Spider-Man - Hardpounding by Sebastien

Matt's plan was running. It was too late to go back. He would soon have his revenge on Spider-Man, the pretending superhero who arrested him some time ago for selling drugs to teens and put him in jail for months. In prison, he had become the toy of his fellow inmate who had used him as his personal punching bag and eventually raped him. Because of Spider-Man, his life had become a hell and Matt was now determined to make Spider-Man suffer like he suffered. Spidey will become his own punching bag, his own toy.

But alone, he wouldn't have a chance against him. Spider-Man possessed superhuman strength and would be difficult to overcome, that's why he had developed this plan, with his two friends and accomplices, Chad and Ted. He knew in which area Spider-Man was operating and had asked his mates to simulate an aggression in order to bring him into a trap. They should then perform the most difficult step of the plan: capturing Spider-Man.

The superhero day had been busy as Peter Parker was now going home, walking quietly in the street that was deserted at this time. He had arrested several small criminals but had completely exhausted his web-shooters. He was still struggling to manage the various gadgets of his new high-tech outfit, he should learn to pay more attention and save ammunition... It was much less effective without it. Suddenly, he heard screams, someone seemed to be fighting. He hesitated for a second, considering his problem of ammunition but, not being able to stay idle, he ran in the direction of the noise.

This was a dead-end, there were two men, one was on the ground while the other was kicking him, it looked like a robbery.

"Hey you! Shout Spidey, not very kind to hurt a man on the ground." The guy stopped and looked at the superhero. "Why don't you try on me?"

That's when the guy had a big smile.

"Yes, I know, I often do this effect to people, Spidey joked.”

But the guy lying on the ground got up and showed the same vicious smile. Spidey then heard footsteps behind him. A third guy was here, something was wrong.

"Ok, you had to think for a long time to set up this ambush guys, congratulation, you got me, I surrender!"

"Enough with jokes you bastard, shout Matt, the last guy, I'm sure you don't even remember me!”

Clearly not though Peter who arrested too many of this kind of poor studs to remember them all.

“I’m sorry, but all know how it will end, so go back home and I’ll try to forget that!”

“We’re not going anywhere, and neither are you. I waited too much for this day to give up now. You destroyed my life, and you’re about to pay for that!”

“Ok, guys. Remember I tried to be gentle.” Spider-Man then tried to project some web on the two guys who faced him but suddenly remembered that his reserves were empty. He jumped forward, dodged an awkward shot by one of his opponents and sent the second crashing to the ground with a right kick in the abdomen. He ducked a second low blow from the other guy and connected an uppercut to his chin which projected him several steps back. Matt tried to surprise him by behind with a steel bar but Spidey felt his approach and dodge an attack that was targeting his head, Matt spun and tried another shot lower, Spidey blocked him with his arm and gave a header to his opponent who stepped back, blood flowing from his nose.

“Come on guys, I warned you, add Spidey, You should leave as long as you can.”

The lads were all back on their feet, approaching slowly, encircling the superhero.

“We noticed you didn’t used you web-shooter, any trouble? asked Chad”

“Don’t need it to kick your ass, he responded!”

“Would be easier for us, add Ted.”

“Oh boys!”

The two guys charged Spidey. Ted land a jab that Spidey deviated with his right arm, while Chad landed an uppercut that connected with Spidey abs armor which totally deflected the force of the blow. Chad shook his hand and received in return a hard punch in the face from Peter who then drop a knee in Ted exposed gut who make some “oommph” and bend over with the blow. Matt suddenly surprised the hero by putting his steel bar under Spidey throat, pressing on his Adam's apple. Knowing that he would not remain prisoner for so long, Chad and Ted seize the opportunity to work their target and delivered punches after punches on Spider-Man torso and face, pummeling his abs, pecs and jaw with all the force they had. It was like hitting some brick wall, Spider-Man muscle armor seemed impenetrable and the shots were just bouncing uselessly.

Using his agility, Spidey pulled himself with the bar and landed kicks on his facing opponents sending them backward before putting Matt over his shoulder, sending him on the ground like his mates.

“I could do this all the night! taunted Spidey”

The attackers got up and circled the hero again. Ted and Chad charged anew their target, attempting to grab him, but Spidey jumped backward only to be received by the steel bar, handled by Matt who were waiting here, which connected with his back. Damn, that’s hurt, though Spidey as he loose for a sec his balance, just enough for Matt to thump another blow to Spidey’s legs, making him fall on his back. Seizing the opportunity, Matt put the steel bar on Spider-Man throat, pushing it with all his force to choke him. Spidey struggled to break free and started pushing the bar when Chad et Ted came to lend a hand to their comrade. Matt released the grip and looked for something in his pocket while his mates where fighting to keep the superhero under pressure, but even if there were two, it was obvious that Spider-Man was about to get back on top. That's when Matt pulled a syringe out of his pocket and injected the contents directly into Spider-Man's neck. The other guys release the grip and retreated as if to admire their work. Spidey got up while coughing.

“What was that? he asked”

“That was the beginning of you end, superboy… The syringe contained a cocktail of various sedatives, such as GHB. It would sleep an elephant, then a teenager like you, even with superpowers...”

“You bastard, I don’t feel anything. I’m gonna beat you up and go back home in less time than it takes to say.” But as he talked, his vision started to blur, the world beyond him started spinning, he would be soon in trouble, and had to end this fight quick.

“Haha, you spoke too fast it looks like. I’m a drug specialist, remember? I cooked this one just for you.”

Spider-Man considered for a moment to flee, but without web and in this state, it will be difficult, he had to finish now before it was too late. But it was already too late for the superhero, the trio was encircling him closely now, ready to strike. He chooses to strike first and hand a jab in Ted’s direction but his slow movement missed his target and he was rewarded by a sharp blow to the jaw. He tried his luck again in the direction of Matt but again, dazed by the drug that ran through his veins, his missed his target and received another blow to the face that stunned him a little more. His vision was now so troubled, that he was incapable to tell how many his aggressors were. Their voices became just as confused in his ears.

“Looked, said Matt, our superhero seems lost now, haha!”

“Fuck… you… stammered Spidey.”

“Put him on his knee, ordered Matt to his fellows who started covering Peter with blows and kicks.” They add little effects on Spider-Man but he was unable to defend himself. Ted and Chad then each grabbed an arm of the hero and secured it his Spidey’s back while Matt started delivering punches first, then knee strikes right in the abdomen, seeing that his fists were unable to penetrate Spidey's abs. Barely able to tense his muscles, the knee started to have effect on the superhero brick wall. The drug was now in his entire body, everything slowly goes black for Spider-Man. The last thing he heard before sinking into the unconscious was the sound of knees beating his stomach and the breathing of the guy who were delivering them.

“Free him! asked Matt as he stopped hitting the knocked out superhero who fall helplessly to the ground. He’s out now. Real fun can begin.”

Aware that he would not stay unconscious for long, they carried him in Ted's van who drove to a desert warehouse where they had installed something to bound their victim and play with him. They tied his wrists together at a hook and hung him up with a hoist against a wall so that his feet barely touched the ground. The three of them stayed here a moment, admiring their prey, suspended like a piece of meat in a butchery. Curiously, it was such a turned on to see this superhero in this position, in this very tight suit that emphasized each of his muscles. He was not much more muscular than them, but his supernatural strength gave him a much greater resistance. It was time to find out how far this resistance was going.

Matt couldn’t wait any longer, approached Spider-Man and landed a quick jab to his stomach, making a *smack* that resonated in the warehouse. Matt shook his hand, even suspended in his position and totally unconscious, Spidey’s abs were still rock hard but a little less than when he was mindfull which pleased Matt a lot, who decided to hit again. And again. And again. Each blow echoing in the vast warehouse. Matt was very exciting. His dream was about to become reality. He was finally going to demolish Spider-Man, as he had been so often demolished in prison. But there was something else. Being here, in front of the man he hated the most, he was troubled. In his underwear he was rock hard. Was it just the act of hitting his worst enemy? Was being raped so often in prison making him gay? He found Spider-Man's body so attractive right now… He put a hand on Spidey’s face, caressing his cheek through his mask, he went down along his neck, walked the right pectoral, squeezing him with his full hand, feeling the hardness of the muscle. He continued down and ran his hand over his sewing abs through the suit that was fine like a second skin. He counted the abs with his hand: eight massive bricks. He thought that if his friends were not there, he would probably have pulled out his cock and jerked himself there, like that, in front of his so exciting enemy.

Instead of this, he put a knife out of his pocket and tore the suit from the lower abdomen to the chest, revealing his amazing stretched eight pack and massive chest muscles. Matt was struck with admiration in front of this perfect torso but at the same time felt a sense of jealousy mingled with the hatred he already felt for him and decided to punch him again in his abs, one two, three times. It was a thing to punch through the fabric, but punching directly the skin was much more exciting. He enjoyed so much that he continued punching during several minutes, right, left, right, left, the skin started to redden, the brick wall started to soften. It was the beginning of the end of Spider-Man’s abs. That's when the superhero started to woke up.

“Hey, look who’s back, Matt said to his mates who until then had been content to watch him satisfy his vengeance.”

“What… Where am I…? asked Spidey, half dazed.”

“Where no one will hear you scream, superboy.”

“Let me go!”

“Shut up! Ordered Matt while putting his knife under Spidey’s throat. You have two choices. Dying right now the throat sliced like a pork or enduring some punishment. You decide.” He took Spidey’s silence as opting for punishment and removed the mask that were covering his head, revealing his handsome face.

“Don’t worry, I don’t care for your identity. But I want to see your face when you’ll beg me to stop.”

“That won’t happen.”

“We’ll see… added Matt as he drive a huge uppercut to Peter’s solar plexus, cutting some wind from him. Good, the aim of the drugs I injected to you were not just about falling asleep, they inhibit some of your powers, removing what makes you a superhero. We’ll now see what you are worth without your super strength.”

Spider-Man was in danger now, he tried to struggle, but he could barely move his arms in which his blood was hard to circulate because of his position. His ankles were tied to the ground; he was at the total mercy of his executioner. He would have to endure whatever they planned. But at the sight of his torn tunic and the slight pain that had settled on the stomach, he had a little idea. The other thing more curious than he noticed was the erection that distorted his tunic a little lower. Matt noticed his astonishment:

“Yeah, I forgot to mention it, I added a good dose of Viagra in your cocktail. You're not about to become soft, believe me. You will know the humiliation I have known because of you.”

“You’re fucking mad! shouted Spidey who was rewarded by a punch to his jaw.” That punch hurt him more than expected, bringing him a few years back, when he was still only Peter Parker. His lip was now bleeding.

“Look’s like event superhero can bleed. Wait... You’re no more a superhero for now, hehe.” He stepped back towards his mates. “Tenderize him, he ordered.”

Spidey tried to struggle again while Chad and Ted were approaching, cracking the joints of their hands, ready for some action. They stood in front of the suspended hero and started their handiwork, consisting in softening every chest muscle of this handsome stud, one by one, or mostly two by two since they were two. They began with the lower abs, stretched in this position; each muscle was wide enough to deserve some particular attention. The one after the other, they were delivering hooks after hooks on their designated muscle, reddening him, softening him a little more at each punch. Spidey was enduring it hardly. He was now aware of the strength given to him by his powers in normal times, which he lacked at the moment. His only workout was not enough to fight these repeated attacks and he could feel the fists of his attackers penetrate his muscles that he thought impenetrable... He was moaning at each punch now, trying to resist, trying to escape, in vain.

When the lower ab muscles were defeated, red and soft, Chad and Ted went to the upper bricks, just above the navel, resuming the punching while alternating their position to save some energy as the left one was punching with his right arm and the right one was punching with the left, the free hand being pressed against the wall next to their punching bag. Spidey flexed his abs as much as he could in this disadvantageous position, but again the fists gradually found their way through his muscles, crushing the fibers. His natural body armor was methodically destroyed, his muscles would soon be unable to protect his internal organs... After several minutes of beating, this second set of abs was done.

“Four done, four to come! You know, if you did not wear such an arrogant 8-pack, your punishment would have lasted less long, Matt laughed.”

Again, Ted and Chad exchanged their position and started to work on the upper abs, the largest and the most inviting of his full set of abs. As they punched, the ache inflicted reverberated in the lower abs already demolished, multiplying the pain, they were always a fist inside Spidey’s gut, leaving him no time to catch breath. Peter was moaning constantly now as flexing his abs to protect his stomach was so painful due to the destroyed abs. It was too difficult to concentrate to contract only the targeted muscles. Unable to properly flex his abs, those bricks gave up faster than the previous. His bigger, his stronger abs was now useless. Spidey was breathing fast, despaired that his wall of muscle was defeated by two common thugs. With his powers he could have free himself and kick their ass, but without, he was just a helpless teen…

But the worst was to come. The two last abs still functional; those who protect the solar plexus were about to suffer the same fate as the others. The punchers exchanged their position a last time and started delivering uppercuts on the remaining ab muscles. As strong as they were, the global pain in his gut was way too much for Spidey who was grunting heavily at each punch. Gradually losing breath with each attack, he began to see stars. He was not even trying to contract his abs at this time, offering to the fists of his executioners the possibility of penetrating deeper and deeper, increasing his stun. He was on the verge of falling unconscious when Matt told them to stop. Spidey coughed and tried to regain his breath. Matt observed Spidey’s abdominals flex and inflate as he caught his breath. Even with his abs bruised and softened, his abs muscles where still visible, deep red, but visible. His hard-on was renewed as he approached his victim dangling breathless against the wall.

“Get him down a little! He asked.”

Still tied by his wrists and ankles, Spider-Man was allowed to get on his knees, as his legs were actually incapable to support him. His hands were now at the level of his face. He was still breathing hard, the head only held by his neck. In this position, his abs was even more good-looking. Matt put one knee on the ground and ran the top of his hand over Spidey's belly who didn’t react, felt once again the muscles still here, even rendered useless, appreciated the softness of the skin and almost moan with pleasure when he slowly plunged his fist into the gut of his slave without encountering any resistance, pushing his fist as much as he could, placing his other hands in Spider-Man's back as if he were trying to feel his own fist through the body of his enemy. Spidey groaned in pain as Matt twisted his fist deep in his battered gut, spraying what could remain of muscular resistance tearing apart the muscles fibers. Peter had the feeling that his attacker was trying to seize and grind his internal organs. He escaped some scream but Matt didn’t stop and shifted his fist upwards to his diaphragm to cut his breath again. Spidey scream in agony and Matt stopped only to drive huge uppercuts into his unprotected stomach.


“Where are your abs now, superboy, huh?”


“I feel nothing but jelly here!”


“Come on, where is your strengh?!”


“You’re just a fraud, like the others!”


“Ironman, a fucking armor!”


“Captain America, a fucking experience!”


“Without your power, you’re nothing!”


After spitting saliva, bile and blood as his wide open stomach was sprayed, with the last shot, Spidey vomits his lunch over Matt's shoulder, no more able to hold it. Matt got up and removed his now stained t-shirt before sending a right hook in the face of Spidey to make him pay for this ultimate affront. Spidey was barely awake to react or even grunt with the punch and just too it, like the punching bag he had become.

“Release him and lift him up, I'm not done with him yet, ordered Matt.”

Spidey’s ankles and wrist were untied and the upper part of his tunic was entirely removed, revealing his powerful back, broad shoulders, and muscular arms. He was put back on his feet and thus supported in full-nelson by Chad. Spidey's stomach was so in fire that he did not even try to defend himself, he probably would not have been able to stand on his feet without Chad's support. Chad was a little taller than him, and his strong arms held him in place. Matt approached again his victim, observing his work. Spider-Man abs was deep red and blue and was totally useless now, the mere touch of them tore moans from Spidey.

“I focused on your abs so far. ‘Cause they are essential muscles for a large part of our movements and they protect our internal organs. But also because they were really attractive I must admit. Destroyed, the slightest movement is torture for you... So, you'll stay well-behaved for what will follow.”

Without warning, Matt delivered a violent right hook at the level of of Spidey’s floating rib, hurting his oblique. Spidey screamed in pain as the shock spread through what was left of his abs. Satisfied with the effect, Matt repeated the experiment, placing his free hand behind Spidey's neck to hold it in place, even if Chad was there to prevent any superhero's retreat, and punched, again and again, striking the whole oblique area from the waist to the armpit. At first, Spidey managed to flex his strong obliques, but the pain quickly became unbearable and Matt gradually concentrated his attacks in the least protected area to cause maximum damage. After some cracks that probably corresponded to broken ribs, Matt changed sides and began to put the same spell to his right obliques. Once again, Spider-Man contracted his muscles as much as he could, but Matt's barrage of blows quickly ruined his efforts, leaving his ribs and liver vulnerable to repeated assaults. Matt ignored the pain growing in his fist as he hit the solids obliques and ribs of his punching bag. He took far too much pleasure in beating Spider-Man to stop because of some bruises. After one more broken ribs, Matt knocked several times on the liver, Spidey sputtered every time blood and bile as the blows hurt each time the organ, his protective muscles having been dissolved by Matt's blows. His legs trembled with each stroke, Chad had almost struggled to keep him up as Spidey seemed to want to lie on the ground and die.

“Oh, no, no, no, my slave. It is not yet time to rest, said Matt, grabbing Peter's chin, raising his face to make sure he was still conscious.”

Matt gave a few slaps on Spidey's right pectoral muscle, and tugged on his nipple.

“Big muscle here, huh, my slave. Should I take care of it too?”

Pinching the left nipple, he started delivering big slaps on the right pectoral, causing slams that resonated heavily in the warehouse. After a dozen of slaps, the muscle was deep red and the skin was in fire. Matt tried to claw the pec but it was still rock hard as Spidey was flexing it. There was no way for Spider-Man that his super pectoral was damaged as easily. Matt were using slaps and punches to tenderize the muscles but Spidey was showing great resistance so he decided to alternate punches to the pec with punches to the abs while continuing to pinch ever stronger the right nipple. Every blow in his ruined abs was a nightmare for Spider-Man, who was coughing and vomiting every time, a distraction far enough to release his chest muscles tense and give Matt the opportunity to penetrate each time a little more. When the muscle became tender enough, Matt applied again to vicious claw. This time, his fingers sank into the muscle fibers of the superhero who screamed in agony as Matt were twisted his hand, tearing the muscle as if to snatch it. Spidey was now crying like a kid. His strongest muscles had been defeated.

“Finish him, asked Matt to Ted who had been withdrawn for a while.”

Matt needed to recover, his fists burning like hell. Ted stood in front of what was left of Spider-Man and started to hit him: in the face, in the stomach, in the plexus, on the ribs. He knocked again and again as a guy who would train on a punching bag. He continued to strike delivering jabs, hook, uppercuts; Chad had a hard time keeping the one whose body was shaking in all directions. Spidey was still conscious even though he barely had the strength to whine under the blows. He would have liked to faint to feel nothing, but an inner strength seemed unwilling to offer him that possibility. The punishment lasted several minutes that seemed to last for hours for the superhero. His face was now bloody and covered with blues, his muscles were now barely visible under the bruises. Ted then took Spider-Man's head with both hands and began to kneel him in the stomach, altering his right knee and left knee. Spidey's eyes widened with each blow, his stomach was drained of his last reserves, he was no longer able to vomit and looked more and more like a fish out of the water. When Ted felt he was only hitting in a pile of inert flesh, he stopped. But Spider-Man was still breathing, and was still awake.

“My revenge is about to be complete now. I beat the shit of you! I destroyed your muscles and your internal organs! But it misses the sexual abuse of which I have been the victim so many times! But I’m not gay, I’m not putting my cock in your fucking ass. Instead of that, you will cum for me.”

“No… way… I would cum… for you… bastard… moaned Spider-Man.”

“Oh, you will, and the Viagra I put on your drugs will help. Kneel him!”

A kick from Chad behind the right knee and Spider-Man found himself on his knees again, his arms held in the back by Chad.

“Let’s free your personal web-shooter that desperately wants to leave this tight suit.”

Joining the act to the words, Matt seized his knife and tore up Peter's part of suit that covered his genitals. The cock of Spidey literally jumped out of costume, covered of precum. A beautiful and veiny uncut 8-inch cock which seemed already ready to explode.

“I knew he was naked under his suit, fucking pervert, declared Chad.”

“So much precum, noticed Matt, it seems that this bastard really appreciated our treatment! Don’t worry, it should not take long, he add as he started caressing the turgid wet stick.”

“Don’t… touch me… Spidey muttered.”

Matt caught Spidey by the hair and pulled his head back with his free hand, while stroking gently the cock with the other, discovering the glans, caressing it with his fingertips, before firmly grasping the penis and starting a slow movement back and forth.

“You continue to produce precum, he whispered at Peter’s ear, admit you like it. Your cock needs it. She wants to be stroked, that’s why she produce all this sweety precum. She likes being stroked by my firm hand, and you too…”

“No… moaned Spidey.”

“Yes… I’m stroking harder now. Hummmm yeah you can moan, don’t be shy, you’re loving this moment. You love to be mine… You love when I pinch your nipple like that… Oh, yeah you like it… your moans are so exciting; it’s sound like music to my ears. Say I’m yours…”


“Say I’m yours…”

“I… I’m yours…”

“Good… Let’s stroke this shaft harder now…. Faster… I can feel the pleasure growing in you. I can hear your heart pumping faster and faster… You cock is so close to explode… Do you want to cum?”


“You wan’t to cum?”


“Cum my slave, cum!”


“Yeah, cum for me!”

“OOAAAHhhh! Screamed Spidey as streams of semen gushed out of his penis, filling Matt's hand as he continued pumping, flowing to the floor.” Matt only stopped when the last spurt of cum erupted from his cock. Without a word, Matt got up, undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, thrust his cock in Spidey's mouth who did not even fight and exploded in turn, filling the mouth with his new toy. He came so much that that spunk came out of Spidey's mouth, unable to take everything. Matt grunt like an animal as he ejaculate and keep his cock in place, literally chocking Spider-Man who could do anything but suffocate. He finally removed his dick and took a few steps back, breathless, allowing Spidey to spurt the cum and gasping for air. His revenge was now complete. His enemy was now totally beaten, defeated and humiliated.

Soon, his super powers would be back, and he would have his revenge too. But today was the day he broke a superhero and it was the best day of his life.