by Sebastien

Steve had received a worried message from Tony Stark. He could no longer detect his little protégé Peter Parker for several hours without knowing if the problem was the armor or if the boy was again in trouble. He could not intervene himself and had instructed the Captain, who was not far from his last known position, to take a look.

His research took him to an old warehouse that seemed to have had better days: someone had obviously fought here. He then felt a faint groan and found the unconscious Spider-man, half-naked, who had clearly been raped and almost beaten to death. A deep feeling of disgust and rage enveloped his chest, who was the monster who could have done that! Having nothing to cover the young man's naked body, Steve wrapped the young man in what was left of his tunic and pulled out his own uniform jacket, leaving him with a simple white t-shirt, before putting it on Peter. By the time he wanted to call for reinforcements to pick up the kid, he heard someone enter the warehouse. He turned around and saw a big guy come down, looking bad. He had to be twice the size of Steve and seemed clearly unfriendly although he still did not perceive the presence of the Captain, he mumbled:

“Matt spends his time scolding me ... It's not my fault if I forgot the mask of ...”

He stopped when Captain America stood up in front of Peter's lifeless body.”

“What are you doing with my little spider?”

“It was you who put him in this state? Steve asked, his fists clenched, already certain of the answer.”

“It was me, and I will make you suffer the same thing!”

Without waiting, the man rushed with unexpected speed to Steve who slipped away from this charge and away from Peter so that he was not more injured, at the same time, the Captain unsheathed his shield and projected it into the back of his opponent before he had time to turn around, the man screamed with rage and pain before charging again and throwing one of his massive fists at Steve who blocked him with his shield. The shock echoed through the warehouse and the man shook his fist, howling. Taking advantage of the distraction, the Captain hit the guy several times in the jaw with his shield before throwing him back with a back kick. The man crashed into a column, Steve charged him and, with a kind of flying punch using his shield, hit him in the face. The man slid to the ground, knocked out.
It was then that a strange thing happened, the man began to shrink until he took the appearance of a young man, hardly older than Peter. Steve did not really understand what was going on but for him, the important thing was to put Peter safe. He took the body of the young man in his arms and left the warehouse. Arrived at the door, he was surprised to see Iron Man coming out of the sky, who seemed finally to have come.

“Tony, happy you’re here. You were right, the little had problems, it is little to say it is not good to see ...”

Iron Man didn’t say anything. He watched Peter then Steve and, without warning, hit the Captain in the face with all his strength, sending him and Peter's body in the air and crashing to the ground. Stunned, Steve had barely time to get up that the man in armour was already on him, beating him, a left jab to the jaw, a right hook to the temple, a straight punch to the gut. Unprepared for this iron assault, Steve barely had time to flex his abs and bent over just to be rewarded by a massive uppercut to the chin. The Cap hit the ground again and had just enough time to roll to the side before Iron Man's improved fist sank into the ground, just where he was a second before. Steve got back on his feet, ready to fight. He unsheathed his shield and placed it in defense before him. He wore only a t-shirt that offered little protection and should avoid blows to the maximum. He had already fought once against Iron Man and he had not finished at best for him. Anyway, something was wrong, Tony had no reason to do that, he had to understand.

“Tony, what's up with you? Are you nuts?”

Without answering, the armoured man charged again and used both of his reactor feet at full power to throw Steve back again, causing him to lose his shield. He rushed at him anew before he could get up, grabbed him by the throat by his left hand, lifted him up and stood up in the air while Steve struggled to untie the hug around his neck.

Of course, in the armour, it was no question of Tony Stark. Actually it was Matt. The young punk who tortured Peter Parker twice had learned some news skills and was able to hack one of Tony’s armour. He then had this idea to lure the famous Captain America into this trap by pretending to be Tony Stark. Playing with the Spider-man had been entertaining, and had allowed him to quell his revenge but, like any drug, he had quickly taken a liking to torture and was now hungry for bigger prey. And what better prey than the most perfect and strongest man in the world? With this armour, he felt invincible and see the splendid Captain struggling in his hands, hanging over the void, gave him immense pleasure. He bothered to watch his catch. The Captain had the good idea to remove the jacket from his outfit. His beautiful torso and muscular arms were covered only by a thin layer of white cotton, his biceps were flexed to the maximum to undo the grip of the steel while his abs were dancing under his shirt as he was wriggling to free himself. His beautiful face was tense with pain as it began to change colour due to lack of oxygen. Matt had barely begun playing with the Captain and was already rock hard under his armour.

Without further ado, Matt slightly loosened his grip on Steve's throat so he remains conscious and hit his victim right in the middle of his gut. Captain’s abs of steel absorbed the blow and the next ones with relative ease even if we groaned slightly with each punch. Matt enjoyed the feeling and methodically add a little more power within each strike, making the captain's delicious body swing and twist a little more each time. His punches were slow, separated by several seconds, he wanted to fully admire the Captain's body bend under his blows and the expression of his face every time his fist reached his stomach, each time penetrating more into his brick wall abs, millimeter by millimeter, ineluctably.

Sensing that the Captain was beginning to break free of his grip, putting all his strength into it despite the blows he was getting (this man was obviously very impressive), Matt decided to change his tactics. Still firmly holding his prey, he moved to a wall of the warehouse, pressed Steve against him, grabbed the left arm of the superhero with his free hand and began the put it against the wall, but the Captain resisted with all his strength, the muscles of his arm seemed ready to explode. Assuming it was time for a little low blow, Matt rammed his iron knee straight into Steve's jewels who screamed in pain. As expected, the Captain's arm lost strength and Matt was able to stick it against the wall, his metallic fist came off, forming an anchor securing Steve's arm to the wall. He then released Steve's throat and did the same with his right arm before he had time to recover from the low blow. To avoid any possibility of escape, other anchors were projected at his arms and legs from the armour of Matt which was reconstituted entirely just after, this nanotechnology was doing wonders! Suspended in a spread eagle position, a few meters above ground, although he could now breathe, Steve was now defenseless.

It was the time Matt decided to reveal his true face, opening his helmet :

“Hi, I’m Matt. I am a friend of your fellow Spider-man, a solid boy but it's nothing compared to you! I had seen some pictures of you but to see you in real and as little dressed, it is really something! Look at these muscles, still struggling to get free! You should save your strength, you will need it.”

“You will not get away with it! Steve replied, unwavering.”

“Shut up, shouted Matt, roughly punching Steve in the jaw before gagging him with another gadget of his armor. I’m the one who talk, he added, punching Steve in the navel. I’m the one who play, he yelled, ramming another knee in Captain’s crotch.”

Steve Rogers screamed through his gag, his eyes bulging to have his balls brutalized. Matt was sure he saw tears in the superhero's eyes. He was breathing heavily and seeing his large chest swell and deflate to the rhythm of his panting breath was a very exciting sight for Matt who released his right hand from the armour and laid it on Captain's chest, which struggled more off. He began to sweat and his white t-shirt started to stick to his skin. Using his still gloved hand, Matt tore the thin fabric effortlessly until nothing was left pulling a new whimper at Steve who was feeling worse and worse. Matt had already seen more ripped torsos than the one now freely available to him, but the hairless muscles were massive, well sculpted, and his 6-pack abs looked ready to be pounded. The little bastard then passed his free hand over the shiny chest of the Captain who was still struggling, contracting all his powerful muscles to the delight of Matt who could appreciate all the details, each hill, each valley, pinching his erected nipples caressing his washboard abs.

After his "tour of the owner" he put his wet hand to his face and appreciated the musky smell of the Captain’s sweat. He then approached his nose and inhaled deeply the smell of male who emanated from his prey. While resuming his touch, he sniffed every inch of Steve's skin, as if feeding on his vital energy, and gradually headed for where the smell was stronger, his armpits. He engulfed his nose in the fragrant armpit of the Captain who horrified, could only endure this assault as disgusting as disturbing. Matt had rarely felt such excitement. What could give the Captain's sweat such an appealing smell? To break this secret, he pulled out his tongue and licked greedily the armpit of the Captain who felt violated in his privacy, what kind of weird guy was that? After thoroughly tasting his armpits, Matt ran his tongue over the rest of Steve's chest that seemed to produce even more sweat in response. He lingered on a nipple that seemed to answer him by getting even harder, Matt thought even hear his victim moaning in pleasure. He licked, sucked, nibbled, this time tearing a real moan to the Captain who, despite himself, felt that something was happening at the level of his crotch. He prayed that Matt would not notice anything and did everything he could to think of something else, after all, how could he take pleasure in being treated like that, it did not make any sense, he had to take his mind for lack of to be able to free himself. But Matt continued his little on greedily sucking the Captain's left stick. When he finally stopped, it was red and seemed to throb with excitement.

Matt licked his lips, he could never have imagined taking so many pleasures to work the body of the Captain like that, he who had in mind a much more energetic treatment. Something at Steve's made him crazy but it was time to get down to business, to the part he preferred: demolishing the abs. For the form, he decided to start bare fist, without using the armour. He knew it would not have much effect but he wanted to feel the resistance of these abs under his small fists before they were rendered useless. In addition it could give a false sense of security to the Captain who would perhaps lower his guard.

His first shots randomly targeted the abs of Steve who took the shots without even feeling them. His previous ab assault had marked him but he had enough strength in reserve to endure the torture of a kid in armour a little too sure of him. Continuing to strike as if to find a weak point, Matt did not pay attention to the lack of reaction of the Captain, he already had in mind the tortures to come, many and varied, who would have quickly done to overcome his abs of steel. He grinned with pleasure, saying inwardly "go ahead, mister perfection, contract your abs as you can still, you have no idea what I'm going to do to them. When I’ll be done, when your gut will be as soft as jelly, I will punch you again with my bare fists and it will penetrate so far into your firmed once abs that you will beg me to finish your suffering!"

When he stopped his pummelling, the pale skin that covered Steve's abs had taken a red hue but these were always firm and inviting, Matt also realized that his fists were also red and painful. It's time to move up a gear, he thought. Determined to have fun, he picked up the Captain's shield while glancing at Spider-man, who was still unconscious.

"I never understood that fascination with the shield, Matt admitted, not very practical as a weapon." With that, he took it with both hands and hit Steve in the gut with the edge of the shield, snatching a grunt from the one who was not used to being hit with his own shield. "Interesting, the strongest metal in the world versus the strongest man in the world!" He strikes several times at the navel, Steve wanted to bend over but it was impossible and he had to take it without saying anything. Then Matt threw away the shield and covered his hands with steel gloves and warned the captain:

"Enough with child's play!"

Placing his right hand on the captain's gag to hold him in place and to increase his sense of control over the superhero, he decided to focus on in the middle of his abs, just above his navel, but rather than using his fist directly, he used the nanomachines composing his costume to create some kind of flat jackhammer at the end of his left arm. He placed his torture instrument against Steve's ripped belly, which retreat in contact with the cold steel. You're gonna enjoy this, he though. Once again, Matt wanted to take his time, he took a first shot that shook Steve more than he had anticipated. He felt that it was going to be hard but had confidence in him, he could take the pain. Still, there was worry in his eyes, a detail that did not escape Matt who was staring straight into his eyes, just on the lookout for this kind of reaction. He was thrilled. He wore a second shot that had less effect than the previous one, Steve was ready for this intensity this time, moreover, the tool produced its characteristic sound just before hitting, in fact, even if he did not see them come, he could anticipate the blows and contract his abs to deflect it. Matt accelerated the movement, still striking with the same force but decreasing the delay between shots. His target was unchanged, the center of his midsection, his jackhammer was wide enough to cover a large area and reach a maximum of muscles, muscles that held up even if the Captain seemed to have more and more trouble preventing the hammer to make its way through. His breathing was faster and jerky, evolving to the rhythm of the torture machine.

The jackhammer hit every second now. Panting, Steve had to contract his abs at the same frequency which became more and more difficult. If this super-human force had allowed him so far to absorb the blows, he began to tire and the pain in his belly grew. Matt was still staring at him, taking a huge pleasure in seeing Captain America succumb gradually, both physically and mentally, he could not hope for a better show. As Steve closed his eyes to focus on his abdominal muscles which absolutely had to stay firm, Matt suddenly increased the speed of his attacks. It was no longer a question for Steve to contract his abs before each shot, he now had to keep them tight but knew he could not stay so forever as he was breathing with more and more difficulty. Matt knew that too well. It was only a matter of time. Soon the Captain would lose control of his abs and could no longer prevent the hammer from digging deep in his gut.

While the Captain could no longer keep his eyes closed in the face of the growing pain, Matt was able to read the fear for the first time. A raging hard-on under his briefs, Matt was about to explode. If torturing Spider-man had given him a lot of satisfaction, beating the shit of the strongest man in the world was on a whole new level!

"Oh yeah, muscle boy, you can be scared, and it's not going to get better."

Joining the gesture to the word, he further increased the pace. Rogers screamed, but it was not so much a scream of pain as a cry of rage from one who struggled with all his might to hold on, not to weaken. His body was shaking with tremors corresponding to the blows of the jackhammer that struck again and again. The blows were now so fast that they became indiscernible to the naked eye. Then came the fateful moment when Steve was no longer able to withstand the assault, his abs of steel were no match for such machine. In the space of a few hammer strokes, one to two seconds from the speed at which he was beating, the fantastics Captain's abdominal muscles lost their consistency. In slow motion, the first of the fateful shots seemed to break the superhero's mental strength, leaving the muscle naked, almost raw, and snatching a cry of desperation from Steve. The second penetrated the abdominal armor slightly, obliterating what was left of pure muscular resistance. The third one hit the once rock hard abs, who surrendered, exhausted, allowing the hammer to push them aside, compress them and invite itself in the deepest part of Steve's stomach, who screamed in pain this time.

As expected, Matt exploded, spitting his underwear whit semen in a long groan of pleasure that accompanied the Captain's agony cries while the hammed was literally disappearing into his gut. At the end of his ejaculation, Matt still had a few shots in the now defeated Steve's belly before stopping the machine... Steve spat a blood clot with saliva, once his abs were defeated, his internal organs suffered the direct assault of the jackhammer, he was probably suffering from internal injuries and was almost surprised not to have vomited his lunch or even to be always conscious. He had never experienced such pain, but Matt was not done with it. The young man watched his work with delectation, the Captain's abs were still visible although now covered with bruises. He was breathing hard and his stomach was swelling and deflating so hard that it seemed he wanted to escape. It was a very exciting sight for Matt who was still hard even after cumming. The superhero seemed about to faint, his head hanging miserably at the end of his neck, panting.

“Well, you lost the first trial, muscle boy!”

“I ... I can do this all day, Steve murmured defiantly.”

At once angry and satisfied that Captain America was up to his reputation; he picked up the shield again and hit him hard in the face.


“Cap...? Cap...?”

A young voice woke Steve, who painfully opened his eyes. It was no longer in the same place, it looked like a little cellar although the walls were painted white and the place was illuminated like an operating room.

"Are you all right? The voice asked.”

Steve turned his head to see the young Peter Parker sitting and chained to the wall, carrying what was left of his torn tunic that just covered his privacy. He was still bruised from his own beating session was regaining some strength, unfortunately not enough to free them. He wanted to help but soon realized that he too was tied to a kind of a table placed vertically, arms along the body, He tried to tear off his ties but the straps that hindered his wrists and ankles were too strong. Once again, he was suspended, useless and defenseless, but this time he had been undressed and was wearing only his underpants. He also noted that his brief was deformed by a big bulge, it was clear that he had an erection, and not least.

"These guys are specialized in drugs of all kinds, that's how they got me ... Peter stopped, too ashamed of the rest of the story.”

"Are you okay? Steve asked, groggy.”

Peter did not have time to answer when Matt came running into the room, glad to see that everyone was awake. He no longer wore the armour and went instantly to the Captain and hit him right in the middle of his abs. Steve was caught off guard and the bare young fist sink a little more than he would normally have. Steve gave a slight grunt that was very much to Matt's taste.

“Oohhh, someone still hurting from his previous workout! Matt taunted, hope your recovered some energy for what will follow!”

Steve did not answer.

“Well, you learned to shut up! Are your ready for the second round? Now that I have been able to test the resistance of your formidable abs to the blows, I want to test their resistance to electricity. This is gonna be fun, you'll see!”

He then took a tool that looked like a brass knuckle and passed it to his right hand. Steve tried to free himself but it was more for the form than anything else, he should again suffer the cruel games of this madman. Peter could only look helplessly, hoping the Captain could resist the torture. Matt stood in front of his victim and watched him for a moment, his abs had almost returned to their normal appearance, these damn superheroes and their ability to recover quickly, he was jealous but it would allow him to play with him longer, which largely compensated. He tested the strength of the abs in his right hand, slamming his hand against the muscles that Steve contracted in response, he regained control but it was painful. Squeezing his hands and his fist against the Captain's belly, Matt also felt that the abs were not as firm as before, he had not recovered 100%. Matt smiled and gave a few light blows, still with his left hand, staring back into Steve's eyes.

"You know now that they’re all mine, I do what I want ..."

He then cocked his right fist and hit the Captain at the belly button. If the impact was bearable, the violent electric discharge that followed shook Steve, who screamed in pain. The discharge irradiated all over his gut, his burning abs was shaken by uncontrollable spasms. Matt left his fist in place, delighting in the Captain's agony. Peter was also screaming for it to stop, but Rogers’s screams were covering them all up. Matt finally withdrew his fist and the silence returned, only interrupted by the plaintive moans of the Captain who was once again experiencing the limits of pain.

"I used it at full power this time, but it would be too easy to continue like that, I like to last."

Matt diminished the power, leaving just enough to disrupt the Captain's nervous system. This time, he would tear down the abdominal muscles one by one (or rather two by two, since he put on his left hand a second pair of electric brass knuckle) ruining the Cap's ability to keep them tense. He gave his prey a short moment to recover and began working on the lower abs, just between his brief band and navel. It would go up methodically along his 6-pack abs to the plexus. If the pain was less severe than the first assault, Steve groaned in pain as the brass knuckle hit his lower belly. Even if the fist remained in contact with the skin for less than a second, the short electric shock made him lose control of the targeted muscles each time. If at first the muscles flexed mechanically under the electrical impulse, the violence of the contraction and the burn which accompanied it quickly weakened the muscles. Left, right, left, right, Matt was pounding Captain's lower abs merciless. No matter how hard they could be, with those weapons, he could be able to punch him for hours without hurting his hands. As his handiwork was yielding results, he felt that the abs he was hitting was getting harder and harder to flex, and were soon not able to flex at all. Tortured in this way, the abdominal muscles were not progressively softened as one might think but seemed to suddenly lose all will, any possibility of contracting, literally collapsing. The Captain's body was shaken with jolts at each impact, and when his lower abs failed the discharges penetrated deeper into his gut and he lost control of his bladder, ruining his underwear. Thus wet, his stiff cock seemed even more swollen but Steve felt no pleasure, just a great humiliation to feel this hot liquid flow down his leg.

“So, do you like my personal E-stim workout? I hope so, ‘cause I can see four more bulging abs to submit!”

The Captain was breathing hard, his lower abs was no longer answering, his privacy was soiled and he could not see the end of the torture. Peter was both sorry and horrified at what he saw, but he also knew that Matt was capable of much worse. Considering that the superhero had had enough rest, it was time to strike the middle bouncing abs that were by far the most appealing. As before, he began to hit the two muscles alternately, which, again, were shaking with uncontrollable spasms at each impact. Steve was doing everything to restrain himself from moaning because he knew now that this little bastard took too much pleasure to hear him but it was difficult and he could not help but let out some grunts when some dumps seemed to reach him more intensely. He was also struggling to keep his abs tight as far as possible, even if the lack of response from his lower abs gave him the impression of having only four abdominal muscles. Matt was focused on his work, like a boxer in front of his punching bag, he watched carefully the reactions of the abdominal muscles of the superhero who were successively writhing in pain. Matt took a lot of fun and it showed in the hump that distorted his sweatpants.

The Cap was definitely stronger than he thought. His arms were starting to weigh him and he had not even gone half way through the abdominal belt of his toy. Demolishing his hot gut in this way was much longer than expected. You never give up, don’t you, he though. So he stopped to hit, to the astonishment of Steve, removed his brass knuckles and opened a briefcase containing electrodes he placed on each of the abs still alive but also at the oblique and the pectorals of the Captain. Steve understood what was waiting for him, the kid was tired of hitting and was planning to use this device to finish the job.

"Even with youg tools ... your not even able to wear me down ... taunted Steve, understanding to the vicious smile of the boy that he would soon regret his words."

Matt charged the device, which sounded like a defibrillator.

"I programmed a very specific session; you'll tell me what it feels like there.”

He pressed a button and the electrodes began alternately to emit intense discharges on the targeted areas in a seemingly totally random order. The dumps from all sides were twisting Steve’s body in every direction like a disarticulated doll. This time, Steve could no longer restrain himself and moaned like fool, this grotesque show seemed to fascinate Matt who decided not to remain passive, put on MMA gloves reinforced internally with metal. He had noticed that when a zone was solicited, the other muscles relaxed, it was indeed impossible for the Captain to hold all the muscles of his torso contracted under these conditions. With an evil grin on his face, Matt stood ready to act and every time an area suffered electric shocks, which lasted a good second, he struck in a spared area. When the middle abs was solicited, he was slapping Steve in his left oblique, when it was the turn of the pectorals, he was punching Cap in the plexus, when the right oblique were subjected to torture in their turn, he was beating the pectoral muscles. Totally relaxed, the muscles offered a much lower resistance than normal and Matt's furious fists quickly made their way through the steel muscles of the superhero who was moaning continuously.

After several minutes that seemed like hours for Steve who did not even have the strength to moan and drool like an old man, his whole body burning him. The few muscular contractions that still shook his sweet body were no more than answers to the stimuli of the electrodes, there was no longer any will behind them. Wherever Matt hit, despite the weak strength of his blows, the muscle bent, crushed, twisted, but the young man's blows failed to penetrate the armour of Captain America's muscles. Even so tortured, even so relaxed, they still offered some resistance. Matt was both crazy and excited. Exhausted, he stopped punching and then changed the program of the device; all the electrodes activated at the same time and delivered to the Cap’s body a discharge so violent that he lost consciousness...


When he woke up again, Steve found that he had his head down, still secured to the table. This time his hands were tied together behind his neck while his legs were fixed to the table by the ankles and thighs. Someone touched his stomach. Of course, it was Matt.

"It's amazing that after all these trials, your abs are still firm and beautiful to look at. They are not as hard as before, that's for sure, he added, pressing his fist against Steve’s navel, penetrating a tiny inch into the incredible musculature of the superhero. You are able to regenerate your forces faster than the average but never totally, you lose each time a little more of it, which brings us closer to the moment when you will not have strength anymore. "

Steve wanted to protest something but he knew it was useless. He noticed the presence of a tank of water right under him which was a bad sign. The Spider-man was still there too, but this time lying on a strange table, his feet were tied on one side, and his arms were stretched over his head, wrists together, on the other side of the table. His chest was stretched in an uncomfortable position, obviously. He was also gagged, awake and staring at Steve. They probably shared the same wish that all this will stop soon. Next to Peter, stood the young man who had attacked Steve, and earlier Spider-man. His name was Chad and still had his normal appearance. He was looking at the Captain badly.

"So, we tested your strength, your resistance to electricity, two trials that you failed miserably, let's move on to the endurance test."

Matt operated a mechanism and the table went down, bringing Steve's head closer to the water surface of the tank until his blond hair bathed in it.

"I'm sure you've already figured out what's coming in. In a moment, your head will be underwater just enough to obstruct your airways; the only way for you not to drown yourself will be to use the only force of your concrete abs. Every time you have a failure, your friend here will pay the price. The arms and legs of our little spider are connected to winches, and every time your head touches the water, we will operate the mechanism, slowly tearing apart the Spider-man. All accompanied with gut punches, otherwise, it's not funny. "

Steve fumed internally, so there was no limit to the sadism of this bastard? Peter moaned and tried to free himself in vain. Without further discussion, Matt reactivated the mechanism of the table and Steve's head sank into the water forcing him to contract his abs to extricate himself. He was used to hanging sit-ups, but staying in this position, already physically diminished by previous sessions, would not be easy. But he could not let them torture young Peter anymore, and relied on his steel mind to help him hold on. Matt and his sidekick both put reinforced gloves, Steve looked at them suspiciously. Perceiving his reaction, Matt explained:

"I never said that I wouldn’t anything or that it would be fair, a man as strong as you could probably stay in such position for hours, we need to spice things up. Internally, Matt knew very well that was false but he loved to read the panic in the look of the Captain. And in this position, super tight, your dream abs are more attractive than ever, I must be crazy not to enjoy it!”

It was becoming a habit; Steve should once again endure Matt’s blows, how long could he hold? It would soon be fixed as Matt began his handiwork. As wide as they were, in this almost horizontal position, his abdominal muscles were very tight and compact, allowing the boy's punches to hit several muscles at once. They never seemed to have been so hard for Matt, who was putting all his strength behind every shot, the abs returning his shots every time, as if he were hitting a wall, but a wall that grunted with each shot, proving to Matt that his blows produced the desired effect. As Steve endured the punishment while trying to stay focused, Peter watched the scene, dumbfounded. He could not believe that the Captain could still show such endurance after all he had suffered. But even improved to the maximum of the human capacities, it remained nonetheless a man with limits. He glanced at his former executioner as the room reverberated the sounds of Matt's blows on the Captain’s flesh. Chad looked at him with a disturbing grimace, he seemed to wait anxiously for the moment when the champion of America would fail, in order to be able to administer his own treatment to the Spider-Man who looked at him with apprehension. Trying not to think about what was waiting for him sooner or later, he turned his look back to his friend and he had a cold sweat. The Captain's torso was no longer horizontal and the angle he formed with the rest of his body kept growing. The expression of pain on his face was unequivocal, holding the position while being hit, again and again became more and more complicated. His abs were deep red and threatened to give up at every moment, his whole body was shaking because of the superhuman effort he had to deploy but inexorably, the repeated blows of Matt on his abs pushed him down.

He was less than a centimeter from the surface of the water when his body betrayed him a first time. Head in the water, he struggled to breathe, regain some stamina, but Matt continued to hit him in his abs now relaxed and stretched, penetrating deeper than they should, further impeding his breathing. He finally found the strength to find a higher position and fought to find the horizontal but once his head out of the water, he perceived the cries of Peter through his gag. As promised, Matt's friend had operated the mechanism of the table and the winches had started. They only rolled a few inches, but it was enough to make the Spider-man, who was already stretched out on the table, scream in pain. Then, with all his might, his executioner hit him in the middle of his abs, five times. If the first blow took him by surprise and dug a little through his gut, Peter tried to contract his midsection and managed to cash in the blows. Although he was in bad shape, he was relieved that he had regained enough strength to resist another session of gut torture.

Steve blamed himself for failing but knew it would happen again several times until his executioners had enough, or worse ... Already he felt faint again. Matt's blows left him no respite. He was trying to get away sometimes on the sides to reduce the tension on the main abs but Matt, then switched, pummelling his involved oblique which were much less tolerant to this kind of attacks. There was nothing to do, he could only watch his abs relax slowly and just behind, his cock still hard-on under his wet underpants, what dose of drugs had been injected to him? A spot at the end of his penis betrayed some precum that he imputed more to some mechanic causes than to any pleasures, how could one take pleasure in such a moment. All these thoughts distracted him, he once again lost control of his body and found himself under the water, drank the cup, struggled to breathe and emerged again, unable this time to go back to the horizontal. And Matt, who continued to hit him relentlessly, was he never going to tire? Another defeat meant of course new tortures for Peter who screamed again under his gag when his body was stretched a few inches. He had barely time to get used to this new tension that he received new punches in the belly, twice more than before. The longer his chest was stretched, the harder it was to contract his abs and even with his forces back, he was unable to stop his assailant's fists from penetrating his body armor.

Matt was exhausted but the pleasures he was feeling right now surmounted everything else, he only hit one hand, putting the other on the bulge of the Captain who was too busy struggling to yearn. He had only stood a minute this time when his head met the water again, he was exhausted, swallowed more water and found the strength to extricate itself once more from the tank, he was jumping, he had tears in his eyes, he was moaning, he could not stand it any longer. And Matt's shots did not stop, they even seemed to gain in intensity but it was mostly his abdominal muscles that were losing in consistency. Peter's cries echoed once more in the room, he too was crying in pain to feel every fiber of his body torn apart, he felt his limbs about to break, he did not even try to contract his abs when Chad hit him. The thin layer created by the muscle stretched to the extreme offered little protection for the internal organs of Spidey who suffered much of the twenty blows that fell. Peter shouted again.

Matt was probably sweating as much as the Captain, he was exhausted but felt that his victim was too. He lost his last strength in the battle against the belly and the will of the superhero who just managed to stay above the tank. He moaned and cried like a man who feels his end is coming and refuses his destiny but Steve was more afraid for Peter's life than for his own, he did not know what would happen to the kid once he no longer had the strength to stay out of the water. Even though the pain he felt deep in his gut was huge, it was more tears of frustration at his helplessness than physical pain.

With a final blow, Matt sprayed what was left of tension in the Captain's abdominal muscles. As he drank the cup again, an inhuman cry pierced Peter's gag. This new quartering was the one of too much and he lost consciousness, although still alive. Steve did not know, he felt the water rush into his throat, fill his lungs, he tried to get out, in vain, his muscles were no more responding but he could still feel them, feel the blows of Matt who continued to strike as if he had lost his mind. The abs offered little resistance now, unable to contract and Matt was certain to cause internal damage. Less than a minute later, Rogers's body was no more moving.


Steve woke up spitting water. Matt, leaning over him, had just revived him. He leaned over to vomit a little more water but was still tied at the table that was horizontal this time. Steve coughed, he thought he was dying, but obviously his executioner had not finished with him yet. Matt gave him some slaps to wake him up, he was afraid he'd gone too far but the Captain was alert again. Steve's first thoughts were with Peter, but the young man was no longer on the next table, he was alone with Matt. If he hoped that Peter was released, he knew internally that it was unlikely.

"He's alive, reassure Matt ... barely."

He began to walk around the table occupied by Steve who was starting to struggle, probably counting on a more fragile link or a burst of energy. Matt put his hand on the Captain's belly. Even after all that, even blushing by the blows, his abs still seemed to be able to endure hours of pounding. The muscles were still bulging under his hand, he could still feel the hills and valleys, quivering under his fingers that slid along the streak that separated his two abdominal columns to his navel that formed a simple hole.

"It's time to find out what gives you such strength, said Matt, I've read different stories, but which one is right, is it your blood, is it something else? He wondered aloud while caressing briefly the Captain's manhood which stiffens as he passes by, I guess I'll have to drain all your fluids to find out."

Captain America struggled again without more result than before, allowing Matt to push a syringe into each arm. The syringes were connected by pipes to a pump that, once started, slowly began to drain Steve's blood. Matt also brought down from the ceiling a device that looked like a vacuum cleaner and he positioned just one meter above the genitals of the Captain who understood what was waiting for him.

"The secret could very well lie in your virile semen, I could handle it manually, but it could take a long time because we need a lot for our tests!"

The Captain protested but Matt ignored it.

"Come on, for the time you’re hard, your cock must want to get some fresh air!"

He took a penknife out of his pocket and tore Steve's underpants, revealing for the first time a tasteful 9-inch cut cock throbbing with excitement. His big balls seemed to need a lot of emptying. Matt couldn't help but put his hand on the Captain's cock which was already very hard and stiffed a little more in his hand to the chagrin of Steve who moaned. After being beaten to death, he was about to be raped and could not do anything about it. He felt as if he had become the Brooklyn kid he was: a whipping boy. His super powers were of no use to him at this moment. What he did not know, however, was that Matt had taken advantage of being unconscious to inject him with a slow-acting drug that made his mind more malleable and more suggestible. Although he did not want to admit it yet, the feeling of the boy's hand on his penis was not unpleasant, it was for this reason that he hardened more when Matt began to caress him. First fingertips, he covered the entire genitals of the Captain, from the testicles to the glans. Then he grabbed the member and began a slow movement back and forth tightening well which had the effect of making him secrete a significant amount of precum that he used immediately to lubricate the whole.

He continued his masturbation for a moment, the Captain was no longer trying to struggle, his breathing was calm as if he appreciated the moment, the drugs were effective. Matt would have continued longer but the goal was to drain his sperm, not to spill it on him. However, he was very attracted by the Captain's turgid member who seemed to be calling for more attention. He had to satisfy his curiosity. Just as he had tasted the sweat of the superhero, he had to taste his cock. While continuing to wank gently, he put his wet lips on the glans and ran them along the 9 inches of the dick, soaking in its taste as its smell. He then went up to the end of the penis and opened his lips to slide it slowly into his mouth, went down to the maximum until the whole member was in his mouth and began a movement back and forth while sucking slightly. Steve groaned this time with pleasure, he did not understand what was happening to him, this act that was supposed to disgust him gave him an intense pleasure. Was it in response to all these tortures? Was it because his blood was drained? He didn’t know. In any case, Matt was rewarded by more precum he teased and swallowed greedily before stopping his blowjob, his own cock was about to explode. Before risking a mistake he unrolled the extraction device and fit the cock of the Captain in a cylinder with a pump that was activated. Steve moaned even louder, there was nothing left to wait.

Stimulated and drugged as it had been, it took less than five minutes to Steve to have his first ejaculation that was spectacular in many ways. Just before the explosion, his body squirmed, his abdominal muscles contracted and relaxed in a way that Matt had not yet observed, eventually all his muscles hardened and several jets of cum were swallowed by the machine in a concert of moans from the Captain. Seeing the hero's abs react to ejaculation gave Matt the urge to deal with them again. He climbed onto the table sitting on the Captain's broad chest who, between the drain, drugs and forced masturbation was not even able to react. Matt now had total and new access to the Captain's washboard abs. He massaged them for a long time, still astonished at their firmness after having worked so hard to demolish them. He wondered if he would still be able to regenerate so quickly after being drained. What was certain was that they were no longer the brick wall they were in the beginning, they were softer and sank slightly as the hands of the Matt passed, massaging the muscles harder and harder, more and more deeply. The abs, by pure reflexes, contracted to prevent the intrusion. "Let me in" murmured Matt whose right hand now formed a fist that try to dig into the core of the midsection of the Captain. "Let me in," he repeated but, seeing that the hero was still reluctant to let him take possession of him, he grabbed his balls with his free hand and squeezed them, Steve moaned and immediately, his abdominal muscles relaxed. "Good boy," congratulated Matt whose fist could now sink deeper into the Cap's musculature. It was the first time he had entered his belly, without accessories, with his bare hand, so he wanted to take his time to feel each muscle fiber retract, let him in. He pressed his fist on each abdominal muscle, all gave way. Forcing all his weight, he penetrated as far as he could, which represented only a few centimeters as the armour remained solid even so offered.

Wondering if he could do better, he went barefoot, stood up and started trampling the Captain's abs, first with his right feet. As before, the muscles flexed in the first place but then relaxed on their own without Matt having to ask for it. They really belonged to him now. He alternated the pressure between his heel, which was positioned at the level of the navel, and the front of his feet, which crushed his upper abs. The feeling of bulging muscles under his bare feet was arousing, so, he climbed both feet on the Captain's belly and began to trample him completely, pressing the upper abs, the lower abs, the navel, even he pelvis and the pecs. His feet sank even deeper than his fists, the heel almost disappearing into the navel area, which snatched a few grunts from the Captain without anyone knowing whether it was pain or pleasure. He could not help worshiping Steve’s face with his bare feet. "Lick it," he commanded. To his astonishment, he was obeyed and the Captain began to lick Matt's smelly foot, his treatment was working even better than expected. He worshiped Steve's face a little more with the foot covered with his own saliva then went back to his trampling. He allowed himself some jumps in the middle of Captain's abs who grunted every time, his abs contracting only afterwards, too late to prevent his internal organs to suffer a good part of the stomping.

Finally, he dropped a knee in the soft gut of the Captain who coughed and squirmed in his shackles. This one must have hurt! Or must have been good since at the same time, new spurts of cum filled the pump that were always masturbating the member of the superhero. Matt left his knees planted in Steve's belly as his body contracted again in response to ejaculation. Even under his knee, he could feel the muscles struggle. He sat down on the hero's chest, knees on the table and pulled his penknife out of his pocket, which slid down the river that separated the two rows of abs into the navel. It would be easy for me to plant it and open it in two to know exactly if his abs are really made of steel, he thought, thrusting the knife into the navel of the hero who soon moaned in response. His breathing became faster and his abs reacted accordingly as Matt pushed the knife deeper and deeper. Captain's gut dug himself. Steve gave a little scream, Matt finally removed the knife, a drop of blood pearled from the navel, he wiped the knife and put it in his pocket.

The Captain had lost consciousness, no doubt because of the drain as he looked paler. Matt stopped the machine, the goal was not to kill him, but he left running the pump that wanked him. If he had no more blood to give, he probably still had a lot of sperm in reserve. The first ejaculation that occurred after the hero’s coma was interesting to watch, only the Captain's abdominal muscles seemed to react. His cock red and swollen expelled only a few jets of sperm, less than the previous times. He did the same for the next cumshots, until the orgasms, always betrayed by the Captain's abdominal muscles movements, no longer produce a drop.


When Rogers regained consciousness, he was no longer tied to the table, he was not even tied at all, and had also recovered his pants. He was alone in the room. He got up with difficulty, his head turned and his stomach ached, he ran his hand over his bruises, winced and finished standing up. It was hard to remember what had happened last time and it was probably better that way. He made his way to the door, expecting to find it locked, but it was not, it opened on a dark corridor. He tried to open several doors on the way but all were closed, only the one at the end of the corridor opened. It came out into a very dark room, Steve stepped cautiously when suddenly, the door behind him closed and the big room lit up, dazzling him for a moment. When his view returned, he saw Peter in front of him, who had clean clothes and was holding an iron bar in his hand, something was wrong.

"They ... they said they would kill her if ... if ..."

He seemed terrified, Steve tried to understand :

"Kill who?"

"Auntie, they showed me a video, they ... they took it!"

"Whatever they asked you, you have to do it, your aunt's life comes first, said the Captain.”

"But I have to ... they want me to kill you!"

A voice then rang in the room through several speakers:

"It's not quite that!"

Steve then noticed the bay window on his right behind which stood Matt.

"Before you do anything foolish, this window is obviously shielded, then I do not want anyone to kill anyone. What I'm going for is a real superhero fight! I know very well, dear Captain America you'd be ready to let yourself be killed to save poor aunt May, but if you do that, she'll die. If Peter wins, she'll live, and if it's you ... well, we'll see. May the best win!"

Steve felt rage rising in him, he was not just about him anymore. It was out of question for him to attack the young man, but if he didn’t do it, his aunt would be done. He was thinking fast, Spider-man was no ordinary boy, he was stronger, more resistant, he would surely be able to stand up to him, after all they had clashed once but nothing proved that he was in a condition to fight, anyway, he had already suffered too much, he had had a pretty clear idea of what he suffered when he found him in the warehouse. He should find a way to let Peter have the upper hand while seeming to fight. He stared at his "adversary", hoping he could read his thoughts, understand that he would never hurt him, but Peter just looked terrified. In fact, he even seemed unable to move. If they did not fight, they would surely die, including May. Without thinking anymore, Steve stepped on Peter, frozen on the spot, he grabbed him by the throat and, in his tracks, leaned him against the wall before sending him a hook left.

Matt was jubilant, he did not expect the valiant Captain to attack first. He knew very well that he had to have a plan to deliberately lose the match, he was far too noble to attack a young man, but in fact he did not care, it was pure psychological torture. Matt wanted was to see him suffer, to see how long he could stand in front of the power of another superhero.

"I do not want to hurt you, Steve whispered in Peter's ear before knocking him again, just hard enough to dump, but you're going to have to fight, you have to, you don’t have the choice!"

"How ?! You are much stronger!"

"Use low blows, Steve said, pointing to his crotch.”

After a third punch, Peter executed himself and threw his knees in the jewels of Steve who released him and fell on his knees, he then made a reel with his steel bar and hit in the face the Captain who fell on his back. Spidey jumped on him, setting the bar against his throat.

"Is it okay, Mr. Rogers? He asked.”

"You're doing very well, he responded, now stop talking.”

Steve stuck his knees against Peter's chest and threw him back, he could not let himself be defeated right away, it must have seemed credible. He charged Spidey awkwardly again who jumped over him, sending him straight into the wall. Before he had time to turn, Peter struck him on the back repeatedly with the bar, each shot giving Steve a shout and leaving a red mark on his bare skin. The Captain repelled Spider-man with a kick in the belly in which he put more force than he would have liked. Peter stepped back a yard. Steve turned, dodged a side blow bar and disarmed his opponent, he sent a righ jab to the jaw of Peter who replied with a back kick that made him flicker. Spidey took the opportunity to push Rogers against the wall and inflict a barrage of blows to his face and stomach. Stunned, Steve was then thrown on the floor, Peter applying an armbar to him.

"Well done Peter, congratulate Matt, disarm his opponent, this is the base! Now, brake his arm, it's an order! You know how we do!"

Peter knew he had no choice, he exchanged glances with Steve who thought like him. It'll be fine, he thought, nodding. Spidey pulled Steve's right arm a little more behind him. While holding his wrist firmly with his right hand, he put his left arm under his forearm and put his hand on the triceps before beginning to twist. Steve groaned louder and louder as the pressure increased. Peter was not sure if he was able to give up such a muscular arm, but he put all his strength into it, his aunt's life depended on it even if it deeply saddened him. Suddenly, there was a crack and Steve screamed, his right arm was out of order. Behind his glass, Matt sat on a chair, took out his cock and began to masturbate, such a show was really priceless. He could not have dreamed better. Peter had dropped his arm and this time had his owns under Steve's throat, if he could apply a sleeper hold to make him lose consciousness, he could be declared winner and regain his freedom. Steve struggled mechanically, trying to loosen the hug with his only valid arm but he did not want, he had to lose the fight anyway, but Matt intervened:

"Not so fast, it would be too easy, I want to see more suffering."

Peter released his grip, got up and pulled the Captain's arm to put him back on his feet. They watched for a moment, the fight was far from over, both of them knowing Matt's sadism, it was likely that it would end only with the death of one of the fighters. Rogers put himself in a position of attack, ready to defend himself (at least pretend) with the only arm he had left, Spidey imitated him. They parried a few punches, then, on the occasion of a Captain's failed jab, Peter grabbed his arm, turned to him and hit him in the middle of the face with his elbow. Steve drew back his nose in blood, bouncing head first on the wall that stunned him before being picked by some uppercut to the jaw that pushed him back to the wall against which he stuck, dazed.

"Nice sequence, Matt commented, if you took the opportunity to work a little his abs, once a man has his core destroyed, he’s almost defeated!"

In a hurry to finish, Spider-man began to hit the Captain as requested, left, right, left, right, using all his strength, repeating himself inside it was what the Captain wanted, it was the only thing to do. He mainly targeted the middle abs. Although they were contracted, Peter expected them to offer more resistance, that they were harder but the first shots already penetrated a few inches in the midsection of the hero. After all the pounding they had endured, Steve's abs was unable to counter the powerful attacks of a person with such powers. The simple fact of contracting his muscles made him suffer, so to make them beat again was a torture and he moaned with each stroke, his arms swing unnecessarily by his side, anyway, he had no desire to defend himself, he hoped like Peter that his suffering would end quickly. Peter, who was now chaining the attacks on his entire abdominal belt, was lost in his thoughts; he felt the rage rising in him. After all he had suffered, having to beat a man he admired was probably the worst test but it was also a way to let off steam. The more he hit the captain, the more rage invaded him and the more he liked it. Hook to the navel, jab to the liver, blow to his lower abs, uppercut to the plexus, no abdominal muscle of the captain was spared. On the occasion of slanting shots, Steve felt several times ribs break, multiplying the pain he felt after each punches. Peter's fists were now partly disappearing in Captain's gut, whose legs were shaking, saliva dripping from his mouth as the lack of oxygen began to make itself felt. By the time he had to slide to the floor, unable to stand any longer, Peter grabbed him by the throat of his right hand and slammed him against the wall hitting him again and again in the middle of his once rock hard abs, putting each times more strength behind each shot. When his arm began to tire, he grabbed the Captain by the back of his neck and started beating his stomach with his knees, lifting Steve of the ground with each impact. Rogers coughed, spat, vomited, his face was livid, his eyes wide, but Peter continued his furious assault. After a while, he threw the Captain on the ground, sat on top of him and started to hit him in the face, again and again, a dozen shots, twenty ... Blood spurted, Steve's face became unrecognizable. When he stopped reacting to the blows, Peter stopped, panting. He then realized what he had done and was horrified. But he had also saved his aunt.


Matt was alone with the Captain's body still lying on the ground, arms in cross, his face bleeding, his gut deep red, but he was still breathing. He sat on his thighs, contemplated his work and spent one last time his hands on the Captain's abs, which although they were still visible were completely soft. He caressed, pressed, kneaded, applied claws, the muscles no longer offered the slightest resistance and deformed under his fingers like jelly. He gave a few punches which, instead of the usual slamming, resonated with watery sounds. His fist penetrated easily into Cap's gut, he could almost feel the internal organs under the once solid layer of abdominal muscles. He tested all the muscles of Captain's midsection, they were all defeated. He knocked with all his might, Steve's body was shaken with spasms, saliva mixed with bile flowed from his open mouth, then came blood, it was over. Matt pulled his cock out again, masturbated for a moment and squirted on the Captain's inert body, maculated his chest and what was left of his abs with several jets of white semen. He stood up and began to urinate on Steve's chest, the hot liquid mixed with sperm and dripped down his body along the valleys, between the hills of his muscles, formed a lake at the navel, sank on the ground along his neck, along his hips. Once his final humiliation was over, Matt contemplated one last time his victim. He had defeated fucking Captain America!