Spider-Man - Hardpounding II

by Sebastien


Spider-Man had received a strange message tonight from a so-called friend who invited him to visit an abandoned warehouse on the edge of the city. As he traveled in his usual aerial way the distance between his house and his meeting place, he could admire the efficiency of the updates that had been applied to his costume. He enjoyed, among other things, a better balance and his suit was now able to absorb shocks, a feature that would have helped him during his last and humbling mishap. But now Matt and his henchmen were out of harm's way, he took charge of it personally after being able to find them. This time they were not ready to leave prison. Spidey drove away his bad memories when he finally saw the warehouse.

Despite his youth, Spider-Man had made enemies and this appointment was perhaps a trap but he was not one to avoid the danger, it even happened to him often to seek it! After a quick tour of the place to make sure there was no one, he entered the warehouse by what seemed to be the only access. In fact, almost all accesses seemed to have been walled up, turning the place into a kind of bunker, the perfect place for a trap, Spidey thought. Despite the lighting, the place was rather dark, relatively empty with the exception of columns, some tubs and other old equipment out of order. No sooner had he taken a few steps than a loud noise made him turn around, the door he had crossed had been closed by a huge dark figure who took great care to lock it, closing on Spider-Man what definitely seemed to be a trap. The individual, who seemed to be more than two meters tall, slowly turned around and walked towards Spider-Man, who recoiled mechanically.

“Big Green, asked Spidey, is that you?”

But it was not Hulk who stepped into the light but a sort of huge bodybuilder swollen to block almost as imposing. Once in the light, he tore off his tank top with a hand as if it was made of paper, revealing an outsized musculature covered with protruding veins, this guy must have really abused steroids. It would have been possible to put two or three Peter Parker in the body of this human beast! His arms seemed to be able to crush a man!

“I'm sorry if I went out with your sister, joked Spidey to relax a heavy atmosphere.”

He was not particularly reassured at the idea of facing such a guy. Even if he had already broken a few mountains of muscles, none of them came to the ankle of that one.

"One of your 'friends' asked me to crush you, little spider, and I feel like I'm going to take a lot of fun!"

“It's probably Billy, I refused to let him copy my math assignment.”

“Enough with jokes, yelled the man as he charged Spider-Man who jumped back and threw some web at the face of his assailant who quickly removed it, but too late, Spidey had already thrown more web at his feet and he fell forward on his knees. Spider-Man took the opportunity to deliver a flying kick in his face that knocked the giant on his back. It's going to be easier than expected, Spidey thought. Confident, Spidey approached to finish covering the canvas before calling the police to come and get this guy but, in a movement really fast for a man of his stature, he tore the webs that hobbled his feet and jumped up just before sending a right hook at full speed that Spider-Man just had time to intercept with his left hand. The man then projected a left hook, which Spidey also intercepted with his right hand. A real test of strength then began between the two men who seemed to be equally strong. Peter was amazed by the power of this individual, who far exceeded anything he had known with simple humans. He could not take the advantage, but the worse was the man was gaining ground. Peter could feel his legs flex under pressure. Having seized Spidey's hands, the man began slowly but inexorably to spread his arms. The more Peter struggled, the more his assailant's hands sank into his. In spite of all his efforts, he watched helplessly his arms move away, bend over until he found himself prisoner of a double wristlock. Spidey gave a cry of pain and then received a head shot in the face that sent him to the carpet. Damn, Spidey thought, without my new absorbent outfit I probably would have had a broken nose.

Slightly sounded, Spidey still stood on his feet, it was far too dangerous to let this guy hit him again, he had to find a way to knock him out. Before he was on him, Spidey made a few good backs, flung some web at one of the tubs, gave it some impulse before using it to hit the beastman. This magnificent strike projected the man several meters behind, apparently stunned. Spider-Man slowly approached the man and found that he had injured his head. A little worried at the thought of going a little hard, he came closer and bent over the man to check his breathing. Serious mistake for Spidey who was immediately seized at the throat by the man who rose gently while lifting Peter with his only hand, raising him above the ground.

“I finally caught you, little spider, the man grinned, I can crush you now!”

Joining the gesture to the word, he began to tighten Peter's neck, which quickly began to run out of oxygen. He was trying to tear that hand out of his throat, but he was a real vice and his strength was abandoning him as his mind was troubled. Seeing the body of Spider-Man stop struggling, the man decided to release little pressure, allowing Peter to breathe a little.

“Not so fast, little spider, I want to play a little more with you.”

Without releasing his hold, with his other hand he removed the mask of Spider-Man, revealing a face blushed by the new bloodstream, gasping to breathe, a very pleasant view for him.

“I like these faces of pain. You will show me more faces of pain.”

Having found breath and colors, Spidey began to struggle again but the arm of his assailant seemed made of steel and even pushing on legs while taking support on the muscular torso of the guy, he could not get free. The man seemed amused to see him struggling like that.

“The little spider is full of energy.”

Without warning, he landed his fist right in Spidey Jaw who accused the blow. Two more blows and Peter was already seeing stars and had the taste of blood in the mouth. Those punches were deadly. Seeing the effect of his blows in the face, the man decided to experiment lower and hit his prey in the stomach. The muscles were hard here and Spider-Man, now accustomed to this exercise and even dazed, flexed them to the limit, counting on his great strength and new combination to resist the assault. As if the sensation of meeting a form of resistance pleased him, the man struck Spidey's abs again and again. His fist was so wide that he was hitting almost the entire abdominal area at the same time. The eight bricks of Spidey were attacked at the same time. He had become a kind of hanging punching bag. Even with his great strength and combination, the hits were hard to take for Spider-Man as the man began to tighten his throat again. It became harder for him to breathe and contract his steel abs. Feeling he could not take long, Spider-Man began to punch his foe in the face, several times, which seemed to have some effect as the man let go. Spidey collapsed to his knees, catching his breath.

“Little spider try to bite! I'm going to break his mandibles.”

The man passing in the back of Spider-Man who was still trying to regain his senses, grabbed his left arm and pulled it violently backward while pressing into Peter's back with his knee. Peter screamed as his arm was drawn to an unnatural position by the two massive trunks of his opponent. The pain was unbearable, this guy seemed to want to tear off his arm with bare hands. Finally his shoulder gave way and disclocated into a horrible sound barely covered by Peter's cries of pain. The man released his arm which fell inanimate along Spidey's body. The beastman then seized the other arm and pulled on it as before.

“Should I break the second too, huh, little spider?”

Instead, he loosened it and pinned Spidey on the floor, on his back. He placed his left feet on the victim's right arm to prevent him from moving and dropped his right knee into Spidey’s midsection. ‘Ooomphh!’ Spidey shouted as he was caught by surprised. The man visibly enjoyed to feel his knee penetrate Spider-Man’s gut so he did it again with less effect this time, as Spidey having prepared for the assault. Few more knees drop later, the ‘little spider’ still resisted even if these repeated blows were penetrating each time a little more. The man then leaned forward and tore off the part of the tunic that covered Spider-Man's chest with one hand, as he had done earlier with his own t-shirt, revealing the rounded muscles of Spider-Man’s chest. He understood with the almost absence of redness that the costume was acting like a shield. His theory came true when his next knee drop tore a much larger grimace of pain to his victim and sank much more than the preceding. Peter tried to curl up under the pain and realized how his suit so far absorbed the blows.

“The little spider no longer has a shell.”

The man then grabbed Spider-Man by the hair, lifted him up and violently threw a knee into his now clearly exposed abs which sank in, lifting him off the ground. Spidey red face caught saliva, his eyes were wide opened. Few more strikes like these and he would be out. The man then took a moment to feel Spidey chest muscles, squeezed the pecs, and slapped the abs with his hand that was so large that it covered Peter’s entire abdominal belt, from the right obliques to the left. He pinched a little one nipple making Spidey moan and then slapped his face to keep him awake.

“Stay with me little spider. I like your bod’, but you should have trained it a little instead of relying on technology. Let's see where your limits are.”

He then lifted him on his shoulders and began to apply him a violent torture rack, crushing his back, stretching his abs, pulling on his left leg and arm for a maximum effect. Several times, he lifted him above his head before crashing him on his shoulders, making Spidey yell while his body was bent in a way it were not supposed to be. After few more moves, he released the superhero and dropped him heavily on the floor. Seizing him by the hair again, he put him back on his feet, pulled on Spidey’s valid arm and pushed him against a column. He pulled Spidey arms behind the column, tearing him a scream of pain because of his dislocated shoulder, and tied them securely so that he could not even slide on the floor.

“Flex your gut kid if you don’t want me to make my way in.”

He then projected his huge stone fist in the middle of Spidey’s midsection. Peter felt like he was hit by Thor's hammer. Even if he had managed to keep his abs flexed, the fist had still stuck in his stomach, as if his eight abdominal muscles had dislocated and scattered in his belly to let the hammer pass. Peter groaned and spit saliva. The muscles resumed their place when the fist retreated before being crushed again by the next blow which digs deeper than the previous. Spider-Man had never felt such pain. The last time he had been drugged, his resistance reduced to that of a boy his age. There, even with his strength, his body was unable to repel the assaults of this monster. His super strength was useless, he had found much stronger than him. His abs muscles were pulverized, blow after blow, losing their tense. The man’s fist, as big as it was, were now totally disappearing in Peter gut at each shot. The muscles were no longer even able to resume their normal position and the 8-pack abs gradually turned to red and blue jelly. Peter was moaning and puking a mix of saliva, blood and bile at each blow. He could only watch his assailant finish what was left of his abs and demolish his internal organs.

The man was now punching with his two fists, not only the abs, but also the obliques, the pecs, the face... The column vibrated under the blows as they were powerful, the concrete behind Spider-Man even began to crack, the superhero seemed to sink gradually into masonry. One punch to the jaw and he spits two teeth. One jab to the liver and he womits his lunch. One strike to the opposite side and two ribs are broken. One hook to the temple and he see stars. One punch to the bladded and he ruined his pants. One blow to the solar plexus and his breath is cut. One blow to the chest and his heart seemed to stop. One shot to the navel and his lungs are emptied. One final hook to the chin and Spider-Man is out. His last though was I want to die.

Spider-Man was now dangling helplessly. Defeated. Broken. Covered of blood and other dirty things. Barely breathing. Certainly suffering from internal bleeding. The man, observing his work, especially the now soft muscles of the superhero, then realized how exciting this view was. And he realized that he had a hard-on like never. He started stroking his cock through his sweatpants while caressing what was left of Spidey’s muscles. Feeling the pleasure rise in him, he lowered his pants and began to masturbate while punching Peter’s jelly abs with his free hand, meeting no resistance. More and more excited, he ran his hand in the Spider-Man suit a little lower, grabbed his manhood and began to stroke it too. Surprisingly, it began to grow in the man massive hand. He tore a little more the outfit and released the uncut growing cock. He uncovered the pink glans, spat saliva in his hand and resumed his masturbation. Spidey’s 8-inch cock looked small in the huge hand of the beastman who showed him a larger 10-inch penis.

After a few minutes of silent masturbation, Peter's body was shaken by slight spasms and his cock exploded into the guy's hand that continued to jerk him off, squeezing his cock until all the juice came out. Still stroking his own cock, he tasted Spidey’s cum and used the rest to lubricate his own dick. Without warning, he gave Spider-Man a violent front kick in the middle of his torso, the column behind him gave way and he found himself thrown several meters into the debris. The shock had awakened Peter who was moaning as his whole body was hurting him. He did not even realize he had been raped in his privacy. The man slowly joined him and tipped him on the stomach, tearing him a few more moans.

“I took your dick. Now I’m gonna take your ass, little spider.”

He knelt behind Peter and pulled him towards him, forcing the teen to get down on all fours. As Spidey struggled, he grabbed his injured arm and twisted it behind his back, making him scream in pain.

“The more you struggle, the more painful it will be.”

“Please, no, Spider-Man begged!”

The man put on hand on Spidey’s mouth and tore apart the rest of the superhero's costume to reveal his beautiful round ass. He slammed his buttocks to make them blush and began to lubricate the ass with his saliva and without further preliminaries; he dug his huge cock into Spidey's hole who screamed in agony to be deflowered so violently. The man began a brutal movement back and forth. The sound of his balls tapping on those of Spidey resounded throughout the warehouse just like Peter’s screams. The man was now digging in his ass as he was digging in his abs earlier as if he wanted to hit his gut from the inside. He quickened the movement, growling like a beast, and Peter realized, with horror, that his own cock was starting to stiffen. He was experiencing the deepest prostate massage ever and despite the pain, his body seemed to take some pleasure. In a few minutes he was hard, which were not even noticed by his executioner too busy pounding him. Peter’s screams of pain slowly turned into moans of pleasure, his cock was now dripping of precum. A few minutes later, the man roars like an animal as he exploded into Spidey’s ass, filling it with his hot semen. At the same time, Spidey ejaculated long spurts that seemed not to end on the ground. The man realized it, withdrew and turned Spider-Man on his back like a rag doll.

Always stiff as a bull, he engulfed his cock in the mouth of Spidey who was too exhausted to only resist. He grabbed the head of the hero and began a forced back and forth on his tail, moaning with each movement. Spider-Man's mouth was hot and wet, his tail slipped easily despite his size. Putting Peter's head back on the floor, he changed his position and started a deep fuck face, plunging his cock into Spidey's throat until he chokes him, pressing on Peter’s soft gut with his hand. Spidey’s body was convulsing from this new assault, he vomits many times until his stomach was empty but the other one continued to fuck his mouth merciless. He finally exploded anew in the mouth of Spider-Man who had no choice but to swallow the hot liquid to the last drop. The man pulled back and collapsed on his ass beside Peter, who was barely conscious.

Peter was humiliated. He was raped. He was beaten. What could happen to him yet?

After a certain moment, the man stood up, watching Spider-Man's demolished and moaning body on the floor. Their eyes met, and then the man knocked Peter in the face with his feet, sending him unconscious.

“With thanks from Matt.”