Chapter 3

Written by Michael and Hunter


It was another few days later, Mark was feeling great again following recovering from his beating and work on Jack's room was finally completed. The morning sun was just starting to peak over the hilltops surrounding the valley when the blonde haired young man woke. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he stood up and dressed about half way, as had become the norm, leaving his cotton shirt draped on a chair and shuffled into the main room to light the stove for the morning's meal.

Jack had woken up several minutes before, fully dressed and already on the stove, the scent of eggs and sausage rising from a frying pan as puffs of steam came from a percolator filled with hot coffee. Turning his head at the sound of Mark shuffling, an idea came into Jack's head as he slid the contents of the pan onto a pair of plates, then walked over, for all intents and purposes looking like he was going to guide his sleepy boss to the new table that they'd gotten earlier after Mark's initial beating had seen it broken. "Mornin', boss. How'd you sleep?"

"Morning Jack." Mark replied with a groggy nod and looked to the stove as the other man turned around, pleased to see and now smell breakfast already prepared. "About the same as usual." he added. "You like'n the new bed I hope, damn sight better then the barn." the shirtless rancher continued and let out a yawn, bringing the back of his hand up to his mouth as he did so.

"Yeah, bed's definitely nicer than sleeping on hay," Jack said. "But..." SPLAT! His fist impaled Mark right on the navel, squashing the thing under his fist and deep within Mark's unprepared gut. "You sure you don't wanna go back to bed, boss? You look tired."

"Yeah I'll bet it... Ooooph!..." Mark gasped as Jack hammered a fist deep into his midsection. At once the young man started to fold but caught himself, using the hand that was up to grab a hold of the other's shoulder. Jack was certainly taking advantage of his end of the bargain they'd made when Mark hired him, although the blonde was hardly complaining, any words to the contrary were of course just part of the game.

"Mmmm, you'll have to make me you wily bastard."

"Oh, believe me..." SPLAT! SPLAT! Two uppercuts deposited themselves in Mark's navel, again crushing it and his intestines inward. "I plan to." Jack dropped low and began to pummel Mark's lower belly with jabs, each one sinking into the unprepared flesh and leaving a small, short-lived crater.

The shirtless cowboy's back hunched up with each of the two uppercuts that his friend buried into his stomach, the blonde coughing out air and spittle with each of the impacts. "Kaaagh!... Hhhaaahhh!..." Then Jack went to work down low in that softest of soft spots and as he no doubt knew would happen, the young man's shirtless body shuddered with each blow. Not only were his abs not particularly strong down under his navel, but at least one organ contained within that expanse of flesh was particularly sensitive and Mark's tolerance for it being abused was limited.

"Oooooh!... You bastard... Oooooo!... Jerk..... Uuung!... cheat..." Mark teased between pained gasps, he knew Jack knew his weakest spot and the other guy had no qualms using it.

Jack was more than willing to fling playful insults back. "Softy." SPLAT! An uppercut to the same spot. "Squishy." WHAM!" A knee that impaled Mark's navel. "Wimp." THUD! A colossal punch right to the center of Mark's soft belly.

As much as it hurt, Mark was really enjoying himself and the word play. But Jack's punches were hard enough to make it difficult to speak, all he could do was cough out another groan when his friend blasted his lower gut again. The knee that came up into his stomach next lifted the poor guy right off the floor. At that point Mark lost his grip on Jack's shoulder and when the man plunged a hard punch strait into his middle, the blonde stumbled back across the room to collide with the far wall and the folded over, wrapping his arms around his midsection.

"Ohhhh... My guts... You sure know how to work 'em." he groaned.

"That's what you hired me for, boss," Jack said, winking before ducking low and charging, impaling Mark on his elbow, then spinning around to slam his other elbow into the same spot.

Getting his arms out of the way as Jack charged him, Mark gripped the wall and cringed as the other man buried a powerful elbow into his sleek body.

"Uuuunnng!... Aaaaoooooo!..." Another elbow blasted into his guts a moment later and then the blonde's legs started to give. His grip on the wall wasn't enough and so he started to slide down.

"Nuh uh, get up boss." Jack grabbed Mark by his hair and shoved him back against the wall before starting to sling more jabs into his navel, using it as a target as he devastated the rancher's soft, useless abs.

"Ah ah ah ah ok ok." Mark reacted instantly to Jack grabbing his hair, both hands going up to Jack's arm to take the pressure off of his scalp, this of course left his body wide open which was what they both wanted.

"Ooooph.... Oohhhhhh... Urrrrg...." Mark started to gag with each punch that thudded into his stomach, his well toned muscles providing little protection for his innards. The young blonde wanted to stay up and prove he could take it, but Jack was so strong and his guts had been pulped twice in the past week. Doing his best though, Mark spread his arms out against the wall, his left taking purchase on the door frame to his room and his right against a wall shelf.

Jack slammed a hard uppercut into Mark's navel, aiming to double him up before he pulled him over to the area in front of Mark's room. Here he hit Mark in the chin with an uppercut, then would follow it with a hard upward kick to his gut, followed by a side kick to his navel.

Jack's uppercut to Mark's gut did indeed double the young man over, sinking deep into his flesh with a thud as his back was braced against the wall. The poor guy folded over, drool spilling out of his mouth along with a wet groan. He was easy to guide, stumbling along as Jack led him, to the doorway and clocked him with a shot to the chin. Now stumbling backwards instead of sideways, the blonde absorbed the full force of Jack's kicking combo and landed half on his bed. The mattress springs creaked and the shirtless cowboy flopped back first into the bed, his arms dropping up above his head and his legs dangling to the floor, stretching him out and making his already softened abdominals that much more vulnerable.

"Ya see, boss? Isn't this better?" Jack asked as he followed Mark into the room and immediately began slinging hooks into Mark's exposed, soft belly. "Feels good on your back, doesn't it?" He slammed a hammerfist down on Mark's navel.

Laying stretched out on the bed, Mark's body was a perfect target and every one of Jack's fists found his toned flesh pliant. Each punch plunged easily into the blonde's guts, making them churn and rumble.

"Oohhh!... Uuuhhh!.... Ooooph!.... Huuurggg...... Rrrr.. It... sure does...." Mark gasped after Jack finished up his opening combination to his stomach in the new position.

Jack continued to plunge fists into Mark's soft gut, enjoying the squishy sounds it made as he continued to punch Mark's navel, squashing it inward again and again. He then grabbed one of Mark's arms and pulled him upright, grinning at him before slamming an uppercut into his navel.

Mark laid there in blissful agony as Jack obliterated his stomach, blasting punch after punch down into his navel and simultaneously driving the groaning cowboy nuts. Jack too seemed to be enjoying himself as he finally pulled the young man up unto a standing position and even gave him a grin. It was nice to see the other guy really enjoying his part and not just thinking of it as a job. Mark didn't have much time to ponder the other man's smile before he took another uppercut to his navel, the fist deeply invading his innards and lifting him up off his feet.

"Uhhhhhhuuuuhhhhhhh!..." the shirtless cowboy gasped as he hunched over the man's fist, more saliva dripping out of his mouth.

Jack then turned, hauling on Mark's arm and throwing him over his shoulder, back onto the floor. Grabbing Mark by the hair once again he pulled him upright, then spun him around roughly. "Keep on your feet, Marky, don't make it worse for yourself!" He drove his knee into Mark's stomach, followed by two cratering punches to the rancher's gut before finally ducking down and bulling forward, driving his head into the entirety of Mark's gut.

Not given any time to recover, the blonde man was tossed right over Jack's shoulder and came crashing down on the wooden floor. This was certainly new and thankfully nothing in the room had gotten broken yet. Mark didn't stay on the floor for long though as Jack once again grabbed him by his hair, something he wasn't particularly enjoying. Once more bringing his hands up to keep the pressure off his scalp, the shirtless young man scrambled to his feet.

"Rrrrr, don't call me that... Uuuunga!" Mark retorted just before getting a knee driven up into his stomach. "Ooooo!... Aaaoooo!..." the cowboy grunted as Jack sank another pair of punches into his guts. The powerful man didn't stop there and while Mark was reeling from the punches, Jack headbutted him in the stomach and drove the blonde across the room to crash into the wall.

"Uuuuughhh.... my guts..." he groaned, hunching over Jack and trying to reach for his middle.

"Aw, what's the matter, Marky? Bellyache?" Jack pulled his head out of Mark's guts, planting his hands on Mark's shoulders and smiling at him. He looked down at Mark's stomach, at the now completely destroyed muscles.

Flattening up against the wall as Jack held onto his shoulders, Mark took a few labored breaths and rubbed his stomach for a moment, but took his hands away almost immediately when Jack teased him and started looking down at his body. If anything Mark was proud of his body and this game of theirs was in part because he knew he could take punishment and wanted to prove he could take even more, he wasn't about to look weak by covering up while Jack looked at him.

"Mmmm, don't you know it." he responded. "And stop calling me that or I'm gonna hit you back. My parents used to call me that and you aren't my daddy."

"Fine, fine." Jack replied, smirking before he slammed another quick hit into Mark's gut, the rancher's soft belly imploding under his fist as if it was sucked in by his guts. This was followed by a rough jerk that pulled his fist out, followed by a knee to his lower belly, followed by more and more as Jake began to ram knee after knee into Mark's gut.

"Good." Mark replied and actually smiled at the man who was beating the tar out of him. Another punch landed, ejecting some more spit from the cowboy's mouth as he spread his arms against the wall to help keep from sliding anywhere. Then Jack returned his attention to the blonde's lower gut and rammed a knee in. Like the times before the cowboy's whole body shook from the blow and he let out a yelp of pain, his eyes going wide. Knee after knee plowed into the sensitive spot and Mark's yelps were starting to grow pitifully pained in spite of the exciting effect that it was having on his anatomy. The placement of the blows however and the hormone driven excitement led to an inevitable development, Jack's repeated knees which had been so easily blasting the blonde's lower abdomen were now by virtue of the large area they impacted, also crashing into the young man's nethers.

"Oooh!... Oooo!.... Ja... Aaarrrg!... Sto... Aahhhh! Sto..." Mark gasped and lolled his head back against the wall.

Jack gave Mark one more quick slug in the gut then stepped backwards, cocking his head. "What? What's the matter?"

Taking another hit before Jack let him loose, the blonde immediately crumpled to his knees and one hand while the other when to cradle himself.

"Uuuuggggg!... You hit... me in... my damn piece... Holy hell..." Mark gasped and then started to chuckle a little, the comedy of the accident not lost on him. "Gonna dock your pay." he added, obviously joking.

"Yeah, yeah, har har." Jack smiled regardless then placed a fist gently under Mark's chin. "I'll just take what I'm owed out of your gut then." A second quick slug in the belly once again imploded Mark's gut, until Jack suddenly put all of his fingers together not in a fist, but a straight, blade-like formation before he stabbed it deep into Mark's stomach, the fingers sinking in all the way up to the wrist.

Standing back up after Jack placed his fist under his chin, Mark flattened himself against the wall again and willingly accepted the next punch, letting out a quick "Uuff." What Jack did to him next though was a brand new type of strike that Mark wasn't expecting. The blonde shuddered and cringed, slapping his hand back against the wall as he screamed.

"Aaaaaawwwwwww!!!! Shiiiiit!...."

Jack raised his eyebrows in surprise at Mark's reaction to the stab. "What, did it hurt that much?"

"Rrrrr, what do you think?" Mark croaked and smirked at Jack. "What's the matter, can't finish me with just your fists?" he added and straitened up in spite of the new pain. By now sweat was starting to run down the blonde's body and he was sure his stomach was as red as a tomato from the unorthodox move, but he wasn't going to back down.

"Right, sure." Jack pulled his hand out of Mark's gut, then began to slam uppercuts into Mark's navel, the orifice being pushed out of sight again and again as his fists covered it and sank into Mark's soft flesh. "You talk a lot for someone with such a soft belly!"

The impact of Jack's fist into Mark's stomach thundered through the young man's body and the house alike, the thuds vibrating the interior wall with each strike and in turn rattling the glass chimney's on his oil wall sconces. Drool was once again freely flowing out of the blonde's mouth as the other man expertly took him apart, each uppercut finding the shirtless cowboy's stomach loose and pliant and causing the male's guts to churn with each impact.

"Oooohhhh!.... Uuuugh!....Huuuhhhh!..." Mark gasped out as his navel was being shoved most of the way to his spine, obliterating his strength in the process. Then Jack stopped for a moment to taunt him and the blonde just hung there, doubling over on the stronger man's arm. "Rrrrr.... Then.... why.... don't.... you.... shut... me.... up?..." he choked back cheekily.

"Gladly." Jack grinned as he grabbed Mark by the shoulder, manhandling his boss over to the side of the bed. A quick slug in the gut was followed by a uppercut to hit Mark as he doubled over, the last punch the hardest one yet to put Mark out for good and throw him back onto his bed.

Stumbling along with Jack's lead, Mark was in no condition to protest, nor would he, this was the climax and he wanted it badly. The shirtless cowboy's arms were well out of the way when Jack hauled off and punched him in the stomach. As Jack expected, the sweating blonde started to double over which set him up perfectly for the following uppercut. The punch was titanic and sunk so deep into the beaten cowboy's guts that it crushed them against his spine as he was lifted into the air.

“Uuuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhhh!...” Mark groaned as his body lurched backwards and flopped into his bed. Consciousness seeped out of the fallen cowboy as his body laid spread across the bed. His arms draped lifelessly over each side and his shirtless form writhed ever so slightly as the pent up pressure from the blows to his nether regions finally released. Even unconscious the tide of hormones was unstoppable and when finished a contented moan sighed from the sleeping blonde's lips. It looked like he wasn't going to get his morning meal after all.