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Dwight and Dwaine

Family Affair Part 2 - Revenge Gone Awry by The Hit Man

Shad was amazed that it took several weeks for the soreness to finally go away completely from the workover he had received from his Dad and his twin brothers, Ashe and Cole. And he hadn't forgotten the final cheap shot delivered by his cousin Ernst either. In fact, during his weeks of working out, rebuilding his demolished ab's, the main thing on his mind was revenge. And sweet revenge it would be. The plan had developed slowly as he repaired himself both mentally and physically. And when the final two were done, the first was also ready for implementation.

The first phase of the plan was to locate a couple of co-conspirators. He had watched various body builders, wrestler, boxers, and even martial arts officiondos. For various reasons, none of the men he had considered so far seemed able nor over the edge enough to fill his needs. Then one day as he was completing his own reps, he spied a couple of men working out in the far corner of the gym. Twins, he thought to himself. Yeah, that might make it even sweeter. Twins whomping on twins. He completed his final set of reps, wrapped his towel around his neck, and moved closer, watching the two go through their routine. They were much larger than Ashe and Cole, and seemed to grow even larger as they assisted each other through various exercises. They stood at least as tall as he did, over six feet. They were well developed, huge shoulders supported by massive chests, narrowing down to developed ab's and thin waists, all held together by powerful and solid arms and legs. Yep, Shad thought to himself, these two would do quite nicely. He was caught in his own revery when he realized they had stopped their workout and were looking directly at him. He had been starring at them. "You got a problem," one of them asked? "Probably one of those queers the manager warned us about," the other said. The first one flexed his entire body, the veins, sinew and muscle bunching together to create a even larger apparition. "Well, if that's the case, Dwight," the flexing one said, "let's take him out back and beat the living daylights out of him." At that both of them started toward Shad. Stumbling over his words as they advanced, Shad, even as well developed as he was, started to back away. "No, I...I'm just...You see...I need..." His body bumped up against the wall, nowhere else to go. The two stood directly in front of him, hands gnarled into fists. "Dwight, was it," Shad said, trying to sound familiar?

The two stood in silence for a moment, starring at Shad. "Yeh, I'm Dwight," one of them said, lowering his fists. "And this is my brother, Dwayne." Dwayne also uncurled his fists. "Do we know you?" "No," Shad said, "I was just admiring your physiques and it happens I am looking for a couple of strapping chaps like the two of you for a job I have in mind." "What kind of a job," Dwight asked?" "Better not be one of those sex movies," Dwayne added. "No, nothing like that," Shad answered, wiping the perspiration off his brow. Seems he had averted disaster, but he wasn't absolutely sure. "Actually it is something quite physical, something I think the two of you would be excellent at. Have you ever heard of gut punching?" Both Dwight and Dwayne shook their heads no. "Well," Shad continued, "why don't we clean up and I'll take the two of you out for a brew and explain what it is I need." Dwight and Dwayne looked at each other, turned back, and said, "Sure," at the same time. Damn, there is that twin thing again, Shad thought. The three of them walked into the shower area together.

Shad had footed the bill for 4 pitchers of brew, 2 for each twin, as he explained what had happened and his plan. "You mean someone as developed as you are was beaten by two younger kids," Dwight said. "I hate to admit it, but yeah," Shad said. "Ah, hell," Dwayne said, "it could happen to anyone." The two looked at each other again, passed their secret information between themselves, and looked back at Shad. "We'll do it," they said together. Shad almost clapped at the news. Instead, he raise dhis fingers, indicating another pitcher of brew for each of the brothers. "Another couple of pizzas would be nice too," Dwight said. Shad was running short on money but he knew he had no choice at this point. He didn't want to lose these two, they were too perfect for his plan.

Chapter 2

It took another week of buying them dinner and drinks before the total plan was finalized. Shad had tapped into his savings to pay for it all but he knew it was going to be worth it. The day was settled on, they would meet him at his house just after dark. Shad would be bringing his twin brothers, Ashe and Cole home from their workout. Dwight and Dwayne would be waiting for them and take it from there. What Shad hadn't included in his plan, for he didn't think they needed to know, was what he had in store for cousin Ernst. It would take some parlaying on his part, but if it worked the way he intended, all 3 would be paid back at the same time for the pain and misery they had submitted him to. He couldn't help but grin, even though he was in the midst of paying off another dinner for Dwight and Dwayne. It was all going to be worth it in the end.

The day arrived and Shad had told Ashe and Cole that he would be picking them up from their workout instead of their mom. Shad had ensured that he would be the one doing it by giving his parents a night out on the town. Another expense, but it meant they would all be home alone for hours. He wanted to be able to savor every moment and not have to worry about being interrupted. They had simply shrugged. "Don't be late," they said together as they left for school. Oh, he wouldn't be.

Shad pulled up into the driveway, stopping the car outside the garage. "Why aren't you parking inside," Ashe asked? "Dad asked me to leave it out tonight," Shad answered, totally lying. "I think he intends to wash it in the morning and doesn't want to wake mom with the door going up. "Whatever," the two said together. Shad sat behind the wheel, his fingers wrapped tightly on the wheel as the two got out on separate sides of the car. Ashe leaned back in. "Aren't you coming?" "In a moment, just want to finish this song." Shad reached up and turned the radio louder. Revenge was just about to arrive. The two rear car doors shut, the inside light of the car dimming to darkness. Muffled cry's sounded from outside the car. Shad hit the garage door opener and watched as his brothers, caught in bear hugs by Dwight and Dwayne, were carried inside. Shad stepped from the car and as he entered the garage behind them, hit the switch, sending the door back down. It was all going according to plan.

Ashe and Cole hadn't been ready for the attack. Huge arms had encircled each of their chests and heaved them into the air. As they were carried forward, neither could breath for the arms that wrapped around them were crushing their ribs and lungs, preventing them from breathing in. The garage door closed behind them. Ashe and Cole were turned and found themselves facing Shad, a huge smile on his face. "Time for revenge," he said, a huge smile on his face. "Put them out, boys," he said to Dwight and Dwayne. The pain was excruciating as the bear hugs were cranked up a couple of notches. In moments, both Ashe and Cole were unconsious in the arms that held them. "Tie 'em up," he instructed, "just as we discussed." Dwight and Dwayne carried their inert bundles over to the garage wall where Shad had been secured only a few weeks prior. They put each boy into position and tied them securely with the same grey tape they had used on Shad, their feet and hands hooked to bike hooks attached to the wall. Shad was still smiling from ear to ear as he prepared for the next portion of his revenge. Suddenly the door between the house and the garage opened. He turned, half expecting to see his parents having returned early, spoiling his fun.

Instead, his smile sank as he recognized cousin Ernst. He was early and Shad wasn't ready for him yet. Why was he here early, Shad thought to himself. Ernst pulled the door shut and slowly purveyed the room, taking in the entire scene. Shad's mind was racing, trying to figure out how he could make things fall back into the sequence he had planned. That was when powerful hands grabbed his arms from both sides. He tried to pull free but Dwight and Dwayne had each locked their muscular arms onto his wrists. Ernst now smiled. "Oh, shit," Shad said outloud. His revenge had somehow gone awry.

Chapter 3

"Hey, fella's," Ernst said as he walked further into the garage, "take a look at this." He held out a movie poster that had his picture pasted all over it. "We finally finished the shoot and the movie's due for release next month." "That's great, Ernst," Dwight and Dwayne and Ashe and Cole all said at the same time. Only Shad had remained quiet. It appeared that everyone in the room was in on this except him. Ernst walked up to Shad, stopping inches short. Shad didn't know exactly what to expect but he had a pretty good idea. As he steeled his ab's, he looked down. "Don't you have anything to say, cousin," Ernst asked as he grabbed Shad by the hair and pulled his head up, meeting his glare eye for eye. "Sorry to mess up your plans but well, as they say to the best laid plans of mice and men." With that, Ernst drove a fist powered by a pile-driver muscle into Shad's ab's just below his belly button. Shad's ab's held firm against the blow. "Impressive," Ernst said, "much better than the last time I hit you." Shad recalled the blow only too well. His ab's had already been defeated that time and the blow had literally lifted him off his feet. This time would be different. Ernst hit him again, this time a little higher. Again, Shad's musculature held off the attack. "Oh, I am so glad you are taking this so well," Ernst said, as he landed a third blow, a little higher. Shad looked at Ernst's arm as it struck, the veins and tendons so well defined, seeming to pump up bigger with each hit. "So much more fun for me than the last time." All of these strikes had been with Ernst' right arm. His left came up and caught Shad hard toward one side. Then a matching right to the other. Shad was concentrating hard on maintaining his ab's hardness. So far, so good, he thought to himself, although he had felt the two hits on the sides more than the direct ones he had taken. Shad didn't see the look that passed between Ernst and Dwight and Dwayne. Therefore, he wasn't ready at all for the two fists that whammed into his kidney's on each side. The pain was excrucitating as his body twisted forward. He had lost all concentration and Ernst ploughed a fist into his solar plexus. The blow cut right through the muscle, leaving destruction in its path. Shad's knees lost all strength and had Dwight and Dwayne not been holding him, he would have crashed face first to the concrete floor. They each placed a muscular arm under his armpits and hauled him back up. Ernst delivered a one two punch to the area just below his sternum. WHOOSH. Any air left was driven out. Ernst stepped to one side and caught Shad's ab's with a knee kick. Shad couldn't catch any air. Ernst swung to the other side and delivered a knee kick with his other leg. WHOMPH. He then stepped back in front and brought his fist up deep below Shad's belly button. The power of the blow lifted Shad's feet clear off the ground. This time Dwight and Dwayne didn't bother to stop his downward descent and Shad crashed unconscious to the concrete.

Ashe and Cole, stilled tied to the bike hooks, whistled and cheered as they saw the damage so easily administered by their cousin Ernst. They had always admired Ernst much more than their brother. His looks were much more along the lines they hoped to eventually capture. "Liked that did you, little cousins," Ernst asked as he turned their direction. "Oh yeah, that was awesome," Cole said, himself feeling a little hardon from the action. "Couldn't have done it better myself," Ashe said, half joking and half serious. "Now, how about letting us down from here, we did our part." "Well, herein lies the problem," Ernst said as he approached the twins. Ashe and Cole fell silent. Neither of them liked the ominous tone that Ernst had taken. "This wouldn't have had to happen if you two hadn't gotten involved last time. You know what I'm talking about?" Both shook their head's yes, recalling how they had stumbled on their father unconsious and Shad tied up. And they had taken advantage, beating Shad into unconsiousness, just like Ernst had now done. Ernst stopped in front of Cole, who was the more dominant of the twins. "You know, I have always wondered something about twins," Ernst started his sentence. He brought his fist up hard directly into Cole's ab's. Cole sucked in some air, but his musculature held. Ernst continued his sentence. "Does one of you feel the pain when the other is hurt?" He then delivered a round house kick to Ashe's ab's. Also ready, Ashe easily withstood the blow. "Let us down," Ernst, Cole said, his voice now serious. "I can't, Cole," Ernst said, stepping back, "I promised the two of you as fun for Dwight and Dwayne there for helping me with Shad." Ernst turned and walked back across the room as Cole and Ashe cursed at his back, each straining against his bonds, trying to pull himself free. Dwight and Dwayne had tied Shad spreadeagle on the floor, his arms and legs stretched out, his ab's totally exposed. Shad was coming around. "Thanks, boys," Ernst said as he stood over Shad. "Those two are your's." Dwight and Dwayne exchanged high fives as they moved across the room toward Ashe and Cole. Neither of them had ever used their strength except for show and this was a new experience. Both had enjoyed the single hit they had delivered to Shad's kidney's. But now they would see what real muscle felt like to destroy. WHOMP. WHAM. UMPH. was heard as all three delivered their first blows.

Chapter 4

Shad was coming around. He could hear voices droning around him but was having trouble concentrating on where he was. As his vision cleared, so did his mind. Ernst. His revenge. All a trap. And the first round had not gone well for his ab's. He turned his head to find himself laying on the garage floor, his arms and feet tied, preventing him from rising. He was puzzled as to why Ashe and Cole were still captive on the wall. They had been apart of Ernst' plan all along. Then he saw Dwight and Dwayne, the two he had thought he was getting to help him when they had been in Ernst pocket the whole time. As each of them slammed a fist into Ashe and Cole, Ernst dropped on him with a knee. UMPH. He hadn't been ready and the knee drove itself clear through his body, stopping only when it reached the concrete below.

Ashe and Cole saw the blows coming and tightened their ab's just in time. WHOMP. WHAM. The blows caught solid but their ab's stayed solid also. "Wouldn't it be more fun if we made this a contest," Cole asked? "You know, exchanging blow for blow. Another massive fist caught him in the area just above his groin. It hurt but he wasn't going to let Dwight or Dwayne, whichever was hitting him know it. Ashe was being pummeled with repeated blows. His musculature wasn't quite as advanced as Cole's and he was starting to look sick, having trouble getting air. Cole's concentration was broken by his concern for his brother. The next blow buried itself deep within his stomach. He choked some in reaction.

Shad's body tensed up, pulling against the ropes at all points. Ernst settled across Shad's legs and began pummeling his ab's with fists that were landing blows as if fired from a cannon. Shad put all his concentration into maintaining a solid gut. Try as he might, slowly but surely, blow after blow, his muscles began to collapse, the blows burying themselves ever deeper into the tissue and organs below. Suddenly Ernst raised himself off of Shad's legs. He locked his own legs as if preparing to do a squat thrust. Ernst reached down and buried his hands deep into Shad's musculature. He grabbed huge slabs of Shad's ab muscle in each hand and then pulled upward with all his might, using his powerful legs for thrust. The move pulled Shad's entire torso off the ground, hanging by the muscles held in Ernst' grasp. Shad screamed...long and loud.

Ashe's ab's had collapsed, no longer able to stem off the constant barrage of blows that pummeled him. But this didn't stop Dwight. He continued to punish the boy with blows from every direction, sometimes with a closed fist, sometimes with his hand open. A loud scream brought his barrage to a stop as he turned to see what was happening on the other side of the room. Cole wasn't in much better shape than Ashe, but he was still holding off the majority of the blows, although he could sense his muscles beginning to fail. Dwayne also turned away when a scream shook the room. Cole knew it was Shad. As much as he disliked his brother, he couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

Ernst held Shad in the air by his ab muscles, his own leg and arm muscles straining as he pulled against the tethered ropes. He finally let go, Shad slumping back to the concrete, his scream now nothing but a constant whimper. Shad's body was trying to pull in on itself, kept from doing so only by the ropes that held him captive. "My god," Ernst, exclaimed, "come and look at the striations of this boy's muscles." Dwight and Dwayne came over. Every muscle, tendon and vein of Shad's body was threatening to burst through his skin as it fought against the strands of rope. "Holy shit," Dwight and Dwayne eeked out together. It took several moments for Shad's body to recover and return to normal. Shad lay on the floor exhausted, his breath coming in short gasps. "How are those two doing," Ernst asked, nodding in the direction of Ashe and Cole. "The smaller one is totally destroyed but the other has managed to hold against everything I have thrown at him. A tough little bugger, that one," Dwayne answered. "I have a plan," Ernst said. "Untie them." Dwight and Dwayne did as Ernst ordered, no questions asked. Being careful, not knowing what trick these two might have up their collective sleeve, they undid Ashe first and gave him to Ernst to hold in a full nelson while they retrieved Cole. Once both were loose, Dwight held one and Dwayne held the other. Ernst was searching for something in the garage. "Ahha," he said as he held up a jump rope. He walked over and raised both heads of his cousins until they met his eyes. "Which of you is the better with this?" Neither boy responded. Ernst walked over to Ashe and buried his fist directly into Ashe's groin. Ashe cried out in pain but couldn't relieve the pain as he was held in place by Dwight. "It's me," Cole answered, "I'm better." "That's better," Ernst said as he placed the jump rope in Ashes hand. "Ashe, you are going to jump rope on Shad's ab's. Everytime you miss or have to stop, Dwight and Dwayne will take it out on Cole here until you reach, oh, let's say 400 jumps. Is that fair?" Ashe didn't answer. Ernst nodded at Dwayne. He grabbed Cole by the hair, spun him around and smashed his knee into Coles groin. He allowed Cole to drop to the ground, but only so he could kick him in the kidney, making his body straighten back out. He then delivered a kick to Cole's midsection. Not allowing time for recovery, he pulled Cole up by the hair until he could lock him in a full nelson. "Okay, okay," Ashe said, "it sounds fair. But what happens if I get to 400 without missing?" "Then we are on our way and this evenings entertainment is over. Couldn't ask for anything better than that, now can we?" Ernst then bent over Shad. "Same thing goes for you. You better hold those ab's solid so Ashe can skip right along. You make him mess up, both boys get a few more licks from Dwight and Dwayne. Understand." Shad shook his head yes, not having any clue if he could stand any more but knowing that he had to try to protect his brothers. "Okay, then, let's begin."

Chapter 5

Shad lay still, his arms and legs still bound by rope. Ashe looked at him, watching as Shad started concentrating, turning his ab's into plates like steel. Shad gave him the nod and Ashe stepped up. He was impressed. After all that Shad had been through tonight, his ab's were as solid as rock. At least for the moment. Ashe gave one last longing look at Cole. He positioned the rope and began to jump, hesitant at first, but slowly getting into a rythm. Dwight was counting. Cole looked at Shad who had his eyes closed, concentrating, trying to shut out the counting and the rythm, trying to keep his ab muscles steeled, ignoring the pain that grew more intense with each hop. The rope was also causing discomfort as it hit each time just around Shad's sternum, raising a welt after only a few turns. Cole looked at Ashe. Ashe was also totally in concentration, his eyes closed, his feet marking their place on Shad's ab's. Cole noticed that Ashe only jumped a certain number of hops in a spot before moving his feet a little to a new area. This was helping Shad by not keeping the blows always in the same spot. Cole looked at Ernst for it was Dwayne who held him from behind. Ernst seemed totally engrossed in what was happening. Ashe reached 100 and was still going strong. Shad's body twinged a little and it looked like Ashe might lose his footing but he managed to maintain and keep going.

Shad had no idea how he was managing to keep his ab's tight. He had noticed that Ashe moved around every few hops, which allowed him to concentrate on smaller areas at a time. They might just make it through this, he thought. Ashe was soon at 200 and wasn't slowing down. "You know," Dwayne said, "this is getting kind of boring. I liked the pounding part better." Ernst ignored him, watching Ashe jumping, also wondering how Shad was managing to maintain his musculature. Dwayne released his hold on Cole who slumped to the ground. Dwayne tapped Ernst on the shoulder. As Ernst turned, Dwayne hit him a powerful blow in this side. GAW. Ernst hadn't been ready at all and the blow dug hard into his side. Dwight stopped counting, unsure of what was happening. Ernst drove his elbow back into Dwayne's solar plexus, using one hand to drive the other arm like a sledge hammer. Dwayne bent over in pain. Dwight started toward Ernst. Ashe used the jump rope as a lasso, dropping it around Dwight's thick neck. He jerked hard, pulling Dwight off his feet backwards. Ernst drove his fist repeatedly into Dwayne's gut but Dwayne had recovered enough to make his plate hard. He rammed his head into Ernst' groin, knocking Ernst on his ass. Cole slid over to Shad, a box cutter from the work bench in his hand. Swift slices and Shad was free. Dwight pulled the rope, the ends slipping out of Ashes grip. Dwight started to stand up when Shad crashed into him, driving his muscular torso back on the floor. Seeing Shad coming, Dwight raised a knee. Though he was thrown back against the floor, his knee caught Shad hard in the gut. WHOOMPH. Shad collapsed on the floor next to Dwight. Dwight rolled over, weighing Shad down and began pummeling his midsection. Dwayne tried to kick Ernst but Ernst grabbed his foot and heaved upwards. Dwayne went down. Ernst, despite the pain in his groin, was on Dwayne in a flash. Dwayne grabbed a small weight that lay beside him. As Ernst landed on his torso, Dwayne swung the weight, smashing it against Ernst skull. Stunned, Ernst was unseated and Dwayne rolled on top, throwing his weight into every punch he delivered to Ernst' ab's. Cole and Ashe sprang into action, Ashe on Dwight, Cole on Dwayne, locking them up on choke holds. The golden orbs that formed when they flexed turned into rocks, crushing the larnyx, stemming the air supply. Both Dwayne and Dwight, many pounds heavier than Cole and Ashe, stopped their punishment of the form below them and worked their way to their feet. Cole and Ashe hung in the air, not relinguishing their deadly holds. Shad and Ernst were on their feet, punishing the ab's and groins of Dwayne and Dwight. Cole and Ashe tightened their grips. Ernst and Shad threw everything they had into punishing the ab's. Slowly, both Dwight and Dwayne began to sink to their knees until Cole and Ashe stood on solid ground. They managed to keep the two hulks standing which helped them crank up the pressure on the neck muscles. Ernst and Shad continued to pummel them, their fists delving far into the inner stomach areas. Finally after what seemed like hours, Dwayne and Dwight hung limp in the arms of Cole and Ashe. Ernst and Shad continued their punishing tyrade until Cole and Ashe let go their holds. When they did, Dwayne and Dwight simply fell forward. Ernst and Shad moved back as they crashed to the concrete floor. Shad turned to Ernst. "Let me look at where he hit you with that weight." Ernst turned his head to show a small bloody spot. "Come on, we can take care of that in the house." As the four headed for the door, Ashe turned back to the inert bodies. "This was a family affair. And that's what you get for messing with family." All four laughed, even though it hurt their ab's to do so. "Ow," they all said in unison, each touching their sore muscles. That made them laugh even harder.

The end