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Marky left the movie house in a rage, almost unable to control his anger. He had just seen the movie Flight Club. Now it was not the movie itself that had roused his anger, but rather the fact that he himself wanted that lead role –he did everything to get it- and he was bypassed in favor of Brad Pitt. He thought that Pitt had a terrible performance and he knew that he was made for the role. Boxing had always turned the muscle god on…he knew his body and fighting skills were far superior to Pitt's skinny body…he also knew the role would have really made him name in the industry. Marky convinced himself that the only reason Pitt got the part was he either slept with someone or `sucked' someone off –and Marky wanted revenge. It was late at night, and to cool off Marky drove all over the city. Now getting near home he couldn't believe his eyes, there in the parking lot at the gym was that bastard Pitt. He was going inside for a private workout. There was a guard at the door and Marky presumed the guard worked for the gym, especially because it was after-hours and he let Brad in. Marky waited about 10 minutes, parked his car and approached the gym door and the guard. The guard immediately recognized who was coming toward him. As Marky started to greet the guard he slipped a 100.00 bill into his hand; `let me in for an hour alone and keep the door locked…one the way out I'll have another 100.00 for you.' The guard unlocked the door and let Marky in. The guard could tell from the look on Marky's face and the rage in his eyes that something was about to go down…and he couldn't wait for the action! Pitt was wearing a tight pair of gym shorts and an old tee-shirt that was cut mid way up, exposing his rippled belly. He was lying down on the bench lifting a small amount over he head when Marky saw him. `What a pathetic sight' Marky though to himself. He waited until Pitt lowered the bar back unto its rack and then, without any warning, he came running out and jumped into the air. His left knee planted itself firmed into Pitt's gut while the right leg landed on the ground and gave Marky balance. Brad was in shock but before he could react Mark placed him left leg over the bench and onto the floor, with all his weight he dropped onto Pitt's chest with a loud thud that knocked wind out of his lungs. Brad tried to focus his eyes and see who it was, when he realized it was Marky he said, `what the fuck do you think you are doing.' Before he could say another word Marky slapped his face back and forth four times. Brad was stunned and asked what was going on. With his left hand planted firmly on Brad's chest Marky took his right hand reached around and dug his fingers deep into the lower part of Brad's belly. `You bastard, you stole my role in that movie, it was made for me –I would have been great in it.' Brad started to laugh and told Marky that he was not only a sore loser but a lousy actor as well. Mark's anger grew to a high pitch. He now slugged Brad in the mouth and almost knocked him out, he then turned himself around using his ass as an anchor on Brad's chest to hold him down. He tore the rest of Brad's shirt off and began to pile drive both his fists into Brad's gut and rib cage. Brad tried to fight back using his hands to grab and Marky's back and head but that made Marky punch all the harder. Brad knew he would cave in soon and he became desperate for help. He was able to get a hold of Marks shirt and he started to rip it off his back, using a strip like rope he pulled it around Marks neck to throw him off balance. Mark reacted by slamming a fist into Brad's balls…a scream came from the hunky blond as Mark continued to pound away. Standing up Mark turned around sat on Brad's legs. He applied an abdominal claw into Brad's gut, digging in deep and twisting the muscles. Brad was crying out in pain and trying to break free. In the meantime that guard was off to the side watching this whole episode. He had become hard from that action and was sweating with delight but now he thought he better `get to work and help his boss out.' Yes, to Mark's surprise the guard worked for Brad Pitt, not for the gym. Coming up behind Mark he slammed his forearm into his back without warning. Mark fell forward from the weight on him and was pinned between Brad and the guard. He then felt his armed pulled back and up, before he realized what was happening the guard had him up in the air in a full nelson. Mark realized his trouble when he saw Brad jump up and come at him with both fists ready to pound away. Mark tried to get away but he could, the guard was well built and pushed his head down unto his chest. Brad cried out `die you SOB,' as he began throwing and series of punches into Mark's muscled abs…Mark's body was tight and hard and the punches just bounced off with loud thud sounds echoing in the gym. Mark looked at Pitt saying `fuck you pussy.' Brad slugged him in the jar and followed up with a knee to the groin. Mark tried to cover up, pain now shooting up through his balls, but the guard held him high and firm. Picking up the solid five pound dumbbell on the floor Brad began to pound away at Marks lower belly with it. Bright red spots began to appear all over Mark's torso that was soon covered in sweat. The guard said to Brad, `let's double team on him.' Swinging Mark to one side Brad grabbed him under his left arm and the guard under his right. They quickly pinned Mark up against the wall and with the free fits began to pound him from both sides –into his ribs and on his hard rippled belly. Brad leaned his face in and bit hard on Mark's outy navel as the guard rapped his ribs and side with punches. Then as Brad concentrated on pounding Mark's other side the guard applied a claw into the lower gut, digging deep into Mark's muscled belly. Mark was in agony and knew he could not hold on punch longer. Just as a went to take a breath both men slammed his belly hard knocking his wind out. Mark slummed to the floor in a heap and the guard and Brad got some last kicks into the gut. As Bread walked away he said `watch who you fight the next time ass…' Mark vows revenge.