and I had first met at the gym. We were not really workout partners,
because he was quite a bit more advanced than me, but we did help each
other. He was here only for the summer from overseas. I seemed to be the only
one at the gym who understood his language barrier and we got along great. He
was really into the bodybuilding culture, spending more than a couple of hours
per day in the gym. He seemed to be there every time I went. He fancied himself
a tough guy. He definitely had the best abs in the place (the only 8-pack for
sure) and probably the best overall physique, though he wasn't as big and
strong as some of the other weight lifters.

I once dared to challenge him to test his abs by letting me punch him a few
times. He agreed and I couldn't even make him flinch.

On a second occassion, I tried to break down his abs with as many fists and
knees to his abs as I could, yet he wasn't hurt at all.

After that, I challenged him to an all out beating someplace where there
wouldn't be anyone else around and where I could take my time pounding on his
abs. He figured it would help build his abs even more if he had to flex and
absorb a lot of punches. I was sure that eventually I would be able to break
him. Jaro and I had agreed to go out in the country in some woods for it.

He took off his shirt and stood there in his jeans. I picked him up and put
him flat on the ground. He was a bit surprised that I was able to handle him
like that, but he really wasn't heavy and I do work out myself.

I stood up and spread out his legs and made him stretch out his arms above his
head so he would be in the spread-eagle position. He wasn't tied down, so he
could curl up anytime he wanted. I told him I would test how long he could
remain exposed and stretched like that while I pounded on his abs. I aimed my
knee directly for the center of his abs, which was the thickest part of his
8-pack. I dropped the first knee drop into his abs without a reaction from
him. I dropped a second knee into the center of his abs. On the third try, I
actually jumped up and landed on his amazing abs with most of my body weight
behind the knee. His entire body jerked up from the impact and just briefly he
pulled in his arms before he stretched them out again. I couldn't believe this
guy's resilience. I looked at his face and saw only determination.

Next, I laid hard punches into his abs, concentrating on the middle
abs. Every punch landed with a loud "THUD," but provoked no reaction from
him. THUD, THUD, THUD! He slowly started pulling in his arms under the
continued beating. THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD. He resisted every punch, but
his abs started quivering from the strain of keeping them flexed. I pressed a
knuckle into his belly button and leaned my weight on it. I asked him, "Do
you want to give up?" Through the strain of keeping his abs flexed, he smirked
and said, "No, my abs will never give up!"

I pressed him flat on the ground and pointed at his midsection. He nodded his
head in understanding. I jumped up and landed in his abs with my full weight.
His body jerked up, but his facial expression didn't change one bit. I
jumped up again and drove a hard knee into his abs! I heard air exhaling
through his mouth, but he didn't groan like I had expected. His brick abs held

He was wearing a belt on his jeans and I unclasped it and opened the button on
his jeans. Kneeling next to him, I started pounding my fist into his lower
abs. His face showed his concentration as he worked to maintain the flex in his
abs. Each punch made a loud THUD.

I further opened the zipper on his pants, exposing more of his lower abs. He
did not resist. The skin below his navel covered a flat and thick expanse of
muscle and it would now be my battlefield. Without warning, I slammed a fist
with my whole bodyweight into his abs well below the navel. I heard a dull
THUD from my punch, but no groan from Jaro. I punched him four more times, as
hard as I could. Besides the THUD of my punch connecting, I didn't heard any
groan of pain from Jaro. This kid was tough!

His lower abs looked more inviting, so I clawed at the abdominal muscles below
his navel. I pressed my fingers into the muscles with my body weight and then
squeezed. His muscles were tough, but still my fingers penetrated. For the
first time, he grimaced in pain! I shifted more weight to my fingers. He
continued to grimace from the pain, but didn't even try to grab the area of
pain with his hands. He slowly curled up his head and shoulders to tighten his
abs, but seemed very willing to continue absorbing the pain.

I decided I needed to be much rougher on this man! I grabbed him by the hair
and pulled him to his feet. Once he was standing, I pulled his head back,
making sure to yank on his head as hard as possible. It obviously surprised him
and I slammed my fist into his stretched midsection. He left out aloud "OOF!" I
continued to pull back on his hair and punched him in the abs again. He
groaned loudly. With a quick snap, I pulled the belt out of his jeans.

With his hair still in my hand, I pulled back hard, arching him over
backwards. I drove a vicious elbow into his exposed abs. He yelled out in pain
and went down clutching his abs. Yeah! I had finally scored on this muscle man.

I picked him up in the middle and dropped his back over my knee in a very
mild back breaker. I arched his back over my knee, exposing and stretching out
his abs. With his zipper still half open, I could now see his solid lower abs
and black bodybuilder posing trunks under his jeans. I arched him harder over
my knee and held him in place with a hand over his throat. With the other
hand, I punched into his stretched abs repeatedly. Every punch caused him to
groan in agony, but I wasn't ready to ask him to give up and he wasn't

I knew I had him trapped in this hold and wanted to torture him some
more. Instead of punching his abs, I now started to pat the bulge in his
jeans. "AAAHH, AAAHH, AAAHH, AAAHH." He obviously didn't like this abuse!
With each slap I could now feel his cock getting harder. Well, he was a young
man. With his youth, that would be the effect. :-) I patted his rising bulge
some more. Jaro was groaning in rhythm with my patting. His whole body was
shivering from his efforts to escape my hold, but he was stuck good. To
increase the effect, I changed to a hard rubbing of his bulge. It broke his
concentration! He was now yelling from both the pain and the frustration of
the abusive hold. His body was flexing and twisting with every muscle, trying
to slide off my knee.

Roughly, I shoved him onto the ground. He lay on his side, clutching his groin
and moaning, "AAHH AAHH AAHH AAHH."

I fetched his loose belt and rolled him onto his front. I held him down with a
knee to his lower back, grabbed his hands, and tied them together with his
belt. He was still weak from the abuse and could hardly struggle. It wasn't
until after his hand were tied securely that he uselessly flailed his legs. I
stepped back and let him realize his predicament.

"You want to give up?" I asked him. "NO!" he yelled.

I knew I'd have to be careful with him. I didn't want him to give up yet.

After he raised himself into the sitting position, I stepped behind him and
landed a forearm into his chest. It made a satisfying "SPLAT," but that's
all. I raised up his chin and pulled his head back to stretch out his chest and
pounded it three more times! He felt those, but the thick slabs of pectoral
muscles absorbed the blows.

I grabbed both of his nipples from behind and played with them. Not hard, but
just enough to be very irritating. He started flailing his legs again and
breathing hard. This young stud was getting turned on! I asked if he wanted to
give up, knowing he wouldn't. He answered, "No way!" I rubbed my flat palms
over his nipples, rubbing them as hard and rough as I could. He moaned and
groaned while flailing his legs and managed to slide away from me. He just lay
flat on the ground, breathing heavily and trying to recover.

I scrambled after him and punched him in the center of the abs with all my body
weight. I felt my fist penetrate deep into his unflexed muscles! I scored big
and he yelled out in pain. Jaro rolled to his side, trying to protect his sore
organs. I rolled him back and punched him again. I held onto him and punched him
hard again! He rolled away and shivered from the painful blows. I had obviously
knocked the wind out of him.

While he was mostly helpless, I tugged at the top of his jeans and pulled them
down his legs. Underneath were his black posing trunks. The full length of
his 8-pack, all the way from this pecs down to his stiff cock, was now fully
exposed. Despite the beating, the ridges between the individual muscles
remained deep and visible. Out of mercy, I untied his hands. He laid back,
exhausted. I asked him if he wanted to quit and he shook his head in
denial. Yeah! He actually recognized my joy at seeing him not giving up and he
shot me a bird with his finger. He sure was cocky! "You'll pay for that!" I
told him. He shot me another bird!

I pressed my knee on his chest to keep him flat and reached down with my hand
and patted his groin again. No longer did he have the protection of the thick
blue jeans. I felt his hard cock and he surely felt my fingers on it. With a
loud grunt he arched his back and he tried to roll away. The combination of my
weight on his chest and the jeans around his knees kept him under me. I
smirked at him and shot him a bird. I wrapped my knuckles into his groin just
above his cock. He let out a loud and long "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH".

I waited until he was still again and landed three quick, solid punches to his
lower abs, right above his cock. He grunted after every punch, but judging from
the stiffness of his cock, his body was enjoying this.

I moved away from him to let him up. Jaro stood up and pulled his jeans back
on. I was disappointed, hoping he'd take them off. I pushed him backwards all
the way to the wall of the old building behind him. From his face, I could see
that he was already concentrating hard on flexing his abs. As a test, I punched
him hard in the navel area, but it had little effect.

That concentration had to be broken for me to get to him. I made my hand into
a loose fist and punched directly into his balls! He let out a loud "ARGH"
and doubled over, holding his balls.

I stepped back for a minute to let him recover and then I stepped back to him.
I grabbed both of his nipples and raised him back up. Gently I slapped him in
the face a few times, just to get his attention. I pinched and twisted his
nipples a few times. He seemed to relax with that. I removed his hands from
his balls. I opened one hand and again slapped it hard into his balls! Once
again he grunted loudly and doubled over, clutching his balls. Still, he did
not go down! He continued to moan with every breath. I couldn't believe he
didn't want to give up!

I straightened him up by the chin and slapped him in the face a few times. He
was still clutching his balls with both hands, so his face was completely
unprotected. I slowly slapped (not hard) him TEN more times in the face, on
both sides. Never did he try to block or evade the blows. His face grimaced,
but he didn't even groan from the slaps. He didn't like the face slapping, but
I guess his balls were in too much pain!

I waited two minutes to give him time to recover. He occassionally moaned from
the abuse. Eventually he stopped clutching his balls and just leaned against
the wall.

I landed a hard punch below the belt, but above his balls. He grunted hard and
long! I followed up with a hard knee to the same place. He groaned and doubled
over in pain! His knees were shaking back and forth. I waited a bit, because I
didn't want him to collapse to the ground.

I lift him up by his chin and rammed another hard fist below the belt. I
straightened him up again and worked to undo the jeans top button. He
struggled against it, but didn't have any strength left. I slid down his zipper
and separated the opening so I could get a full view of his upper groin. I
punched him hard, just above his posing trunks. He was continually groaning
now, but he continued to stand and take it.

I pinned his arms back against the wall and asked him, "Do you want to give up
now?" He just shook his head! I planted my knee into his groin, right on his
cock. It shocked him. He groaned loudly and closed his eyes. I kept up the
pressure on his cock by slowly twisting my knee into it ... would he give up?
No! He shook his head again. I am sure this was less abusive than the blows to
his balls, but still ... I figured he had to be close to quitting. I
continued grinding my knee into his groin, methodically hardening his cock even
more. I told him I wouldn't stop driving my knee into his cock! With a weak
gesture, he shot me a bird, but he moaned a long, "AAAHHHHHHH" at the same

I kept his arms pinned to the wall. He stood helpless and motionless, taking
the abuse. I decided to give it two more minutes before stopping altogether.
I twisted my knee into his groin and he moaned in response. I drilled a thumb
into his navel. His abs were unflexed and he didn't have the energy to flex
them. Instead, he groaned louder in pain. I asked, "Want to give up now?" He
yelled, "no, no, no" between repeated moaning.

Eventually, my self-imposed time limit ran out. He was hurting badly, but still
stood and absorbed the punishment like a man. I carefully zipped up his jeans,
closed the button and playfully slapped him in the face one last time. Then I
told him it was over and that he had taken all I wanted to give him. He
visibly relaxed and I helped him step away from the wall to get some
well-deserved rest. I congratulated him on his awesome resilience and hoped we
could do this again sometime. He nodded his head!