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Bad boys vs young boy by jym825


Jeffery was glad to get out of school for the day. It had not been one of his better ones although he rarely had good ones. It's not easy being a one of the class nerds. That's what he called himself although his taunting classmates more often used the word "geek". He somehow felt nerd was less insulting. He did in fact understand why he was called those names. He fit the classic description of them. Jeffery wasn't exactly a small kid. At 5'11" he was actually on the high side of average for a 15 year old. But that seemingly is where his "good" attributes stopped. His arms and legs were quite thin and he had a frail chest that looked more like it belonged on a boy three years younger. His neck was slightly longer than normal giving him the "geek" look. He wore glasses and his dark hair was unstyled and was parted on the left side. Aside from his physical appearance he completed the nerd category by being the President of the math club and a member of the chess and astronomy clubs. As a matter of fact it was the astronomy club that had caused him to leave school late that day. There was a meeting after classes to discuss the outing to catch a glimpse of a comet soon to come into view. The meeting had not lasted long but it now forced him to walk home alone. There was something he didn't like about being alone. He felt more vulnerable. At least there was safety in numbers. Who knew what was waiting for him on the quarter mile trek from the school to the main road?

He knew kids hung out around the grounds after school. It seemed a large number of the school bullies liked to stay around and smoke a little and harass some of the other kids free from the watchful eyes of the faculty and staff. By "other" he knew he meant himself included. As he hurried down the side walk with woods on either side he knew if he could just get from the relatively secluded High School grounds to the main road he would be OK. When he heard the high pitched, unnatural cry of "Jeeeeeffeeeerrrry......." he knew he was in trouble.

There were many taunts he had to endure but only Brent Stoker twisted and distorted his first name by making it sound like a sissy sounding one. With fear in his heart he looked to his left and saw what he already knew was there. Brent was leaning against a tree holding a cigarette. Brent was the biggest kid in the 10th grade, and for good reason, he had failed twice and was almost 18 tears old. He was 6'2" and had a lean but very muscular form. He had ton of naturally curly hair and a face the girls died for. He was also one of Jeffery's chief tormentors. Actually his and Brent's relationship as bully and victim went all the way back to grade school. Jeffery knew Brent very well and hated him thoroughly. Joining Brent was one of his main sidekicks, Joey Watson. Joey was another good sized kid. Not quite as tall as Brent but a little stockier in the body. He was heavy into bodybuilding and it showed. "Hey Jeffery", said Brent. "Come over here for a minuet. I wanna talk to you." For an instant Jeffery felt like making a run for it but he was a good 200 yards from the road and knew he would never make it. He would just have to play out the hand and see what happened.

With his arms clutching his book bag tight to his body he walked toward them. "That's a good boy Jeffery. Isn't he a good boy Joey?" said Brent in a condescending tone. "Yeah", was the only thing Joey could manage to say. "What's in the bag Jeffery?" said Brent. "Just my books and homework", replied Jeffery quietly. "Well, ...lets us just take a look", as Brent ripped it from Jeffery's feeble grip. There was more in there than just his homework. His bag contained the star chart he had made to track the coming comet. He had spent weeks making it and had really impressed the others of his astronomy club less than an hour ago. Brent dumped the contents of the bag on the ground. Books, papers, pens and pencils, his calculator and his star chart spilled out into the wet but not quite muddy April soil. Of course Jeffery knew Brent was too stupid to realize that his star chart was more than just homework but when the bully stepped on it smashing it into the soft earth he simply became enraged. His anger rose as Brent stomped and kicked his belongings. When Brent said, "You know Jeeeeffeerrrry you are just about the sorriest thing I've ever seen" and gave him a moderate slap on the face, something in the smaller boy exploded. Some sort of primal instinct overrode his intellect (and better judgment) and he threw a punch at Brent impacting the larger boy's nose. It was difficult to tell which was more stunned by the act Brent, Joey, or Jeffery himself as Brent took a step back and wiped the trickle of blood from his left nostril. Almost instantly his rage was gone and his feeling of total fear returned....with good reason. "Why you little shit!!!!" , said Brent. "I'm gonna kick your little ass so hard!!" Brent grabbed Jeffery by the collar of his shirt and threw him down in the moist dirt. Jeffery landed hard and felt his shirt rip as he was almost immediately hauled up to his feet again and pushed hard into a large tree trunk. "Hey dude", said Joey, "better get out of sight of the traffic." Brent looked up from his victim to consider this. His partner was right they were in plain view should a car go by or someone else come walking by. There was a hill that led down to a creek just behind them. Grabbing Jeffery's clothing, causing further rips he tossed the boy down the hill as if he were a toy. As Jeffery rolled down the hill unable to slow his tumble the two attackers followed.

Just as he hit bottom he was pulled up to his feet before he could even get a good idea of his surroundings. "Now there's no escape for you, you little turdball. I'm gonna pound the shit out of you. I hope you're ready." Jeffery was now really afraid he knew there was no chance of rescue from whatever was to come. "Here, catch", said Brent as he pushed Jeffery toward Joey. Joey was a little stunned at how hard he was tossed toward him. Not to be outdone he pushed the lighter boy back to his friend with even more force saying, "I don't want this little faggot!" Brent caught the onrushing Jeffery by the shirt. It now ripped completely and clung only to his right shoulder as Brent slammed him to the ground again. Face down in the leaves that had fallen back in September Jeffery had know idea how to handle this. He saw how mad Brent had gotten when he fought back so he decided to play the passive role. Maybe they would just shove him around a little and let him go.

He felt two strong hands under his armpits hoist him up again. His shirt was now completely off his body as he was pushed back onto another large tree trunk. When Brent and Joey saw the naked torso of the Jeffery they gave each other a knowing glance and Brent even smiled a little. Brent and Joey had often had gut punching contests with each other. They convinced themselves that it was a macho thing to do and neither would ever admit to the other that he actually got off on slugging the other in the belly. What was so appealing about the boy before them was that even though Jeffery was kind of a skinny kid he had soft, pot belly that stuck out a little over his belt. Brent and Joey knew what was about to happen. Jeffery didn't but soon would.

Brent walked up to Jeffery and gave a few hard pats to his exposed stomach. Tiny ripples raced across the soft flesh as Brent said, "Never knew you had such a good belly Jeffery." "What do you man by that?" said Jeffery "Good how?" "Target practice man. Looks like you got a punching bag in your gut dude." "Lets see it all man," said Joey excitedly. "Good idea," replied Brent as he unhooked Jeffery's belt and gave his jeans a tug down to his knees. Now only his Jockey shorts prevented his total exposure. Brent and Joey's hearts almost leapt inside themselves as they saw Jeffery's round pot belly jutting out in that area under the navel and just above the pubic region. Brent moved a step closer and grabbed a handful of Jeffery's gut meat. Strong fingers dug deeply into the soft belly. "Gonna work this gut of your over man. Hope you can handle it." Brent let go and stepped back. He looked from Jeffery's fearful eyes down to his intended target. Jeffery had a dark line if hair running from his navel to where it disappeared under his Jockeys. Brent bisected that line with a hard spearing punch. Jeffery gasped as the air flew from his lungs and Brent's fist plowed into his gut. Brent waited for him to regain his breath and threw another. Brent was really excited. This was better that he thought it would be. His fist easily pushed away the soft flab and drove deep into the guts of the smaller boy. Each fist landed with a dull smacking sound almost like punching a water balloon filled with Jell-O. The soft flesh offered no resistance as the strong fists intruded time after time into the intestines beneath. Jeffery was actually getting used to the blows and was not getting the wind knocked out of him every time. THWACK!! THWACK!! The punches went. Thick belly meat wobbled as the hard spearing punches found their mark time after time. Each blow sank deep into the teenager's guts and rearranged his intestines. Jeffery managed only the occasional moan of protest, as the assault seemed to go on and on even though it had only last a few minutes so far. He began to slide down the tree. "Hold him up", commanded Brent to Joey. Joey obeyed and came around behind the human punching bag. He put his arms around Jeffery's thin chest and held him close to his body. Did Jeffery feel something hard at his backside? He was too preoccupied with his pummeling to think about that now.

As Brent began to tire a little he began to pick his shots more carefully. He targeted each punch right into the center of Jeffery's pot belly, the point where it extended the most just about 3 inches below the boy's hairy navel. The bully was really getting excited now. He had a raging hard on as he watched his fist bury itself up to the wrist in tender gut meat. He could feel the intestines of his victim yield to the stabbing drives of his punches. He even took to letting his fist stop and hold at its point of maximum penetration. He felt the boy's innards churning around his knuckles and the soft belly flesh somewhat engulf his hand. God this is awesome, he thought to himself. Each blow was a sensation of senses. SMACK! The dull sound of impact, the sight of the quivering ripples across the soft belly meat and the feel of the squishing guts inside the lower abdominal cavity. Brent hated to admit this but this was better than sex. Pounding on this kid's bulging belly was the best time he had ever had. He didn't want it to end. But he would take a break as his pal Joey said "Hey man my turn."

Joey let go of his prisoner and Jeffery fell immediately to his knees. He wrapped his arms around his beaten gut and moaned, "Please stop. My stomach really hurts. I'm sorry I hit you Brent. Please stop beating my stomach." "Sorry dude", replied Brent. "No can do...having too good a time here with that belly of yours. Besides, Joey's got to get a few in too. It wouldn't be fair if I got all the fun now would it?" Joey's heart was pounding with anticipation as he removed his sweatshirt to reveal his tank top clad muscular body. He wanted no restrictions as he worked the nerdy kid's gut. Brent moved back around Jeffery and hoisted him up by the arms and wrapped them around his back holding him totally upright. Brent pulled Jeffery's shoulders back a little causing his pot belly to become even further protruded giving his buddy a great target. Joey blew into his hands and rubbed them together then formed them into fists. He cocked and let go of a devastating right, which plunged dead center into the boy's jiggle gut. His fist, like Brent's, had not trouble displacing the soft flesh and driving into the bowels below. Also, like Brent, he quickly found the enormous pleasure in punching the tender, yielding gut and feeling the slosh of the intestines, as they had no choice but to leap away from the intruding thrust into their sanctuary.

Joey had spent many hours in the gym honing his muscles to their strongest, hardest state. While Brent's punches were hard Joey's seemed even harder. His fists were not as large as Brent's but they were backed by a lot more force. The powerful seventeen year old slammed blow after furious blow into the quivering belly of the younger, smaller boy. Sometimes he threw the punches so quickly that the gut didn't have time to bounce back to its normal bulging form. Joey was really stating to become aroused by the beating he was giving. He loved the feel of the soft belly meat against his fist and the way the bowels sloshed around as his fist abused them. He didn't even know how long he had been bashing Jeffery when he and Brent and probably Jeffery too began to notice a curious thing. The dull smacking sound as each punch impacted the belly was now replaced with a more "wetter, squishy" sound sounding almost like a heavy boot plopping down hard onto very wet mud. Apparently what little muscle Jeffery did have was now totally weakened and each punch was slamming the boy's guts without any impunity.

Joey stopped for a moment. He hated to but did need a quick breather. He stepped back to look at Jeffery. The reddened belly now hung almost like a loose sack. Joey pressed in with the palm of his hand on it. It went in deep and caused the guts to growl with protest. "Cool man...did you hear that?" asked Joey. "Yeah man that's awesome" Replied Brent. "See if you can make em go any louder." Joey needed no further encouragement and patted the center of the bulging pot and then slammed another hard punch into it. The new SPLAT/SQUISH sound came as the fist rammed deep into the bowels, which growled like a hungry man at a McDonalds. Jeffery moaned and begged for the beating to end but the two sadistic boys were having WAY too much fun for that. Joey reared back and fired another punch with not only his arm muscles but also put the whole force of his body into it. The ensuing punch was the hardest Jeffery had suffered thus far and almost knocked both he AND Brent down but Brent held. The blow went straight through the bowels shoving them all aside and reached the back of the boy's abdominal cavity. When he withdrew his fist he noticed that there was a crater created by the punch that quickly refilled with guts as they slid back to their resting place within. Jeffery moaned. Cool, thought Joey. He launched another series of these "super" punches. Each time he was rewarded with the wet sloshing sound and the feel of displaced small intestines. Jeffery's beaten pot belly was heaving as he gasped for breath. How much more could he withstand he wondered. He almost didn't ever hear the conversation the two sadists had about switching places. All he realized was that now Brent was back in front of him.

"Please, please let me go," he was almost whispering the plea but it fell on deaf ears. As Brent and Joey saw it, this was the chance of a lifetime and they were not about to let go yet. Brent reached out and grabbed a handful of belly and felt the quivering from within. This is too great, he said to himself. He let go of the flab and wound up and plowed a jab into the swaying sack that was Jeffery's belly. SPLAT/SQUISH, SPLAT/SQUISH, SPLAT/SQUISH. With each punch came the same intoxicating sounds, the sounds of the soft flesh being impacted and the wet squishy sounds of the guts being destroyed. The beaten boy's head now hung loosely against his own chest. He offered no more protest. He knew it would do no good anyway. He just hoped he would survive the experience. Brent didn't seem to tire of the punching. Volley after volley of punches were thrown into the boy. The teenager's heavy belly meat wobbled and yielded to each one and the guts within growled in anger but could do nothing but take the abuse. After a time Brent actually began to form a sort of "respect" for Jeffery's belly. No matter how much punishment he unloaded on it just seemed to "swallow up" the punch and bounce back for more. After the next punch Brent unloaded an awesome orgasm in his own jeans. He could hardly contain himself. Joey, not knowing what had just happened, said, "Are you OK dude?" "Yeah, I'm fine," said Brent. As Brent's "normal" brain began to work again he realized they had better stop before they really did hurt the kid. "Come on man lets split", he said to Joey. "No way man this is too good to loose", replied the muscular kid. "Joey", said Brent with a firm tone knowing it was time not to loose their luck "lets go". A sort of reason returned to Joey but not without disappointment. He let Jeffery fall to his knees. He walked around to the front of the beaten boy and put a hand on his forehead and pushed his head back. Jeffery's arms dandled at his sides too weak even to cradle his wounded middle. With one last form of attack Joey brought back his heavy back boot and drove the blunt steel toe, with all the strength his right leg could deliver, into Jeffery's heaving belly. Jeffery gasped and vomited at the force of the blow. "I said 'come on' we got to get out of here," said Brent gripping his friend by the arm. "Oh, and by the way creep," said Brent to the now grounded Jeffery, "If you EVER tell anyone about this you'll get it again only worse". Jeffery didn't see how it could be worse unless the actually used weapons but he considered another beating the likes of what he just had and certainly wanted no part of it. "Do you understand?" demanded Brent wanting an answer before he left the scene. "Yes," gasped Jeffery. With that the two attackers left him to recover and stagger home at last. Jeffery did tell what had happened to him but couldn't prove it. Brent and Joey made good on Brent's promise. But that's another story.