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The Dorm Room Show Down

by Johnny


The first week at college is usually a hectic one. Particularly the dorm room assignments. Kyle's best friend had graduated that summer leaving him to get another one this fall. Kyle was a junior, and the typical college jock and a little cocky. He had only heard that the man was in his lower to mid twenties who was fresh from the army. Kyle didn't like the idea of sharing his room with an old man. Kyle's sport was baseball. He had received scholarships for his ability. He was in great shape. His abs could use some definition but they were still visible and tight. When TJ arrived he was wearing his dress uniform. Kyle introduced himself, and filling him in on his athletic accomplishments. Tj said no wonder you appear to be in great shape. Tj was feeding this jocks cocky attitude. Kyle replied, "hard as a rock". You look in great shape your\self. With some pointers from me you would look great. Kyle left the room to settle into his own.
Later that, night when getting ready to take a shower Kyle realized that he forgot to pick up some shampoo. He was wearing some shorts and no shirt wanting to impress his roommate. TJ's door was ajar so he peeked in TJ was shadow boxing in a baggy sweatshirt and blue jeans. He knocked and went on in. You like to fight, Kyle asked. I used to. We would have gut punching contests when my friends would come over. My roommate he was built beat me only once. His abs was like a brick wall. If you want a match I'll be right here, that is if you're not afraid of losing to a young man. This talk was agitating TJ. He just replied I would hate to hurt you. You can't hurt these abs, man. Oh yah. Want to put your money where your mouth is. Sure, Kyle replied. How about $50 bucks. Kyle said. I don't know, replied TJ. Wuss. That was it for TJ. Let's go. They would punch each other until one gave up or bowed down.
Round one: TJ had the first three punches. The first was firm and landed right above his navel. He got a little harder with his next two punches. Kyle said, is that all you got, this shouldn't take long. Kyle said, take off your shirt so I can aim, or are you ashamed. No, I will not getting even more agitated. Fine then here it comes. TJ could feel Kyle's hard punches hit his lower two rows. His perfect abs didn't give a bit. After Kyle's second punch Kyle began to wonder why TJ wasn't affected. Kyle said come on wuss your turn.
Round Two: Kyle put his hands behind his head and tightened his abs. TJ ran his masculine hand over firm abs and said, it will be a shame to bring these bad boys down. TJ stroked them a time or two. You going to stroke them or punch them, Kyle said. Fine you ask for it, TJ replied. With a hard punch to Kyle's navel Kyle could feel his abs give. Selecting his second shot carefully, TJ nailed Kyle half way between his solar plexus and navel. His abs couldn't take much more Kyle thought while exhaling. TJ's final punch bowed Kyle slightly. Kyle knowing that his abs wouldn't withstand another assault got ready to throw everything he had at TJ. He was still in amazement at the strength of TJ. Kyle rubbed underneath TJ' s shirt, he felt deep grooves. He slightly pushed in on them. They were rock hard. It felt like he had a six-pack he thought. While attempting to outline TJ's abs in his mind TJ said, you going to stroke them or punch them. His first punch had everything he had behind it TJ's abs didn't budge. Kyle began to worry deeply. Remembering the strong abs, which he just felt. They are harder than my own, Kyle thought. Kyle's second and third shot had even less effect. His stamina was wearing down.
Round Three: TJ asked, you ready to go down?, Never he replied. TJ rubbed Kyle's abs again smiled while following every groove. TJ said, I would get some workout tips from you, but I don't believe I need any what do you think WUSS? TJ stripped off his sweatshirt slowly, revealing the most beautiful set of abs Kyle had ever seen. Kyle just wanted to touch them. Perfectly formed. TJ asked, do you want to feel want is going to bring you down. Kyle reached out and rubbed TJ's washboard abs. TJ's first punch landed hard just above his navel, TJ felt the air leave Kyle's lungs. Kyle felt his abdominal wall collapsing. The second punch caved them a little more. With the third punch TJ said, (TJ rubbing his own abs them Kyle's red abs) the punch came and brought Kyle down to his knees. It was the hardest punch he had ever received. The wind was forced from his lungs. He lay in the floor in a fetal position. Tj picked him up and carried him to his room and said; well try again when you feel up to taking an old man.