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The Foreign Exchange Student
by The Hit Man

Chapter 1

Jacko was totally excited when his mother informed him that their family would be hosting a foreign exchange student. "His name is Silvio and he comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil." Had Jacko heard his mom right, had she said he? As an only child, he had often dreamed of having a little brother. "He's sixteen, a swimmer, and will be a senior. Is something wrong, honey?" The disappointment must have shown on his face as he realized he would now have a big brother instead. Jacko was only 15 and entering his junior year. "Oh no, Mom, I guess I was just thinking about how we would decorate his room. "Well, honey, your Dad and I actually thought it might be best if he shared your room. It might help make Silvio feel more welcome." Jacko erased the concern from his face with a ready smile. "That will be great, Mom. When does he arrive?"

The first few days went smoothly, much better than Jacko had expected. And then, as he had heard his parents refer to it, the honeymoon was over. Jacko stepped out of the bathroom, ready for bed, dressed only in his pajama bottoms. Silvio was spread out on the top of his covers, wearing both the tops and bottoms of his own pajamas. Jacko could feel Silvio's eyes follow him across the room. "What," Jacko asked, a mean edge to his voice, "are you starring at?" Silvio didn't say anything but raised a hand with the middle finger extended. "You want a piece of this," Jacko growled, his body puffing up, his fingers pointing toward his chest. "Bring it on," Silvio said as he raised his other hand in the same design. Jacko was on Silvio in a flash..

Silvio knew from the moment he met Jacko that he would have to fight hard to be at the top of the pecking order in this house. He was sorry that his original host family had backed out of the arrangement. After all, they had a very cute daughter that Silvio would have liked to know better. But this would be okay. After all, Silvio had 5 brothers at home, so he thought he knew what would be needed to claim his place as the top dog. The first few days had gone okay, but Silvio decided that tonight was as good as any to start taking over as head honcho. As Jacko came out of the bathroom, Silvio simply starred, following him across the room. As suspected that was enough. That and the double bird that he flipped at Jacko. What he hadn't quite expected was Jacko's immediate reaction. Jacko's weight was on his chest before he even had a chance to move.

Jacko landed squarely on Silvio, his legs tucked in tight against the boy's torso, balancing his weight forward, Silvio's offending hands caught at the wrist, being held down on the pillow. "Let's get something straight here," Jacko hissed, his voice strong yet hushed to keep his mom from hearing in case she was in the hallway. "This is my family, my house, my room. And don't you forget it. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Jacko starred down at Silvio waiting for an answer. As he did, he couldn't help but feel the tight and developed muscles that surged under the material that separated their body's. Finally Silvio shook his head yes. Jacko released his grip on Silvio's arms and leaned back. Powerful legs grapped at Jacko's shoulders and he was on his way over backwards. His judo training took over immediately and as he reached the prone postion, his legs swung over in a summersault and he was standing at the end of the bed, his hands twisted into fists. Silvio was now sitting up in bed but that was all.

Silvio starred back at Jacko sitting on his chest. He finally shook his head yes but it was simply to placate Jacko. Silvio had used this trick on his brothers a hundred times, pulling them back with his legs, pinning them down with his legs locked firmly around their midsections, applying a scissor hold until they cried out uncle. He hadn't planned on what happened next. Jacko was different. His body hadn't stopped moving long enough for Silvio to gain a hold. Instead he now stood at the end of Silvio's bed, ready for a fight. Silvio was sitting up but undecided whether to rush into a fight at this early point. The decision was made for them both by a knock at the door. "You boys aren't horsing around, are you," Jacko's Mom asked through the door. Silvio answered, "I dropped my book bag, that's all." "Okay, well lights out. You both have a busy day tomorrow."

Chapter 2

Silvio reported for the swim team at the end of the school day. Back home in Brazil he had been one of the top swimmers at his school but as he looked around at the competition, he could see he had his work cut out for him. Coach had shown him a locker and he was now dressed out. Silvio walked out to the pool area. As he had expected, all eyes were on him. The coach introduced him to the whole squad. Quite a few of the girls, having been with him in class during the day, shot him cute little waves and smiles. None of the guys seemed impressed. Oh well, that was their problem, Silvio thought. Four fellows came his way. He steeled himself for trouble. "Hey, newbie," one of them said, his voice neither friendly nor threatening. "I'm Ike, this is Mike, Spike, and that's Joe." He pointed to each as he said their names. Silvio held out his hand. None of them volunteered a hand in return. "We're the mainstay of the men's water polo team," Ike continued, "so guess we won't be seeing too much of you. You'll be in here with the non-contact sport swimmers. Good luck." At that, the four walked past, each brushing up against him with a shoulder, arm, or even a gentle shove, as if letting him know he was in their space. A whistle blew and the other swimmers headed for the line up so Silvio simply followed their direction. As they lined up on the side of the pool, he in his place, a hand pushed hard against his back. Unprepared, he lost his balance and plunged head first into the pool. All eyes were on him as he came sputtering to the surface. The place was rocking with laughter. Coach had a frown that etched lines across his entire face. "Sorry, Coach," Silvio said as someone offered a hand and assisted him out of the water. "Lost my footing." "Well, it's losing your footing in a competition that could cost us a race," Coach said, his voice blustery and cold. Not a good start, Silvio thought to himself. He glanced down toward Ike, Mike, Spike and Joe. They were all smiling at him. Suddenly he felt eyes on him and he glanced around. There was Jacko sitting in the stands. He was pretending to clap his hands. Then he held both thumbs up. Silvio's anger spread over his own face as a broadening smile appeared on Jacko's. He turned away, his fists clenching and unclenching.

Jacko didn't see Silvio after school but he did recall from dinner the evening before that Silvio would be attending the swim team practice. Of course there was no guarantee he would make it, being an unknown, but what the heck. Jacko had a half hour before needing to be at the dojo where he both trained and taught a class in Judo. He entered the swimming pool area quietly, climbing into the stands. The team was lining up on the pool edge as he sat down. Suddenly, the place went quiet and then burst into laughter as one of the swimmers plunged into the pool. As the lone swimmer surfaced, Jacko recognized Silvio's face. He joined the others in laughter. Although he couldn't quite hear the words, he knew Silvio said something to the coach and coach said something in reply. The pool area got quiet again. Jacko noticed several of the water polo team smiling at Silvio. Then Silvio turned toward him, their eyes meeting. It was the first that Jacko had seen of Silvio with his shirt off. He was impressed with the full stack of well-defined ab's that faced him. They were much more developed than his own. Jacko mock-clapped and then held his two thumbs up in a congratulatory motion. Silvio turned away, his face clouded in anger, his fists tightening and opening. Jacko just smiled to himself as he climbed down. Stopping by had been worth it.

That night after dinner, Jacko invited Silvio to the workout room. His father had converted the entire garden level of the home into a combination weight room and sparring area. The sparring area was covered in the finest mat that money could buy. Jacko and his friends often used the weights and the sparring area, sometimes practicing judo, submission wrestling, or gut punching. The latter was why Jacko had chosen to invite Silvio down tonight. He figured this would be the best way to establish the pecking order that would last until the end of the school year. "So, want do you think," Jacko asked, as he stripped down to his workout pants, exposing his upper chest, ab's, and tensil strength arms..

Silvio was impressed with the weights and other equipment that the room was decorated with. He had never seen so much stuff for working out in a private home. He watched as Jacko stripped off his tee-shirt, exposing his well-defined upper body. "About what," Silvio answered, "the room or your efforts to impress me?" The words worked their intended magic as Jacko's face deeped red with blush.

Jacko could feel the embarrassment of Silvio's answer as it crept over his face. He had to control himself not to just walk over and punch him in the face. But that wouldn't solve anything. Then he watched as he got his second view of Silvio's upper body. It was even more impressive up close. The ab's were so developed, each striation of muscle building onto the next. Jacko unconsciously glanced down at his own ab's, his hands absentmindedly rubbing on his own muscle.

Silvio knew Jacko was impressed as he pulled off his own tee-shirt, not only by the way he watched, but by the way he was looking at his own ab's, unconsiously rubbing them. "Do you want to touch them," Silvio offered, moving one arm up and flexing, making his ab's change shape and harden? Jacko didn't respond for a moment so Silvio reached out and took his hand, placing it on one of his ab's. He could feel the warmth of Jacko's hand as the fingers tightened against the muscle. "Have you ever gut punched," Jacko asked as his hand wandered over Silvio's musculature?

Jacko heard what Silvio asked as he flexed, changing the configuration of the muscle. But his mind didn't respond. His hand was still rubbing his own midsection. Silvio reached over and took his hand. Jacko did not resist as his hand was laid on one of the muscles. It was hard and rigid as he had known it would be. His fingers tightened, wrapping themselves around the muscle. Jacko knew just where this was headed and he could feel a little hardon under his shorts. "Have you ever gut punched," he asked as his fingers relaxed and wandered over more of Silvio's musculature.

Silvio maintained his ab's hardness, letting Jacko's fingers wander aimlessly over the mature muscle. "What is to gut punch," Silvio asked, playing dumb? He knew full well what Jacko meant. He and his brothers had often used this technigue on each other, seeing who could hold out the longest. It was also an excellent way to help the muscle to develop. For the first time since Silvio had taken his shirt off, Jacko's hand withdrew.

Jacko was pleased by the question Silvio asked. This meant he would have an advantage once the punches started flowing. He had to have some advantage as it was obvious that Silvio's musculature was far more advanced then his own. He took a step back. "Well, the idea is that we take turns punching each other in the gut. One of us starts punching while the other tightens their ab's and takes the punches. The one who wins is the one who can make the other verbally give in or either doubles over or collapses with the least number of punches." Jacko thought his explanation was simple enough. "Why don't I let you hit me first," Jacko offered. He started to put his arms behind his back to forestall trying to block or avoid Silvio's punch. He hadn't even had time to tighten his gut when a fist exploded into his solar plexus. WHOOSH. The breath exploded from his mouth, his body doubled over from the pain. "Shit, man," you're supposed to wait until I'm ready," he hissed out between his teeth, trying to control the pain with his breathing.

Silvio knew just what he was going to do, even as he listened to Jacko's explanation. As Jacko had begun to prepare, Silvio threw his first punch. And not just a punch powered by his arm. He had put his whole body behind it. The warm air from Jacko's lungs engulfed his face before Silvio had even pulled his fist back. A fist that had instantly pulverized Jacko's ab's, burying itself deep in the soft tissue and organs that lay below. Jacko had doubled over, his face grimacing with the pain. "Shit, man," you're supposed to wait until I'm ready." "But this means I win, no," Silvio asked, continuing to fain ignorance of what was expected of him?

"Yeah, it means you win," Jacko said, a little embarressed that the first hit from Silvio had been able to do so much damage. "But I think we best do 2 out of 3 matches. Are you up to that?" Jacko stretched out his arms above his head, trying to relax the muscles that had just been so badly punished. As he brought his arms down, the second blow caught him in exactly the same spot. It felt even harder than the first hit. As he bent over double, he couldn't get any air, his knees beginning to buckle, black rings showing at the sides of his vision. Then his lungs started working again, air rushing in, furnishing his body with the much needed life flow. "God damn it, Silvio," he said between gasps, "you have to wait 'til I'm ready." Jacko was starting to wonder if Silvio actually did know what he was doing.

Silvio couldn't resist a small smile as his second blow punished Jacko even more. He watched in amusement as Jacko struggled not to go down. Hitting Jacko in exactly the same spot had worked just as he had planned. He figured one more hit, maybe two, and the gut punching episode would be finished. "God damn it, Silvio," Jacko said between gasps, "you have to wait 'til I'm ready." "But that was 2 of out 3 that I win, no," Silvio asked? "How about 3 out of 4," Silvio asked?

Did this guy not know anything," Jacko thought to himself as he struggled to straighten his tortured midsection. "No, Silvio, not 3 out of 4. It would be 3 out of 5. And I'm up to it if you are. Only I think it's my turn to go first. What do you say?" Silvio shrugged like, whatever. "Are you ready," Jacko asked," his fist ready for the first strike? Silvio shook his head yes and Jacko struck, the blow glancing off the side of one of Silvio's hard muscles. Then Silvio's third blow hit Jacko, once again exactly in the same spot. It seemed that Jacko could feel Silvio's hand clear back by his spinal chord. This time, he didn't double over but simply collapsed on the floor, his body curled up like a baby. He looked up toward Silvio just as his vision clouded over. He could swear that Silvio wore a smile that stretched from ear to ear. He heard Silvio's voice far in the distance saying something about 3 out of 5.

Knowing that Jacko would play by the rules, Silvio had plenty of time to tighten his ab's in preparation for Jacko's blow. It was what Silvio would do next that Jacko was not prepared for. Jacko's fist hit him a glancing blow, not even registering any pain for Silvio. He then slammed his own fist a third time into Jacko's solar plexus. There was no hesitation, Jacko went down. "Guess that mean's I win 3 out of 5," Silvio said as he burst into a huge smile. He watched as Jacko's eyes rolled back into his head. Jacko was unconscious.

End of Part 1

Part 2

Jacko no longer took it for granted that Silvio was a country hick from a backwards South American country. In fact, he pretty much did what he could to stay out of Silvio's way. Oh yes, the pecking order had definitely been established at Jacko's house. Finishing his class at the dojo, he changed into shorts and a tee-shirt and drove to the school to pickup Silvio after swim practice. Arriving at the school, he sat in the Mustang, radio cranked up, while he waited. Soon, he had drifted off to sleep. When he woke, it was dark. Where's Silvio, he thought. He hopped out of the car and starting walking toward the Aquatorium. "He better not have walked home," Jacko said outloud, "or he'll answer to this." Jacko pounded his left hand with his right fist. The sound made a loud popping noise that echoed across the seemingly empty campus. Jacko could see that the lights were still on where the water polo team worked out. Maybe Silvio was watching them. Jacko headed that direction.

Silvio had completed swim practice when Ike, one of the 4 goons as Silvio thought of them, came up to him in the locker room. "Say, Silvio," Ike said, "a few of us are having a friendly little game of water polo this evening. Thought you might be interested in joining us." "I don't know much about water polo," Silvio answered, "but thanks anyway." He stood up with his towel and headed toward the shower. He knew Jacko would be outside by now and he hated to be kept waiting. Not that he would do anything about it, Silvio smiled to himself. "Guess you're just a fuckin' chicken, huh, Silvio?" Ike's words cut through Silvio's thoughts like a knife. If there was one thing Silvio wasn't, it was a fuckin' anything. "Okay," Silvio said, "I can give you about 15 minutes. I figure in that amount of time, I can wipe up the pool with you and your buddies." Ike smiled. "See you in there then. Oh, and grab one of those helmuts, school rules." Ike turned and walked through the door that separated the main Aquatorium from the smaller pool where the water polo team practiced. For just a moment, Silvio thought about blowing them off. "Ah, what the hell," he said outloud. He headed toward the same door Ike had gone through. As he passed the container with the helmuts, he started to pick one up, then pulled his hand away. How rough could it get, he thought, and exited the locker room.


The 4 fellows were all in the water as Silvio stepped through the door. That's odd, Silvio thought, only four for a game of water polo? The door closed behind him and he unconsciously tried the handle. It was locked from the other side. "Silvio," Ike called out, "come on, we're ready to play. Silvio put the funny little feeling down in his gut behind him and headed for the pool. As he reached the side, he dove in, arms out over his head, body stretched to the fullest, graceful. Just as his hands broke the surface of the water, his body prepared to follow the same trajectory, a hard object caught him just below the sternum, driving the air from him. As his body knee-jerked in reaction, he realized the hard object had been a fist. Someone had intentionally punched him as he dove in. He came up, coughing and sputtering from the water he had taken in. "Problem, Silvio," a voice asked? Over his coughing convulsions, he couldn't tell for sure who had spoken. "No, no," he said, "just took on a little water is all." "Silvio," a voice to his side called. Just as he started to turn his head to see what they wanted, the ball hit him smack on the head just above his ear. "Forgot something, didn't you," another voice said. "Heelllmmmuuttt," all the voices joined in. "Go get the ball," another voice commanded him. "it's your fault its out there." Silvio located the ball in the deep end of the pool. He broke into a firm breaststroke, heading for the ball. WHAM. Another hard object caught him solid in his gut. Only this time it was much bigger than a fist. Someone had swum up underneath and caught him with their head. The blow shook him but he kept swimming until he reached the ball. Guess its' not going to be such a friendly game after all, he thought to himself. Just as his hand touched the ball, someone grabbed it from him and swam away. As they did, their knee caught him solid in the kidney. Hands closed on his shoulders and he was shoved under. Luckily, after all his years of swimming, he had plenty of practice at taking quick breathes. The hands let go and he brought himself to the surface. When he came up, the other guys were sitting on the edge of the pool. "This isn't really much fun, is it guys," Ike asked. The other 3 shook their heads in the negative. "Come on, Silvio," Ike said, leaning forward, his hand out as if to help him out of the pool. "Let's go do something else." As Silvio dogpaddled in place, he wondered just what that something else was they had in mind. For the first time, as he tread water, he came to a full realization of just how fit each of them were. Classic swimmers body, muscled chests, arms and legs, lean and yet muscled ab's, each of them with a six pack at least. And there were 4 of them and only 1 of him. Oh well, he thought, might as well get it over with, whatever it was. Silvio broke into a breaststoke again. This time no one bumped him and he was at the side, clasping Ike's hand in moments. Another hand took his other and he was pulled from the pool.

Jacko tried door after door. He had just about given up when the last one he tried opened. He looked around and then stepped into the darkness beyond. The pool area was deserted. He turned back toward the door when the sound of laughter echoed through the vent windows that separated the main pool from the practice pool. He headed in that direction.

Silvio knew he was in trouble as soon as his feet cleared the water. The hands that held his own on each side didn't let go. Instead, they twisted his arms up behind his back. He tried to resist, planting his feet firmly in front of him. "No, I won't do this. I don't want to be fucked!" Laughter sounded on all sides. "We're not queers, Silvio," a voice said from behind. "We just want to have some fun. You'll see. Maybe you'll even like it." His resistance was futile. They simply lifted him by the elbows until his feet drug behind, leaving a wet snail trail. They carried him away from the pool edge over to where a couple of wrestling mats were laid out. He could feel his hands starting to sweat, making him slippery. He hoped it was to his advantage. Once his feet took solid purchase, he jumped forward with both legs, pulling his arms free. He tried to run which was when he realized he had been stupid. He hadn't tracked where all the foursome were. A fist came up hard, catching him just below the belly button. UMPH. Another fist hit him just below the ribs on his right side. GAW. A like blow to his left. GASP. He tried to tighten his ab's but the blows had caught him offguard and had already punctured his defenses. The blows continued, pounding him from all sides, even into his kidneys. Silvio started to go down, his gut screaming in pain, his head starting to swoon. "Joe, you hold him, "a voice said from one side. "Use that abdominal stretch you used on me last week." At least the blows had stopped for a moment, allowing Silvio to catch his breath. Joe was several inches taller than all of them. He stepped in behind Silvio. Silvio felt a muscled leg slip between his and wrap itself around his own right leg. Then Joe leaned just a little in front of Silvio bringing his right arm up across Silvio's chest. It slid up until it reached his neck where it tightened. His leg held in place, Silvio then found his torso being stretched backward, his head behind Joe's shoulder, exposing his entire midsection. "Caca," Silvio whispered to himself. This position left his ab's even more susceptible to the blows. A knee crashed into him then, penetrating even further than the fists had been capable of. Another knee from the other side. Fists flew at him in a flurry. Then a knee caught him right in the groin. His muscles tried to pull in but Joe's hold was unbreakable. His ab's stretched in and out as he struggled to get each breath. "Let him back up, Joe," one of the other three said. Gorge was coming up as he was twisted back up. As the 3 in front stepped in to shower him with more blows, he let loose, puke covering them in one fell swoop. "Holy Shit." '"God damn." A third voice didn't sound, instead Silvio heard the sound of puking off to the side. Someone with a weak stomach. Despite his situation, Silvio smiled. The hands behind let him go and he crashed to the wrestling mat. He heard 4 splashs in the pool. Pulling himself to his hands and knees, he started to crawl toward one of the exits, lit by the green lit arrow above.

Jacko pushed the door separating the pools open slowly. He could hear splashing in the pool. So Silvio was here having fun with some friends. Jacko started to pull the door closed when he heard a voice say something that made him stop in his tracks.

"Hey, he's getting away," a voice shouted as Silvio was about halfway across the floor. Feet making funny squishing sounds on the mat came after him. Hands grabbed his ankles and pulled him backwards off his hands. He hit his chin, splitting his lip on his teeth. He could taste the acidic copper blood. "Turn him over." His legs were twisted and he was flopped over, his ab's exposed once again. Only he had had some time to rest. He tightened his ab's. The first fist hit him and was held at bay by his musculature. The blows got harder as the 4 boys worked to collapse his muscles. And slowly but surely, they were succeeding. Each fist hit in a different place but there were so many, he couldn't concentrate on all the areas at once. And finally, long after he had given up trying to pretend that he would be okay after all this, Silvio lost consciousness.

Jacko crawled into the practice pool area, staying low. He let the door shut, not realizing it would lock until he heard the latch slip into place. Just have to plan another way out, he thought to himself. Movement at the pool and he flattened himself. Four guys ran away from him toward the other side of the large room. Jacko could see another form moving slowly along the floor. The other four caught up with it and flipped it over. It was another boy. Jacko froze, uncertain what to do. There was little doubt that the form being beaten was Silvio. Uncertainty fled and Jacko was on his feet. He decided not to shout a warning but started working his way around in the shadows. 2 against 1 was much better odds than 4 against 1. Suddenly fingers with vice-grip type hold grabbed him and his body was airborn. When he landed, it wasn't to crash on the floor. Rather he was starring at the ceiling, on someone's shoulders, one massive arm around his throat, another laced through his legs. And his body was being stretched the wrong way, his torso taking the brunt of it. It already felt like his backbone was at the breaking point. He wanted to scream, but the great orb that was the bicep of the arm around his throat was pressed firmly against his vocal chords, stopping all sound. Might as well go along for the ride, he thought, cracking himself up, as the mammoth of a man walked across the open space toward the other voices.


Silvio woke to water being splashed on his face. His entire torso ached, if not from the beating, then from the position he had been stretched into. "Ah good, you're awake," Ike said. "We were starting to worry that we had been rougher than you could bear." "Bring it on," Silvio said, astonishing even himself. This must be what they mean by false bravado, he thought to himself. Ike stood up. "Silvio's ready for more, boys. Mike your turn to hold him." Suddenly a figure emerged from the shadows along the wall. Silvio prayed it was a security guard. Whoever it was, they sure cast a grotesque shadow. The figure stopped and raised something over its head. Whatever it raised went flying through the air, crashing down a couple of feet from Silvio. "Jacko," Silvio let out in surprise?

Jacko was having trouble getting air, his nostrils wheezing as he tried to force oxygen in and out. Without warning he was hoisted in the air and tossed, coming to a crashing heap. Thank god someone had put down wrestling mats, he thought. A sound beside him caught his attention and he turned his head to one side. "Silvio," Jacko let out in surprise?

"So, you're the infamous Jacko, Silvio is always talking about," Ike said. "I see you've met Blaine, our water polo goal keeper." Blaine broke into a pose that showed every muscle that Jacko had felt against his own inadequate musculature as he was being carried. Jacko started to get up. "Well, if you're done with the two of us, I think Silvio and I will be going. Don't want to keep Mom waiting dinner. She can be a real bear." As he spoke, Jacko backed up until he reached Silvio. He tried to motion him to get up with a hand behind his back. "Actually," a voice sounded from behind Jacko, "I'm not sure we're done yet. I know Ike had promised Blaine some fun. Mostly up 'til now he has only been standing guard while we had all the fun. Isn't that right, Blaine?" Blaine shook his head yes, then pounded his left hand with his right fist. "I understand you're a judo expert, Jacko." "Well, expert might be stretching it a bit," Jacko replied. "Why don't we let Blaine be the judge of that, huh?" "I wouldn't want to be responsible if I hurt him," Jacko said. "It would be an unsanctioned fight." The last of his sentence could barely be heard over the laughter. Then Jacko heard the words he had dreaded he would hear. "He's all yours, Blaine."

Silvio couldn't believe that Jacko had come in all alone. What could he had been thinking, Silvio wondered. As Jacko scooted back toward him, Silvio could see him motioning with a hand behind his back. Jacko wanted him to get up. Hell, he could hardly even take a solid breath after the last beating. Then Silvio noticed that Jacko had turned as white as a sheet. Blaine, the goalie for the water polo team was advancing on him. All Silvio could think of was that if this was going on, the attention might not be back on him for awhile. Give him time to come up with a plan. Suddenly hands grabbed him by the hair and pulled him upright. "While those two play, let's have a little more fun. Shall we Silvio?" Silvio so badly wanted to say no, he had had enough fun. But somehow he didn't think what he thought would really make any difference. He was turned until he faced Mike, who now stood in front of him. Mike flashed him a smile. Before Silvio could smile back Mike hammered a fist into his already defeated ab's. Silvio, exhausted, started to collapse. Mike pulled him back up by the hair. "Not so fast." Mike hit him with a roundhouse that twisted his entire body after it. He crashed to the mat one more time. Another set of hands grabbed him by the hair and yanked him up. It was Spike this time. Without a word or a smile, he delivered a pile-driving knee to Silvio's lower ab's. Silvio doubled over, gasping for breath. Spike brought his knee up directly into Silvio's face, driving him right over backwards to the mat. What was next, Silvio wondered to himself. And where was Jacko anyway. He was supposed to be rescuing Silvio.

Blaine threw a huge fist toward Jacko's midsection. Jacko couldn't stop it but he did manage to deflect it. Same thing again. Blaine charged, grabbing Jacko by the throat with one hand and the crotch of his pants with the other. Once again Jacko was heaved over the big fellas head. Only this time he faced down. Blaine held him at full height for a moment and then crashed Jacko's ab's down on his own head. WHOOMPH. Up. WHAM. Up. GAG. Up. UMPH. What ever muscle Jacko might have had was destroyed in seconds. Once again he was airborn, landing spread eagle in the pool. He came to the surface. Choke. Cough. Gag. Hack. He was in the shallow end, so he was able to stand up. A hand grabbed him by the hair and yanked upward. Jacko managed to wrap his own hands around it, taking the pressure off his scalp. Blaine held him up for a second. Smiled. And pounded a fist powered like a piledriver directly into Jacko's solar plexus. Jacko lost all color as his air, strength, resolve, and anything else he had brought with him tonight left his body. Blaine brought Jacko's body in to the pools edge and set him on his feet. Jacko wasn't too sturdy on his feet but managed to stay up. His mistake. Blaine hit him so hard that not only did it double Jacko over but lifted him off the ground at the same time. Blaine caught him in the air, stretched him out and as he brought him down, knelt, smashing Jacko's ab's directly onto his bended knee. As Blaine let go, Jacko simply slid off the knee into the fetal position on the ground. Where was Silvio, Jacko wondered? Why wasn't he helping Jacko battle this giant?

A door opened at the far end of the gym area. A flashlight shone into the dim lighting. "What's going on in here," a voice called out? Five sets of feet ran and disappeared out the nearest exit. "Oh my god," were the only words the security guard could say as he found the two boys, the tar beaten out of them. He called for backup on his radio. He tried to make the boys more comfortable but each cringed at his touch. "No, don't hurt me anymore," was all either boy said.

End of part 2