by Alex



3 guys with hot and fit bodies decide camping in woods, they are a good friends and training together all the time.
It was beginning to sunset. Day was long and warm, the train was hard, so they are sweating and his muscles glowed with the last rays of the sun. Michael, Tod and Cristian built a fire, but they didn't know they were being watched from the shadows.
Michael take distance from the camp and walk. After a minutes decide comeback.
Michael turned to look among the trees, but was too late because a big man was in front him, he was a beast, big pecs, hard eight pack, this guy was a greek statue, Michael get excited, but the skull mask over the stranger's mouth made him feel scared . Michael began talk, but muscle guy began to squeeze his throat with one hand, Michael felt that he was short of breath, but he also forced him to tighten the muscles in his body, then muscle guy used his other hand he caressed each mound of slim abs. Her body shuddered as the hard and calloused hand touched her abs and slowly began to become a fist.
While muscle guy continue squeeze throat with his free fist begin give a lot punches to Michael, uppercut was very hard, but Michael resist and was able to make a shy smile. Maybe it was wrong because dark eyes muscle guy began to shine like silver then the next punch wasn’t like others. The fist disappeared into Michael solar plexus, saliva began to fall from his mouth, his eyes expanded and the shortness of breath was notorious. The man in the skull mask had broken his abdomen, he could not believe it after so many hours of training that he had dedicated with his friends.
Michael fell to the ground and leaves of the forest coughing and covering his abdomen trying to catch his breath. He did not have much time, since the muscular man on him did not let him cover himself, with his fist he began to press on different areas of his abdomen. Michael shuddered again and those silver eyes did not stop observing him, his solar plexus had been defeated, he pressed his fist against his navel, but then he removed his fist, it was when he lowered his shorts slightly, then he exposed his lower belly, tried to cover himself but not there was nothing he could do against that huge impact, his fist hitting the muscle, snapping it and surely hitting the ground below him. Michael's body doubled and clung to the powerful arm that was purifying his abs, but it did not end there his fist began to dig deeper, Michael did not stop moaning he felt a strange sensation of pain and excitement. Who was this beast?, because it tortured him ?. His mind began to fade until he fell unconscious.

Tod and Cristian was looking for to Michael around the camping, they got feel very anxious, they louded his name, but nothing, the night fell and full moon bright in the sky, when surprisingly from the bushes something came out at full speed and hit the Tod body. Tod fell to the ground, he felt scared, but was panic when he saw his friend Michael over him, Michael abs was red and purple, he is moaning and murmured something that could not be understood. Cristian ran to his friends to help them, but he was stopped when something hit his back, pushing him and making him fall down hitting his face on the earth.
Tod got up quickly, takin off his friend Michael and take fight position, big muscular guys was in front him on his friend. Cristian try stand up, but the big guy put his boot on his back, crushing him to the ground, Cristian flutters and tries to free, but the boot presses harder. Tod seeing his friend in trouble, he jumps into the fight, hits the muscular guy's solar plexus, without any effect, the man looks at him curiously while the fear in Tod's body betrays him and begins to give weak blows.
The sky begins to darken, the full moon is covered by rain clouds and small drops begin to fall, the chiseled body of the type of the skull mask shines and looks intently at the man in front of him. When Tod goes to give him a new blow, the muscular man stops him with one hand, takes hold of Todo's wrist and begins to bend it causing Tod to fall to his knees to the ground, with his foot still free the muscular man kicks Tod's chest falling on his back and without warning a knee falls on his abs, the muscular man looks at him and takes Tod's shirt ripping it and leaving his chest and abdomen exposed, Tod tries to cover himself and get air, his instinct tells him that this will not stop here.

As the raindrops begin to fall more intensely as do the blows that fall on Tod's abdomen, Cristian in pain, reintegrates and tries to suffocate the muscular man with a wrench. The muscular man places one foot on Tod's abdomen preventing it from moving, the foot presses from the lower abdomen to Tod's solar plexus and the pressure varies as the great man seems to make sure of it. With one hand he takes Cristian's hair pulling so hard that Cristian feels that he will lose his hair, he tries to resist but the pain is greater, so he does not achieve his goal. He takes Cristian by the nape of the neck and throws him onto his back towards the damp earth, a moan comes from Cristian's mouth as he loses air from the impact. The great man's foot is held on Tod's abdomen who is weakening slowly, the great man takes a step placing his weight on everything. Tod felt his trained abdomen squeeze to almost touch the ground. The muscular man takes Cristian who still moans, watches him, bends down and runs his hand over Cristian's shirt stroking his chest and abdomen the wet and rain made the shirt stick to Cristian's chiseled body, the muscular man breaks Cristian's shirt and passes his fist over his exposed abdomen, Cristian resists but without problem the muscular man takes it by the neck and throws it at Tod.
Tod felt something fall on him and he sees his friend Cristian on his back, he also saw how the muscular man was approaching. Tod managed to see how the muscular man's fist collided with Cristian's deformed muscular abs wall, and Tod felt the impact himself. This was repeated over and over again, in the lower abdomen, the solar plexus in the navel area, Cristian's abdomen was reddened from the blows, in addition to the fact that he felt sore, he could not imagine the pain that his friend. At one point the muscular man stopped and turned, Cristian trembling trying to cover his abdomen, but his hands responded with difficulty. Tod looked over to where the muscular man turned to realize that Michael was not there. "at least one of us will be saved" thinks Tod.
The muscular guy turns and looks at the two men on the ground, Tod trembles, but there is little he can do, the muscular man takes Cristian and places him on his shoulder, Cristian is semi unconscious, Tod on the other hand tries get up and escape, but the muscular man takes him by the ankle, lifts him and releases him, Tod sees the ground approaching but does not fall. "ouuphhmmm" a fist enters his lower belly and every so often he gets hit again in the same area, it was when he realized that he had become another man's toy, little by little the darkness beat him while the muscular man was advancing to a sce he did not know.

Michael walked all night, he felt very tired and pain, his abs was destroyed and he didn’t know what happened with his Friends. He can saw stranger guy, he look nice, so Michael walked, maybe stranger guy could help him.
Stranger guy look to Michael, he ran fast, Michael look very tired.
Stranger guy: Are u ok?, Can I help u?
Michael: please, I need policeman, My friends have problems, crazy guy atack us.
Stranger guy: My name is Zack.
Michael can’t listen him, he fall unconscious but Zack hold his body.

Zack Ranger, Tom
Michael wakes up after hearing noise, looks around and is inside a tent, when his abdomen turns, it hurts but with less intensity, he sharpens his ear and hears the voice of the man who helped him and also of another one with a more serious voice. He gets up and sees two men in front of him, the young man who helped him and a ranger.
Zack saw Michael "are you alright ?, I call the Ranger at the park to explain what happened". Michael watches and begins to relate what happened to him and his friends.
Ranger: ok… My name is Tom, the place where they were camping is not far from here, possibly you went a few laps in circles, I will go to see if your friends are still there or at least there should be tracks, last night there was some rain so I could follow them.
Michael looks at him somewhat unsure, but nods.
Zack: I will go with you in case you need an extra hand, you can stay here if you want, he says looking at Michael, there is some food in that bag.
Michael denies. "I go too, they are my friends.
Tom: if it makes you feel better, come. Zack takes out from among his clothes a T-shirt and offers it to Michael, Michael hadn't even realized that he was found without a T-shirt.
After an hour by car and half an hour of walking they arrived at the camp site. The Ranger watched and looked at the tracks on the ground that confirmed a fight.
Tom: well, your friends are not here, but who did this left a clear trail, because of the depth of the tracks it must ... wow ... it must weigh around 100 kilos. Turn your head and look at Michael, you can describe the man to me again.
Michael: Yes, maybe 1 meter 90 centimeters tall, very muscular and chiseled, his mouth was covered by a kind of mask that covered half of his face, I only saw his silver eyes.
The Ranger begins to walk and follow the trail that was evident, Zack and Michael were a little behind. The day was hot and it showed in the sweat of each one, Zack and Tom took off their shirts revealing their muscular bodies. Michael was feeling a little self-conscious due to the recent beating, plus his body was still showing bruises.
The vegetation thickens and Tom asks them to be quiet and stand still. Tom advances a few centimeters, while Michael and Zack feel tense. Zack perceives movement behind him, so he steps forward, a rumble sounds and it seems that branches are breaking, the ground below Tom gives way, Michael and Zack only hear his scream as he falls. A large hand covers the mouth of Michael who moans for help, Zack still confused, he sees himself alone, Michael disappeared next to him, Zack remains, approaches the hole, coughs when he sees a kind of greenish cloud in the air.
Zack: Tom, are you okay?
The pit must have been 2 meters deep. Stunned Tom coughs and covers his nose, he does not remember having felt that aroma before, hears Zack's voice. Zack looks around looking for something to help Tom up.
Frightened path through the vegetation, a sensation of excitement invaded him and he began to feel very hot, fearfully he advanced until he found a cabin, what he saw made him feel strangely hot, a man hanging upside down forced to keep his abdomen tensed otherwise his head would fall in water and could drown, to the left another man tied to a bench holding a rope with his arms, after following the rope Zack realized that what he was holding desperately was a log, maybe 80 kilos and was At 1.5 meters high, his arms trembled until he could not hold the rope, the trunk fell on the man's abdomen on the bench. "ouuuuummph" his abdomen dropped and the sixpack on his abdomen that I could see from afar were crushed.
Tod: please ... let me go ...
Finally Zack managed to see the great man they had talked about. He stood behind Zack with one hand, took the rope and lifted the log, handing the rope back to Tod, fearful Tod takes the rope and his arms tremble again. Zack see Michael on the shoulders of the great man. Michael moves trying to free himself, Zack did not know if it was due to the resistance he put in that he received the following punishment, because the muscular man dropped him abruptly, but not on the ground but on a log, Michael's abdomen suffered the consequences, he tried to flip. and drop to the ground, but the muscular man stopped him sitting on it. Michael's abdomen was squeezed and crushed by pressure, Zack could hear Michael's faint moans and did not understand why his manhood hit his pants intensely.

Zack started to back away, but the muscular man's gaze focused on him as he placed a piece of meat in his mouth. Michael was still moaning under him and a groan of relief Zack heard when the muscular man got up. Zack wanted to go back, but he was paralyzed, the man approached him and placed a hand on his chest, which made him back up until he hit a tree, the big man was examining Zack, passing his hands over the pectoral and abdominal muscles. Zack's muscles were tense, so the big man could feel the mounds on his abdomen. Zack knew that he could not escape, he placed his hands behind his back and waited for the onslaught, the muscular man hit Zack's abdomen until his fists easily penetrated his abdomen, Zack moaned and tried to protect himself, he felt that his guts were crushed, he gave up to the power of this man, but it was strange what happened next, the man took him and carry him to a table, he served him rabbit meat and from the distance he heard Tod's moan again when he released the trunk making his abdomen be crushed again and on the other hand the muscular man picked up Cristian leaving him no the ground trembling.

Tom woke up with the sun burning his body, he was still shirtless, his chest and abdomen were sweating erotically, he rejoined, he still felt that burning sensation within which he could not understand, he looked around and saw 4 boys, he recognized two Immediately, Zack and Michael, to discard the others must be Tod and Cristian. In the middle of them and stood out above the rest, there was a huge man that Tom recognized, it was Jack, he had seen him arrive a month ago, but after that nothing more had been known about him, he had come to think that some animal had ended his life, but apparently it was the opposite, he was more alive than ever, stronger, bigger, magnificent.

Holding Strong
I sat down to say a word, but as soon as I did, he raised his hand and signed me up, I was confused, I was so focused on Jack that I didn't notice when two of the boys pounced on me , I did not know who it was but a punch to my left cheek made me collapse on the ground, by reflex protected my face to avoid losing consciousness, it was when I felt a foot sink into my abdomen, expelled air from my mouth and I could not avoid groan in pain and surprise. I thought about asking Zack and Michael for help, in fact I was happy to see Zack helping me to get up, but I was wrong, he raise my arms placing me in a full nelson in front of my Michael, Michael hitting my solar plexus and again eliminate air through my mouth , but this time some saliva fell, it was clear it was just me and my resistance, I concentrated to recover the air and the next blow although it was painful I could stop it with my abdomen flexed, there was a brief pause and then the blows were maintained, each abdominal mound was hit.
No, this could not continue, I began to force tensing my whole body to free myself from Zack who had me in the full nelson, I saw one of the boys who approached me from the front to give me the next blow, I raised a leg and I kicked in the chest which gave me momentum and made us crash Zack and me against a tree, Zack loosened my grip and I had enough time to slide my right arm and with all my strength I hit his abdomen with my elbow right in the navel He doubled over and I heard him moan, I was glad of his little resistance, but this was not over, Michael and his friend were in front of me, both looked fearful but did not hesitate to pounce at the same time, I managed to dodge Michael, but I received a blow to my obliques, my right area ached, but I was prepared for the pain, I took my attacker's arm bending it slightly exposing his torso, I felt warm for a moment when I saw him like that, I concentrated and my fist hit his left chest, what I let go and couldn't help covering myself, I was going to give him a blow to the jaw when Michael's leg hits my abdomen "ouuumphh", I bent forward and felt a strong blow to the back throwing me face down, I felt a kick in the side so I turned on my back tried to protect me but someone took my arms, Michael and one of his friends used an armlock wrestling movement, I felt the tension in my arms and legs pressing on my neck and my chest, I finally understood what Zack and the other boy were standing next to my abdomen, tension what I could when I felt a stomp on my abdomen, I couldn't help but moan with each stomp and it seemed that they were coordinated, when one took his foot off the other immediately stomped me, I felt my strength faltering and I felt my abdomen slowly break, each stomp was a little deeper as my erection was getting bigger, my moans began to Becoming slight screams, finally someone stomped on my abdomen, I was on one foot and my abdominal mounds gave way, I tried to resist, but my muscles did not respond.
In my mind I was only consoled by the idea of thinking of taking revenge on each one of them, I was very angry, my anger was greater when I saw them smile, they released my arms, but I had no strength to protect myself, my mind wandered from exhaustion, finally finished.
They had had enough fun, it was finally over. A hand landed on the nape of my neck and fear returned, I focused and I saw Jack, something put close to my nose and forced me to inhale, I tried to cough, but my abdomen was pure pain. Jack began to massage my chest and abdomen, he did it with subtlety, feeling every abdominal mount, ridge and valley. He lifted me up in his arms like a baby and in an abrupt movement he made me turn in the air doing a gutbuster, my abdomen hit his knee, I felt it split me in two, but what I couldn't understand was how excited I was despite the agony feeling, I was hanging my arms and legs while Jack patted my back, Jack turned me on his knee forcing me to arch my back and expose my abdomen, Jack took my erect penis while stroking my abdomen, my eight pack was still showing and I felt his lips kiss each abdominal mount while he massaged my cock, I no longer knew if my moans were of pain or pleasure, I felt different fists press my abdomen and the pain and pleasure were even greater, I began to feel the precum on my penis and tried to resist not to ejaculate.
Jack got up and stood me up was when I finally heard him speak.
- Finally I have company with which to have fun, I found some herbs with properties ... different or strange, these herbs generate wonderful effects (flexes your body)
Tom: It also destroys your sanity, doesn't it?
Jack smiles and squeezes Tom's balls and penis.
Jack: Well, I don't know if you would say the same thing when this herb starts to have an effect on you and your friends. And now I only need one more ingredient to adapt the formula and that is 100% effective on you.
Jack brought his lips to mine, shuddered and moved back but Jack caught me around the waist. I was forced to arch my back back and in an instant I tripped on his foot was when everything happened in slow motion, my body started to fall, while I saw an evil smile on Jack's face, Jack's speed was almost inhuman Jack quickly took me by the shoulders and as he fell he managed to place his knee in my lower belly, something exploded inside my guts when we fell, my lower belly did not put up resistance and his knee penetrated beyond my abdominal muscles, I ejaculated wildly, I shuddered and I felt spasms with the orgasm, on the floor the knee kept pressing my moans were sexual and I am almost sure that he did not want to leave me with any semen inside me, finally he pulled my pants down with his own hand I take the semen around the penis and put it in a jar.

Jack: I already have the last ingredient, you will like the final result, your friends agree with this, later you will thank me, now a brutal training will begin, so prepare.