Beating up my useless son



I'm Artemio, 39 yrs old. I've been stuck in this goddamn shithole with my wife who only knows to shout and scream at the most minute thing that she stresses out on. Fucking woman only knows either eat, sleep or shout. Also in this fucking torn house is my stupid son Kenny. That 25 year-old boy is an imbecile. He got kicked out of school during his teenage years because his brain is so small and useless he can't even understand basic math or science. He's so stupid he can't even get along with anyone. Everyone's annoyed with his dumbness. Even I can't keep a good conversation with him for a minute. He extinguished any hopes of our family getting out of this fucking misery. He basically worsened my already-ruined life, and I always make him realize that by beating him up almost everyday. He's so fucking useless the only use he's being best at is by being a good, solid punching bag. You see, I work out everyday at home because that's the only thing I can afford. My body and good physique is all I have - a nice six-pack, I sometimes allow the guys that I fuck, punch me in my abs. Getting my abs beaten up makes me so fucking horny. I've got these juicy massive pecs and nice nipples that my wife and other guys love sucking. And my arms, oh boy, these guns are thick as fuck and are very well trained from all the beating I gave to Kenny. My arms got so strong because not only I trained them with weights, but I trained them using my son's fucking massive body.

Kenny - the stupid bitch, has actually got decent looks. He would have probably gotten even some dumb chicks if only he wasn't as intelligent as a fucking hamster (and well if he didn't have a persistent black eye from my solid punches, heh). All he did was do chores, lift heavy things around the house, do the neighbors heavy work, take a lot of beating and work over from me. Everyone loves abusing him because he's the kind type of stupid. He would only say "sorry" and "please stop" as soon as start beating him up out of some random frustration.

And for these - he had a damn gorgeous body. One of the few things that I can't take away from him. His chest is pretty good, with some nice bush in the middle of his chest; and his arms are bulky and powerful. He had a nice peak on his biceps which always flexed when he tries to guard his abs from my uppercuts. His abs are solid and hard - He could take a lot of beating because of the heavy work he's always in and that's why he's a fucking perfect punching bag for me. He has nice side obliques that always pop out from the usual sleeveless shirts or tank tops that he wears. I always love punching and giving the occasional knees to those defined sides of his body.

And that life of abuse was what lead to this day -

My wife asked Kenny to buy her some fried chicken from the local fastfood, goddamn bitch has money to get fried chicken for lunch but would go tantrums on spending more on detergent. Before Kenny left, I held his arm and stopped him.

As I held his thick biceps as I asked him to buy something for me -

"Get me two packs of cigarettes, and 1 box of condom. Get your money from mum's change."

He asked, "What cigarette do you like, want some marlboro today?"

I cringed so fucking hard. "I always buy Marlboro you fucking idiot!"

I can't help it. I stood up and I immediately saw the fear in his face. I gave him a good uppercut in his stomach, a punch so powerful yet so fast, I'm not even sure which part of his abs I hit, maybe somewhere around his navel because that's where he immediately massaged with his veiny hands.

"I'm sorry dad, I'm sorry"

Annoyed by his repetitive apologies, i slapped him hard on his right cheek which made him stumble towards the house's entrance door. He just bowed with his red face and went on.


I waited. My wife waited. Maybe around 10 minutes had already passed. The stores and fastfood chains were AT MOST 3 MINUTES AWAY FROM OUR HOUSE, THAT SLOW ASS BITCH. I texted him -


The boy replied immediately "NO CHICKEN. I BOUGHT SALAD. DRESSING LOOKS DELI :) and no more change."


He got home smiling and I was already out of breath from anger. I immediately grabbed him by his tank top shirt which tore a bit exposing his stupid hairy chest and nipples and he was stupidly confused.


"Dad, I'm sorry, I had no change left"

I had no patience to speak to this idiot. I threw him like a rag-doll towards the wall and I immediately follow. I gave a solid right hook to his handsome face which made a solid THUMP.


"Dad, please.."

He stumbled to the floor and I picked him up, as heavy as he was, and landed a left hook in his face again. He stumbled again to the floor and I followed up with a kick in his stomach. Like a fucking soccer ball. His body bent and his face looked so in pain. He shouted in agony. I saw my wife walking out of the house, probably irritated by the scene.

I picked him up again and punched him in his right eye - three times - I wanted to see him wear his black eye again. The punches were so powerful he'd fly off around the house and some furniture would get messed up every punch.

I could already hear poor Kenny cry a bit from the pain.

"Well, I'm just started little guy."

"Dad... please..."

I picked him up again and I smiled from the wonderful sight -

Kenny's right eye was bruised and swollen close already.

I tore his tank top in the middle and exposed his abs, expanding and contracting while he was breathing so heavily.

"Oh no, don't you dare fucking breathe!"

And I landed a barrage of powerful uppercuts in his abs using my right hand. while my left arm pinned him to the wall so he wouldn't fall off.

After six or seven fast, mindless punches that I threw to different parts of his body, I took my precious time to appreciate the sight of this stupid idiot being in extreme pain and agony. I focused while I threw my next attacks -

The next punch, I targeted towards the very center of his stomach. I stared at his beautiful abs as it flexed while I landed the first punch. I dug my fist into the wall of muscle and oh boy did those little rectangle lumps of muscle get more and more flexed. His moans of agony was music to my ears.

I took a second also to catch my breath as I suddenly felt time to rest since the boy was too massive and it took some effort for me to keep him in his place.

I punched him in his abs again, this time just below his belly button, a right hook that targeted the muscles beneath his happy trail.


He moaned in agony again. He tried to hold his stomach but I shoved off his hand immediately, following up with a solid knee that hit his upper stomach. His eyes widened and a bit of saliva has been dripping out of his mouth.

Then there goes my continuous left and right punches to his abs. The first five were all hooks that hit his side obliques. The wall of muscle on those sides were so fucking defined I enjoyed seeing him dance left and right while his muscles flexed from the punches that I were throwing. The fucking dumb ass was already half way crying again.

The next six punches I threw were focused on his pecs. Kenny's pecs were a good balance of nice and bouncy, while still thick and muscular. I enjoyed the view while I punched him directly hitting my fists into his nipples. The strong hooks and uppercuts I dished out made his pecs bounce a bit while his whole body was twitching from the extreme pain.

I was so fucking exhilarated from the sight of his pecs bouncing from the impact of my punches, I threw probably five more punches targeting different parts of his chest and I enjoyed seeing his sweaty chest with his wet chest hair get all bouncy.

After that, I let him go and he collapsed to the floor. I'm still fucking annoyed with his face that always looks like he's about to cry.

And so - I kicked his face like a fucking soccer ball again. He rolled on the floor like fucking hotdog meat. By this time I had already collected myself and I was able to speak without shouting.

"Now when I tell you to get me a fucking cigar and dick shield, you get me exactly that, not a fucking salad."

Kenny was crying on the floor while holding his bruised stomach.

"I'm sorry Artemio, I thought mum would like the salad."

"You don't fucking reason with me."

I was ready to get back to my bedroom and clean up until he spoke -

"You only care about yourself, dad"


I rushed back to him, picked him up and threw him again to the wall. I pinned him, my arms now popping off from the extreme pressure that I've been applying to his neck.


"I'm sorry dad, I didn't... mea..n it..."

He was coughing and choking.

I fucking kneed him in his stomach relentlessly.

One... two... three... four....

His whole body was lifting away from the floor with every full-power knee that I gave him. His arms were popping off from trying to hold my shoulders to keep himself from stumbling. Blood was dripping from his mouth and his eyes wide open from the shock his body is feeling with every knee that I gave to his abs.

With every strike, I shouted right next to his ear "WHAT DID YOU SAY?"





His abs already felt like Jelly. I shifted to continuous punching and his muscles were already so soft and my fists were digging deep into his stomach. I was so out of focus because of anger and I was throwing punches all over his body, his pecs, his abs, his sides. Left and right, left and right, I had probably punch each portion of his body.

He was already so tired from all the beating none of his muscles had flexed - even his arms became a soft chunk of meat already, which I also abused. I punched his arms and there was nothing he could do, but moan.

I got tired too, and so I let him collapse to the floor again. He didn't even have any energy to bend his body, he just lay there.

I gave Kenny another good stare, breathing heavily while lying on the floor, drenched in sweat and blood, bruised and battered all over his body, and his face full of bruises and swollen. I saw his abs, as he breathe heavily in and out, it was so fucking enticing. It was like waiting to be kicked and stomped on, and so I gladly did. I stomped on the stupid boy's abs so many times I left my legs got slightly numb from all that actions.

"Dad, I'm sorry, pp p, please stop"

His voice is so fucking annoying. It just made me more irritated and so I kicked him multiple times again. I loved it, he looked like a fucking worm wiggling on the floor, as I kicked and kicked him in every angle and body part that I could imagine.

The fucking idiot was just coughing wildly. He probably can't speak anymore.

This muscular guy, all battered. It was a sight to behold. I admit, I kinda feel nice now. It's always like this. I always feel so relaxed and stress-free after I give Kenny a good beating. I took a picture of him lying on the floor, I love to look back on the damage that I am able to give him.

I picked him up, tied his arms and hang them up with the tied attached to a hook that I put in the ceiling. He sleeps like this every night, hang up like a punching bag, and he's gonna stay here til sleeping time. He's useless in this state. Before I went back to resume my day, I gave some final punches to his stomach to which he didn't flinch anymore.

I licked a bit of blood around his nipple and bit his right tit to tease him.

He shouted in pain. I let out a soft chuckle.

"Good night bitch."

I called my wife who's now relieved that the noise is gone.