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I Secret Sahil bringing my first story to you that has been a key imagination of mine .

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Nothing can be better than working out on your house terrace in a
Sunday morning . Hii I am Mohit i am 25 yo and i am a fitness
freak . I go to gym on regular basis but as it’s is Sunday i do my
workout at home on my terrace . I just finished doing my 300 push
up and 100 pull ups set I decide to drink some water so I walk
toward the table and i saw something that I just couldn’t resist to
take my eyes off . I’ve never seen a man with such an amazing
physique . He was practicing punches on the punching bag with so
much power that the with the sound u can say the bag is begging to
stop . I saw him in the mirror placed behind him on his side of
terrace of our adjacent house separated by a wall between us so
that he couldn’t see me . I just wait there watching him punching
with those solid biceps of his . I wanted to talk to him but I just got
so nervous as I have never saw him in my neighbourhood before . It
was a wonderful site to see those sweating pecs , bulging biceps
with those veins popping up , his hard abs covered in sweat and
some veins popping there too. I was just wondering it must felt

great hitting those abs and more fun to get hit by those guns on my
own abs . But my sight was interrupted as I was getting late for my
work I am an entrepreneur and I just started so I decided to leave .

The same evening I was practicing catches with a boy who live near
by us . The entire time I was thinking about him who was he, was
he alone and have fantasies about him which were quite erotic .
Well due to me not concentrating the ball I missed it and it went
into the back yard of the house he lives . I ask the boy to leave and
come tomorrow as I arranged a ball for him . I went to that house
wondering will he be there

I rang the bell many time but no one responded . I thought no one
is here so I decide to got to the backyard take the ball myself. I
found the ball but as soon I pick it the door open and there he came
out shirtless making my mouth stuck with the view . We were both
looking into each other and I am pretty sure he must be interested
in me too by the way he look at me . I thought he would shout but
he said in a very friendly tone “ well entering into some unknown
guy house look this is not a good impression my friend “ . “ Well
not my intention but I thought no one is here so I just crash in ..i
am sorry for this “ I said . “ Well No problem as I am new here just
shifted yesterday “ he said . I introduce myself and so he too . His
name is Sooraj . He shifted from Delhi here. He lives here alone in
his big house . He is here for starting a new business. We had a
handshake following it I must say this guy has a solid grip and is
not the one to be messed with .

He offer me to come inside and have a tea . “ well its great to have a
neighbour of my own age and more if he has also interest in fitness
“ he said. “ Well I am lucky too then “ I said . “ Come I show u my
gym “ he said .

He took me to the next floor where he had set up his own gym with
almost all equipment there . This guy is not just healthy he has a
lot of wealth too . We were talking about many things and it came
out we both r interested in fighting and trained in mma .

“ So what do you say let’s have a match he said . “Ammm …let me
think “ i said . He start walking towards me “ come on I hadn’t had
a match in a long time and its more fun too punch a guy rather
than the bag especially if the guy is solid like you “ he said . He is
now just standing in front of me our chest touching each other our
face r so close that we can even smell our manly mouth odour . His
idea is just making me cocky . Today is my luckiest day as I am
goanna beat the shit out of this perfect guy. All those fantasies of
what I am goanna do to him came in my mind and I said “ Okay
Then we Fight but on one condition only “ I said . “What is it punk “
he said . His breathes just making me aroused that I am getting a
hard on . “ we fight with no rules ..we beat the shit out of each
other like we r worst enemies… and whoever loses will be a slave for
the winner till our next fight “ I said .” Looks like u r dirty huh “ he
said. “ Yes I am take it or leave it “ I said . “ Okay then I take it …I
will beat the hell out of you ..i will break those hard abs of yours, I
will break those big biceps of yours, I will break this cocky face of
yours until its red in blood..and when I am done I will load myself
to this hard ass of you so hard that you will beg for mercy …” he
said .

The blood is boiling heat is rising we start sweating even with the
idea of it . we came more close to each other now our face our pecs
our hard dicks our big thighs are all touching each other . We were
like pushing each other taking deep breaths which just making u

more and more aroused . I was so close to him that could feel his
hot wet lips too . That gentle soft touch them making me to feel like
I should just eat them right away and pull my tongue inside him .
The moment was so erotic that I just lose control on myself and I
kissed him . But instead of getting back he returned the favour too.
We kissed each other we fucking did it . I was standing so close to
him ( and he is shirtless btw) I could feel his warmth . We were
putting ourselves into that kiss so much that we just forgot our
conversation. I put my tongue into his mouth licked him from
inside completely the touch of his firm tongue making me to
undress him and feel every part of him with my tongue . We kiss for
about a minute so I don’t remember.

I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t notice his arm ready to
punch my guts . He hit me hard at my navel and I was not
prepared. I felt like a hammer just hit me . I shouted a loud
“uuuuummmfff” all my air pass into his mouth . I bend with the hit
and he said” well looks like u ain’t worth it” he was thinking like I
am done and that was his mistake as I just gave a straight punch to
his lower abs . The punch was so perfect that his eyes bulged out
with the voice of “ Oooommph” from his mouth . We both had
shown each other that we r perfect challenge for each other. Both
looking at each other .

He breaks the silence and said “ I cant wait for the fight so just tell
me when I can make u mine “ he said “ . “ “ Lets do it this Saturday
5 days from today prepare ourselves for this “ I said “ Saturday it is
… the one who pass out first or give up first loses “ he said . “ Okay

I left after this to my house imagining various ways to beat him and
fuck his ass . The whole night I couldn’t sleep . The next morning I
decide my workout schedule to prepare myself for the fight . I was
leaving for the gym I checked my phone and there was text of him
saying “ Nothing u can do to prepare for the worst mohit ..with my
16 inch bicep I m goanna kill ur abs…” . I just take a gulp and
replied “ I will prepare myself but who will protect ur soft abs from
my tree trunk thighs “ . Though I don’t appreciate myself much but
yes I am in good shape I have 44 chest 28 waist 15 bicep 8 pack

abs . Sooraj stats are also quite similar he has 44 chest 30 waist
and 16 bicep and sexiest 8 packs he is just more cut then me u can
appreciate every muscle and vein in his body .

We challenge each other the entire week on phone by call or texts .
We use too send images of each other and then treat each other
abuse each other . We tell each other our fantasies making our
conversation erotic . One of his that was weird but I want him to do
that if he won he will keep my head between his thighs and make
me watch tv with him and in which he will squeeze my neck to
make me breathless and get a hard on . With all these
conversations we filled ourselves with all the rage that we want to
put on each other in the fight making it erotic manly painful and
deadly. The entire week and we didn’t met and were now excited to
see each other . I just want a glimpse of this guy the best I have
ever seen . I never waited for a Saturday like this before.

And so the day arrives . It’s Saturday and I reached his place sharp
at 9 pm as we decided . We r gonna fight the whole night . I ring the
bell . He opened as usual he is shirtless . He gave me a cocky smile
and I return the same . “ Ready to get fucked my friend” he said . “
No ready to fuck you in your own house “ I said . “Walk behind me
and leave that shirt on the door no man in this house is allowed
with shirt today “ he said . I took off my shirt and for the first time
he saw me shirtless . His eyes were all over me I can know he is

impressed . He was watching me a like a hunter ready to kill his
prey . He was also impressive too . He is more cut than before his
veins pumping covering his whole arm . His pec were sweaty due to
the workout he took just before my arrival . I followed him to the
gym room . He ask me to enter first . I enter in the room which is
now completely empty except a few heavy plates . I turn around
and saw him . He closes the door . We were facing each other 5 feet
apart looking at each other how desperate we were for this moment
he said “ Now my life in yours hand and yours in mine “ ..




We were facing each other 2 alpha males ready to tore each other
apart and to achieve dominance of one over the other. His body was
covered with sweat and he was looking super hot . He was
breathing too fast definitely excited to hell like me . “ Let’s Do it
Fucker “ he said . “ Fuck you “ and we move towards each other .

We r now close to each other our hands in boxing posture and both
circling each other . We throwing punches on one another none of it
connecting . We were punching fast dodging or blocking them. And
then in a moment of opportunity I found I hold him with both my
hand on his shoulder and push my knee with full speed into his gut
. He must definitely be not prepared for it and a loud “ ouuphhh “
came out his mouth . “ I told you save yourself from my thighs “I
said . But this guy is not a weakling and he gave back the answer
with a right upper cut on my unprotected guts hit right at my navel
. All the air inside me came out with a loud “ oooommph” . But he is
not goanna stop with it soon and he continues with the upper cuts

right left right left almost at same spot . I tighten my gut after the
first uppercut that definitely reduce the damage but the power with
he is throwing them on me weakening them fast . With each punch
I feel like a tree trunk hitting me . We travel from centre to corner of
the room .

I know I have to do something soon to come out of it . So I throw a
powerful right hook which connect to his cheeks turning his head
90 degrees and pushing him a little away giving me some room to
throw a jab to his cocky face . I was continuing with right left jabs
for a minute . After which this guy tuck down and throw a left
upper cut to my ribs . He do the same about 10 times definitely
breaking one or two ribs there . He then did a straight kick to my
gut pushing me behind and making me to do bend myself which he
use to kick me with a side kick to my temple make me fall to the
ground like movies .

He try to jump and hit his knee over my gut but I dodged it and in
a kick up I came to stand up and threw turning kick to his face
connect to his nose must have made him to see the stars . He fell
down lying straight so I didn’t miss the time and landed my knee
perfectly to his lower abs made him to lift up with his eyes bulging
out . I then hit him straight into the face . I then sit on his chest
with his arms below my knee and start pounding his face . Straight
jabs hitting him one after the other followed by elbows which made
a cut on his lips . He is bleeding from various point on his face . I
was so much into it that I lose my balance with his attempt to push
me on one side and then he made me lie down . I don’t know how
this guy his holding up even after so much brutality over him

We were lying down hugging each other trying to pin each other
down . Both warm bodies of ours touching each other making us to
get a hard on . Some time his face on my nipples sometimes mine
on his . I licked his when it was turn . I even bite them . I also push
his head into my armpit letting this son of a bitch to smell a musky
odour . At one point are faces our close to each other with our
cheeks touching . I was holding his head in that position with my
arm and forearm around his neck . In an attempt to get himself out
he move his head towards mine and for a instant our lips touched .

It was like a electric shock to the whole body touching his hot wet
bloody lips and in that moment . We lose a sight of fight and were
just enjoying it . “ I missed it a lot “ he said . “ I too “ . I was
enjoying his upper his lower lips his soft muscular tongue that he
put inside my mouth . It was the most erotic moment of my life. We
kiss for about 5 minutes .

But this filthy man doesn’t forget that we are in a fight and hit me
hard to my ribs at the same point where he did it previously . I
shouted instantly and he made himself comfortable over me . He sat
on my chest and my arms under his knees and start throwing
straight punches over my gut . He starts with straight punches in
right left fashion he did it for almost 10 min . He then continues
with his elbows . All I can see was his sexy muscular back and the
movement of his shoulder muscles every time he punches me .
Each punch of him was like a lightning to my gut . The whole room
was full sounds like thud thud thud thud of his punches and
Oooommph , uphhhhhh ooohhhh sounds of mine . After this he lift
me up by my hairs and then threw a right hook to my face which I
replied with my own left .

Hook after hook, one after another ,one by one , force over force .
We didn’t care how much it hurts . We were only concentrating on
delivering a punch better than the last. I just don’t want it over . I
want to beat him more . Break him more . Hurt him more . The
sound of “ ooomph” “ urrrgh” “ ohhhhh” coming from his mouth
were turning me on more and more The spit mixed with blood that
come out with every punch of mine on his face making things more
arousing for me . I want him to threw that spit over me . So I
changed from hooks to uppercuts to his guts . It hit right at his
solar plexus . The punch was so hard that he bend around my arm
. His eyes bulge out . A loud “uuuuufffffff” came from his mouth
along with erotic saliva of his mixed with his blood that fell on my
chest . I loved to see his face totally in agony of the pain he is
receiving . Making me proud that i am breaking this one hell of a
man . A true Man . I was proud that my arms are so strong that
now his bloody brick wall like abs are now showing cracks . That
spit on my chest I just want to have it more . The spit of a man I

want this more and more . But I didn’t hit him the next punch
again I allowed him to hit me first . I don’t want to end fight soon .

He put himself back and replied with a hard upper cut of him that
hit my solar plexus . It felt like that I just got hit by a hammer . His
punch got so deep that he must have hit my liver bringing one or
cut there for sure . The pain was so unbearable that I want to fell
down . A loud “oooppphhh” came out from my mouth along with my
spit that fell over his manly chest. He took some of it with his
fingers and licked it. Definitely he is enjoying me felling down . But I
do not want to give up so soon man I put my whole strength and
threw a right straight to his gut which pushed him a little behind . I
stood back and move towards him but before it he threw a straight
of his to my gut .

We did this for about half an hour throwing punches one after
another over our guts . Turn by turn . The guts are now red and
shining and soft . A loud Thud came every time we hit . Spitting
over each other with every punch . But now he changes his strategy
after his last punch he put his hand over my shoulders and pushed
his knee with full force over my lower belly . It was so strong that i
bend over and placed my head on his shoulder . It was followed by
two more . Each one making me to give up . Bit before his third I

delivered a knee of my own . He was totally surprised by the attack .
He was lifted one feet above due to it . Now my hands are on his
shoulder and I was landing knee after knee over his red soft guts.
First one “ oomph” came out another “ uuuufff” and another knee ”
Ooommpphh “ . His head fell over my shoulder . Saliva dribbling
over my back make me horny .

I landed 10 such knees over his guts in left right combination. I was
about to land another one but he blocked it by his forearm and
landed a upper cut that surprised me . He quickly shift his attack
and pushed his knee completely inside my gut . I was lifted a feet
above due to the impact. All my intestine were pushed aside his
knee . It was like someone threw a shotput ball in my gut . This
time he didn’t stop at all . He was landing knees again and again in
right left combinations. To my surprise he bend me a little more
and hit me hard with his

knee over my chest bone in the middle . It felt he just stopped my
heart . I was now fallen on the floor on my knees holding my chest .

But he didn’t care and now he is in mood to end me here . He threw
a kick right between my balls .

The pain was irrestible . I don’t know what to do now . I try to stand
but couldn’t bear the strength . He again hold me by my hairs and
stand me up . I threw a uppercut to his ribs. But my punch was
powerless. He then hit me with his knee . A loud “ ooomphh” came
out of my mouth. He follows it with two hard uppercuts that hit me
at the solar plexus. He then threw a roundhouse kick to my temple
. I lose my balance an fell on and come on my knees . He then hold
my head and start kneeing me on my face . He uses a right left
combination . I can feel every knee like hammer on face . I could see
the stars . He is showing no mercy at me as the way we had
decided. He threw 15 times to my face . And then send me to the
ground with a right hook

I was still conscious . He will only win if i give up which not goanna
happen or I pass out . He knew I m still able to fight . He knew I will
not give up . Thought I was lying down I am still conscious so he
didn’t won the fight . He then bring his mouth close to my ear and
his hand on my dick . His warm hand touching my hardened dick
felt like a dream come true . He start playing with it up and down
trying make me to cum . And then he told me in my ears “ U r the
most toughest man I ever met .Even though I hit you hard you
didn’t gave up instead you came out with better than me . I am
loving this what you gave me today . “ The speed of his hand
increases its getting hard to control especially when he is talking
also . “ you know now that you can’t stand up . You and me r
almost done for today my friend my love . But we both know its not
the end as more and more fights r coming between us . We r goanna
have lots of punches and kicks of each other at our guts . But
before it “ . His hand is now getting more and more faster . He is
now over me his right arm is below me and his left hand on my
dick. His left pecs are touching my right one his legs intermingled
with me he bring his lips near to mine. He continues

“ you know I won the price of this fight and that is you . U r goanna
be my slave till the next fight you remember. It’s your own wish.
But it seems it goanna be complete for me . We r goanna enjoy a lot
my love together in this house alone no one to disturb . Are you
ready my fighting lover”

The speed of his hand is now Tremendous now its unbearable to
control . And in just a moment a loud “yesssss” came out of my
mouth to his question and I threw fountain of cum which fall over
his abs chest . This was the best hand job I had . I am so lucky that
I had him . But with it I pass out . And that means I Lose the fight.
And now I Am His only His




I am His And Only His Now . We Challenged We fought and now is
the time to face the punishment. After the fight i passed out I
didn’t know what happen afterwards. Did he cum too , Did he
kissed me more or something more wild . I just remember when i
woke up i was on his bed . Shirtless jeans less only wearing trunks
. Band-Aid over the cuts on my face . With a hot pack placed near
my bed on the table probably for the bruises. I tried to get up and
find him . I was looking to wear something but I found only some
boxers no shirt and then then I remembered what he said “ no man
must wear shirts in this house anymore” . I came out of the room .
There is the sound of thud thud thud only coming from the gym
room . I went upstairs open the room . And here is my man . Back
to his game punching the bag trying to kill this son of a bitch . I
must appreciate myself for my work I did over him in the fight .
Bruises over his abs back and ribs could tell it was not an easy win

“ You woke up my love” he said . He stopped punching and start
moving toward me .” yess…I think you took good care of me “ I said
. He came near to me and he kissed me . Man every time I kiss him
feels like it always the first time . He has got the perfect lips a man
can have . All girls must feel jealous why this guys is not a straight .
His juicy lips just take me to another Paradise and I must say it’s a
beautiful one .


“ Are u hurt “ I said . “ no I am fine now …what about you ..did u
feel better now “ he asked. “ yaa looks like “ I said . “ you know you
are in the punishment time now as I have won you , you have to do
anything I say . You have to be anything I want you to be . You
can’t say no to anything how much dirty it is . But since you r
injured right now “ he start moving towards the table and pick up a
page to hand over to me . “ I think we can take a break for a while .
I give u one week from next Monday you will be my slave love .
There is a set of rules that you have to follow . Read them at your
home . “ He said . “ so you wanted me to go he right mow “ I asked .
“ Yess .. we’ll meet on Monday only because I don’t want to get soft
on you . Living with you and caring for you can make the things
hard and spoil the punishment. So it’s better we don’t meet “ . He

said . I thought about it ? . Because I want to stay with him and
love him . But I think he is right the punishment must be hard so I
said “ okay then I leave now and be here on Monday “ .

I left his place and came to my house . I look for some food and so
with what I found I made a sandwich for me . I open the letter to
read “ Hii Mohit My Dirty Slave I Know you must be in lot of pain
right now from the fight but to your surprise I must tell it’s nothing
what you are about to get . So I f you wanna leave this month
without lot of pain u must follow this set of rules I my writing down
here . Breaking them could be really painful for you . Here r the

1) U will always wake up before me and and your first job is to
wake me up and wish me morning ill definitely reply you . If
you didn’t ur abs will face my elbows
2) U will make all the food and I must like it if didn’t ill break
your belly
3) U will always eat food after me and u have to eat in a special
way that is a surprise for you
4) We will do gym together every evening with you being my
5) I will practice my punches and kicks on you every night before
6) And last well sleep together

Reading them made my mouth fall down as I don’t know what is
in his mind . How dirty things are goanna get with me . I was
having a nauseas feeling in my gut . Reading them was making
me horny as well as scared . I prepared myself

the entire week . Every day I do crunches day and night to
make my gut perfect for the assault . I had trained my chest and
back for all the kicks he is goanna throw at me . But Monday will
came so fast I never had thought that.

And so I had reached the gate again third time this month . But this
time the welcome was different. He opened the gate put his hand
over my neck and said “welcome my slave” and punched me hard in
the gut that surprised me completely. He then push me inside
holding my neck into the house . He close the door and walks
toward me . He hold my t shirt collar and said “ forget any tops dear
“ and so easily he tore my t apart into two . “ I hope u had read the
rules don’t waste the time and prepare lunch for me..i am
starving “ . Again a punch to gut and showed me the kitchen. He
then sits on the couch watching a boxing match . I decided to make
a omelette for him ( the best I know) . I tried my best to make it best
and then serve it to present to him . I put the plate in front of him
and was standing right behind him . He took the bite . I m sure he
liked it but he pushed his elbow fast into my gut . The hit was so
bad that I fell on my knees with a loud “ oooommph” . He again hit
me with the elbow that now hit right in the centre of my face made
my nose to bleed. You need to be better than this dear.

He then ask me to taste it too . But as he promised its not goanna
be straight . He pulled down his boxers and you could see his hard
pulsating dick . One you cannot took your eyes from . Its was
throbbing and dark with its tip wet from the precum . He put a
piece of omelette on his dick and asked me to eat . I don’t know
what the fuck is happening. But he didn’t let me think too . He put
his hand behind my head and pushed my head towards his dick .
My lips touch his dick body glans . I tasted the precum too along
with the omelette . He made me suck his . Groans coming from his
mouth with each stroke of mine over his dick . I licked his complete
dick with my muscular tongue . His breaths were getting faster and.

faster. I know he was about to throw . I want him too . I loved this
lunch . The best I have

“ lets not end the excitement here love “ he said by pulling my head
away with my hairs . “ it needs to be wilder more wilder ..i will not
cum first but you will “ he

said . He made me stand up and start ramming his knee into my
gut . His right hand on my shoulder and left on my triceps holding
me in a proper position. He was ramming knee after knee lifting me
up in air one feet .” oooommph” first knee “ uuuufffff” second knee
,” oooooooohhhh” another one . He rammed ten knees one after
another making my eyes to Bulge out of the socket. I had started
throwing saliva after the eighth knee over him making him to put
his full power in last two . We travelled from the sofa to the wall . “
And now the fun begins love …let’s practice some moves on you
inside . Let me blow you gut , bleed your face, fracture your arms
slave . Inside” he said .

He opened the door near us and pushed me inside it . This room is
not some gigantic place full of matts and weapons but is actually
very small and hardly two man could fit in it . There was a hook on
the top just the same to hold a punching bag. He enters too, closed
the door and pulled me close to him . My mouth was near to his ,
his manly breaths are coming inside me taking me to a different
zone . “ welcome to my punching room love , usually my punch bag
stays here but its replaced by you . You are surprise too huh that
why this place is soo small . Well let me open the mystery for you.
Well the concept is too make sure that the two men couldn’t go
away from one another just like the corner of a ring . Perfect place
to break a man like you . You will always be in the reach of my
punches and knees . Now the real torture begins . “ he said”

I took a gulp while he was telling me the reason of small room . My
body is getting warm as the room was very hot just like us . We
both r sweating badly . His wet torso in the light was looking damn
sexy . His sweating muscular huge arm with that popping vein
making me hard . Man this man was hot . Really hot . “ Do your
best …let me taste the power of these arms ….u r goanna need a lot
of strength too break me my fighting lover….” I said . “ u don’t give

the cockiness huh …okay then let’s fuck you “ he said with a
powerful punch to the gut .

But this time I was prepared . Though his punch was powerful my
brick like abs took the damage easily . I didn’t even showed a line of
pain on my face . Definitely it made him really angry . “ So you are
getting tough huh . ..Good for me then because it’s going to go for a
really long time “ he said . He threw another punch on my sweating
abs and nothing happened . I was smiling inside for all my hard
work . I was not goanna give up easily though I can’t hit him but I
will not give up soon . He was hitting again and again on the sweaty
abs . First straight punches to my navel then change to upper cuts
hitting my lower abs . He was using left right

combination . He threw 50 such punches and none showing a effect
. He decided to then switch to uppercuts hitting at the solar plexus .
With his first hit was so powerful that goes deep enough to touch
the liver . I took a gasp there . I thought he was hitting me with
stones “ Looks like the time has come friend” he said

He then threw another 20 punches like same targeting my liver .
Every time make me feels like a electric shock running in my body .
He then start hitting on the oblique’s . Left right left . Turning them
red . Every punch was painful there . “ aarhh “ “oooohhh “
“whhhoooo” all kind of sound coming from my mouth . With so
powerful punches he was hitting almost all his veins around his
biceps popped out . His chest and arm were sweating badly . They
started glowing red due to more blood flow there. I couldn’t took my
eyes from those bulging powerful biceps the power of which taste
really painful .He pulled myself into him .

My arms are now around him and head rest on his shoulder . He
start throwing upper cuts right at my lower abs which now start
getting weak . Every punch was like a baseball bat pushed right
into my gut . He hit there really for a long time. I lose count after

initial 40 . He was hitting and my dick getting harder with each hit .
He was hitting at the same spot to make me cum . I was now
getting something you guys know as punch drunk . No sounds now

coming from the mouth . Only drool flowing from my mouth over
his shoulder to back reaching his hot buts . The scene was erotic
itself that any one would cum . He soon get tired so he switched
himself to his knees again . Those powerful trunks shredding me
from outside inside . I was spitting out saliva with each one hitting
at the same spot as the upper cuts. I cant control myself now . Each
and every hit of his pushing my fluid more and more outside . And
with his last knee it happened . With a loud groan my warm cum
out like a fountain. It was falling right between us wetting both of
our abs and chest . I fell over him after that and kissed his neck .
He was taking deep breaths too enjoying the smell of my manly cum
. Both sweaty men’s bodies are touching each other . “ Let’s end
this fucker “ he said.

He lift me over his shoulder and open the room . He start walking
towards his room . As my abs are now weak even his shoulders
were hitting my abs during the walk making me moan . We entered

his bedroom and he threw me over his bed . We both were naked
and sweaty . His elbow landed on my gut and a loud oooommph
came out . He get over me his whole body touching mine . Chest to
chest , abs to abs , dick to dick , thighs to thighs and face to face.
His wet lips touching mine , our breaths exchanging , getting me a
hard on again . He pushed his lips into mine and again we kissed
again . Playing with lips and then he put his muscular tongue
inside my mouth . It was amazing simply amazing. Such a hot guy
, I m so luck I am kissing him . He the started kissing my cheeks
move to my ear lobe came onto my neck and reached my nipples .
He played with them make me moan In pleasure . Some time he lick
them then kiss them then bite them with his teeth’s. Every thing
make me to lose my breath . He then kissed my red hot sweaty abs .
His lips taking all the pain away .

He stood up and then turn me over . He get over me again . His lips
now on my spine at level of upper back . He was kissing my sexy
back at each bony point. It was now uncontrollable for him too and
so without losing time he start pushing his warm long thick hard
dick inside me . As he was getting inside the pain become
unbearable . It was pleasurful and painful both . But he was
showing no mercy to my moans . He started pulling and pushing
his dick inside me . The speed increasing with every moan of mine
with every of his . It was warm and erotic . And after few moments
he kept his mouth near mine and load his warm cum into mine
with a loud groan “ aaaaaaaahhhhhh” . He then fall right next to me
and I tangled him into mine and fell asleep with him.

This was the punishment that I am goanna face till our next Fight .
There are more things we did but lets keep them for the coming
Stories . We both love each other . We are not just lovers we are
fighting lovers . We do fight we do love . And so we did more for the
rest of our life . But I’ll tell you more about our story soon . More
erotic and more cummings . Till then Keep on fighting.