by Sebastien

We were in the early afternoon, Matt, 30 years old, swallowed the miles on his motorcycle on a straight road that crossed a forest. He had made an important decision today, and he knew full well that it would cost him. Leaving his biker group, when it is led by a true psychopath, can be risky. He had not been in command for a long time but had already imposed his law and rules on the rest of the band and it had become impossible for Matt to stay there longer. That's why he decided to leave as far as possible. He would not stop until he had enough distance with them to be able to forget them and be forgotten.

In the meantime, his old band and their new leader grabbed his thoughts, which is why he did not pay too much attention to the truck that he had just ducked a bit carelessly, making him squarely a fishtail before continuing his journey, full gas. But this fishtail certainly did not escape Tony, the driver of the truck, who swore against this biker who believed himself obviously permissible.

“Fuck you bitch! So be smart! If I find you, I fuck you and your bike!”

Sean, his co-driver, laughed. He knew that his friend had had a very bad day so it was not a threat in the air. They both were a little used to these bikers, self-proclaimed kings of the road. They even regularly clashed with each other but most of the time, everyone stayed away from each other. For Matt, this truck was no more than a distant memory; he still had some way to go.

After an hour, Matt decided to stretch his legs; he parked his motorcycle on the low side, at the entrance of a forest road. He stretched and made some leg curls. He was wearing a black leather-tight pant, a pair of Wescos boots, a white t-shirt, an opened black perfecto. A perfecto that he removed with pleasure. The day was hot and he needed refreshment. He shook his t-shirt that sweat was sticking to his skin, adjusted the leather cap that covered his head, took a few steps and moved away from his bike to pee. Considering the low attendance of this road, he had little to fear thief. Once his bladder was relieved, he found a patch of grass, lay down there and began to take a nap to try to change his mind.

Shortly after, a truck parked on the low side, not far away. Two men got out. One of them, in his forties, was wearing only beige cargo pants, boots, a military cap and large sunglasses. He was nearly one meter ninety and had a large muscular torso and two big arms. His closed face was framed by a beard provided. The other, slightly smaller, the same age, was wearing jeans, a pair of boots, and a light blue shirt open on a well-made and slightly hairy torso. He wore a three-day-old beard and very short cut hair. They did not go down alone because the first held a knife and the second a wrench. It was Tony and Sean. They had recognized the bike that had doubled when they arrived and they were determined (especially Tony) to take revenge on the rider. They took a look around and, thinking that the biker had probably gone to piss, decides to let off steam on the bike. Tony used his knife to puncture the tires, cut some cables while Sean broke mirrors, headlights and other gauges. It was fun and Sean wanted to stay there but Tony did not agree. He was hoping to let off steam a little bit on the biker too. So, they went looking for him.

Alerted by the noises, Matt got up and shoved his jacket. On the way to his motorcycle he came face to face with two fat guys, visibly angry and armed. The two men also seemed surprised by Matt who emerged from the thickets without warning. Instinctively, Sean raised his wrench to hit but Matt blocked the shot, made him let go of the tool before sending him a uppercut in the middle of the jaw, sending him to the ground, he shoved the other and ran to his motorcycle. He settled on the handlebar and tried to start but nothing happened, he saw the damage and swore. He then felt a powerful hand catch him by the collar of his jacket, pull him out of his motorcycle and drag him to the ground. The two men had joined him. He got up quickly and found that he was surrounded.

“What the fuck is your problem, he asked?”

“Our problem is you, bitch, Tony responded.”

Without more words, the man gave a circular knife shot in front of him, Matt stepped back to avoid him and found himself trapped in Sean's arms who grabbed him by the throat. Tony approaching, he used Sean as support and pushed the man with the knife with his feet before elbowing in the ribs the man still held him to let go. But Sean did not let go and he could hear his warm breath in his ears as his was starting to run out. He tried to pull out those arms that were stifling him in vain, and that his sight was troubled. Sean finally released him and dropped him to the ground, struggling to catch his breath.

“Good, that's the way bitches like you should be. On your knees, Tony said before kicking Matt in his face, making his cap fly away! We’re gonna teach you to do anything on the roads.”

He grabbed her then and dragged him to an isolated corner. Stunned, Matt was unable to defend himself. They put him up, pressed him against a tree and started to slap him in the face.

“Come on, bitch, stay awake for you lesson!”

“Fuck y...”

Matt’s insolence was rewarded by a sucker punch in the gut. Matt grunted from the shot even if his abs absorbed the shot.

“Fuck, it’s quite firm, Tony wondered.”

Wanting to know what was so resistant to his punch, Tony opened Matt’s perfecto and used his knife to tear the t-shirt, revealing a beautiful slightly hairy torso finely muscled with good pecs and well designed abs.

“Well, our bitch do some workout, huh? But your muscles are nothing compare to ours!”

As he said, Tony flexed his huge biceps and then punched Matt in the face. To prevent the biker from moving, Sean used what was left of Matt's t-shirt to tie it to the tree. He pulled his arms back and tied Matt's hands with the piece of fabric. The game could begin. Matt struggled but he was now firmly attached and was at the mercy of these two nuts.

"What do you want," Matt asked.

Tony answered with another right hook in the face.

“Clear enough?”

Matt spat a little blood on the ground and prepared, he was going to spend a bad fifteen minutes but hoped that these guys would get tired quickly and that he could resume his road, after having repaired his bike, of course...

“Good, he understood. Go on, Sean, tenderize him a little for me, will you?”

Sean stood in front of Matt, watched the biker so tied up, his hairy muscled chest and contract and relax to the rhythm of his breathing. He was almost remorseful about what he was about to do to this guy who had not really asked for anything. But nothing could change Tony's mind, he knew him well enough to know it. He caught Matt's eyes as if to get him ready and knocked right in the middle of Matt’s gut. A loud smack echoed but the fist seemed to meet a wall. Quite impressed, Sean felt Matt's determination in his eyes and renewed the experience. Once, twice, ten times each time causing the same lively sound of the skin that meets the skin. Not a single sound escaped from Matt's mouth, which seemed unruffled, he was barely blinking. Sean's strikes seemed to be unable to penetrate the muscles and the determination of Matt.

“Stop caressing him, man, shouted Tony who stepped forward to take his place. We are not here to play but to take revenge!”

Without warning he hit Matt with a right jab in the face, then a left, then right, then a left, Matt was seeing stars. As he finally was grunting now Tony started to alternate jab to the face with low blow to the gut and punches to the ribs. It was more and more difficult for Matt to keep his ideas clear and his abs tensed. This relentless barrage of blows were actually devastating. The fists to the jaw were dazing him, far enough to let the punches to the gut, penetrates his rock hard abs every time a little more. At a moment Sean tried to stop Tony who were swearing while hitting Matt, but he pushed him away, picked up a wide branch on the floor, and started hitting Matt on his chest, stomach, and legs, and he seemed drunk with anger. Matt were grunting loudly while the blows of branches left marks on his skin.

When the beating finally stopped, Tony was out of breath. Matt, standing only by its bonds, was moaning from the pain, his torso was red from the punishment and blood flowed from his mouth. That’s when they heard a voice.

“Matt, you should have told me that you wanted to leave the bikers to play with truckers.”

Matt instantly recognized the voice. It was Harvey, the new leader of his clan. He walked slowly towards him. He was wearing a pair of boots, dark jeans and a leather jacket open on a muscular torso and covered with tattoos, from his chest to his neck, his angular face was deformed by some evil grin. He also wore a bag with him. Harvey loved to flaunt his tattoos just as much as his body, he inspired fear to everyone who saw him. Even the two truckers did not dare to open their mouths.


“You should know that I hate being left. And before you ask, I put a GPS tag on all the bikes of my clan, so fleeing was as silly as useless. Oh, sorry gentlemen, did I interrupted something?”

“I this guy’s with you, asked Tony?”

“He’s not with me, actually he’s mine but he still has to learn it. But please, continue what you were doing.”

“We’re done with him.”

“Really? He seems yet to have the stamina to spare. Look at all this hatred in his eyes. Let me show you...”

Harvey then stepped towards Matt, pulled off his jacket, revealing two big tattooed guns, ready to fire. He winked at Matt before plunging his fist on Matt’s abs, targeting the navel. Matt grunted as the fist dig in.

“You see? He has strength to spare. Strip him a little.”

As if they were at his orders, or as if they had been hypnotized, Sean and Tony unbounded Matt before pulling his jacket, his boots, his socks and his pants, leaving him simply in underwear which was a simple black leather jock.

“Hey, Matt, you’ve hidden this part of you, I am really surprised, Harvey laughed!”

Thus undressed, All were able to admire the body decidedly well done Matt, his torso his abs, but also his back, his arms and legs, all divinely proportioned without being too muscular. Several tattoos shaped tracks ran through his body, putting his curves in value. The three men began to have a hard-on almost at the same time. Matt’s body was really exciting.

Before he could struggle, Harvey opened the bag he had brought, took out a roll of chatterton and began to tie again Matt to the tree. In a standing position, Matt’s arms were bounded together and his arms were bounded to the tree. His legs were spread apart and tied to the tree as well. Matt was now totally immobilized.

“Let me go, you fucking perverts, Matt shouted just before Harvey putt a piece of cloth in his mouth.”

“Sshhhhhh, be a good boy let me give my lesson, Harvey said. Good. Matt has been a very naughty boy and he must be punished for it, but no matter how. I've been watching you for a few minutes and you do not know how to do it. This boy knows how to fight and knows how to take shots, you have to be methodical.”

The two truckers seemed to listen to him reluctantly even if Sean thought he might miss a box for that guy. Harvey continued:

“First, the abs. You realized that his own were strong. They are because they protect a particularly vulnerable area of the body, the internal organs. Once you reached it, the guy is over. Once you destroyed the abs, the guy is at your mercy.”

Matt had a knot in his stomach. And the blows he received there were for nothing. This time he did not have to face a guy who wanted to let off steam. This time the man facing him had a good reason for hurting him, and he knew his sadism very well. He would be lucky if he came out alive. Harvey turned to Matt, looked him in the eyes, caresses his face, slid his hand behind his head, down the back of his neck, stroked his shoulder, down on his right peck, he could feel the hair bristle at the passage of his hand. He pinched his nipple, pulling a little grin to Matt before making his hand down further, following the curves of his abs, the happy trail, to finish on his bulge, squeezing it a little. Matt protested through the gag.

“I wanted to do that as soon as I saw you. Mmmmhhhh... We’re both gonna enjoy it.”

Harvey pulled back, Matt flexed his abs just in time to receive the first of a long series of punches. The first hit the navel area. Harvey punches were damn strong, far more than the truckers. The second hi the right abs, just above the navel, followed by a blow on the left one, bellow the navel this time. Harvey’s blows were very precise, almost surgical and seemed to be looking for a weakness in Matt's armor while avoiding shots to the plexus area that could have ended the game too quickly, as Harvey was playing and taking a lot of fun. He intended to demolish his entire abdominal belt, and his precise, needle-like attacks were slowly piercing Matt's muscles. After ten minutes of blows, Matt and Harvey were covered with sweat. Matt’s abs were deep red now and the punches were actually digging, making their way through the muscles. Harvey was punching in rhythm, left and righ, left and right as he was working on a punching bag, always targeting a different area. As his fists sank into Matt's gut, he extended the hitting area, now beating around the belly button as well as on the sides, ribs and plexus with an intensity of appalling consistency. The blows were strong, but Matt felt he was holding back, he was taking his time and although he was growing pain, moaning through his gag at every stroke and was having more and more trouble keeping his flexed abs, he was partially hypnotized by the vision of this man who was using him a punching bag. He was staring at Matt's abs, which he was hitting again and again, as if trying to detect the slightest sign of weakness. The sight of Harvey's muscles dancing with each tap and the powerful smell of their respective sweats stimulated Matt in ways he would not have suspected. He found himself in a form of admiration for the man he hated, and even before he knew it, he was rock hard in his jock.

Aroused too, the truckers had unbuttoned their pants and were caressing their dick through their underwear. Seeing this big tattooed biker banging the other was obviously a delightful show for them, so much so that when Tony pulled his cock off to masturbate for good, Sean knelt down, took it in his mouth and began sucking it while jerking off his own. Harvey did not notice anything, busy trying to destroy Matt's abs that were losing their consistency as his fists crashed into them. Another thing he did not notice because of the gag was that Matt's moans had changed in nature. Against all odds, Matt was taking pleasure in feeling Harvey pummeling his abs. He himself would never have thought it possible, but the fact is that he loved that feeling. It had become a drug and he wanted more, so he decided to let him in.

Harvey then hit again, in the middle of Matt's abs, and felt all resistance vanish at once. Had he finally managed to demolish his defenses? The next shot went so far into Matt's gut that doubt was no longer allowed, they were no more abs. The next ones disappeared just as much in Matt's gut whose face was distorted by a mixture of pain and pleasure. His eyes bulging, he would have wanted to scream but could not. Harvey was right. Now that he had demolished his abs and reached his internal organs, Matt was at his mercy, he had become his thing. In order to be sure of eliminating any resistance, Harvey continued to hit again and again, it was like hitting in jelly. Breathless, Matt's face turned blue but the feeling of Harvey's fist crushing his internal organs was so powerful that it provoked an orgasm for Matt who screamed in his gag and fills his leather jock with a warm white liquid.

Before he pass out, Harvey stopped his handiwork and look at his victim. His gut was deep red and blue, his abs were no more visible. His head was dangling uselessly and he was breathing hard. He also noticed the white liquid escaping from his jock. Using his own knife, he cut the jock straps, releasing a semi hard 8-inch cock and a lot of sperm which ran on the floor. He removed the gag of Matt who said nothing, took his wet cock in his hands and began to caress it. Their eyes met and Harvey stuck his mouth against Matt's. They exchanged so passionate a kiss that he even surprised Tony and Sean who were now both jerking off, leaning against a tree... Matt became a rock hard again in a instant and it only took him a few minutes to ejaculate again in the hand of Harvey who continued to stroke him to the last drop. Matt’s delightful moans were this time attenuated by Harvey mouth who continued to kiss him until the end of his orgasm, as if he fed on it.

Harvey stepped back, delivered an uppercut to Matt's jaw, which was immediately sounded. He used his knife again to cut the ties that held him to the tree and Matt collapsed to the floor, his hands still tied behind his back.

“Come on, help me raise it, Harvey asked to the truckers who put away their cocks and lifted Matt, each supporting him by one arm. As I said, when the abs are gone (saying this, he plunged his fist deep into Matt’s defeated gut who cough and almost vomit), the guy is all your.”

Taking this as an invitation, Tony and Sean, hyper excited, started hitting Matt with their free arms. Sean tested the stomach and was surprised to find that no more muscle was blocking the road to his fist. For his part, Tony hit Matt's ribs mercilessly, tearing him out loudly as he wriggled to avoid or reduce the blows. Sean, on the right side, hit him in liver two or three times which had the effect of calming him, then the two decided to work him the pecs deep. Matt did a good job of the flex, but the regular shots in his battered midsection drained all his strength and soon he was not able to flex any muscle whatsoever. Tony then nodded to Sean who stood behind Matt to support him while Tony was working on the pecs. The big muscles soaked with sweat were deformed with each impact and bounced in a very exciting way. Tony hit them like he was in front of a speed bag, hitting as much right as left. Matt uttered small moans at each very impact that were visibly very much to Sean's tastes as he felt his swollen cock rub against his ass. Tony sometimes alternated blows with loud slaps that threw drops of sweat into the air. He then applied claws on his two pecs who penetrated deeply on the soften muscles. Matt had the pecs on fire and moaned through his gag, he felt like his muscles were torn off. Tony squeezed and Matt screamed louder and was actually crying. When Tony finally released the pressure, the print of his hands remained for a moment; the muscles seemed almost reluctant to return to their normal form. Tony hit them again, they no longer resisted. He then massaged them, massage Matt’s gut, his torso was no longer made of muscles but of jelly. Then Sean forced Matt to bend forward to hit him in the upper back with his elbow, Tony took the opportunity to deliver a few knees in Matt’s destroyed gut and chest, synchronizing with Sean for maximum effect. Sean eventually alternated with punches in the kidneys and in the lower back, where a tattoo seemed to indicate a target of choice. Matt’s back muscles were rock hard but he was far too much in pain to contract them, and the blows on the level of the kidneys, where the muscles are fragile, tore him of strong pains.

Matt was screaming in agony now. And when the truckers finally let him down it was only to kick him with their boots, on his back, in his gut, on his arms and legs. The soles of the boots sank into his muscles and flesh. At a time when he was lying on his back, Sean tugged violently on his arms, still tied behind his back, while holding him to the ground with his feet. Matt screamed in pain, his arms drawn and twisted back. Tony then had fun kicking his biceps and forearms, Matt thought for a moment that they were going to break his arms...

After several minutes of severe beat down, Matt was laying helplessly on the ground, covered of bruises, barely awake, moaning softy. But the men were not satisfied yet, they each had an erection to relieve. Matt was put on his knees, all three took out their cock and forced Matt to suck them in turn, sometimes forcing his mouth with several dicks, hitting him when he refuses to open his mouth. After a while, Matt did not struggle anymore and just let himself go. He let himself go, too, when Tony and Sean, each taking one side, lifted him from the ground, his but up, his arms still tied behind his back. Harvey approached from behind, spat in his hand, lubricated his cock and pushed it into Matt's tight ass, who moaned in pain. He started to fuck him so roughly that Sean and Tony were almost struggling to hold it. Matt felt his 9-inch cock massaging his prostate, causing him a new erection. His battered body ached at every jerk in Harvey's pool, but feeling it in him gave him a pleasure that surpassed any pain. He took so much pleasures that he ejaculated twice even if the second time there was very little sperm, his balls having been completely emptied. During his second orgasm, Harvey also came and filled Matt's ass with his hot semen while belching like an animal. As soon as he retired, Sean and Tony, on the verge of explosion at the mere sight of this spectacle laid Matt on the floor, turned him on his back and emptied their balls each turn in the mouth of Matt who did not even protest, he no longer had the strength to struggle and could not do anything else than swallow the waves of sperm of Tony and Sean. He half choked and spat out some. He was like a fish out of the water.

On the edge of unconsciousness, he hoped that it was over, that his attackers, satisfied would go away but Sean and Tony stood around him, took their dicks in their hands, and a few seconds later, a liquid yellowish and smelly splashed Matt. As they humiliated, they were pissing on him. Once their bladders emptied, they got dressed and left again simply. Harvey had dressed too. He approached Matt who was still lying on the ground, knelt beside him, stroked his face again, cut his last ties and said:

“I take your perfecto and your Wescos boots with me, if you want to get it back, you know where to find me. Anyway, you're mine now, I know you'll come.”

Harvey laid a last kiss on Matt's lips and left. Matt heard his footsteps drifting away, then the sound of a motorcycle getting started, and then, exhausted, naked and wet, he fell asleep.