Riches Get Stitches: Encounter 1
by JC



It was late in the evening, Zain was walking casually, dressed in denim jeans with a white button down shirt, a brown belt secured around his waist, and a black gym bag hunched over his left shoulder. With his hands slipped comfortably into the pockets of his jeans, he began making his way through the almost empty college campus towards his dormitory building after having just finished an intense session at the gym. Zain was an extremely athletic type of guy, with a strong build of 5 foot 12, and weighing just over 167 pounds. He was excited to get back to his dormitory, remembering how his girlfriend, Gina, had texted him a couple hours before asking if she could stay the night. The sheer thought of what laid ahead brought a smearing smirk across Zain’s face.

As he jumped over the fence that divided the campus from his dormitory building to take the shortcut, Zain noticed a male figure standing by the gate of his building. As he slowly got closer, he furrowed his eyebrows in sheer disgust. “Hey, Zain! What’s up, bro?”, the other male chuckled as he began walking towards Zain, dressed in nothing but some black sweatpants. “What the hell are you doing here, Simon?”, Zain scoffed. Simon and Zain were both extremely well known across campus, heck they were the sons of the two richest families to ever step foot onto those college grounds. Both having the support of hefty cash, most would think they would be the best of buddies, yet no one could be further from the truth. Their fathers were both competitors, and therefore immediately made their songs mortal enemies since high school.

“I just came to say hi!”, Simon replied with a simple grin as he took a step closer towards Zain. The sheer smile on Simon’s face was enough to already get Zain’s anger pumping. “Just fuck off before I end you right here”, Zain growled, gaining right up against Simon and gripping onto the male’s collar. “Aww come on, man…just a little talk”, Simon whispered with a devilish smirk as he gently lifted his hand to pat Zain’s face. In an instant, Zain yanked his arm up and delivered a strong punch straight across Simon’s face, making him cough and stagger to the side slightly. He wasn’t having any of the Simon’s bullshit today. He then rammed up against the recovering male, holding him up by his hair and sending a hard knuckle punch straight into the centre of Simon’s hardened abs, causing him to let out a soft cough as he toppled over himself a little. Just then, Zain yanked his arm back to send another blow to his prey’s abs, before suddenly feeling his left arm being grabbed from behind, followed by his right. In utter confusion and shock, Zain turned his head back over his left shoulder, then turned to his right, only to see two more men, both just as muscular and ripped as himself, locking both of his arms behind his back. The one on his left was dressed in nothing but jeans and a studded belt, with the one on his right dressed in nothing but thin, red shorts.

By now, Simon had recovered, and as he stood up straight again, a smirk expanded onto his face. “Ahh look Zain! We have company! I thought you would be bored between just you and me so I brought along some friends!”, he chuckled. Zain was utterly taken back and furrowed his eyebrows in shock, trying to yank himself free but to no avail. Despite his years of fights and training at the gym, he knew three against one was a tough match, but he couldn’t for the life of him let the bastards take over him. As Simon stepped closer to attack, Zain quickly jumped his feet off the ground, using the two men behind him for support and kicked Simon back in the stomach, making him stumble back whilst toppled over. Immediately, the man on his left threw a hard punch across Zain’s cheek, practically throwing his face to the other side, before the man on his right delivered an even harder punch straight against his mouth and cheek, causing Zain to cough and grunt as his head was flown back towards the front.

By now, Simon had recovered, walking back in front of Zain with a deep sigh. “Aw at least you tried”, he teased the male, laughing out before suddenly throwing his arm back and slamming a strong punch right against Zain’s navel. He then yanked his hand back, before hitting him again right into his solar plexus, and another straight into his gut, smirking as his prey grunted and flexed backwards with every hit. Sparing no mercy, Simon threw another hard fist right into Zain’s gut, and then another to his pecs. Zain coughed out from the multiple punches, his body wanting to hunch over yet the two men holding him up. Simon’s attacks were much tougher than he had ever imagined, his stomach was already red and sore, the side of his lips also cut from the punches to his face. His head was hanging slightly low, and his chest rising up and down slowly with heavy breaths. “Well don’t you look great, pretty boy”, Simon laughed as he gently slapped Zain’s face, enjoying the sweet sound of Zain groaning and panting in pain. He then slowly took a step back, before bringing his leg straight up, kicking Zain hard right into his groin. “Argh!”, the beaten male groaned out, feeling his balls practically being crushed and his eyes rolling back slightly in pain. The two men holding him up let go of his arms, letting Zain drop to his knees as he groaned lowly and glared up at Simon, beaten and weak.

“Haha! That all you got in you, buddy?”, Simon taunted as he slowly crouched down in front of the beaten male, smirking into his face and flicking his forehead. Groaning lowly, Zain clutched his once strong yet now bashed abs as he rested back on the heels of his shoes, kneeling and glaring up at Simon before him. He desperately wanted to fight back, and couldn’t stand himself losing to a punk like him, yet he was too weak and in too much pain. “Y-you damn motherfucker”, Zain growled before spitting into his attacker’s face. Gently wiping the spit off his face, Simon sighed and tilted his head a little. “So we have some fire left in us now, do we? Well then…let’s give him the V.I.P treatment, guys!”, Simon said in an almost happy tone as he stood back up. The two men behind then grabbed onto Zain’s shoulders and arms, yanking him up and slamming him against the wall, the sound of his spine hitting the brick wall echoing. They then pressed him up against the wall by his shoulders, his body straightened out, before the two men grabbed a side of Zain’s shirt each and ripped it apart, exposing his defined pecs and abs, that were covered in a layer of glistening sweat that reached up to his neck, and his stomach red from all the blows. “Not bad pretty boy, not bad”, Simon chuckled as he whistled whilst glancing up and down at Zain’s body, the beaten man panting and glaring at him in response.

At that moment, Simon swung his hand straight underarm as if he was throwing a bowling ball, yet with more speed and force, driving his hand straight onto Zain’s balls, squeezing them upon impact. “ARGH-“, Zain groaned loudly again as his mouth widened and his eyes rolled back in pain, feeling his balls crushing up as Simon’s hold only got tighter. He then yanked his hand back and finally released the squeeze, Zain’s head lunging forward, his face red as he groaned lowly and gagged a little. Chuckling, Simon then drove his fist deep into the core of his victim’s gut, feeling his muscles flexing back and caving in upon impact. He then threw another punch to the left side of Zain’s waist, then his left side, the weakened man grunting every time his body jolted with a new punch, the pain radiating all throughout his body.

Without sparing a moment of mercy, the two men holding him back threw Zain right towards Simon, pulling his shirt that was drenched in sweat off his body clean as they did so. As Zain stumbled forward, Simon quickly grabbed him by his left shoulder before driving his knee straight up into Zain’s balls again, making him groan loudly as he was practically lifted right off his feet, his eyes flickering as his consciousness wavered. Then the man who was holding him back from the left pulled him back by his shoulder, turning him around and delivering a hacking punch straight into the centre of his left pec, sending the male stumbling back. The man in red shorts then turned him around towards him as well, grasping tightly onto his neck, causing Zain to clench onto the man’s wrist, struggling to breathe. From there, the attacker launched several merciless punches to Zain’s left pec, one after the other after the other, each one hitting perfectly against Zain’s nipple and rock hard chest. The man then landed a swift punch across Zain’s cheek and face, causing him to spit out some blood as his head flew to the side, stumbling into the middle of the three smirking blokes.

Then, as if to finish off the job, Simon stepped back and swung his feet up, landing a hard jump kick right into Zain’s groin, causing the male to groan out again and immediately drop to his knees. Groaning lowly, he clutched his red bashed stomach tightly with his head hanging down, blood dripping from his mouth from all the blows to his gut, before sinking back onto the heels of his shoes, still on his knees and resting low and weak right in front of his opponents. He never thought he would be here, yet here he was, weakened and defeated on his knees in front of Simon. It was humiliating to say the least, yet he couldn’t register any of those thoughts with the pain that was pulsing throughout his entire body. With a fint chuckle, Simon slowly crouched down in front of Zain, smirking and ruffling his hair. “Aww looks like big ol’ boy here has lost his bite…”, he taunted, before standing back up straight. Groaning lowly, Zain slowly lifted his head to glare up at the three males standing before him. “Fuck you…”, he panted, wincing in pain. “Gee…still an asshole even like this”, Simon laughed. “Well…light out, pretty boy”, he whispered, smirking in sheer adrenaline as he stepped back before swinging his leg straight across Zain’s head, sending him down onto his side as he coughed loudly, before rolling onto his back. Zain laid on the floor, panting and groaning lowly with his arms spread out, helpless and extremely beaten. With fluttering vision, he laid his head to the side, watching as the three men laughed as they slowly walked away, before completely blacking out.