My First Gut Punching Fight or How I Found Love

by Bivolari

So. My name is Siefgried. You know, the blond Hero of German Myth, except I’m a bit smaller! My parents had high hopes for me. Before I tell you about my experience, I think I should give you some backgrounds as to who I am. Even though I have a pretty slim build, I know I’m strong. I’ve also done some boxing.

So, because my name is Siegfried and I’m pretty slim, I get a lot of kidding. One day, this guy Theo approached with the usual putdowns. I was tired and annoyed so I told him that he couldn’t put me down at arm wrestling. Theo was a bit younger than me but very, stocky and muscular.

He snickered and agreed. As we started the match, I noticed that we were drawing a crowd, mostly his friends. Man, he was strong, but so am I. We each had the advantage for a bit, but
after what seemed like a year, there was still no winner. I guess he got frustrated and with his other hand tried to punch me me in the face. That immediately led to a fight. He had weight
on me, but I’m fast. As we were circling , one of his friends pushed me from behind and I found myself in Theo’s very strong headlock. His arms could crush a coconut. I managed to lift
him up and throw him to the ground. He recovered quickly and got me in a head scissors. His legs were huge. His friends were trying to hold me down.

This time some guy I didn’t know intervened, pushed away his friends and broke Theo’s hold on me. We were both standing. Now, it was all me. I’m a strong puncher. I landed two deep gut punches. He wasn’t prepared and he bent over. Then a left to the jaw, a right to the jaw and one of my best uppercuts. He went down like a ton of bricks. That was it.

I never knew who the guy was that helped me.

Now I want to tell you about one of my weirdest experiences ever. I mean, no one's ever approached me about anything like this before. I was hanging out near the beach one day. I thought I was looking sharp. Wearing a black sleeveless tee, my cool sunglasses and my beaded necklace. This guy, I forgets name, approaches me. He tells me how cool I looked. He said that he noticed my arms and thought I had power. I liked the compliment although I thought he was a bit crazy. I know my arms are strong but I didn’t think my arms looked so great. Anyway, he tells me that he’s a photographer and could he use me for some photos. I was flattered. I said, ”Sure.” Then, he said, that it would be gut punching with this guy who I now saw. Not too much taller than me but he had a lot of pounds on me. I recognized him. He was watching my fight with Theo and the one that helped me out. I was so shocked that he thought I could be a match with him that I didn’t realize that I said, “Yes.” I thought that I would be the victim.

The kid introduced himself. His name was Thor. He told me that he would try not to hurt me. Part of me thought…we’ll see... and the other part of me was relieved. I knew that I had my own strength. I had never lost a fight or arm wrestling contest with anyone my size, but he was bigger than me.
The photographer told me to take off my shirt and that he wanted some preliminary shots of the two of us together. I knew there was a big difference in our bodies but I was game. He had us stand next to each other, front and back pose and then a double bicep flex. Now that I look at the photos, I realize how much bigger and more muscular Thor was, but I know you can see that I have a strong back.

Then the photographer took some solo shots of Thor but none of me. That upset me a bit. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with me. That made me angry. He then had us face each other before we started to punch. I was so pissed that I knew that I was going to do my best to show these guys exactly what I’m made of.

The photographer said that he was ready. I immediately jumped the gun and threw a left to Thor’s jaw. He seemed surprised by the force of the blow but didn’t really react. I then landed two gut punches, the second harder and deeper than the first. I figured that would show them I’m not weak or afraid.

Thor sort of grinned and said to me, "Now it’s my turn.” He then clocked me in the jaw. This guy had power and before I could react landed a couple of hard lefts into my abs. I was completely doubled over in pain. Thor said, “How was that?” I couldn’t answer because I was so winded.

I heard Thor saying to the photographer that he was disappointed that he had picked me. He was saying, “Out of all of the guys on the beach why did you choose him. I know his name is Siegfried but this guy is a wimp. I knew that I had to go nuclear. I remembered Ali saying, “Sting like a Bee!” So I knew that I had to unleashed my inner crazy and go ballistic on Thor.
From a kneeling position I yelled, “Fuck you!” and put all my power into a right to Thor’s balls. That hurt him and he staggered back against the wall. There I punched his head and with my hand grabbed his throat and dragged him back to the center. I gave him a few right handed gut punches.”Pow, pow, pow!" I could tell I hurt him. I followed that with a right to the jaw and a knee to the stomach.

I had over estimated the situation. He ducked to avoid my next right to the head and countered with a hard punch to my gut. “Not so fast!”, he said. Then holding me steady, turned my head with a right to my jaw. He then proceeded to rock my abs with hard gut punches. Pushing me against a pole he rocked my chin with a huge uppercut to the jaw. This guy was strong but I never felt that he was going all out. I was lucky.

I’m fast. I figured that was my way out. I got out of the way of his next punch and hauled away at his abs. All of my weight went behind that punch. I could see that he was starting to gasp for air. I felt strong. He turned away to catch his breath and I punched him hard in the kidney saying, “Where ya think you’re going?" Now he was against a pole. I just wailed away with everything I had. Gut punches to the center of his abs and right and left roundhouses to his head. I again grabbed him under the chin to steady him so I could work on his gut and also, by the way, restrict his breathing. Another good punch to the jaw that turned his head and then back to the gut. I was on fire. I was in control. I thought I had him.

The next thing I knew , the photographer stopped me and said that we had to move to a different spot. Thor, seemingly a little shaken but still very much there smiled at me.
“You’re a tough kid for your size.”
I thanked him and said, “I was just getting started.”
“Lucky for me the man with the camera stopped you,” Thor said with a twinkle. “But you never put me down.“ he said.
“Give me a chance.” I replied, “The Big ones go down the hardest!”
He laughed. He told me that maybe I would have that chance. I was surprised and felt great. That was a real compliment.

The photographer brought us to a new spot. Thor wanted to shake off the punishment so he did some moves. He was great. The second one with my help. I told you I have strong arms!


I could tell that Thor didn’t really want to lay into me.
He turned to me and said, “Look, I’ll lean against this tree and you lay into me with everything you got. Let’s see if you can get me on my knees. Go for it. Do your best.”
I was surprised. “Okay”, I said, “but we go until the photographer says we stop or you fall to your knees."
“Great,” he said.
So that’s what we did. Check out the photos! I started with a punch to his cheekbone. I then really laid into his abs. I tried to go as deep as I could because Thor was against a tree and he couldn’t move back. I had all the leverage.

Again I twisted his head with a roundhouse to his cheek. That seemed to work. After that I just went at his abs. He was bent over for a time. I had never beaten anyone up like that before. It was great.I felt that he might have gone to his knees if the tree hadn’t kept him erect. I could feel myself tiring a bit.

Luckily, Camera Man stopped it and said he had enough photos to work with.
I turned to him and said, "This was the best time I ever had. I hope we will meet again so I can beat up someone more my size.”
He said happily, “Okay, you’re on! From what I hear, you and Theo would be a good match.”
“Bring him on!” I said. Then I thought, how did he know about Theo!

Thor said, “You almost put me down. You’re a great fighter. Stronger than you look. But, you never had me. I never gave in. Maybe next time. If you win, you get what you want, if I win, I get what I want.”
He was stretching as he said that.
I grabbed my chance and gave him a hard kick to the abs.
“I’m not finished yet.” I said, pushing him against the tree.

I then proceeded to lay into him like I’ve never done before. Elbows to the chest. A lot of deep punches to the abs. I was enjoying my power, strength and dominance.

Suddenly as I was getting ready to land another punch, his strong hands grabbed my fist and held it.
“Okay,” he said, “You win. I give”
“I told you, I always win!” I said. “Too bad you don’t get what you want!”

“Oh, but you’re wrong, “ he said. “I did get what I wanted. I wanted a hero and I got him! I’ve saw you arm wrestle and beat up that creep Theo and I
knew you were the one I wanted. You handled Theo like a pro and if his friends hadn’t been helping, you wouldn’t have needed me. By the way. I saw Theo at the gym. He’s putting on more size! He saw me and recognized me as the one who ended his head scissors on you. He was aggressive and mouthed off to me. He started to flex at me. I asked him if he wanted to take it outside. He backed off immediately and said no. He’s a bully. He doesn’t have your guts. You can still beat the crap out of him!"

“I always wanted to thank you for helping me with Theo. You disappeared before I could find you.”

Thor let go of my hand and put his arms around me holding my ass.

“I wanted to get you alone”, said Thor, “but, you were always with your friends. I had to find a way to connect with you. When Camera Guy approached me, I had him wait until you showed up. I teased you so you would fight me and be my equal. I always wanted a hero named Siegfried and now I got him.”

I put my hands over his crotch and said, “I guess I got what I wanted too!"

I’ll never be the same again. I found a soul mate.

By the way, I am a good fighter who can do some real damage. Try me!

The End